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Loyola School on Upper East Side covered up teacher who molested seven girls in 1970s, 1980s — but victims can’t sue

Loyola School on Upper East Side covered up teacher who molested seven girls in 1970s, 1980s — but victims can’t sue

Saturday, April 23, 2016, 9:58 PM
From the Link:
GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES Barbara Dorris, an advocate for children who were abused, says that the coverup is why New York needs to adjust its statute of limitations law for sexual abuse survivors.

Barbara Dorris, an advocate for children who were abused, says that the coverup is why New York needs to adjust its statute of limitations law for sexual abuse survivors.

Despite Loyola’s admissions of Tambini’s sexual abuse, victims won’t be able to sue to learn what officials knew about it and how they responded to it.

Louis Tambini was a legendary figure at Loyola, a history teacher, coach and athletic director who worked at the small Catholic school on the Upper East Side for more than 30 years.

Tambini was also a creep who molested seven girls who attended the school in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Officials at the Jesuit-run school failed to notify authorities, parents or alumni when they learned about the sexual abuse allegations, according to a report commissioned by the current Loyola administration and prepared by the Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft law firm. But despite evidence that Loyola officials covered up the abuse for decades after they learned of the allegations in December 1982, the victims can’t file lawsuits against the school because New York’s statute of limitations expired decades ago.

The statute of limitations in New York, considered one of the strictest in the nation, bars sex abuse survivors from pursuing criminal charges or civil damages after their 23rd birthday.

“This report really does memorialize how an institution can use a strict and draconian loophole in New York State law to keep the matter quashed until the statute of limitations runs out,” said attorney Mike Reck, who represents one of the victims.

Barbara Dorris of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, meanwhile, said the damning Loyola report provides a cogent argument for why statute of limitations reform is necessary.

“This report is more proof that even now, Catholic officials work very hard — and usually with success — to keep child sex crimes and coverups covered up,” Dorris said. “That’s one reason why New York’s archaic, predator-friendly statute of limitations must be reformed and why every person who saw, suspected or suffered abuse and coverup should call secular authorities, not church officials.”

The six-page report issued April 15 and prepared by Cadwalader attorney Ken Wainstein and two associates concluded that Tambini, who died at age 70 in 1999, could have been prosecuted for sexual abuse. All of the incidents took place at the school; one of the girls was molested as Tambini taught a class.

“The actual abuse was generally similar in each instance,” the report said. “Each victim reported that Tambini approached her from behind and rubbed himself against her backside in a state of arousal.”

Loyola administrators learned about the abuse in December 1982, according to the report, when a freshman told two faculty members that Tambini had abused her. The parent of another girl also reported at that time that Tambini, a popular teacher who coached the school’s baseball, basketball and girls’ volleyball teams, had “inappropriately touched her.”

Tambini was fired — but he was allowed to continue teaching and coaching until the end of the 1982-1983 academic year. Administrators did not call the police or notify parents or alumni about the allegations. Some of the victims, the report said, were frustrated because Loyola officials continued to laud him publicly long after his dismissal. Tambini’s name continued to grace the school’s annual award for outstanding male athlete until just recently.

Current Loyola president Tony Oroszlany learned about the sexual abuse allegations against Tambini in April 2015 when one of the alleged victims posted about it on Facebook.

The Loyola School covered up Louis Tambini’s history of sexual abuse, long after he was fired — even keeping his name on an award given to outstanding male athletes.

The report says Oroszlany later discovered a letter written in the mid-2000s by one victim that described Tambini’s abuse and “the school’s inadequate and insensitive” response. An administrator forwarded the letter to police, but the cops declined to investigate because Tambini was dead. Loyola officials yet again failed to notify parents and alumni or issue a public statement seeking additional victims.

Loyola officials commissioned the Cadawalader investigation in May of last year. The school also provided funding to the victims for counseling and paid travel expenses for victims to meet with Wainstein and his investigators.

“From my perspective the current administration’s response to learning about this misconduct was an example of how every school should respond to sexual abuse allegations,” Wainstein said.

Despite Loyola’s admissions, the victims won’t be able to use the courts to learn what school officials knew about Tambini’s abuse and how they responded to it, Reck said. The victims won’t be able to pursue full disclosure without passage of the Child Victims Act, which would eliminate the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases and open up a one-year window for older victims to pursue litigation.

“This is an investigation that could have and should have been done a decade earlier,” Reck said. “I think they are doing the right thing because of pressure from survivors and their advocates.”

Were you a victim of child sex abuse but couldn’t press charges or sue because of New York State’s statute of limitations? Tell us your story at :


Roman Catholic Churches Sandwich Boy Program as told to me by Allan J Rodzinski

Roman Catholic Churches Sandwich Boy Program as told to me by Allan J Rodzinski

Bloggers Note: To protect Allan’s identity I will NOT be posting a picture of him.

I met Allan a while back and he told me about the Sandwich Boy program run by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Sandwich Boy Program: you have heard of the MK-Ultra program. The reason you have heard of it is because Richard Helms the CIA Director at the time destroyed all the records…except a few line itemized references to the program in budget documents. It was in 1975 when the Church Committee in Congress began to look in on this and investigate the CIA. What became revealed about the MK-Ultra program, which stands for mind kontrol was the large scale infrastucture behind the research and development then the subsequent deployment of this program. What is less known is that the Roman Catholic Church had its own mind control program called the Sandwich Boy Program and it was vastly superior to anything the CIA had. The Sandwich Boy Program created mind control sex slaves with self erasing amnesia barriers. This allowed the victims to be used on multple occasions over the course of their lives. These boys were used for sex shows and child pornography by the Church and have made the Church a very large amount of money. As far as I know there is nothing in the literature about them and how this is accomplished, but the closest I have been able to find is mention of sodomic mind control. At puberty when the ability to produce an orgasm is formed in the young male there is some condition which becomes present in the chosen victim which can be influenced by fashing light symbols. Thes symbols look like Egyptian heiroglyphs and can be subliminally embedded in movies. This turns one into a Sandwich Boy all in a matter of minutes. Just like that. The Sandwich Boy must do what the handler asks so that he can have his orgasm with another Sandwich Boy, but only after his task is complete. He becomes a slave for this fix and will take instructions from his handler such as perform in films or deliver this cargo. The craving instilled in the victim is far greater than a heroin addiction. Now I will tell you how I learned this.

I was first introduced to the Sandwich Boy Program in 1967. This happened in Camp Neumann run by Father Peter J. Dunne. I was 8 years old. Already when I was six years old I was prepped to meet Father Dunne. I was shown his picture. He was vested in fine raiment. I was told I would meet him and shown the symbol for the Catholic Youth Organization. The same thing happened to my friend whom I would be paired with for life. 

My friend also was prepared at a young age to meet Father Dunne by this agency which already had a hold of us at this time and earlier. my friend was taken inside a van at a drive-n movie theater and shown images of Father Dunne.
 so in 1967 we end up in this camp prior to its opening. We are being introduced to it and the new role we would be in with Father Dunne. We are being  told that my friend would be a Sandwich Boy soon, next year. My friend said he was determined to be the best, but we still did not know what this was.
The camp was specifically built for us…a group of eight boys, but it functioned as a normal camp with other children. In the first year there were large subsonic speakers used in mind control, but they were removed because they could be debilitating. These are still used in certain situations, but the Sandwich Boy Program uses something else. Somehow it was discovered or revealed that flashes of light in certain shapes in a certain order could influence people especially children. It appears this is a genetic proclivity in humans. These symbols were placed within any film and shown to certain children in the camp . These children were preselected by certain of the staff working with Father Dunne. dunne would have the staff take these Sandwich Boys to a sex club on Saturday nights specifically set up for this. There they woiuld meet other Sandwich Boys and perform sex acts in front of a live audience. A paying audience. They were able to make porn films with these boys also. Many boys were filmed repeatedly and don’t yet know it. Some times the memory can return, but this usually takes – 30 years. The same length as the Statute of Limitations. After camp the program began to be used by Dunne and others in the Philadelphia Catholic School System then spread to the surrounding area and was used in public schools too. Teachers were trained to select the children based on psychological profile. This is the reason I have mentioned MK-Ultra so you can compare and see the vast resources it took to deploy such a program and have it run successfully for decades.
It did not stop there and my friend and I were getting a front row seat because of our association with Father Dunne. The Program expanded world wide. We were told 2% of American children were Sandwich Boys. When decades later my best friend, this same friend I went to Father Dunne’s camp with came for a visit. He had been away now for two decades since camp and we had not seen each other since then except for a handful of times. It was at this very same time that we were approached by Archdiocese Investigative services (their police) because of our close association to Father Dunne…otherwise I may never have discovered anything or would I? Later we realized they had tried to intercept us before our memories returned.
So at this time which is now 2005 when my boyhood friend surfaces I am now working in a bicycle shop when a man in a black suit tells my employer I  not to work there anymore and that I was to be shown a picture of Dunne which is in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. dunne is listed here as an un-treatable pedophile who took kids to his cabin in the woods. Because my friend is in the area and we are communicating we discuss this and can’t believe it. This changes however because we begin to remember some things. What causes us to remember are some trigger words (from thirty years ago) and the fact we remember Little Jimmy’s funeral – a suicide at summer camp which we forgot. When I realized I had forgotten the funeral altogether I knew my memory had been erased. We were fourteen. You just don’t forget something like that. Our memory revealed that Jimmy did not kill himself but was killed instead swimming into a tunnel in a river to enter an underground base. Father Dunne had us doing this. Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania has a massive underground tunnel system. We once went from the Lehigh Tunnel to Blue Mountain Tunnel completely underground – a distance of 110 miles. This was astounding. We had memories from camp where we recalled doing assignments like this for Father Dunne. Since an early age we were trained by him. It turned out it had deadly consequences for Jimmy, but more revelations were to come.It the turned out that my friend and I had been seeing each other after camp much more often than we realized.
Through our memory recall process my friend and I discovered that we had seen each other hundreds upon hundreds of times since camp all the way to the present. My friend was made a pilot. He went to school for this. We were flying around on missions we called them. We eventually became espionage agents for the Jesuits. We were taken to every continent on earth. The Navy took us on nuclear submarines and jet fighters to get us to our destinations. We were on lone to them by the Church. We remember the details too. This is because my friend has a photographic memory.  Turns out that Father Dunne had connections to the CIA and DIA. In fact we have DIA code names and we know the name of our commanding general. The DIA became aware of the Sandwich Boy Program and were investigating Dunne, but also working with him before they realized the true nature of this evil program. I am still in contact with the Philadelphia Archdiocese whom we need to sue because all this has made us destitute. The Archdiocese knows our situation. They know all this and they know about the sex slaves but they want to keep it secret. They do not want to pay the victims because more will come forward. Recently, in a meeting with Leslie Davila, the Director the Philly Archdiocese Office for Child and Youth Protection, I was somewhat indignantly asked, “what makes you believe we have not stopped the Sandwich Boy Program?” This was just last year. Remember, they came looking for me. This is why I still have a relationship with them. All our movements are tightly controlled by agents of the Diocese, really under Vatican orders. This is because we know so much. We know how they operate. We know they use Catholic families as operatives and stalkers. We know who some of these people are. What’s more, they know we know and this is debilitating for us and dangerous for those around us. This is their modus operandi to keep witnesses suppressed and we saw to much for our own good. I have been so pigeon holed that I am close to the loss of my home and possessions. It seems there is no help for crime victims either when dealing with clergy sex abuse. I have since made contact with other abuse victims. There lives are one tragedy after another. Many were affected. The numbers are far greater than anyone realizes We know names of many Sandwich Boys.
The whole true victim’s list is enormous and all these boys were kept track of, in fact my friend at the age of 15 was given a party in a public restaurant and the banner sign said,”Congratulations 100 boys!” He had at that time been filmed having sex with 100 boys. They were keeping track of the boys. There are Sandwich Boy masters. These are people who handle these slaves, part of a system hierarchy. This is no small operation. Universities did the research and developed protocols for selection of students. Teachers and mentors were trained on handling and selection, and you have intelligence agencies involved. The key to exposure of this sex slave program is the simple words of Sandwich Boy, but no one knows to ask these questions of the Church. This is hinted at in Rolling Stone Magazine article on Church Sex Abuse, the Church calls Dunne, “a powder-keg, meaning if this information got out it would be explosive for the Church.
To activate a Sandwich Boy one must stick their tongue in the mouth of the victim and rub the palette a certain way…no easy feat especially to an unsuspecting Sandwich Boy.

For your information: our DIA code names are Psychic Boy and Lizard (I am Lizard). Our commanding general (I suppose we were something like double agents) is named General Harold Joseph Carmine. He was stationed at Johnstown Naval Air Development Center in Ivyland late sixties to mid seventies. Just in case anyone needs to do some investigative searching.

This airfield is known as the Area 51 of the eastern seaboard, by the way. It has a long history. It is decommissioned now. Long ago it was operational and near to Camp Neumann. General Carmine who worked on the base and who knew Dunne knew we were getting our memory erased. He found out Father Dunne was running a child porn operation. He made efforts to stop it, but Father Dunne moved it and expanded it. The general made sure we would remember his name in our later years. This is why I have no qualms about releasing his name. This can only help in any investigation. The main concern however is to get aid to the victims and make sure this is not happening again or even still happening.

On that fateful night back in camp as fourteen year old boys, before Jimmy went to his death,I looked out of our cabin window and watched  a CIA Colonel (forgot name, but may be able to recall) unload scuba gear from one car to another. Jimmy and another boy went and did their mission dressed all in black with watch-caps and faces blacked out. They should never have been sent out that evening. It was really my friend and I who were more qualified for this work. We should have gone instead. We realize now the mission was supposed to get Jimmy killed to strengthen the mind control bond to our handlers. Later, a navy admiral apologized for this. So basically our memories began to reveal that we were brought up since babies for this role. Much like the movie, The Bourne Identity we were given secret lives all experienced behind amnesia. I was not a Sandwich Boy, however my friend was. We were treated as slaves by the Church. Our friends memory would not erase. He tried to warn us when were eleven years old. We could not remember we were just at the sex club where they were doing the Sandwich Boy shows. Our friend tried to keep this from the adults, but they found out. He managed to tell his parents. They took him out of Father Dunne’s camp, but they all died in a car wreck.

The Sandwich Boy Program was in the hands of the Church. As we grew older we engaged with many intelligence agencies. We were involved with the Navy. They seemed to be the good guys along with the DIA. The Governor’s Office of the State of Pennsylvania had access to the Program too or knew about it. These type of agencies historically are the ones who use mind control for their covert ops. Everyone has heard of Manchurian Candidates. This can be applied to sex abuse also. that is why these world overlap.

When we were fifteen one year after the death of Jimmy in summer camp we were taken to see a Navy Admiral. He told us it was the CIA’s fault Jimmy drowned that evening. He offered his apology. Afterwards as were taken away we attempted to break free from our handler’s actually managed to call the State Police from a convenience store. The local police nabbed us and started to beat up my friend (he is black, lots of racism back then) and were going to turn us over to the Organization (that is the name of the group running the espionage and pedophile rackets for the Church), that’s what they call themselves. The state trooper told the local police he did not think it was a good idea to turn over a couple of teenagers to two men with guns who could not produce identification. The State Police officer locked us in the car and then had a meeting with suited men who had now  appeared. The trooper came back from meeting with these men and said to us, “Gentlemen, I do not know what line of work you are in, but I have representatives here from the Navy, the CIA, and the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office and I have to turn you over to them. These men took us and injected my friend with heroin to get him addicted then dumped us back in the care of Father Dunne. Father Dunne and I monitored my friend around the clock while he went cold turkey for three days.

The Sandwich Boy Program is big, but it is bigger still yet in its implications…let me give you an example. My friend and I saw Sandwich Boy activity in Saint Carthage and Saint Joseph’s Prep. We participated in it so we know what went on there. Since i was not a Sandwich Boy I did perform in the sex acts, but because I was linked to my friend as a secret agent also I had to witness my friends performances. I do not know why this is, but in the early days of the program when they were demonstrating this technology, the boys would often freeze up and  I would be used to get them started again by placing my hand on their shoulder and urging them on. Now here are the implications The Mayor of Phila. graduated from Saint Joe’s Prep. The DA in Philadelphia came from St. Carthage (there were cages in the basement for children)…are they mind control slaves like I was. Capable of carrying out a task and have no recollection? Here they are in key positions in Philadelphia. Should they be told. Can they be manipulated by the Churc? Now the Pope is coming to Philadelphia. This was aJesuit run program. Is the jesuit pope here to take the sandwich Boy records from the Archdiocese under diplomatic immunity so that like MK-Ultra the Sandwich Boy program can be kept secret? These people were planning something big thirty years ago and it involved using this mind control to do it.

By now we have remembered a vast amount of information. As our current situation stands my friend has gone on medication for the trauma of the sex abuse. I am not on medication. Without my friend I never would have recalled most of my memories, maybe none. We were actually prodded to remember.  I had black hawk helicopters flying over the house. I have a photo of one of them. So much unfolded it sounds like we were in a Tom Clancy meets james Bond movie. It seems the DIA or some entity wants us active so we are able to expose this. The General made sure long ago that we would remember his name in the future. He was even in this house long ago. but for now these people who were aware of Dunne and what he was up to have faded into the background.

Father Dunne has since passed on, but what about the Sandwich Boy Program? For now the Church and the Philadelphia Archdiocese are happy that no one has yet stumbled upon or exposed this vile racket. What I personally witnessed and participated in over these many years tells me that children will never be safe unless parents and law enforcement authorities are alerted. This is why I am sharing this information.



The Murder of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik; Maryland, 1969

The Murder of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik; Maryland, 1969

By Laura Wilkerson
JUNE 27, 2012 6:58PM

From the link:

Sister Catherine Cesnik

Sister Catherine Cesnik

The body of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik, Sister Cathy to those who knew her, was found on January 3, 1970 covered in snow near a garbage dump in Lansdowne, Maryland, about twenty minutes outside the city of Baltimore. The 26-year-old Roman Catholic Nun had been beaten to death, her skull crushed with an unknown blunt object. Her body was too decomposed and mauled by animals and insects for the coroner to determine whether she had been sexually assaulted or not. To this day her murderer has never been found.
            Catherine Ann Cesnik was born in the small community of Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania across the River from Pittsburg to a postal worker father and a homemaker mother in a deeply devout Roman Catholic family.
            When they were old enough, Cathy and her sisters attended St. Mary’s Assumption elementary school connected to the Church of the same name where she was taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame. When Cathy entered St. Augustine Catholic High School she was sure of her Vocation and shortly after she graduated in 1960 she entered Convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Baltimore as a candidate for Sisterhood. After seven years as a Postulant, Cathy Cesnik took her final vows on July 21, 1967, taking the new name, Sister Joanita.
            The Sisters of Notre Dame are a teaching Order and in 1965, while still a Postulate, Cathy Cesnik began to teach at the newly opened, all-girls Archbishop Keough High School.
            Sister Cathy seemingly enjoyed teaching and her students loved her but by 1969 the young Nun seemed swept up in the changes brought about in the wake of Vatican II. Students noticed in the Spring of 1969 that their young teacher seemed tired all the time and had been absent quite a lot. That year Sister Cathy applied for permission to take an “exclausation” where, under the new rules implemented under Vatican II, she could live outside the Convent and wear modest “civilian” clothing instead of the traditional Habit.
            Sister Cathy’s request was granted and she moved in with another exclausing Nun, Sister Helen Russell Phillips, moved into a two-bedroom apartment located in the Carriage House apartment complex on North Bend Road in Pittsburgh. She was given dispensation to teach at a public high school, Western High.
            On Friday, November 7, 1969, Cathy Cesnik left her apartment at around seven in the evening to go to the nearby Edmonton Village Shopping Center to purchase some rolls for dinner and to cash a check. When Sister Cathy hadn’t returned home by 11 p.m., Sister Helen became alarmed but instead of calling the police she called two Priests, Father Gerald J. “Gerry” Koob and Father Peter McKeon, Jesuits who lived in the community Manresa near Annapolis, Maryland.
            Fathers Koob and McKeon drove to the Carriage House apartments and a little before 1:00 a.m. they telephoned police and reported Sister Cathy missing. Then, “after several hours of conversation,” they decided to take a walk around 4:00 a.m. in order to “calm their nerves.” It was then, they claimed, that they discovered Sister Cathy’s green Ford Maverick parked at an odd angle in a parking lot just adjacent to the Carriage House apartments. Aside from a small wastebasket being tipped over there was no signs of a struggle in the vehicle.
            After Cathy Cesnik’s body was found by two hunters on January 3rd, suspicion quickly focused on Father Koob. The Detectives thought it very strange that Sister Helen would have called the two Priests before she called the police. Father Koob insisted that he and Sister Cathy were just good friends, strictly platonic but then Detective Captain Louis “Bud” Roemer visited Father Koob at the Priest’s quarters in Manresa and discovered the letter. Father Koob would say he handed it over willingly.
            Dated November 3, 1969 it read, “My very dearest Gerry, ‘If Ever I Should Leave You’ is playing on the radio. I’m all curled up in bed. My ‘period’ has finally arrived, ten days late…So you might say I’m moody…My heart aches so for you. I must wait on you – your time and your need – even more than I had before…I think I can begin to live with that more easily now than I did two months ago, just loving you…within myself…” Sister Cathy, the author of the missive, went on to write, “I must tell you, I want you within me. I want to have your children.”
            Detective Roemer, who died in 2005, claimed that in light of the letter Father Koob confessed to having a sexual relationship with Sister Cathy though Koob, who left the Church and is now a married Methodist minister in New Jersey, later claimed, rather incredibly, that they never had a physical relationship.
            Gerry Koob had an alibi for the night Sister Cathy disappeared. He claimed that he and Father McKeon had dinner in Annapolis and then took in the film Easy Rider before calling it a night. The police deemed his alibi “airtight.” Gerry Koob also took, and passed, two lie detector tests.
            Still, Detectives were suspicious but pressure was brought from on high to lay off Father Koob and from there it went cold until a quarter of a century later when two women filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore Archdiocese claiming they had been sexually abused by Father Anthony Joseph Maskell in the late 1960s and early 1970s when they were students at Archbishop Keough High School.
            Over thirty men and women who claimed firsthand knowledge of the alleged abuse testified in Court but the most sensational testimony came from one of the Plaintiffs, identified only as “Jane Doe,” testified that late in November, 1969, Father Maskell took her to a garbage dump in Lansdowne and showed her the body of Cathy Cesnik and told her that she had better keep her mouth shut or she would end up the same way. It was reported that Jane Doe offered details that were never made public.
            In addition, Sister Mary Florita of the Sisters of Notre Dame testified she, “knew several of the kids at Keough and one of them described to me how three or four girls who were abused by this Priest had gone to Sister Cathy for help. There is no question she knew about the abuse that was taking place in the months leading up to her death.”
            The lawsuit against the Archdiocese in relation to the two women and Father Maskell eventually failed when Courts ruled that repressed memories don’t count in extending the statute of limitations but the Baltimore Archdiocese found the allegations “credible” and removed him from active ministry and reassigned Father Maskell to clerical duties in the St. Augustine Parish in Elkridge, Maryland where he died of a massive stroke on May 7, 2001 at the age of 62.
            Father Maskell was never charged with the murder of Cathy Cesnik. Police in Baltimore County still hold credible the theory that some unknown assailant kidnapped Sister Cathy from the parking lot of the Edmonton Village Shopping Center, killed her, disposed of the body, and then returned Sister Cathy’s car to the parking lot next to her apartment. Father Maskell had acted as Chaplain for the Baltimore County Police, the Maryland State Police, the Maryland National Guard and the Maryland Air National Guard. His brother, Tommy Maskell, retired in 1966 as a Lieutenant for the Baltimore City Police after twenty years of service. Father Maskell was known to go on ride-along with police officers in an unmarked patrol car, often startling kids engaged in make-out sessions by driving up behind them and activating a portable flasher. One of Father Maskell’s 1994 accusers claimed that Father Maskell “forced her to perform sexual acts with a police officer.”
            Police officers who had worked with Father Maskell expressed open disbelief at the allegations.
            “He Baptized my children. He Baptized my grandchildren. My children liked him,” stated retired Baltimore County Precinct Commander, Captain James L. Scannelli, “If he had been that weird, it would have come out. He was around police a lot, riding along, he rode with me. Police would have noticed; bells would have gone off. Nothing did.”
“It is possible he may have been in the exam room,” said Dr. Christian Richter, a gynecologist Father Maskell took some of the Keough to and who the 1994 plaintiffs alleged had participated in their abuse, “in the absence of parents, I don’t know, to calm the girl. She was 16. She probably had a great deal of faith in him.
Four days after Cathy Cesnik disappeared, on November 11, 1969, Joyce Malenki, 20, disappeared from the parking lot of the E. J. Korvette’s department store in Glen Burnie, Maryland. She was found face down, hand tied behind her back, in the Little Patuxent River at the military base there. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the throat and strangled to death.
Joyce Malenki and her family had attended St. Clement Church in Lansdowne and Joyce had regularly gone on week-long religious retreats with area Priests while she was in high school. Also at St. Clemens was Father A. Joseph Maskell who served at St. Clements from 1966 to 1968 and lived at St. Clemens while serving at Archbishop Keogh High School from 1970 through 1975. In 1969, Father Maskell was serving at a nearby Church, Our Lady of Victory, about three miles away from St. Clement which is located less than a mile from where Sister Cathy’s body was found.

Man acquitted of beating of priest he said sexually abused him

Man acquitted of beating of priest he said sexually abused him

SAN JOSE, Calif. (WLS) – William Lynch, the California man who admitted he pummeled a priest who he said abused him as a boy, has been found not guilty of felony assault and elder abuse charges.

The jury of nine men and three women could not reach a verdict on a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault for the 2010 attack at a retirement home.

The jury began deliberations late Monday after hearing impassioned closing arguments from both sides.

The defense’s strategy had long been to prove to the jury that the wrong man was on trial. However, prosecutor Vicki Gemetti urged jurors to focus on the assault.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” she said in her closing arguments on Monday.

Lynch’s crusade for his own form of personal justice against the priest, Jerry Lindner, drew supporters to the courthouse in San Jose, Calif., during his nearly three-week trial. They carried signs that read “stop clergy sex abuse” and condemned the “pedophile playground” retirement community that is home to Lindner, who has had previous allegations against him.

Lynch testified last Friday that he visited Lindner with the intention of having the aging Jesuit sign a confession, but when the priest “looked up and leered” at Lynch in the same manner he did more than 35 years ago when he sexually abused him, Lynch said he ordered the priest to take off his glasses and hit him.

Lynch passed up a plea deal of one year in jail and instead chose to go to trial to publicly shame the man who he said haunted his memories for 35 years.

On a family camping trip 35 years ago, Lynch said he was brutally raped at age 7 by Lindner and was then forced to perform sex acts on his 4-year-old brother.

The boys kept their painful secret for years, long past the six-year statute of limitations California had in place at the time of the alleged crimes.

Lynch got his wish to see the priest in court, even if the tables were turned. Lindner was forced to testify, but a short time later the Jesuit invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. The judge struck his testimony from the record.

During his short time on the stand, Lindner, now 67, told the court he remembered Lynch, but only as the man who attacked him at a Los Gatos, Calif., Jesuit retirement community where the priest has resided since 2001.

Lindner denied molesting Lynch and his younger brother on a camping trip to the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1974.

Lynch’s attorney declared the priest had perjured himself and even prosecutor Vicki Gemetti said in her opening statement that she expected Lindner to lie on the stand or say he didn’t remember certain events.

“The evidence will show [Lindner] molested the defendant all those years ago,” she said, but urged the jury to focus on Lynch’s attack.

Lynch’s case of alleged vigilante justice has attracted support from around the world and has shed light on a justice system many view as flawed.

Lynch and his brother were awarded $625,000 after filing a civil suit against Lindner in 1997. The priest was removed from active ministry and was moved to the Jesuit retirement community in 2001.

Lindner was named in two other abuse lawsuits, according to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

ABC Radio News Contributed To This Report

Fr. Thomas Smolich a man with a horrific record on child sex abuse

SNAP responds to promotion of Fr. Thomas Smolich

Posted by Barbara Dorris on March 20, 2012 · Flag

Whenever church officials are promoted, we always hope for the best. We hope that church officials will bring in an outsider who has not been involved in an institution that has been marred by cover-ups, or that a priest is promoted instead of a monsignor or fellow bishop. Today, when a Jesuit priest Fr. Thomas Smolich was tapped to head the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, church officials did exactly the opposite of what we hope for. They elevated a man with a horrific record on child sex abuse and who has been allegedly involved in many cover ups.

Smolich, who has worked as President of the Jesuit Conference of the United States since 2006, has a history rife with excusals of predator priests. In 2002, Smolich was working as the Provincial for the California province of the Jesuits. When Angel Crisostomo Mariano was sued in civil court for abusing a mentally disabled man, Smolich denied knowing much about Mariano at all, despite the fact that, at that point, Smolich had been roommates with Mariano for two years.

Beyond living with credibly accused predator priests, Smolich has housed other convicted and accused predators at the Sacred Heart Center in Los Gatos, CA where these predators have been able to mix with vulnerable adults, in some cases abusing them. Fr. James Chevedden was wheelchair-bound and living at Sacred Heart when he was abused by serial predator Br. Charles Leonard Connor (

Tragically, Fr. Chevedden died by suicide or a staged suicide three years after reporting the abuse, and the Jesuits later settled with Chevedden’s surviving family in a wrongful death suit.

Smolich has housed and protected more than just Br. Connor, however. At least five credibly-accused or convicted predators have lived at Sacred Heart (Fr. Connor, Fr. Jerold Lidner, Fr. Edward Thomas Burke, Fr. Mariano, and Br. John Moniz) ( These men were afforded the opportunity to not only avoid responsibility for their crimes, but also the chance to abuse others.

Clearly, Smolich is more focused on protecting his fellow Jesuits than he is deterring them from abusing children and vulnerable adults or making sure that citizens are safe from other predators within the Society of Jesus. We are deeply concerned that Smolich is the type of man who is, at least according to the Catholic hierarchy, worthy of promotion. We wonder how many more people have been or will be abused by his protection of predator priests, and we worry about how this promotion will allow this type of behavior to continue.

Smolich should be demoted, not promoted.

We urge anyone who has been abused by any priest, Jesuit or otherwise, to immediately go to the police and work to put the predator in jail. That’s the best way to keep kids safe. The Jesuits are still not doing what they should to safeguard the vulnerable and expose child molesting clerics.

(SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word “priest” in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, and Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc. Our website is