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Roman Catholic Churches Sandwich Boy Program as told to me by Allan J Rodzinski

Roman Catholic Churches Sandwich Boy Program as told to me by Allan J Rodzinski

Bloggers Note: To protect Allan’s identity I will NOT be posting a picture of him.

I met Allan a while back and he told me about the Sandwich Boy program run by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Sandwich Boy Program: you have heard of the MK-Ultra program. The reason you have heard of it is because Richard Helms the CIA Director at the time destroyed all the records…except a few line itemized references to the program in budget documents. It was in 1975 when the Church Committee in Congress began to look in on this and investigate the CIA. What became revealed about the MK-Ultra program, which stands for mind kontrol was the large scale infrastucture behind the research and development then the subsequent deployment of this program. What is less known is that the Roman Catholic Church had its own mind control program called the Sandwich Boy Program and it was vastly superior to anything the CIA had. The Sandwich Boy Program created mind control sex slaves with self erasing amnesia barriers. This allowed the victims to be used on multple occasions over the course of their lives. These boys were used for sex shows and child pornography by the Church and have made the Church a very large amount of money. As far as I know there is nothing in the literature about them and how this is accomplished, but the closest I have been able to find is mention of sodomic mind control. At puberty when the ability to produce an orgasm is formed in the young male there is some condition which becomes present in the chosen victim which can be influenced by fashing light symbols. Thes symbols look like Egyptian heiroglyphs and can be subliminally embedded in movies. This turns one into a Sandwich Boy all in a matter of minutes. Just like that. The Sandwich Boy must do what the handler asks so that he can have his orgasm with another Sandwich Boy, but only after his task is complete. He becomes a slave for this fix and will take instructions from his handler such as perform in films or deliver this cargo. The craving instilled in the victim is far greater than a heroin addiction. Now I will tell you how I learned this.

I was first introduced to the Sandwich Boy Program in 1967. This happened in Camp Neumann run by Father Peter J. Dunne. I was 8 years old. Already when I was six years old I was prepped to meet Father Dunne. I was shown his picture. He was vested in fine raiment. I was told I would meet him and shown the symbol for the Catholic Youth Organization. The same thing happened to my friend whom I would be paired with for life. 

My friend also was prepared at a young age to meet Father Dunne by this agency which already had a hold of us at this time and earlier. my friend was taken inside a van at a drive-n movie theater and shown images of Father Dunne.
 so in 1967 we end up in this camp prior to its opening. We are being introduced to it and the new role we would be in with Father Dunne. We are being  told that my friend would be a Sandwich Boy soon, next year. My friend said he was determined to be the best, but we still did not know what this was.
The camp was specifically built for us…a group of eight boys, but it functioned as a normal camp with other children. In the first year there were large subsonic speakers used in mind control, but they were removed because they could be debilitating. These are still used in certain situations, but the Sandwich Boy Program uses something else. Somehow it was discovered or revealed that flashes of light in certain shapes in a certain order could influence people especially children. It appears this is a genetic proclivity in humans. These symbols were placed within any film and shown to certain children in the camp . These children were preselected by certain of the staff working with Father Dunne. dunne would have the staff take these Sandwich Boys to a sex club on Saturday nights specifically set up for this. There they woiuld meet other Sandwich Boys and perform sex acts in front of a live audience. A paying audience. They were able to make porn films with these boys also. Many boys were filmed repeatedly and don’t yet know it. Some times the memory can return, but this usually takes – 30 years. The same length as the Statute of Limitations. After camp the program began to be used by Dunne and others in the Philadelphia Catholic School System then spread to the surrounding area and was used in public schools too. Teachers were trained to select the children based on psychological profile. This is the reason I have mentioned MK-Ultra so you can compare and see the vast resources it took to deploy such a program and have it run successfully for decades.
It did not stop there and my friend and I were getting a front row seat because of our association with Father Dunne. The Program expanded world wide. We were told 2% of American children were Sandwich Boys. When decades later my best friend, this same friend I went to Father Dunne’s camp with came for a visit. He had been away now for two decades since camp and we had not seen each other since then except for a handful of times. It was at this very same time that we were approached by Archdiocese Investigative services (their police) because of our close association to Father Dunne…otherwise I may never have discovered anything or would I? Later we realized they had tried to intercept us before our memories returned.
So at this time which is now 2005 when my boyhood friend surfaces I am now working in a bicycle shop when a man in a black suit tells my employer I  not to work there anymore and that I was to be shown a picture of Dunne which is in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. dunne is listed here as an un-treatable pedophile who took kids to his cabin in the woods. Because my friend is in the area and we are communicating we discuss this and can’t believe it. This changes however because we begin to remember some things. What causes us to remember are some trigger words (from thirty years ago) and the fact we remember Little Jimmy’s funeral – a suicide at summer camp which we forgot. When I realized I had forgotten the funeral altogether I knew my memory had been erased. We were fourteen. You just don’t forget something like that. Our memory revealed that Jimmy did not kill himself but was killed instead swimming into a tunnel in a river to enter an underground base. Father Dunne had us doing this. Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania has a massive underground tunnel system. We once went from the Lehigh Tunnel to Blue Mountain Tunnel completely underground – a distance of 110 miles. This was astounding. We had memories from camp where we recalled doing assignments like this for Father Dunne. Since an early age we were trained by him. It turned out it had deadly consequences for Jimmy, but more revelations were to come.It the turned out that my friend and I had been seeing each other after camp much more often than we realized.
Through our memory recall process my friend and I discovered that we had seen each other hundreds upon hundreds of times since camp all the way to the present. My friend was made a pilot. He went to school for this. We were flying around on missions we called them. We eventually became espionage agents for the Jesuits. We were taken to every continent on earth. The Navy took us on nuclear submarines and jet fighters to get us to our destinations. We were on lone to them by the Church. We remember the details too. This is because my friend has a photographic memory.  Turns out that Father Dunne had connections to the CIA and DIA. In fact we have DIA code names and we know the name of our commanding general. The DIA became aware of the Sandwich Boy Program and were investigating Dunne, but also working with him before they realized the true nature of this evil program. I am still in contact with the Philadelphia Archdiocese whom we need to sue because all this has made us destitute. The Archdiocese knows our situation. They know all this and they know about the sex slaves but they want to keep it secret. They do not want to pay the victims because more will come forward. Recently, in a meeting with Leslie Davila, the Director the Philly Archdiocese Office for Child and Youth Protection, I was somewhat indignantly asked, “what makes you believe we have not stopped the Sandwich Boy Program?” This was just last year. Remember, they came looking for me. This is why I still have a relationship with them. All our movements are tightly controlled by agents of the Diocese, really under Vatican orders. This is because we know so much. We know how they operate. We know they use Catholic families as operatives and stalkers. We know who some of these people are. What’s more, they know we know and this is debilitating for us and dangerous for those around us. This is their modus operandi to keep witnesses suppressed and we saw to much for our own good. I have been so pigeon holed that I am close to the loss of my home and possessions. It seems there is no help for crime victims either when dealing with clergy sex abuse. I have since made contact with other abuse victims. There lives are one tragedy after another. Many were affected. The numbers are far greater than anyone realizes We know names of many Sandwich Boys.
The whole true victim’s list is enormous and all these boys were kept track of, in fact my friend at the age of 15 was given a party in a public restaurant and the banner sign said,”Congratulations 100 boys!” He had at that time been filmed having sex with 100 boys. They were keeping track of the boys. There are Sandwich Boy masters. These are people who handle these slaves, part of a system hierarchy. This is no small operation. Universities did the research and developed protocols for selection of students. Teachers and mentors were trained on handling and selection, and you have intelligence agencies involved. The key to exposure of this sex slave program is the simple words of Sandwich Boy, but no one knows to ask these questions of the Church. This is hinted at in Rolling Stone Magazine article on Church Sex Abuse, the Church calls Dunne, “a powder-keg, meaning if this information got out it would be explosive for the Church.
To activate a Sandwich Boy one must stick their tongue in the mouth of the victim and rub the palette a certain way…no easy feat especially to an unsuspecting Sandwich Boy.

For your information: our DIA code names are Psychic Boy and Lizard (I am Lizard). Our commanding general (I suppose we were something like double agents) is named General Harold Joseph Carmine. He was stationed at Johnstown Naval Air Development Center in Ivyland late sixties to mid seventies. Just in case anyone needs to do some investigative searching.

This airfield is known as the Area 51 of the eastern seaboard, by the way. It has a long history. It is decommissioned now. Long ago it was operational and near to Camp Neumann. General Carmine who worked on the base and who knew Dunne knew we were getting our memory erased. He found out Father Dunne was running a child porn operation. He made efforts to stop it, but Father Dunne moved it and expanded it. The general made sure we would remember his name in our later years. This is why I have no qualms about releasing his name. This can only help in any investigation. The main concern however is to get aid to the victims and make sure this is not happening again or even still happening.

On that fateful night back in camp as fourteen year old boys, before Jimmy went to his death,I looked out of our cabin window and watched  a CIA Colonel (forgot name, but may be able to recall) unload scuba gear from one car to another. Jimmy and another boy went and did their mission dressed all in black with watch-caps and faces blacked out. They should never have been sent out that evening. It was really my friend and I who were more qualified for this work. We should have gone instead. We realize now the mission was supposed to get Jimmy killed to strengthen the mind control bond to our handlers. Later, a navy admiral apologized for this. So basically our memories began to reveal that we were brought up since babies for this role. Much like the movie, The Bourne Identity we were given secret lives all experienced behind amnesia. I was not a Sandwich Boy, however my friend was. We were treated as slaves by the Church. Our friends memory would not erase. He tried to warn us when were eleven years old. We could not remember we were just at the sex club where they were doing the Sandwich Boy shows. Our friend tried to keep this from the adults, but they found out. He managed to tell his parents. They took him out of Father Dunne’s camp, but they all died in a car wreck.

The Sandwich Boy Program was in the hands of the Church. As we grew older we engaged with many intelligence agencies. We were involved with the Navy. They seemed to be the good guys along with the DIA. The Governor’s Office of the State of Pennsylvania had access to the Program too or knew about it. These type of agencies historically are the ones who use mind control for their covert ops. Everyone has heard of Manchurian Candidates. This can be applied to sex abuse also. that is why these world overlap.

When we were fifteen one year after the death of Jimmy in summer camp we were taken to see a Navy Admiral. He told us it was the CIA’s fault Jimmy drowned that evening. He offered his apology. Afterwards as were taken away we attempted to break free from our handler’s actually managed to call the State Police from a convenience store. The local police nabbed us and started to beat up my friend (he is black, lots of racism back then) and were going to turn us over to the Organization (that is the name of the group running the espionage and pedophile rackets for the Church), that’s what they call themselves. The state trooper told the local police he did not think it was a good idea to turn over a couple of teenagers to two men with guns who could not produce identification. The State Police officer locked us in the car and then had a meeting with suited men who had now  appeared. The trooper came back from meeting with these men and said to us, “Gentlemen, I do not know what line of work you are in, but I have representatives here from the Navy, the CIA, and the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office and I have to turn you over to them. These men took us and injected my friend with heroin to get him addicted then dumped us back in the care of Father Dunne. Father Dunne and I monitored my friend around the clock while he went cold turkey for three days.

The Sandwich Boy Program is big, but it is bigger still yet in its implications…let me give you an example. My friend and I saw Sandwich Boy activity in Saint Carthage and Saint Joseph’s Prep. We participated in it so we know what went on there. Since i was not a Sandwich Boy I did perform in the sex acts, but because I was linked to my friend as a secret agent also I had to witness my friends performances. I do not know why this is, but in the early days of the program when they were demonstrating this technology, the boys would often freeze up and  I would be used to get them started again by placing my hand on their shoulder and urging them on. Now here are the implications The Mayor of Phila. graduated from Saint Joe’s Prep. The DA in Philadelphia came from St. Carthage (there were cages in the basement for children)…are they mind control slaves like I was. Capable of carrying out a task and have no recollection? Here they are in key positions in Philadelphia. Should they be told. Can they be manipulated by the Churc? Now the Pope is coming to Philadelphia. This was aJesuit run program. Is the jesuit pope here to take the sandwich Boy records from the Archdiocese under diplomatic immunity so that like MK-Ultra the Sandwich Boy program can be kept secret? These people were planning something big thirty years ago and it involved using this mind control to do it.

By now we have remembered a vast amount of information. As our current situation stands my friend has gone on medication for the trauma of the sex abuse. I am not on medication. Without my friend I never would have recalled most of my memories, maybe none. We were actually prodded to remember.  I had black hawk helicopters flying over the house. I have a photo of one of them. So much unfolded it sounds like we were in a Tom Clancy meets james Bond movie. It seems the DIA or some entity wants us active so we are able to expose this. The General made sure long ago that we would remember his name in the future. He was even in this house long ago. but for now these people who were aware of Dunne and what he was up to have faded into the background.

Father Dunne has since passed on, but what about the Sandwich Boy Program? For now the Church and the Philadelphia Archdiocese are happy that no one has yet stumbled upon or exposed this vile racket. What I personally witnessed and participated in over these many years tells me that children will never be safe unless parents and law enforcement authorities are alerted. This is why I am sharing this information.