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One-time altar boy claims 3 priests in Alamogordo molested him

One-time altar boy claims 3 priests in Alamogordo molested him

Alamogordo Daily News
By Milan Simonich, Texas-New Mexico Newspapers

NM- Three New Mexico priests accused of abuse

NM- Three New Mexico priests accused of abuse

From the link:

Our hearts go out to Eran Joseph McManemy. It takes real courage to take legal action that safeguards kids and exposes corruption.

Some may find it hard to believe that one boy could be sexually assaulted by three priests. But we in SNAP see cases like this far more often than most would suspect. It’s important to keep in mind that among Catholics, priests are held in very high esteem and kids are trained to trust and revere and obey them.

We call on New Mexico Catholic officials to immediately disclose the whereabouts of the two accused priests who are apparently still alive and to force them into remote, secure, independent treatment centers so they’ll be kept away from kids.

Fr. David Holley is one of America’s most notorious and prolific predator priests. We believe that perhaps dozens of Catholic officials knew of or suspected and ignored, concealed and enabled his heinous crimes over decades. Shame on every one of them. And shame on Catholic officials in New Mexico, Massachusetts and elsewhere who have done little, if anything, to aggressively seek out and comfort his dozens of victims.

We hope that every single person who suffered clergy sex crimes and cover ups in New Mexico will step forward, break their silence and begin healing. We also hope that every single person who saw or suspected clergy sex crimes in New Mexico will also speak up, expose corruption, call police

We especially hope that current and former church employees and members who have information or suspicions about sexual misdeeds by clergy will find the strength to end their complicity and contact law enforcement, so that kids will be safer.

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