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Loss of Faith

Loss of Faith

Victim Jeff Fitzpatrick speaks to 60 Minutes about Cardinal George Pell and Pell’s attempt to bribe him to shut him up. Sent to a Catholic orphanage at 11, Jeff was raped 14 times and abused over 30 or 40 times. Brother William Houston raped him over a three day period and when he reported it, he was called a liar, a trouble maker and then belted ten times with the strap on his hand.

During mediation he was offered $50,000 and told to shut his mouth. They first told him $20,000. Then the church stated in the document he had from the church that they did not admit to anything and to swear to not make any comment of any type to any person, or publish any writing, or any comment about anything. In other words, they gagged him.

He told George Pell specifically he everything. David Risdale also went to Pell and told him about the abuse he suffered by his uncle Gerald Risdale.

Pell’s response to David? I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet. Of course Pell denies any of this.