The Pedophile Pimps and Priests of the RCC


This page is the place to find list after list of the Roman Catholic Church Pedophile Pimps, Priests, and Nuns. The lists are alphabetical. All names are verified before added to these lists. Most of the names on these lists come from various resources, but most especially Bishops Accountability. I wish to thank all the people who worked on Bishops Accountability and the people of SNAP, Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests, especially Barbara Blaine, David Clohessy, Judy Jones and the many other fine people of SNAP. This is a list I have so far of the Roman Catholic Church of Pedophile Pimps and Priests. This list contains the names of Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops that have irrefutable evidence against them that they put the interests of the Roman Catholic Church before the interests of protecting children. The named Priests, Brothers and Msgrs are those who have been convicted in a court of law, or by the Vatican itself, of raping children. All of these names comes from my intensive research for my book Our Father Who Art in Hell: A Priest Abuse Victims Story soon to be coming to a bookstore near you.


Bill Donohue is on the list not because he has been accused, but because he is the Pit Bull and Head Apologist for the Roman Catholic Church of Pedophile Pimps, Priests and Parishioners. In interviews I have heard this low life say that no priests have ever been convicted of child abuse or sex abuse. He also calls us victims liars only out for a payday from his church. He denigrates, defames and insults us victims of priest sexual abuse and tells us all we should just shut the hell up, grow up and deal with it. He has attacked SNAP: Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests with his buddy Cardinal Timothy Dolan and both have sworn they will put the “biggest menace” to the Roman Catholic Church out of business and calls the leaders of SNAP liars and psychopaths. Funny Bill Donohue is supposedly this smart guy with all of these degrees, but he does not know that dozens and dozens of priests have been convicted of child rape. This makes Bill Donohue the head of all of my lists of Pedophile Pimp Protector of the Unholy Roman Catholic Church of Pedophile Pimps, Priests and Parishioners.

The Leaders

The Popes

  1. POPE BENEDICT XVI: As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and as such, he was responsible for exposing and turning over to authorities priests accused of raping children.His biggest crime involved Marcel Marcial, the Jesuit priest and founder of the Legions of Christ. Marcial was a pederast, a womanizer, married two women and then raped his own children and sexually assaulted his seminarians.By the late fifties Marciel was already subjected to a canonical process for accusations of pederasty.Despite the evidence, the Roman Curia chose to take no action.In 1965 Rome officially recognized the congregation of Legionaries.Maciel had a knack for ingratiating himself with important people in the Vatican bureaucracy and the religious elites of the business classes in the countries to which his organization spread. From the end of the seventies right up to the early nineties he was an active promoter of John Paul II’s trips to Mexico.At the end of the nineties the Vatican received documentation on another suit against Maciel for pederasty, this time from several former Legionaries.Ratzinger, who was the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the time, chose to shelve it so John Paul II wouldn’t have to quarrel with Maciel. Not until 2006, once he was Pope Benedict XVI, did Ratzinger decide to punish the Legion’s founder, but tried to do it with a low profile.He ordered Maciel to leave Rome, renounce all priestly public ministries and lead the life of a recluse.In early 2008, Maciel died without ever facing justice for his serious crimes.So from the late 50’s until 2006, the RCC knew about what Marciel was doing. As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he also knew what Marciel was doing, but it took 50 years to actually do something about him and then it was basically a slap on the wrist. When Ratzinger was a cardinal, he too protected Maciel.In 1998 he blocked the case and in 2001 modified the Canonical Code of Law to give Maciel a way out: the crime of absolving an accomplice would have a 10-year statute of limitations.  This gave the abuser an escape route and left the victims with no possibility of proving their accusations in court.Now his second biggest crime involves that for decades, a group of men who were sexually abused as children by Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy at a school for the deaf in Wisconsin reported to every type of official they could think of that he was a danger, according to the victims and church documents. They told other priests. They told three archbishops of Milwaukee. They told two police departments and the district attorney. They used sign language, written affidavits and graphic gestures to show what exactly Father Murphy had done to them. But their reports fell on the deaf ears of hearing people. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, received letters about Father Murphy in 1996 from Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland of Milwaukee, who said that the deaf community needed “a healing response from the Church.” The Vatican sat on the case, then equivocated, and when Father Murphy died in 1998, he died a priest. Father Murphy may have molested as many as 200 boys while he worked at the school from 1950 to 1974, according to the accounts of victims and a social worker hired by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to interview him.
  2. POPE JOHN PAUL II: Father Maciel Marcial,was a morphine addict who sexually abused at least 20 Legion seminarians from the 1940s to the ’60s. Bishop John McGann of Rockville Centre, N.Y., sent a letter by a former Legion priest with detailed allegations to the Vatican in 1976, 1978 and 1989 through official channels. Nothing happened. Maciel began fathering children in the early 1980s — three of them by two Mexican women, with reports of a third family with three children in Switzerland, according to El Mundo in Madrid, Spain.Concealing his web of relations, Maciel raised a fortune from wealthy backers, and ingratiated himself with church officials in Rome…Maciel’s chief supporter (was) Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state from 1990 to 2006. Maciel left an ecclesiastical empire with which the church must now contend. The Italian newsweekly L’espresso estimates the Legion’s assets at 25 billion euros, with a $650 million annual budget, according to The Wall Street Journal.In 1994 Pope John Paul II heralded him (Maciel) as “an efficacious guide to youth.” John Paul continued praising Maciel after a 1997 Hartford Courant investigation by Gerald Renner and this writer exposed Maciel’s drug habits and abuse of seminarians.In 1998, eight ex-Legionaries filed a canon law case to prosecute him in then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s tribunal. For the next six years, Maciel had the staunch support of three pivotal figures: Sodano; Cardinal Eduardo Martínez Somalo, prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life; and Msgr. Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Polish secretary of John Paul. During those years, Sodano pressured Ratzinger not to prosecute MacielIn 2004, John Paul — ignoring the canon law charges against Maciel — honored him in a Vatican ceremony in which he entrusted the Legion with the administration of Jerusalem’s Notre Dame Center, an education and conference facility.John Paul’s support gave Maciel credibility as he moved with seamless ease among the ultra-wealthy. At a 2004 fundraiser in New York, a video cameraman filmed him running his fingers down the tuxedo lapel of the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, a major Legion supporter. Besides donations, Legion schools in Mexico with high tuitions and low salaries subsidized the operations in Rome…Legion supporters ranged from Steve McEveety, producer of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” (Legion priests advised on the film), to Thomas Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza and Ave Maria University in Florida. Others who supported the Legion include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who spoke at Legion conferences…and the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, editor of First Things, who wrote that he believed with “moral certainty” that the charges against Maciel were “false and malicious.””Harvard Law Professor and former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican Mary Ann Glendon taught at Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum, the Legion’s university in Rome, and advised in the planning that led to the order’s first university in America, University of Sacramento, Calif. In a 2002 letter for the Legion Web site she scoffed at the allegations against him and praised Maciel’s “radiant holiness” and “the success of Regnum Christi [the order’s lay wing] and the Legionaries of Christ in advancing the New Evangelization”Two Legion priests are TV news celebrities: Jonathan Morris on FOX, and Tom Williams, a theology professor at the Legion university in Rome, for NBC during Katie Couric’s coverage of the 2005 conclave and again with Couric at CBS….(we) made repeated efforts to seek comment from the three cardinals who allegedly received substantial payments under Maciel’s auspices, by speaking with Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi on the telephone and via follow-up e-mails. Besides calls to the residences of the two cardinals in Rome, the paper made an extensive effort to contact now-Cardinal Dziwisz, in Krakow, Poland. Iowana Hoffman, a Polish journalist in New York, translated a letter with questions for the cardinal, faxed it to Dziwisz’s press secretary, but was told that the cardinal “does not have time for an interview.”Sodano, the former secretary of state and now dean of the College of Cardinals, and Martínez Somalo, former papal chamberlain, did not respond to messages left with Lombardi. A receptionist who answered Sodano’s residential number said to call the Vatican. The woman answering Martínez Somalo’s phone, when asked in Spanish if he would speak with a journalist, said emphatically, ” No entrevista! ” — “No interview.”Had Sodano, Martínez Somalo and Dziwisz responded, the cardinals might have answered one question that hovers over this baroque financial drama: How do Vatican officials decide what to report, and to whom, if they are given large sums of money? The Vatican has no constitution or statutes that would make such transactions illegal. But those familiar with the strategy say it was Maciel’s goal to insulate himself from the Vatican’s archaic system of secret tribunals by making friends with men in power. For most of his life, it worked.…The Legion constitution included the highly controversial Private Vows, by which each Legionary swore never to speak ill of Maciel, or the superiors, and to report to them anyone who uttered criticism. The vows basically rewarded spying as an expression of faith, and cemented the Legionaries’ lockstep obedience to the founder….Dziwisz was John Paul’s closest confidante, a Pole who had a bedroom in the private quarters of the Apostolic Palace. Maciel spent years cultivating Dziwisz’s support. Under Maciel, the Legion steered streams of money to Dziwisz in his function as gatekeeper for the pope’s private Masses in the Apostolic Palace….such exchanges are not considered bribes in the view of Nicholas Cafardi, a prominent canon lawyer and the dean emeritus of Duquesne University Law School in Pittsburgh. Cafardi, who has done work as a legal consultant for many bishops, responded to a general question about large donations to priests or church officials in the Vatican. Under church law (canon 1302), a large financial gift to an official in Rome “would qualify as a pious cause,” explains Cafardi. He spoke in broad terms, saying that such funds should be reported to the cardinal-vicar for Rome. An expensive gift, like a car, need not be reported.

    Maciel wanted to buy power,” said the priest who facilitated the Mexican family’s opera carita to Dziwisz. He did not use the word bribery, but in explaining why he left the Legion, morality was at issue. “It got to a breaking point for me [over] a culture of lying [within the order]. The superiors know they’re lying and they know that you know,” he said. “They lie about money, where it comes from, where it goes, how it’s given.”When Martínez Somalo, a Spaniard, became head of the congregation overseeing religious in 1994, Maciel dispatched this priest to Martínez Somalo’s home. The young priest carried an envelope thick with cash. “I didn’t bat an eye,” he recalled. “I went up to his apartment, handed him the envelope, said goodbye. … It was a way of making friends, insuring certain help if it were needed, oiling the cogs.”…Martínez Somalo’s office took a new name: Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. But the job description stayed the same. From 1994 to 2004, the Spanish cardinal’s duties included investigating any complaints about religious orders or their leaders. In the files of that congregation, according to several former Legionaries, sat letters that dated back many years, accusing Maciel of abusing seminarians. When the wrenching accounts of nine seminary-victims of Maciel made news in the 1997 Hartford Courant, Martínez Somalo did nothing. That was the reaction throughout the Roman curia.John Paul named Martínez Somalo to the post of carmelango, or chamberlain, the official in charge of the conclave when a pope is elected.

    For years Maciel had Legion priests dole out envelopes with cash and donate gifts to officials in the curia. In the days leading up to Christmas, Legion seminarians spent hours packaging the baskets with expensive bottles of wine, rare brandy, and cured Spanish hams that alone cost upward of $1,000 each. Priests involved in the gifts and larger cash exchanges say that in hindsight they view Maciel’s strategy as akin to an insurance policy, to protect himself should he be exposed and to position the Legion as an elite presence in the workings of the Vatican.

    Fichter, the former Legion member, is today pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Haworth, N.J. He has been a diocesan priest for a decade, and serves in the Newark archdiocese. He coordinated the Legion’s administrative office in Rome from February 1998 until October 2000. “When Fr. Maciel would leave Rome it was my duty to supply him with $10,000 in cash — $5,000 in American dollars, and the other half in the currency of the country to which he was traveling,” explained Fichter. “I would be informed by one of his assistants that he was leaving and I would have to prepare the funds for him. I never questioned that he was not using it for good and noble purposes. It was a routine part of my job. He was so totally above reproach that I felt honored to have that role. He did not submit any receipts and I would have not dared to ask him for a receipt.”

    After the ex-Legion victims filed a canonical case in 1998 against Maciel in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Sodano as secretary of state — essentially, the Vatican prime minister — pressured Ratzinger, as the congregation’s prefect, to halt the proceeding. …José Barba, a college professor in Mexico City and ex-Legionary who filed the 1998 case in Ratzinger’s office, learned from the canonist handling the case, Martha Wegan in Rome, of Sodano’s role.

    Sodano came over with his entire family, 200 of them, for a big meal when he was named cardinal,” recalled Favreau. “And we fed them all. When he became secretary of state there was another celebration. He’d come over for special events, like the groundbreaking with a golden shovel for the House of Higher Studies. And a dinner after that.” The intervention of a high Vatican official in a tribunal case illustrates the fragile nature of the system, and in the Maciel case, how a guilty man escaped punishment for years. “Cardinal Sodano was the cheerleader for the Legion,” said one of the ex-Legionaries. “He’d come give a talk at Christmas and they’d give him $10,000.”

    In 2009, a year after Maciel’s death, the Legion disclosed its surprise on discovering that he had a daughter. The news jolted the order and its lay arm, Regnum Christi. Yet in an organization built on a cult of personality, the long praise from John Paul suggested a legacy of virtue in Maciel. Legion officials scrambled to suppress skepticism. Two Legion priests (said) in July (2009) that seminarians in Rome were still being taught about Maciel’s virtuous life. “They are being brainwashed, as if nothing happened,” said a Legionary, sitting on a bench near Rome’s Tiber River….

    In a book on Maciel published in Spain, journalist Alfonso Torres Robles calls an event on Jan. 3, 1991, “one of the most powerful demonstrations of strength by the Legion … at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, when John Paul II ordained 60 Legionaries into the priesthood, in the presence of 7,000 Regnum Christi members from different countries, 15 cardinals, 52 bishops and many millionaire benefactors.” Maciel had the event filmed and a sequence used in a video the Legion sold until 2006. John Paul was a strategic image in Legion mass mailings and the video shown to potential donors when seminarians accompanied priests to their homes. 

    Maciel forced all Legionaries to take private vows, never to speak ill of Maciel or any superiors, and to report to their superiors anyone who did. The vows ensured his cult of personality. 

    Juan Vaca and seven other early victims of Maciel who first spoke publicly, in the 1997 Hartford Courant report by Gerald Renner and this writer, gave graphic accounts of how, in Spain and Rome in the 1950s, they watched Maciel inject himself with a morphine painkiller called dolantin, as the drug was called at the time. In 1956, a strung-out Maciel entered Salvator Mundi Hospital in Rome. Cardinal Valerio Valeri, a reed-like former diplomat and prefect for Congregation of Religious, was furious over letters from an older seminarian in Mexico City who had seen Maciel self-inject and worried about his overly affectionate behavior with boys. The priest who ran the Legion high school was also concerned about Maciel’s drug use and advances on youths. Cardinal Valeri suspended Maciel and arranged for Carmelite priests to assume control of the Legion house. 

    …Maciel traveled between Spain and Latin America, raising money for a big project underway in Rome: Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica. Maciel got his break in 1959 when Pius XII died. Micara, by then the vicar of Rome, signed an order reinstating Maciel — something for which, in the interregnum between popes, he had no authority to do. Canon law puts official duties in abeyance in the interim. What were Valeri and other officials who were offended by Maciel to do? Expend what capital they had with the new pontiff, challenging Micara over a druggy priest with a vice for boys but cash lines to build a basilica? Maciel was redeemed by an illegitimate order from a cardinal to whom he had given $10,000 13 years before, according to a priest with access to Legion files

    ….Maciel reaped lasting dividends in Monterrey with the Garza-Sada families. The dynasty dates to 1890, when Isaac Garza and his brother-in-law, Francisco Sada, opened a brewery. Isaac’s sons, Eugenio and Roberto Garza Sada, both graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, built a bottling factory in 1943. As they branched into other industries, the Garza brothers founded a university, TEC — the Technical Institute of Superior Studies in Monterrey. Maciel launched private schools in Monterrey, one for boys, one for girls. He exported to America a model for prep schools to attract well-heeled families who would join Regnum Christi, which organized study groups to discuss Maciel’s letters. Lay celibates, the highest level of Regnum Christi members, live in communities and work relentlessly on fundraising….”They were grooming us for Regnum Christi — the Movement. If your family had money, power, influence, they wanted you. They kept telling me, ‘God gave you everything, you must give back by fighting the forces of evil.’ … Their whole discourse was this paradise of moral rectitude….” Two of (Garza-Sada) siblings joined the Movement. Paulina, now in her 50s, is a Regnum Christi consecrated woman in Rome. A brother, Fr. Luis Garza Medina, graduated from Stanford University in California in 1978 with a degree in industrial engineering and entered the Legion. At 32 he became vicar general, the second highest position. Through the two siblings, Maciel secured a continuing flow of money from the family. Fr. Garza donated $3 million of his inheritance to the Legion, according to a colleague at the time. In an e-mail exchange, Fr. Garza would neither confirm nor deny the amount or the donation….

    Maciel died in a surreal drama where his life pieces converged with shuddering fall. In late January 2008, he was in a hospital in Miami, according to a Jan. 31, 2010 report by reporters Sota and Vidal of El Mundo….In the hospital gathered Alvaro Corcuera, Maciel’s successor as director general; the Legion’s general secretary, Evarista Sada; and numerous other associates. Maciel reportedly refused to make a confession, stirring such concerns that someone summoned an exorcist, though the article does not describe a ritual. The men around Maciel were jarred when two women appeared: Norma the mother, and Normita, 23. At that point, Maciel reportedly said of the Normas: “I want to stay with them.”

    The El Mundo article continues: “The Legionary priests, alarmed by Maciel’s attitude, called Rome. [Fr.] Luis Garza knew right away that this was a grave problem. He consulted with the highest authority, Alvaro Corcuera, and then hopped on the first plane to Miami and went directly to the hospital.

    [Garza’s] indignation could be read on his face. He faced the once-powerful founder and threatened him: “I will give you two hours to come with us or I will call all the press and the whole world will find out who you really are.” And Maciel let his arm be twisted. After the priests got Maciel to a Legion house in Jacksonville, Florida, he reportedly grew belligerent when Corcuero tried to anoint him, yelling, “I said no!” The article says Maciel refused to make a final confession, and states flatly that he “did not believe in God’s pardon.” That is an opinion that Maciel’s sordid life might well support, but for which, in fact, we have no proof. 

    In announcing his ascent to heaven, immediately following Maciel’s 2008 death, the Legion high command took propaganda to a level beyond category.

    The Mission of Father Maciel
    New York Review of Books (excerpt) | June 24, 2010
    by Alma Guillermoprieto

    Of all the terrible sexual scandals the hierarchs in the Vatican find themselves tangled in, none is likely to do more institutional damage than the astounding and still unfolding story of the Mexican priest Marcial Maciel.

    The crimes committed against children by other priests and bishops may provoke rage, but they also make one want to look away. With Father Maciel, on the other hand, one can hardly tear oneself from the ghastly drama as it unfolds, page by page, revelation by revelation, in the Mexican press.

    Father Maciel, who was born in Mexico and died in 2008 at the age of eighty-seven, was known around the Catholic world. Against ordinarily insurmountable obstacles, he founded what was to become one of the most dynamic, profitable, and conservative religious orders of the twentieth century, which today has almost eight hundred priests and approximately 70,000 men and women around the world who participate in the lay movement Regnum Christi. The Legion of Christ, nearly seventy years old as an order, is comparatively small, but it is influential: it operates fifteen universities, and some 140,000 students are enrolled in its schools (in New York, its members teach in eleven parish schools). And its leadership has long enjoyed remarkable access to the Vatican hierarchy.

    A great achiever and close associate of Pope John Paul II, Maciel was also a bigamist, pederast, dope fiend, and plagiarist. He came from the fervently religious state of Michoacán in the southwest of Mexico and grew up during the years of the Cristero War (1926–1929), a savage conflict that pitched traditional Catholics (Cristeros) in provincial Mexico against the anticlerical government in the capital. One of his uncles was the commanding general of the Cristeros. Another four uncles were bishops. One of them, Rafael Guízar Valencia, brought him into a clandestine seminary in Mexico City. As a twenty-year-old who had not even taken his vows, Maciel created a new religious order with the help of another uncle.

    … Maciel was evidently a man of some magnetism. Dozens of wealthy women contributed generous amounts for the Legionaries’ good works, and the Mexican magazine Quién, normally known for its society pages and not for its investigative reporting, recently had a story about one of Mexico’s wealthiest widows, Flora Barragán de Garza, who donated upward of $50 million during the years of Maciel’s glory. “She gave him practically all our father’s fortune,” Barragán’s daughter told the Quién interviewer, adding that the family finally had to intervene so that the by then elderly woman would not be left destitute. Her generosity allowed Maciel to travel first-class throughout his peripatetic life, but it also provided the seed money for the network of private schools to which wealthy Mexican conservatives dispatched their children.

    In 1997, Blanca Estela Lara Gutiérrez, a Mexican woman who was living in Cuernavaca, looked at the cover of the magazine Contenido—a Reader’s Digest sort of publication—and saw on it the face of her common-law husband. She had been his partner for twenty-one years and borne him two children, and she knew him as a private detective or “CIA agent” who, for understandable work-related reasons, put in only occasional appearances at home. Now she learned that he was a priest and that his real name was Marcial Maciel.

    He was, the magazine said, the head of an order whose strictness and extreme conservatism appeared to hide some vile secrets: the article, picking up information first brought to light by Gerald Renner and Jason Berry in the Hartford Courant, revealed that nine men—two of whom helped to establish the Legionaries in the US and another still an active member, and the rest all former members of the order—had informed their superiors in Rome that Maciel had abused them sexually when they were pubescent seminarians under his care.

    The accusations were not new, nor would they be the last. In 1938 Maciel was expelled from his uncle Guízar’s seminary, and shortly afterward from a seminary in the United States. According to witnesses, Maciel and his uncle had a gigantic row behind closed doors, and one witness, a Legionary who had known Maciel since childhood, told the psychoanalyst Fernando González that the bishop’s rage had to do with the fact that Maciel was locking himself up in the boardinghouse where he was staying with some of the younger boys at his uncle’s seminary.

    Later, it would become known that Maciel had his students and seminarians procure Dolantin (morphine) for him. This led to Maciel’s suspension as head of the order in 1956. Inexplicably, he was reinstated after two years. Much later still, someone realized that his book, The Psalter of My Days, which was more or less required reading in Legionary institutions, and was a sort of Book of Hours, or prayer guide, was lifted virtually in its entirety from The Psalter of My Hours, an account written by a Spaniard who was sentenced to life in prison after the Spanish civil war.

    Uneducated and mendacious, Maciel nevertheless had a genius for politics, and for personal relations. But there was more… Maciel’s envoys would regularly deliver envelopes with thousands of dollars in cash to key Church hierarchs. Private audiences with the Pope commanded as much as $50,000 dollars per visit, money that was channeled through Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Polish priest who was the Pope’s private secretary from 1966 until John Paul’s death.

    …It is hard not to think that these are the reasons the Vatican ignored the detailed and heart-wrenching letter sent in 1998 by eight of Maciel’s accusers (the ninth member of the group having died). Even as the public first became aware of the accusations through the Hartford Courant and the Mexican press, which picked up the story immediately, the Vatican refused to act. Instead, Pope John Paul II put forward the beatification of Maciel’s mother and of his uncle, Bishop Guízar. (The bishop is now Saint Guízar; Maciel’s mother is still going through the beatification process.) It was only in 2006, after John Paul’s death, that a Vatican communiqué announced that Maciel had been “invited to lead a reserved life of prayer and penitence.” He lived out his final years quietly and died in the United States. The Legionaries, however, have continued to grow in numbers and in wealth.

    …Paraguayans have not abandoned their cheerful president, former priest Fernando Lugo, despite the fact that he is known to have fathered at least three children (he seems to think there may be more) while he was still a bishop. Homosexuality has also been tolerated and to some degree almost expected of skirt-wearing priests in this macho part of the (Latin American) world. It is possible, perhaps, that for many Catholics baptism, confession, and weekly mass are almost bureaucratic procedures, like voting or getting a driver’s license, and that true faith is something that happens at homemade altars and through the magical pathways of much older rituals, leaving priests to live their own lives as long as they do a creditable job with the sermons and the burials. The sexual abuse of children and its cover-up are a different matter entirely, one suspects.

    As it turns out, Maciel’s common-law marriage to Lara Gutiérrez was not exclusive. Some ten years after he met her, he began a long-lasting relationship with a nineteen-year-old waitress from Acapulco, to whom he introduced himself as an “oil broker.” He had a daughter with her, and, according to a recent article in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, several more children with other partners.

    After she found out that her husband was not a CIA agent but a child- molesting priest, Lara Gutiérrez did not come forth with the news that she was married to him. Perhaps she was terrified unawares of the man she believed “was her God,” as she would say a decade later. Perhaps she was simply ashamed. At any rate, she kept silent …And then, last March, two years after Maciel’s death, Lara Gutiérrez appeared with her three sons on one of Mexico’s most well-regarded talk shows and listened quietly while two of her children testified that their father, Marcial Maciel, had made them masturbate him, and had first attempted to rape them, the older one said, when he was seven years old. (This testimony has been tarnished somewhat by the revelation that the sons had earlier demanded millions of dollars from the Legionaries of Christ in exchange for their silence. The order has not attempted to deny the accusation, however).

    We have a double vision of Maciel: we see the saintly figure known to his followers—one long, elegant hand placed on his chest, the other raised in benediction—and, as if through a keyhole, the other, nightmarish, Maciel, demanding that young boys masturbate him and then assuring the shocked, traumatized children that he was authorized by the Vatican to obtain “relief” by this means from dreadful physical pain.

    …The Legionaries—that is, Maciel—financed the construction of the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Philip Martyr in Rome, which Maciel intended for his mausoleum. But strikingly, Maciel the priest nearly always staged his pederastic dramas in the infirmary, or sick room (enfermeria) of whatever Legionary seminary he happened to be at, as if this were a place where he could be cured. The masturbatory acts were explained to his victims as a remedy for his pain, but perhaps he truly hoped for healing of some sort in the infirmary. He knew, in any event, how sick he was: he left instructions with his delegates not to start the process of his canonization until thirty years after his death—in the hope, one can guess, that the memory of his sins would be erased by then.

    Quite apart from the damage to Maciel’s victims, there is the pressing question of why the Catholic Church, as an institution, did not condemn him when he was ordained as a priest, or when he founded the Legionaries, or when the story of his pederasty made the covers of magazines, or when enough evidence was found for Pope Benedict XVI to conclude that Maciel should live out the rest of his life in seclusion, or even when the rumors grew strong enough to warrant a Vatican investigation of the order as a whole. The answer surprises no one: at a time in which churches are emptying, the Legionaries have been a rich source of conscripts, money, and influence. In Mexico everyone from (billionaire) Carlos Slim to Marta Sahagún, the wife of former president Vicente Fox, gave money to or asked favors from MacielIt was not until last year that Karol Wojtyla’s successor, Pope Benedict XVI, at last authorized a visitation—churchspeak for investigation—of the entire order of the Legion of Christ.

    As usual, the press and some disaffected religious have been way ahead of the Vatican. Now we learn from the press that the order kept some nine hundred women under nonbinding vows as consagradas, or quasi nuns, in conditions of severe emotional privation. According to a recent report in Milenio, the women, members of the Regnum Christi, live communally although they are not ordained. They are allowed to see their parents once a year, and spend two weeks with the rest of their family every seven years. They are expected to donate half their material worth after fifteen years of consecration, and donate the full amount after twenty-five. Twice a month they are obligated to have a confession-like conversation with their female superiors, who in turn report on the content of these talks to their own superiors within the Legionaries. The Vatican visitators who conducted the recent investigation of Maciel were allegedly surprised to discover the existence of the consagradas, and to find these and other violations of canonical law in their statutes.

    In the end, the scandal of Marcial Maciel, gruesome and grotesque as it is, may turn out to be a scandal of the Catholic Church. There is the distressing question of the Church’s last pope, the popular John Paul II, and his relations with the demonic priest. There is the not unimportant fact that the Legionaries—along with Benedict XVI and indeed John Paul II—represent the most morally conservative part of the Church, and that they now appear enmeshed in squalid moral scandals. There is, above all, the fact that an entire large, wealthy, international institution is now under suspicion (what did Maciel’s fellow Legionaries know, when did they know it, and who was complicit?) and that the greatest institution of all, the Roman Catholic Church, appears to have engaged in a cover-up for decades on its behalf….

    …Many priests and nuns, it would seem, opt to “obey” rules but not comply with them, as the Spanish formulation has it (obedezco, pero no cumplo). I offer this simply as anecdotal evidence, but in my casual, friendly, and often admiring acquaintance with members of the Catholic orders—all from the social activist branch of the Church, for whatever it’s worth—a remarkable number have been involved in some sort of couple relationship…(end quote).

    Michael Hoffman’s Afterword 

    These crimes were facilitated in many ways: through bureaucracy, greed and venality, but above all the devil worked through those priests and hierarchs who instilled in the faithful an allegiance to a false understanding of obedience. Beware religious authorities who insinuate that you must obey them rather than God, reversing the Gospel command to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).

    This is the lesson to be gleaned from this disgusting and criminal Vatican farrago, as it transpired in the pontificate of Pope John Paul II — and many of the most guilty hierarchs remain in power under Pope Benedict XVI.

    Marcial Maciel named his organization the “Legion of Christ” and by his subsequent actions he blasphemed that name, the name above all others, to which every knee shall bow (Philippians 2:10). How any Christian can give allegiance to the Vatican mafia that is still in place and which enabled Maciel’s crime spree is beyond rational comprehension, except in terms of the functioning of a cult mentality (Matthew 20: 25-28).

    From On the Contrary: Pope John Paul “the Great” and his crime syndicate: Part I Fr. Marciel. 1. Investigative reporting by Jason Berry; 2. “The Mission of Father Maciel” by Alma Guillermoprieto;  3. Michael Hoffman’s Afterword  The link to the webpage is: On the Contrary: Pope John Paul “the Great” and his crime syndicate: Pt 1 Fr. Marciel

    The Shame of John Paul II: How the Sex Abuse Scandal Stained His Papacy

    Moreover, on the greatest internal crisis facing the church, the pope failed, time and again, to take decisive action in response to clear evidence of a criminal underground in the priesthood, a subculture that sexually traumatized tens of thousands of youngsters. Despite a 1984 warning memo from the Rev. Thomas Doyle, then a canon lawyer in the Vatican Embassy in Washington, and a ninety-three-page report on the problem co-written by Doyle in 1985, which was sent to every American bishop, John Paul ordered no outreach to victims, no binding policy to rid the priesthood of deviants. In 1989 the US conference of bishops sent experts in canon law to Rome, seeking a streamlined process for defrocking child molesters rather than waiting for the byzantine Vatican bureaucracy and final word from the pope. John Paul refused. Litigation and prosecutions spread, but the pope remained passive.

    As victim-survivors found their way to lawyers, a train of legal discovery in the United States, Ireland and other countries yielded documents linking complicit bishops, religious-order superiors and Vatican officials in the concealment of sex offenders. On April 21 in an important lawsuit against the Vatican by a man who was abused by a predator priest, a federal district court in Portland, Oregon, ordered church officials in Rome to turn over documents for discovery. District Judge Michael Mosman said, “Plaintiff has proffered evidence that tends to show the Holy See knew of [the priest’s] propensities and that in some cases, the Holy See exercised direct control over the conduct, placement, and removal of individual priests accused of similar sexual misconduct.” The US Supreme Court declined to hear the Holy See’s appeal for dismissal, which was based on a claim of sovereign immunity.

    On John Paul’s role in the church’s long nightmare, the Rev. Richard McBrien, a distinguished University of Notre Dame theologian, wrote, “Indeed, he had a terrible record, full of denial and foot-dragging, on the greatest crisis to confront the Catholic Church since the Reformation of the 16th century.”

    From the link:  The Shame of John Paul II: How the Sex Abuse Scandal Stained His Papacy

    Pope John Paul II and the Sex Abuse Case

    The world is not ignorant about the presence of lecherous priests in the world but, who would have guessed that the Catholic Church also hosts a few of these perverts of the highest order. Among the most serious cases are the ones involving Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer an Austrian friend of the Pope. The Cardinal was accused of molesting over 2000 boys and young monks in his overall career span. Even then he sailed through the situation because there were no sanctions placed on him.

    The next case was related to Marcial Maciel Degollado, the Mexican founder of the ‘Legion of Christ’. This person was accused of not only molesting young boys but fathering a number of children through innumerable women. The reason why Pope John Paul II was disapproved was for obstructing investigation in both these cases. In fact he had been criticized for promoting those individuals who had sex abuse cases pending against them.

    Covering up of these cases have been considered to be worse than the crime itself. Cardinal Ratzinger under the auspices of Pope John Paul II had written a letter stating that all sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church be sent to his department and be subject to pontifical secrecy. He had also tried to persuade the Pope to bring them to book, but his opponents in the Vatican managed to block any further enquiry into the issue. In the words of the Present Pope Benedict XVI, ‘the other side had won’.

    When the child abuse cases in the Catholic Church had first come to light, the Pope had an acceptable ‘bad apple’ explanation to provide. He said that even as priests some brothers are afflicted by sins that betray the grace of ordination. It is because of these few bad cases that the other brothers, who are conducting their office in the most virtuous manner, with honesty and integrity which sometimes result in heroic self sacrifice, are also tarnished. Although he showed his concern and sympathy to the victims and their families, he called upon the rest to embrace the ‘mysterium crucis’ and commit more fully to the search of holiness.

    While H.H Groer was removed as Arch Bishop of Vienna in 1995, Pope Benedict finally managed to oust Maciel in 2006. Further investigations have proved that Maciel had sent pots of money to buy support in the Vatican.

    One can give many reasons as to why Pope John Paul II had brushed all this rubbish under the Vatican carpet. It may be that he did not want the people in general to loose their faith on the Church, or it could also be that he believed that some (not all) of these cases were made to frame people in high Vatican offices. Whatever the excuse may be, people will question him for not dealing with these perverts in strict hands. History will show that it was actually Pope Benedict XVI and not Pope John Paul II who had initiated ‘purification’ of the Church.

    Pope John Paul II and the Sex Abuse Case

The Cardinals

  1. CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN:From failing to report direct admissions from abusive priests, to actively lobbying against reforming statutes of limitations on child sexual abuse cases in Wisconsin. The archbishop’s track record is consistent with the Catholic Church’s record of covering up child sex abuse allegations.First we have the case of Priest Franklyn W. Becker. Among the documents submitted in support a complaint presented to the ICC by the Center for Constitutional Rights and Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests, are letters between Dolan and then-Cardinal Ratzinger concerning Father Franklyn Becker.Becker was diagnosed as a pedophile as early as 1983 when serving in Milwaukee and, though the archdiocese of Milwaukee knew he continued to re-offend, Becker was nonetheless allowed to continue to work in several parishes. It was only when Becker was arrested in California in 2003 for the sexual assault of a child that Dolan wrote to Ratzinger requesting that Becker be defrocked.Ratzinger’s office replied that Dolan should inquire whether Becker would voluntarily request his own defrocking rather than be laicized involuntarily by the Vatican.A 2003 letter from then-Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan shows he was more concerned about the church’s reputation than the actions of an abusive priest. Dolan wrote the letter to then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in May 2003, asking that Becker be defrocked after allegations of repeated sexual abuse of children that dated back to at least 1970. Dolan wrote the letter about two weeks after Becker was arrested in California for an alleged sexual assault there in the 1970s.Dolan, who became Milwaukee’s archbishop in June 2002, wrote that a trial and possible civil lawsuits “make the potential for true scandal very real.” n the letter, Dolan said Becker was diagnosed as an “impulsive pedophile” in 1983.After another allegation, a psychological assessment was again done in 1996 that indicated “the potential for future recurrence of past behavior existed,” according to Dolan’s letter.Dolan became archbishop 11 months before he asked that Becker be defrocked and it took the Vatican another 1 1/2 years to defrock Becker. Claims have been made that Dolan only took action because of Becker’s arrest. Clergy Cases I & III, JCCP 4286 and 4359, June 18, 2007 (Facts concerning former priest Franklyn Becker of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee demonstrates that he has dangerous propensities to harm children. In sworn testimony, Becker testified about his attraction to boys, his interest in the Man/Boy Love Association, his leanings toward being attracted to post pubescent boys and that he gave names of people to the Archdiocese that might come forward with allegations. (Becker’s sworn statement taken August 7, 2006 at pgs. 77, 80, 82, and 87.)).Next we have the case of Harlem pastor Msgr. Wallace A. Harris, Dolan’s handling of child sex abuse cases has not changed since his Milwaukee and St. Louis days. In 2010, Harris, who had been accused of sexually assaulting more than 10 boys, was allowed to step down under a false pretense. Dolan, who by this time was already Archbishop of New York, quietly let him do so without informing the authorities or warning parishioners. More than a year and a half after the fact, the Vatican admonished him to live “a life of prayer and penance.” Due to the statute of limitations in New York, Harris has avoided criminal charges. Harris, a one-time possible candidate for bishop, was accused by an NYPD officer and nine other men of molesting them while they were attending Cathedral Preparatory Seminary. Archbishop Timothy Dolan quietly let  Msgr. Wallace A. Harris, resign from his Harlem parish and left the impression that Harris is stepping aside because of alleged health problems. The first man to reveal having been violated by Harris is a former police officer, Eric Crumbley. Crumbley is now a minister and he disclosed his name when he stepped forward.Then you have Cardinal Timothy Dolan accused of moving money around to avoid paying on suits: A Wisconsin lawyer representing victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy says he suspects that New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan hid $130 million in order to avoid paying molestation settlements. Prior to his present assignment, Dolan was Archbishop of Milwaukee. The lawyer, Jeffrey R. Anderson, who represents clients in 23 lawsuits against the Milwaukee Archdiocese, said $75 million disappeared from the church’s investments in 2005. He said that $55 million more that had previously been unaccounted for appeared in a cemetery trust in 2008, and that the archdiocese claimed that money in that fund was protected by state law and could not be used for payouts. In an interview on Sunday, Mr. Anderson said that the first transfer coincided with a 2005 ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that allowed abuse lawsuits to proceed despite a statute of limitations. He said the second transfer occurred around the time of a similar ruling in 2007. Archbishop Dolan led the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from 2002 to 2009, when he was chosen to lead the Archdiocese of New York.Lastly we have proof of Dolans true feelings towards victims and the statue of limitations he fights so hard against changes made to it. When New York sought to end the one year statue of limitations against child sex abuse, Cardinal Dolan cried about it. Dolan explained that he wanted to keep the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims to one-year, because if the church gets sued, “The perpetrators don’t suffer. There’s no burden on them. What suffers are the services and the ministries of the apostolates that we’re doing now. Because where does the money come from? So the bishops of 30 years ago that allegedly may have reassigned abusers, they don’t suffer. They’re dead. So the people that suffer are those who are being served right now by the church. We feel that’s a terribly unjust burden.” This statement alone shows that Cardinal Timothy Dolan does not care one bit about the suffering of the abused or the unjust burden they carry. This statement shows that Cardinal Timothy Dolan cares more about the suffering and unjust burdens the Roman Catholic Church will face if these statue of limitations are changed so victims can finally seek justice against those who harmed them and those who covered up these crimes.
  2. CARDINAL BERNARD LAW:THE CASE OF PAUL SHANLEYCardinal Bernard F. Law, the once-powerful archbishop of Boston whose support has been eroding for months, suffered serious damage to his credibility yesterday with the release of hundreds of documents showing that he repeatedly and knowingly allowed an alleged serial pedophile to hold posts that allowed him access to children.No longer can Law say that he didn’t protect priests accused of misconduct:He promoted the Rev. Paul R. Shanley to pastor of a Newton church, gave him a clean bill of health to minister to Catholics in California, and endorsed his running a Catholic hostel in New York despite three decades of sexual abuse allegations against Shanley and documents claiming that Shanley had declared acceptable sex between men and boys and had declared that no sexual practice, including bestiality, causes psychic damage.No longer can Law say that he always acted based on the best medical information available to him.He praised Shanley for ”years of generous and zealous care” and an ”impressive record” after a church-ordered psychiatric evaluation found Shanley to have ”a great deal of psychological pathology.’ ‘Furthermore, Law’s predecessor had referred to Shanley in writing as a ”troubled priest,” and one of Law’s own priests had written ”it is clear to me that Paul Shanley is a sick person.”No longer can Law say that his first priority has been the people priests are ordained to serve—the stacks of documents produced yesterday provide no evidence that Law ever expressed a concern or a kind word about Shanley’s alleged victims, who number at least 26. Documents show that Law’s administration told a California diocese that Shanley was ”a priest in good standing”—even as scandals here made it important for the archdiocese of Boston to hustle Shanley out of town—and show that Law’s only expressed concern about Shanley’s later move to a New York hostel run by nuns was the possibility of negative publicity.In an extraordinary moment of drama, one of Shanley’s alleged victims yesterday called on God to punish Law, nearly 10 years after the cardinal used similar language to call on God to punish the news media for reporting on the case of pedophile priest the Rev. James R. Porter. ”You are a liar; your own documents condemn you. You are a criminal, a murderer of children; you degrade the office you hold in the church; you are an affront to Jesus Christ; and I call on Almighty God to bear witness to the foulness and treachery of your behavior, the evil you have nurtured and condoned, and the minds, hearts, and souls you have destroyed,” said Arthur Austin. ”Bernard Law, today I am the one who is calling … the wrath of God upon you.”Documents show the archdiocese’s shuffling of serial pedophile John J. Geoghan was not an anomaly. And the records find few heroes among church leaders—three cardinals of Boston, and multiple bishops, were aware of Shanley’s sickness, and yet each allowed him to continue working with children, despite complaints from a priest, inquiries by concerned nuns, allegations by laypeople, and a negative psychological diagnosis. Over and over, high church officials, including Law, treated Shanley with kindness and sympathy.THE CASE OF REV GOEGHAN:At Blessed Sacrament in Saugus 1962-1966  The Rev. Anthony Benzevich reportedly tells church officials that Geoghan brings boys into his bedroom. Benzevich later denies it. In 1995, Geoghan admits molesting four boys over 2 1/2 years while at Blessed Sacrament in Saugus.About 1968  Hingham father complains to church authorities that he caught Geoghan molesting his son, one of several accusations that emerged from St. Paul’s. At St Pauls in Hingham

    About 1968
      Treated at Seton Institute, Baltimore.

    Early 1970s
      Joanne Mueller, single mother and member of St. Mary’s parish, Melrose, says Geoghan molested her four young boys at this time. Mueller says she informed the Rev. Paul E. Miceli at St. Mary’s. Mueller also says Miceli asked her to keep quiet. The family later sues and settles. Miceli disputes her account.

    Sept. 8, 1970
      Humberto Medeiros named archbishop of Boston. Appointed cardinal on March 5, 1973. Cardinal Richard J. Cushing dies Nov. 2, 1970. At St Andrews, Jamacia Plains1977-1978  Geoghan is accused of molesting seven boys in the extended Dussourd family. Six of the children and the mothers later file suits, which are settled.Feb. 9, 1980  The Rev. John E. Thomas tells Bishop Thomas V. Daily that Geoghan admitted to molesting the Dussourd children. Daily calls up Geoghan and tells him to go home. Geoghan admits the abuse and says he “does not feel it serious or a pastoral problem.”Feb. 12, 1980  Placed on sick leave. Counseling ordered by Medeiros. Geoghan undergoes psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with Drs. Robert Mullins and John H. Brennan. At St Brenden’s in DorchesterEarly 1980s  Allegedly rapes and fondles Jamaica Plain boy. (Criminal counts 1 and 2 for the pending Suffolk trial. )July 24, 1982  Dussourds complain to Daily that Geoghan met one of the molested Dussourd children at an ice cream shop in Jamaica Plain. Was allegedly also seen there with another boy.Aug. 10, 1982  Margaret Gallant writes to Medeiros, complains that Geoghan is “still functioning,” despite molesting her nephews, the Dussourds.Sept. 17, 1983  Medeiros dies.March 23, 1984  Bernard F. Law installed as archbishop of Boston. Appointed cardinal on May 25, 1985.Sept. 18, 1984  Law removes Geoghan from parish after complaints he molested boys there. At St Julia’s in WestonNov. 13, 1984  Assigned by Law to St. Julia’s, where Monsignor Francis Rossiter is “aware of past allegations.” Geoghan is put in charge of three youth groups, including altar boys.Dec. 7, 1984  Auxiliary Bishop John M. D’Arcy writes to Law and complains about Geoghan’s assignment to St. Julia’s because of his “history of homosexual involvement with young boys.”Dec. 11, 1984  Dr. Mullins: Geoghan “fully recovered.”

    Dec. 14, 1984  Dr. Brennan: no restrictions on his work as a parish priest.

    Feb. 26, 1985  D’Arcy appointed bishop of Fort Wayne/South Bend, Ind.

    1986  Patrick McSorley of Hyde park says he is molested by Geoghan. Geoghan allegedly molests boys at the Waltham Boys & Girls Club. Bishop Robert J. Banks is told Geoghan is accused of molesting boy at a pool.

    March 9, 1989  Banks learns of another 1986 accusation.

    April 3-12, 1989  St. Luke’s Institute, Maryland. Diagnosis: homosexual pedophilia.

    April 28, 1989  Geoghan is told by Bishop Robert J. Banks he had to leave ministry.

    May 24 – Nov. 17, 1989  Placed on sick leave.

    Aug. 10, 1989 – Nov. 4, 1989  Treated at Institute of Living, Hartford. Called “moderately improved” on release and recommendation is that he be returned to assignment.

    Nov. 30, 1989  Banks is unhappy with the Discharge Summary from the Institute for Living because it is different from what he understood and he used it to base his decision on allowing Geoghan to return to St. Julia’s.

    Dec. 13, 1989  Letter to Banks explaining the Discharge Summary: “The probability he would act out again is quite low. However, we could not guarantee that it would not re-occur.” Return to parish OK’d.

    Nov. 28, 1990  Note from Banks: “I would recommend him for parish, but decision left up to [another bishop] and BFL”–Cardinal Law.

    Dec. 7, 1990  Letter from Dr. Brennan: Geoghan OK for pastoral work.

    Oct. 23, 1991  Complaint about Geoghan “proselytizing” at a pool with a boy.While at Regina Cleri residence for retired priests

    April 4, 1994  Mother says Geoghan abused her son while he was at St. Paul’s in Hingham. Geoghan denies the accusation.

    Nov. 1994  Single mother from Waltham calls church to say Geoghan molested her four boys and made obscene phone calls to them. Placed on pre-trial probation. The case was dropped.

    Jan. 16-25, 1995  St. Luke’s report states: He “has a long history of pedophilic behavior … Father Geoghan should have no interpersonal contact with male minors that is unsupervised.”

    1995  Geoghan allegedly molests a Weymouth boy, including at the christening of boy’s sister. (Criminal counts 3 and 4 in Suffolk.)

    July 29, 1996  Spends four to six months in Southdown Institute, Ontario, for therapy.

    1998  Geoghan defrocked. Church settles 50 sex abuse cases against Geoghan for more than $10 million; 84 other cases pending.

  3. CARDINAL DONALD WILLIAM WUERL: Cardinal Donald Wuerl participated in many instances of covering up for pedophile priests. from the link http://www.donaldwuerl.comTHE CASE OF FATHER DONALD J SOTAK:

    Donald J. Sotak.  His assignments included headmaster posts at South Side Catholic and Canevin High Schools, as well as the pastor posts ofSaint Francis Xavier in the North Side of Pittsburgh and Saint Joseph’s Parish in Natrona Heights.  This also included an assistant pastor post in Mckeesport. Sotak died in 2004.  During the celebration of the 40th anniversary of his ordination, in 2002, the parish church that was to hold the celebration was ever so coincidentally vandalized.  Were the vandals, by any chance, making a deliberate statement in the vandalizing?Accusation:  Full blown physical assault, to the tune of either attempted invasive contact or successful invasive contact.  The accuser alleged thathe was knocked unconscious during the conflagration which, accordingto him, was an intense altercation.  He wasn’t sure what actually happened while he was unconscious.The alleged circumstance surrounding alleged assault:  Donald Sotak’s accuser alleges that the assault took place after a dinner outing.  The purpose of the dinner was to talk about the young man chances of achieving a vocation to the priesthood.  The alleged assault took place after Fr. Sotak allegedly asked the gentleman very personal preference questions.In review: The accuser originally asked Sotak for vocational guidance, in the hope to receive assistance in entering a seminary, should he finally decide to pursue a vocation to the priesthood.  They went to dinner, to discuss the matter.  After dinner came the alleged altercation.Age of Accuser at the time of the alleged assault:  19, 20, or so.The following is alleged by Fr. Donald Sotak’s credible accuser:– The alleged assault took place during the tenure of Pittsburgh diocesan bishop, Vincent Leonard, in the mid 1970s. – Sotak was immediately reported to Pittsburgh diocesan personnel, and the response was to quickly move Sotak to a new domicile. – The accuser joined the Pittsburgh seminary in the 1980s, eventually being ordained a deacon.  Donald Wuerl was the rector of the diocesan seminary at the time.  Then Wuerl was ordained a bishop.  In the beginning of 1988 Wuerl was assigned to Pittsburgh.- Sotak’s accuser made his way to the diaconate, one step away from the priesthood.  Yet, he was instructed by a vocation director that he was to tell people that he voluntarily delayed his ordination. Sotak’s accuser stated that the vocation director told him that he was to either sign that he voluntarily delayed his ordination or else “they” would dig-up some excuse to have his ordination delayed.  Thus is described typical whistle blower retaliation.- The accuser had a window view to the parking garage, where he would allegedly see Wuerl and a certain young man here and a certain young man there leave alone with Wuerl and later come back … mostly after classes which were held at the nearby Catholic University.  That university is called Duquesne.- A note of fact:  Donald Wuerl became an auxiliary bishop in 1986 and was eventually sent to Seattle Washington, concerning the Hunthausen controversy.  He was next assigned to the Pittsburgh diocese in 1988.- It was under Wuerl when Sotak’s accuser was allegedly sent to a Philadelphia clinic for a psychological assessment.  The alleged diagnosis was that the deacon was credible and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Being diagnosed with PTSD augmented an accuser’s credibility.- The Pittsburgh diocesan personnel refused to accept the final assessment of the Philadelphia clinic.  They were apparently in search of an official sheet of paper which would state something differently about Sotak’s accuser.  So, they demanded that Sotak’s accuser go for yet another psychological assessment in St. Louis or Maryland.- Sotak’s accuser assumed that Wuerl was controlling his personnel on puppet strings and was the person who ultimately wanted an official sheet of paper stating something other than what was stated by the Philly clinic. This would mean that Wuerl was allegedly looking to play a game with loaded dice and a stacked deck of cards.- It was at that point in time when Fr. Sotak’s accuser departed from diocesan ministry.  Things had gotten far too Orwellian for him.  He stated that he literally feared that he was going to be drugged into a catatonic state.  He remembers his time of exit being 1994.  This was during the musical chairs cover-up of a Fr Edward Huff.  This was also the time when the Cipolla case was underway at the highest court of the Vatican. This was also shortly before James Torquato became Wuerl’s personal secretary.  Incidentally, Sotak’s accuser remembers Torquato at the seminary.  According to him, Torquato cow-towed to authority, as if to be seeking promotion points.  The actual expression used to describe Torquato was “brown noser.”- The Sotak case, being that it was allegedly covered-up from the middle 1970’s to the end of 2011, would easily qualify as Cardinal Wuerl’s sixth simultaneous cover-up during the same year; the year being 1988.Additionally alleged by the accuser was that – The diocese’s Fr. Charles Bober, STD, sent a letter to Sotak’s accuser, notifying him that he would get no stipend from the diocese.  The accuser then had recourse to aFr. Bob Guay, and accordingto him, he has been getting his $700 monthly stipend, even into the Year 2012. He stated that he didn’t get a check for January 2013.  Such checks read, “For services rendered,” incidentally – The accuser also stated that the letter from the previously mentioned former vocation director of the Diocese of Pittsburgh sounded almost like a damning excommunication letter.  There was no Peace of Christ within it, to say the least  . . .  at least according to Sotak’s accuser.During a meeting, diocesan personnel bragged to Sotak’s accuser that they had an excellent policy for handling clergy abuse victims.  Yet, they said that the policy did NOT apply to Sotak’s accuser, because he was a deacon.  HOWEVER, the alleged assault took place when Fr. Sotak’s  accuser was a layman – civilian – parishioner. – Even in 2002, when Wuerl finally suspended several priests who had long since been attached to credible sex abuse allegations, he permitted Sotak to stay at his post.- Years later, Sotak’s accuser was interviewed by Randy Engel.  Thesubject matter was to be kept from the public, out of fear of retaliation against the accuser.  This is important to note, because it shows that the accusations against Sotak is not something recently conjured.  The accusation has been longstanding.  I knew of the fact that there was a Father Sotak accused of having assaulted a certain person, by name, for years.  Thus, these accusations are NOT new inventions.- In fact, while Sotak’s accuser was at another seminary, he was allegedly told by one of the faculty priests that Sotak alleged had other complaints against him.  Then, suddenly, the complaints of other young men was no longer in the record … allegedly.


    Timeline The physically invasive actions of Wuerl’s former secretary occurred from 1990 to the middle of 1997.  At least one of the priest’s homosexual antics took place in Wuerl’s Warwick Terrace residence.  The predatory conduct actually didn’t end until a final ploy was committed during the 1997-1998 Christmas season.  As far as concerns the retaliatory conduct, it occurred in 1998 and 1999.  When the homosexual was reported, he was the president of one of the Pittsburgh diocesan high schools.  Wuerl appointed him to that school in 1996.  The priest was reported for long-term homosexual conduct in 1998.

    The Priest Approached his Prey First Concerning the young man who was targeted by Wuerl’s former secretary, he was first approached by the priest on the steps of a church, when the young gentleman was a still teenager.  The mewly ordained priest presented himself as an undefined type of sociology researcher, claiming that he was seeking to learn what draws young people to church.  The bottom line is that the young gentleman did not approach the priest first.  This was 1990.

    An Outline of the Priest’s Conduct The priest’s conduct comprised a physically invasive form of sexual harassment that was accompanied by a misrepresentation as fraudulent as a wolf in shepherd’s clothing.  It consisted in the priest preying on a situation that will not be detailed herein, and it involved the modus operandi reported by the 2002 media as the one commonly used by predators.

    A Diplomatic Way of Describing it There are forms of sexual harassment which consist in episodes of one-way contact that repeatedly result in the harassed person either diplomatically pushing away the harasser or moving away from him.  Sexual harassment is not limited to verbal aggression.  That is to say, there are forms of sexual harassment where a priest does not keep his hands to himself. Predatory cases are sometimes cloaked under the pretense of spiritual direction, where aggression is disguised behind authoritarian voice patterns.  These types of cases don’t involve gullible prey.  Rather, they are marked by a priest’s badgering of his intended target, for the sole purpose of achieving physical contact.  They involve a priest abusing his power and influence, in creating the illusion that he is speaking in the name of God and Vatican II, when he is doing nothing more than orchestrating an intrusion.  The authoritarian pretense is merely the first stage of the ploy.

    That which Constitutes Predatory Conduct and Abusive Acts It’s not required for a cleric to be a serial rapist, in order for him to constitute a predator.  He simply has to engage in conduct that consists in him targeting an individual and then manipulating ways to physically intrude on the targeted prey in as severe a degree as he can, in his quest to consummate his lusts.  It consists in a priest using a person as “an object of sexual gratification.”

    Donald Wuerl’s Sought-for Definition of Sexual Abuse The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported on October 27, 2002 that Wuerl fought for the broad meaning of sexual abuse.”  The same thing was reported by the same newspaper in slightly more detail, on May 29, 2003.  Pursuant to Wuerl’s sought-for definition, the acts of his former secretary constituted sexual abuse.

    Predatorship Includes Taking Advantage of Persons who Underwent Nightmarish Tragedy A predatory priest can easily prey upon a traumatized person, by presenting himself as an intervening lifesaver, when in fact, he is nothing more than a disingenuous wolf.   This constitutes the abuse of an impaired person, being that a traumatized state is a state of impairment.  If the priest is told about a volatile home environment, he can one day use knowledge of it against his victim, in manipulating the more violent persons in the environment to attack his prey for him.  It consists in the priest using knowledge that was confidentially entrusted to him by his victim, in order to bring additional harm to that victim.  It consists in the betrayal of trust.

    The Personal Mail is the Tale of the Tape Several pieces of the previously mentioned mail sufficiently constitute the tale of the tape.  They erase any doubt as to the motives, mindset, emotionality, and psychosexual orientation of Wuerl’s former personal secretary.  They also prove that the former secretary was well aware that his targeted prey was suffering greatly in his personal life.

    The Most Convincing Witness Account Given by the Accuser To start, the name of the former secretary accused of physically intrusive sexual harassment is Father James Torquato.  Secondly, Torquato’s accuser claimed to have been a visitor at Wuerl’s Warwick Terrace residence, during the time when Torquato also lived there.  Now, being that no third person ever saw Torquato’s accuser enter or leave Wuerl’s home, as far as is known.  So, how would anyone know that Torquato’s accuser was telling the truth?  ANS:  He was able to describe the interior of Wuerl’s home, and the details of his description was undeniably convincing.

    In a notarized letter sent to Donald Wuerl in February 1998, Torquato’s accuser described Donald Wuerl’s Warwick Terrace home as follows:

    “Furthermore, in order to show you that I am not telling you a falsehood, let me describe your Warwick Terrace home, in order to show you that I was at least there.  Now, remember that Fr. Torquato would usher me in that house, as if he didn’t want anyone to see me.   Anyway, the carpeting in Fr. Torquato’s room was orange.  Whenever I got into the elevator, there was some kind of pole-shaped extension which you could accidentally hit with your head, if you weren’t looking at what you’re doing.  He had shelves with a lot of books.  He had a lot of CD’s.  The bathroom was definitely to the right when you walked in.  The shower had sliding doors.  There were several icons on stands and on the shelves.  My favorite one was the one of Jesus as an adult, with a solemn [perhaps sad expression on his face.]  The kitchen sink reminds you of a school cafeteria’s sink.  Fr. Torquato mentioned that the picture above the fireplace, in the living room,  fell down by itself.  He also told me that a squirrel infiltrated the house, and that you told him to go get it.  I remember hard wood floors and high ceilings.

    The most convincing part of the account was mention of the orange carpeting and the pole-shaped extension in the elevator by “which you could accidentally hit with your head, if you weren’t looking at what you’re doing.” Mention of the picture above the fireplace which mysteriously fell, and mention of the infiltration of a squirrel into Wuerl’s Warwick Terrace residence were the other features that gave Torquato’s accuser credibility.  The addition of the descriptive eye-witness account, the cards, the letters, and the post marked envelopes mailed by Torquato to his future accuser is what makes his accuser convincingly credible.

    As far as goes the allegation of retaliatory conduct, its most pertinent piece of evidence was the tape recording of the harassment imposed upon Torquato’s accuser the evening after the second demand letter was dropped off at the Pittsburgh diocesan building.  The previously mentioned police department citizen’s report form helps to establish credibility, also.

    In addition, there was another person caught in the middle of that retaliation.  He constitutes a corroborating witness. That person is the author of this entire website.

    The additional person caught in the middle of the Torquato retaliation once had a medium security clearance from the Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections, as well as the security clearance needed to carry a concealed firearm.

    This person also received the security clearances required to be a licensed Pennsylvania insurance agent. Now, the insurance clearances requires reasonably proving the person’s honesty.  The clearance involved for concealed weapons licensing requires reasonable evidence that the applicant is safe and temperate.

    In addition, Father Torquato’s accuser had his share of security clearances, being that he was a care taker of mentally disabled adults.  Therefore, this case is one where the accuser of the alleged invasive homosexual antics is not lacking in credibility, where the witness to both waves of retaliation is not lacking credibility. The fact that Fr. James Torquato immediately ensued with a retaliation gave credence to the allegation that he committed long-term and physically intrusive sexual harassment. The retaliation was merely an extension of his unruly and invasive acts of physical sexual harassment.  He did not have temperance.   Thus, he didn’t have the temperance to keep composed when he learned that he was reported to Wuerl.  The invasive sexual harassment temperament and the retaliatory temperament were one and the same.

    The Former Personal Secretary’s Whereabouts At the time of this writing, Wuerl’s former personal secretary is in active ministry.  He’s the pastor of a parish in Carrick, Pennsylvania, despite the fact that his retaliatory conduct has already proved him to be a danger to others.  Donald Wuerl, in having let the retaliations cause jeopardy and achieve damaging effects, proved himself to be a far greater danger to others.  It was equivalent to having reported a fire to the fire marshal, only to  watch, shortly thereafter, the arrival of dutiful personnel armed with flame throwers.

    The Office of Priestly Formation, formerly called the Office of the Training for the Priesthood Cardinal Wuerl has been influential in a department known as “the Office of Priestly Formation.”  In other lands and at other times it has been known as the Office for the Training for the Priesthood.  The title, “priestly formation,” is an embarrassingly gay sounding title which gives the impression that seminarians are being fitted into a stylish, cosmetic, and elitist motif.  That is to say, the title, “priestly formation” in no way instills images of naturally inclined men training for positions of service to God and mankind.  Concerning this, it is acknowledged that the church in America has been plagued with an infestation unnaturally inclined seminarians, as well as active Sodomites for priests, during the years when Wuerl was a major contributor to the Office of Priestly Formation. Wuerl was installed at the Pittsburgh diocese on February 12, 1988, and his former secretary was ordained on July 1, 1989.  This means that the abusive priest was ordained under Wuerl’s watch.  The abusive priest, therefore, is a sample of Donald Wuerl’s version of  “priestly forming.”  Take note that I did not say, “alleged,” when describing Torquato as abusive.  I am a witness that he is definitely abused his power.  He caused more than one of us great suffering.

    Rewarded with a National Executive Position in the Office of “Priestly Formation” The priest in charge of investigating Donald Wuerl’s former secretary, in 1998, became the Executive Director of the Secretariat for Vocations & Priestly Formation, in 1999.  This resulted in him being stationed at the headquarters of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  He’s a Pittsburgh diocesan priest who later became a chaplain to Benedict XVI, on June 29, 2006.  In 2009, he was then appointed to be the Bishop of  Anchorage Alaska.Whenever we sent communiqués to either his office or to Donald Wuerl’s office, either a new harassment would ensue or an ongoing retaliation would intensify.

    The Tally Sheet, Stated for the Record The scorecard goes as follows:  One person was the target of the priest’s aggression.  Another person saw to it that the accused priest would be reported.  Three persons got caught in the middle of the first wave of retaliatory conduct.  Two persons then got caught in the second wave.  In the process, a big bad wolf of collective resources eventually blew down three houses. Of the three persons caught in the retaliations, one now lives in a Southern state, one of them moved to an American state west of the one where Wuerl’s former diocese is located, and the other person’s location will be kept entirely undisclosed.

    Lower & Upper Respiratory Disease Is Involved: One of the three person’s caught in the Pittsburgh diocese’s retaliations suffers from a severe form of asthma, central sleep apnea (where all breathing stops during sleep), and an upper-respiratory disease.  Objective medical findings entered into his medical records have included:

    1] increased AP diameter
    (This is the barrel chest commonly found in advanced
    cases of emphysema and in cases of chronic asthma
    2] turbinate swelling.
    3] bilateral wheezing.
    4] prolonged expiratory phase.
    5] upper respiratory erythema (redness).
    6] exorbitant provocation test results.
    7] objective skin whealing,
    during placebo-controlled
    skin testing, while testing negative for the placebo

    Additional evidentiary support includes signed and notarized lay witness testimony of persons who had witnessed him ill.  “Choking” was used in more than one witness account which was accepted as evidence in the gentleman’s disability case. He was adjudged as having a full and severe physical disability, years ago. The disability has included numerous occasions of profuse dry heaving that even resulted in cringing chest and bicep pain.  There have also been headaches so severe that the temples and cheekbones would feel bruised even the day after a headache subsided. The pertinence in mentioning this is that the following narration illustrates the ruthless indifference of Wuerl andhis personnel toward the physically impaired.  This is all the more pertinent, being that, in the medical records ofthe asthmatic retaliation victim is the phrase, “life threatening illness.”  The physician who entered it into his records was Ivy League trained.

    A Civil Action: Legal action was taken, and the following account was made known to three levels of the United States judiciary. This included the level of the United States Supreme Court, in a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and three supplemental briefs.  The Supreme Court documents were filed in forma pauperis by a clerk of court there in 2002.  The lawsuit was filed Pro Se in district court, in March 2000.  To file Pro Se means to file without an attorney.  Being admitted to a court in forma pauperis means that you were too poor to pay the filing fee.  The evidence-gathering, the involved hours at studying American law, and the all the writing was entirely for naught.  All that work was for nothing.

    Ever so coincidentally, as soon as the lawsuit was filed, all harassment and retaliatory conduct ceased.  However, diversionary press release tactics resumed, along with their slight-of-hand deceptions.  Needless to say, the coverup remained on course.

    The Supreme Court docket number was 01-10392.

    The Citation number is 537 U.S. 843, dated October 7, 2002.

    To whom it might one day come to concern, it is requested that you omit the name of the primary petitioner, being that he already suffered more than enough in life.  He’s the one whose name appears first on the docket sheets.

    The Pointless Venue of Last Recourse
    The civil court system was the venue of last recourse, being that church officials would neither respond in writing nor respond by verbal communication to a single item sent to them after March 1998.  This included correspondence sent to officials in Washington, DC and in Vatican City.  However, it was promised to the de facto whistle blower, during March of 1998, directly to his face, that someone would get back to him.  None the less, there is a huge difference between getting back to someone and getting back at someone.

    The Cardinal Refused to Help Even when communications were sent to church authorities by third parties, there would still be no response, except in one instance.   In that instance, a cardinal responded to a New Jersey woman who had written to himabout Wuerl.  The only message she sent, concerning the cardinal, was that he said that he will not help.  Shealso stated that he was a “very prominent cardinal at the Vatican.”

    The woman’s identity was kept secret for as long as she was alive.  She was Monica Zimmer, a free lance writer and animation artist who died suddenly in her New Jersey home, on August 2nd, 2008.  She was 45 years of age at the time of her death.  Her motive for reporting Wuerl, in 1999, was to make sure that he would not be appointed archbishop of  New York.

    The Papal Nuncio Played “Pass the Buck”
    During the first wave of retaliatory conduct (in 1998), a phone call was placed to the Papal Nuncio in Washington. He said that he would contact the Bishop of Pittsburgh about the matter, assuring that the bishop, would take care things.  Wuerl did nothing but let the course of events stay on course. Contracting Wuerl was like contacting the fox attacking the chicken coup.

    The Federal Court Case’s Added Feature: The case also included the issue of clerics committing cowardice in refusing to speak out and counter certain institutionalized sins, in fear of loosing tax exempt status, taxpayer funded income (in the form of government social service contracts, government benefits, and government’s favor in general.  This involves those sins to which Catholics give their cooperation at the workplace and marketplace. This feature of the lawsuit concerned Donald Wuerl’s cowardly refusal to grant either an apostolate or “a church approved initiative” dedicated to ending Catholic’s cooperation with social sin.  Such a thing used to be called a Catholic Action Guild,  Getting no assistance from one’s bishop, in matters of salvation, under a feeling of compulsion from the government, is a violation of one’s religious rights. The allegation was that Wuerl feared loosing tax-exempt status and/or government funding, he blocked Catholics of their right to observe their religious duties.  Under the Federal doctrine of “Compulsion,” Wuerl blocked civil rights under the color of law.  Page 3 of this website the topic.

    LBJ’S Legacy was Partly Involved: The aforementioned feature of the lawsuit concerned, in part, a law that LBJ succeeded in getting passed while he was a senator for the State of Texas. That law concerns the way in which a religion can loose its tax exempt status. Incidentally, LBJ stands for Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Vietnam War president who did not run for reelection. The aforementioned law was merely a ploy of LBJ, to beat his political opponent, Dudley Dougherty, in the 1954 senatorial election. Mr. Dougherty was receiving pivotal and open support from certain religious entities until the law that LBJ introduced on the senate floor was enacted. LBJ then won the 1954 election. This ploy resulted in LBJ becoming Vice President of the United States. This ploy resulted in LBJ becoming president in 1963. This ploy resulted in the deaths of 58,000 Americans in Vietnam.

    Proof that it was a Determinant in Wuerl’s Decision Making Process: There is evidence that the fear of loosing tax-exempt status and taxpayer funded government contract dollars has repeatedly been a factor in Wuerl’s decision making process.  Proof is found in a public statement that he once issued. Wuerl once stated that he will not deny holy communion to any influential politician committed to the proliferation of a certain mortal sin, because, according to Donald Wuerl, denying holy communion to such a politician could have “national ramifications.” Needless to say, this apparently refers  to the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status, as well as its taxpayer funded operations. For a sum of money that far exceeds thirty pieces of silver, Wuerl would permit Christ to be sacrileged, in Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, near and at consecrated altars. Incidentally, at the time of Christ, 30 pieces of silver was the purchase price of a slave.

    Religions and Taxpayer-funded Income: Religions in America can acquire ample amounts of taxpayer dollars via government contract social services, government funded medical services, government funded tuition financing, and even free food from a state’s Cooperative Extension Society. What Donald Wuerl called “Charities” was nothing more than income-bearing and taxpayer funded programs.   Each participating Catholic institutions were literally government contractors. In as much, getting payed for activities called charities negates the meaning of charity, especially when funded by taxpayers who get no credit for their contributions.

    Concerning this, Donald Wuerl was recently called “a political parasite.”  Such a phrase is synonymous with “taxpayer leech.”  This factor becomes amplified in the face of a tremendously large national debt.

    Wuerl’s Cooperation, Concerning a Specific Crime Against Humanity:
    The lawsuit also sought to address Wuerl’s cooperation in a crime against humanity that which involves sweatshop profiteering and other types of foreign slave labor profiteering.  This additionally involves those types of labor that have been imposed upon foreign child workers in recent years.  This complicity, therefore, envelopes Wuerl in an aura of razor wire.

    As a reminder, when imported slave labor merchandise reaches your home, your place of work, and your person, then you are involved.  You are involved much the same way as is a person who receives stolen property.  But, in this case, it’s more than a matter of stolen property.  It is a matter of stolen lives, wasted away in the burden of going through life without a livable wage.  You are also involved in this crime if you work for an employer who is engaged in this practice.  You’re even involved if you invest in a corporation that profits from this practice.

    This Cooperation is Attached to a Blatant Contradiction: The great contradiction about Wuerl is that he was heralded the lionhearted protector of children. However, he has been indifferent toward a corporate crime that victimizes children more frequently than does the predatorship of priests who should never have been ordained in the first place.  Apparently, Wuerl believes that there should be a slave class, to serve him and other people in his financial echelon. Incidentally, he is a diocesan priest by ordination.  Pittsburgh diocesan priests, for as long as I’ve known, did not take vows of poverty.

    This Cooperation Started to Backfire on Wuerl, in a Congressional Near-Hit: This is addressed in the following page. In addition, there is yet another social sin about which Wuerl has been entirely silent.  It, too, is covered on the following page.

    Economic Results: The individual who saw to it that Wuerl’s former secretary would be reported had an R1 credit rating (the highest) at the start of December 1997.  His credit card debt was only $300 at the time.  Yet, shortly after the diocesan retaliations of 1998, his credit card debt had risen to $8,900. Things became more tragic, and as time progressed, he was forced into bankruptcy court.  Meanwhile, the effeminate narcissist, Donald Wuerl, was paraded throughout town, masquarading as an angel of light.  He did so with the help of the pathologically bland Pittsburgh Gazette writer, Ann Rodgers.  At the time, she was known as Ann Rodgers-Melnick.

    The End of Events
    : This series of events ended in a three degree Celsius night of snowfall, as the individual who saw to the reporting of Wuerl’s former secretary was left to sleep in a borrowed pick-up that had to be returned the following day. Within two weeks, he was given means of transportation to the deep south, along with lodging when he would get there.

    Wuerl would then go on to be praised on local television as a “holy, holy, man.”  Having already been painted as a hero by the LA Times and the New York Times, he would soon become the grand marshal of a St. Patrick’s Day parade, as if he were an untold hero.  Former Pittsburgh Steeler, L.C. Greenwood, would then be used to play the role of dupe, in publicly encouraging tiny Donald Wuerl to be patient for the day when he will be appointed cardinal and made an automatic candidate for the papacy. 

    It’s reasonable to assume that L.C. Greenwood was unknowingly recruited for the propaganda task.  It is equally reasonable to assume that he was chosen because he has yet to be elected into the NFL Hall of Fame, despite four Super Bowl rings and tremendous success as a defensive end.  Therefore, Wuerl was making himself an equal to L.C., in inferring that he deserves to be a cardinal as much as L.C. deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

    The irony to Wuerl being chosen the Saint Patrick’s Day grand marshal consists in the fact that the whistle blower who endured the retaliations that Wuerl easily could have stopped was the one named after the patron saint of Irelan
    d.  Needless to say and after the damage was done, the whistle blower was tossed aside as worthless insignificance, in preference for a homosexual priest ordained by Wuerl.

    The Destruction of One’s Faith in Divine Providence

The Bishops

  1. BISHOP ROBERT FINN:Bishop Finn is the first American bishop and the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic clergyman to be found guilty in an abuse case.The trial scrutinized the response of Bishop Finn and the diocese to the case of Father Shawn Ratigan, a diocesan priest. A technician found numerous lewd images of children, mostly prepubescent girls, on the priest’s laptop. He informed a deacon, who reported the finding to diocesan officials on Dec. 16, 2010. The following day, the priest attempted suicide after diocesan officials informed him that they had discovered some of the images.Bishop Finn had delegated the investigation of sexual-abuse claims to Msgr. Robert Murphy, the diocese’s vicar general. However, Msgr. Murphy did not contact law enforcement about the images until May 11, 2011. Bishop Finn was told about the pictures by the vicar general but never saw them himself.In the facts presented at his trial, Bishop Finn acknowledged that he is a mandated child abuse reporter under Missouri law.The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph also faced charges on the same two counts, but they were dismissed. Lawyers for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph said that Bishop Finn’s agreement to a bench trial led to the dismissal of the charges against the diocese. Bishop Finn’s lawyers, Gerald Handley, J.R. Hobbs and Marilyn Keller, said that the bench trial avoided the need for live testimony from diocesan employees, parishioners and others. However, they also said the diocese’s operating procedures “failed to adequately identify the necessity” to inform the government of the priest’s behavior “in a more timely manner.” “For this, the bishop is truly sorry,” the lawyers said.In the wake of Father Ratigan’s arrest, Bishop Finn appointed Todd Graves, a former U.S. Department of Justice official who has worked on child-exploitation cases, to investigate the sequence of events that began after concerns were first raised about Father Ratigan’s behavior around children a year earlier. That report was released in August 2011, and it concluded that diocesan policy on reporting suspected child abuse was not followed in a timely manner. Further, when faced with disturbing pictures found on the priest’s laptop and related problems, Church officials relied on limited professional judgments instead of the diocese’s independent review board. The investigation also determined that once the priest was removed from his parish and told to stay away from children and computers Bishop Finn wrongly placed his trust in Father Ratigan to comply with restrictions placed upon his behavior. The guilty verdict addresses Bishop Finn’s failure to report suspected abuse during this five-month time period leading up to Father Ratigan’s arrest in May 2011.Saint Patrick School May 19, 2010 Concerns reported to Principal Julie Hess “I seek to fulfill my responsibility as school principal in relaying a growing body of parent and teacher concerns regarding Pastor Shawn Ratigan’s perceived inappropriate behavior with children.Parents, staff members and parishioners are discussing his actions and whether or not he may be a child molester. They have researched pedophilia on the Internet and brought in sample articles with examples of how Father Shawn’s actions fit the profile of a child predator. I am worried about Father, about our school, and about losing our families to the negative impact of gossip and rumors.””In accordance with the diocesan Children’s Safety Curriculum, and in light of the priest abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and its devastating effects, I would recommend that priests across the diocese observe appropriate “Circle of Grace” physical boundaries for our children, instead of blurring and crossing those boundaries. We would expect Father Shawn to model, teach and practice the Child Safety guidelines across all settings in the church and in the school, and not insist that he has a right to “be close” to children or tell teachers that he knows the rules.””Although concerns about Father Shawn surfaced early in the school year, in the last week they have grown much stronger.The proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” was reported to me by phone (I was in St. Louis) last Thursday, May 13, 2010. During a school field trip to Platte Falls, Father allowed a fourth grade girl to sit on his lap and lean her body back against him. He did not immediately move to re-direct her; she sat there for at least five minutes, until teachers moved to stand next to him. Then he rose and went to play Frisbee with a group of students.”When he realized this situation was bigger than the thought, he called me over to the parish office and said it was just a “heads up” about rumors that were swirling around. When I mentioned that he had wanted to discuss a “teacher” issue, he told me that the first grad teacher, “who is not Catholic”, interferes when students try to get close to him at recess.I explained our safety training and the importance of teaching physical boundaries and the “Circle of Grace” to out children. He interrupted to tell me that little children need to be touched and hugged, and even though “they” advised against it, he felt it was the right thing for kids. he said he would never hurt a child and all he wants to do is help them all get to heaven. At the end of the short conversation, he said that maybe he should just quit being involved in the school all together. I assured him that no one wanted that, and I wanted to say more, but I could tell it just wasn’t the time.””The concerns fall into several categories:
    1) inappropriate physical contact with children;
    2) inappropriate behavior; and
    3) general concerns.””When first grade Brownie Girl Scouts were planting flowers in Father Shawn’s Home garden, a parent reported to me that her husband became “incensed” when he saw Father rubbing circles on his daughter’s back. The dad immediately called his daughter over to him to get him away from Father and texted his wife that Father had better keep his hands to himself or there would be trouble . . . “”In September, teachers expressed concerns about Father interrupting their classes, sharing inappropriate information with students, and not setting physical boundaries for himself with the kids. At the next faculty meeting, the teachers agreed to intervene and directly tell the children not to jump on Father, not to hang on his legs, and not to put their hands in his pockets any more . . .””In October, Father seemed to be “obsessed” — as a staff member put it — with one of the fifth grade girls. he was constantly talking about her, and wondering aloud to office workers, and teachers, “I don’t know why so-and-so doesn’t like me.”He also described their conversations and interactions, as if other adults would be as interested in them as he was. Another staff member brought it up at a Parish Staff meeting as a concern, in terms of his apparent emotional involvement in the situation and the inappropriateness of his “peer-to-peer” relationship with the student.”Teachers report that Father spends a great deal of time talking with the girls in that particular class, saying, “He’s always talking to them.””They were somewhat disturbed with the inside of Father’s home. “It’s very kid-friendly,” one mother said. “There is a big fish tank in the living room and stuffed animals all over the furniture.” There is a giant stuffed animal on the bed in the guest room and the kitchen hand towels are shaped to look like doll clothes. The mother told me, “I got the willies all over.”Earlier that day, this same woman had found a pair of girl’s panties inside one of the planters in Father’s back yard.She told me she’s not sure if her daughters will attend any school field trips that Father goes on and that Father has raised the warning-bell instincts of numerous moms. She added that he’s established no boundaries with kids “and it’s clear he wants it to stay that way.””Father always wants to play with the kids in Physical Education classes. The P.E. teacher has told me that Father has no personal boundaries, the children flock to him, their hands are all over him, and their hands are in his pockets. Other teachers have had to step in and say to the kids “That’s not appropriate!” and hoped that Father would get the hint.Staff members have expressed concern that Father seems unwilling to find the time to meet with them to discuss parish issues; one in particular has tried numerous times to set up a meeting with him to no avail. They believe that Father spends so much time at school he isn’t able to get other important things done. Father is at school every day for long periods of time. He is usually present at arrival time, during morning prayer, recess, lunch, dismissal, and after school. He also visits the early childhood center most of every day.
  2. BISHOP JOSEPH IMESCH: 26 years a bishop, defended accused clerics, saying they were good priests who exercised poor judgment and were victims of smear campaigns and reckless media coverage.Bishop Joseph Imesch retired in May 2006.

    Bishop Imesch had a long history of covering up pedophilia, transferring at least four accused priests inside his diocese without alerting parishioners. And he brought in a convicted child molester, the Rev. Gary Berthiaume, who had served as an associate pastor under him at a Detroit church years earlier.Meanwhile, the Archdiocese of St. Louis removed two priests it had accepted from Joliet, the Rev. Fred Lenczycki and the Rev. J. Anthony Meis, saying that Bishop Imesch had not disclosed past allegations against them when recommending them for transfers. The bishop has denied that assertion.Early in 2002, he said that some people are not traumatized by sexual abuse and that some priests who molest adolescents should be allowed back into ministry after therapy, but in late May 2002, he changed to support “zero tolerance” policy after the bishops approved it in Dallas: “I am sorry for any pain I have caused victims, their families, parishioners and others,” he wrote. “I feel that some of the criticisms directed at me were harsh, but I hope that I have learned from them.”.

    Rev. Gary D. Berthiaume was convicted and received 6 months in jail 1978 for abusing a 12 years-old boy who received $325,000 settlement in the 1980s. The victim went on to have his own pedophilia problems. Berthiaume was kept in a parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit for most of the 1980s without telling the congregation about his prior molestation conviction. A priest assigned to monitor him, the Rev. Allen Bruening, himself previously had been removed from a parish because of abuse allegations and was made director of a Catholic high school. Berthiaume was transferred again, to the Diocese of Joliet, IL, until he was removed from his post as chaplain in a suburban Chicago hospital when allegations of old abuse occurred, 2002.

    Rev. Frederick A. Lenczycki (Fred), ordained 21 October 1972, had a history of sexual abusing as many as 30 boys, many from Chicago’s suburbs, which began after his ordination and continued through his 2004 conviction for the crimes committed at St. Isaac Jogues Parish in Hinsdale. He was accused in Joliet, moved to St. Louis and was removed when old allegations surfaced. Because Lenczycki left the state in 1984, shortly after more than a dozen young boys at St. Isaac Jogues Parish in Hinsdale accused him of molesting them, the statute of limitations had not yet run out, ruled DuPage County Circuit Judge Ann B. Jorgensen, 18 June 2003. Removed from ministry 2002. Convicted 2004. It appears  that he had more than two dozen from about six assignments in Illinois, California and Missouri over several years.

    Rev. J. Anthony Meis, ordained 15 August 1972, hospital chaplain, had substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of minors made against him, settled. Removed from ministry 2002.

Surnames A

  1. Priest Ruben Abaya  Accused Los Angeles, CA: One of seven priests  named as defendants in  1984 civil suits filed by a 16 yr old girl seduced by Santiago (Henry) Tamayo and then by six other Filipino priests in Los Angeles. All fled the country  (with support from Archdiocese) after suits filed.  Others include Henry Caboang, Valentine Tugade, Sylvio Lacar, Victor Balbin, and Angelo Cruces. One of the priests (not Abaya) fathered the girl’s child. Archdiocese contributed to support of child after dismissal of one suit.
  2. Priest Leonard A Ambercrombie Accused Denver, CO:   Letter 7/93 to Pope JP II, Stafford, and Mahoney, alleged abuse of boy 1953-57 from age 7 and counted several victims. Said Abercrombie admitted abuse to victim’s sister in 1992. USAF chaplain 1950-53 in LA. Baker diocese 1962-64 but listed on sick leave. VA chaplain in LA 1972-93. Retired. Died 10/94. Late 1950s abuse alleged to Denver in 2002. CA suit 2003. LA Arch. rpt  2/17/04 noted 2 CA victims in 1970s. 1st CO suit filed 9/20/05. At least 9 men allege abuse. Some suits mediated. Others settled 7/08.A priest of the Denver Roman Catholic Archdiocese who ended his career working as a hospital chaplain in Southern California is named in one of the hundreds of clergy sexual-abuse lawsuits clogging California courts. The suit was filed in 2003 when California temporarily lifted the statute of limitations on child sex- abuse lawsuits.It accuses the Rev. Leonard A. Abercrombie of molesting an altar boy who served Mass at the Los Angeles-area veterans hospital where Abercrombie began working after relocating from Colorado in the 1970s. The court filing fills in more gaps about claims against Abercrombie, who during his years in Colorado worked in parishes in Denver and small plains towns and as a counselor at a boys’ camp. He died in 1994 at age 73.Three Colorado men – a law-enforcement officer, a retired lawyer and a mental-health official – told The Denver Post last week that Abercrombie molested them before he moved out of state. The men did not tell anyone until many years later. At least one other allegation was made against Abercrombie in California, according to a 2004 report by the Los Angeles Archdiocese that took the extraordinary step of naming priests accused of molesting children stretching back 74 years. In the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, an anonymous plaintiff alleges Abercrombie molested him after gaining his parents’ trust. The lawsuit targets the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the nation’s largest, and involves seven other plaintiffs making claims against different priests and one Catholic       sister.  The man accusing Abercrombie met the priest while regularly serving Mass at the hospital, DeMarco said. He said the abuse took place between 1975 and 1978. DeMarco said Abercrombie’s move out of state to a veterans hospital raises questions.
  3. Priest Lionel Augustine Abeywickrema Accused Santa Fe, NM:   Abeywickrema, originally from Sri Lanka, was accused by 3 sisters of sexually abusing them in mid-1960s when he was at St. Bernadette’s Parish in Albuquerque and they were between ages of 6-14. The women reached out-of-court settlement with Santa Fe Archdiocese which was announced 7/1/93.  He was removed from public ministry without any privileges.. He is believed to have died in late 2008.Three sisters who accused a Roman Catholic priest of sexually abusing them when they were children have agreed to an out-of-court settlement with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Wednesday’s announcement of the agreement by the arcdiocese and an attorney for the women did not specify the size of the settlement. Archdiocese officials said they removed the Rev. Lionel Augustine Abeywickrema this year as an assistant pastor of Queen of Heaven parish in Albuquerque in response to the allegations. The church also prohibited him from engaging in any public ministry.The women allege that Abeywickrema sexually abused them over a period of several years beginning in the mid-1960s when he was assigned to St.Bernadette’s parish in Albuquerque. the sisters ranged in age from 6 to 14 at the time. They say the priest’s actions ranged from improper touching to sodomy, and that he once celebrated Mass immediately after abusing them. They also said he bought them gifts, threatened them or did both in an effort to keep the actions secret. A priest accused of sexually abusing three sisters when they were children  said he wanted to go to court to defend himself, but the Archdiocese of Santa Fe settled with the women.”I’m not saying I’m a saint, but the allegations they brought forth are simply not true,” said the Rev. Lionel Augustine “Augie” Abeywickrema.  told the archdiocese I was ready to go to court because , before God, I did not do what they accused me of,” the 66 year-old priest said Thursday.The  out-of-court settlement was announced in a news release Wednesday by the archdiocese and an attorney for the women. The details of the settlement were not disclosed. Abeywickrema said he was told the archdiocese chose to settle the case to avoid legal expenses. Archdiocese officials said they removed Abeywickrema as an assistant pastor at Queen of Heaven parish in Albuquerque  earlier this year after the allegations and barred him from any public ministry.”These sisters in question were treated by me as members of my own family,” Abeywickrema said in a letter to the Albuquerque Journal. “As usual in a family, our relationships may have been a little more familiar than with total strangers.” But he added” “According to any ‘normal’ way of judging things, none of these actions can be interpreted as of a sexual nature or content.” He conceded that certain affectionate gestures “could have been misinterpreted.”The women allege Abeywickrema sexually abused them for several years beginning in the mid-1960s when he was assigned to St. Bernadette’s parish in Albuquerque. The sisters ranged in age from 6 to 14 when the alleged abuse began. Allegations ranged from improper touching to sodomy. “I have never – that word, sodomy – I’ve never done that in my whole life,” the priest said. If the allegations had been true, he asked, then why did the family continue to seek him out on subsequent social and religious occasions? I was invited to perform most of the baptisms, marriages and anniversaries in the family until three years ago,” he said. Abeywickrema, a native of Sri Lanka, served at a number of New Mexico parishes, including St. Bernadette’s in the 1960s, Our Lady of Fatima in Albuquerque in the 1970s and Sacred Heart Church in Albuquerque in the early 1980s. He also was assigned to Immaculate Conception Church in Los Alamos and ST. Alice church in Tucumcari in the mid- to late 1980s. He was in Mountainair in the early 1990s, then was transferred to Queen of Heaven.
  4. Priest John L Abrams Accused Brooklyn, NY: Some time after 2002 Abrams’  “victims” reported abuse between 1979-1982  to Diocese but nothing done. No criminal charges filed. Diocese publicly announced 11/07 that Abrams’ authority as priest had been permanently removed and matter was being referred to Vatican after review board found allegations credible.He was 83 yrs old at the time. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Diocese of Brooklyn has announced that an investigation by the Diocesan Review Board has found sufficient evidence of sexual abuse of minors by a former Queens pastor. In a letter to parishioners of Sacred Heart parish in Bayside, the Bishop stated that John Abrams, now retired, is “on leave from the public exercise of sacred ministry.” According to the report of the Diocesan Review Board, the sexual abuse took place more than 25 years ago when he was the pastor there. Bishop DiMarzio said he is not permitted to present himself as a priest, wear clerical attire, celebrate Mass or administer the sacraments. While he left the parish in l982, the allegations were presented to the Diocese after the implementation of the U.S. Bishops’ “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People,” the letter said. The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will receive the results of the investigation “for direction on how to proceed next,” he said.Ex-Sacred Heart Pastor Barred from MinistryBy M. Junaid Alam
    Times Ledger
    November 15, 2007 former pastor at Bayside’s Sacred Heart parish has been barred from presenting himself as a priest or administering sacraments after an investigation by the Diocese Review Board found “sufficient evidence of sexual abuse of minors,” the Diocese of Brooklyn has announced.John Abrams, who presided over the 215-35 38th Ave. church from 1979 to 1982, was accused of sexually abusing minors during his tenure, but the allegations were not brought forward until the U.S. Bishops “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” was implemented, the diocese said. That measure was approved in June 2005.Bayside parishioners were informed of the diocese’s findings during Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 masses by Msgr. Sean Ogle, the Episcopal vicar for the Queens North Vicariate.A letter distributed to churchgoers from Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio read in part: “You are undoubtedly aware of the deep suffering and hurt that surround any matter of child abuse, especially when allegations involve a member of the clergy…Sadly, I must advise you that, following an investigation, sufficient evidence of sexual abuse of minors by John Abrams has been found…”The letter further noted that Abrams, who is retired, would be placed on leave and given the opportunity to receive professional help.The diocese’s investigation was conducted by an eight-member panel which operates in confidence, diocese spokesman Frank DeRosa said. “I have high regard for the review board,” he added.DeRosa said that after the diocese receives any allegation, “it is immediately turned over to the DA” – even if the statute of limitations has expired. The Queens district attorney’s office said it had no record of charges filed against Abrams.DeRosa said he did not have a full record of Abrams’ service, but that the now-retired pastor spent about seven or eight years at St. Patrick’s in Bayridge, Brooklyn following his Bayside ministry.The spokesman said a conversation with one parishioner indicated the announcement had little immediate impact on most of the congregation because Abrams had not served there in 25 years.
  5. Priest Joseph A Abruzzese Convicted Providence, RI: Placed on leave in 11/93.  Pleaded no contest in 1994 to  second-degree sexual assault  for grabbing and fondling a 16 yr old boy in a local park.  Sentenced to 5 yrs probation and counseling. Shown as Absent on Leave per 1995 – 2002 Official Catholic Directories. He is not listed after 2002.  Current status unknown.Providence – The Rev. Joseph A. Abruzzese, former assistant pastor at St. Anthony Church in North Providence, yesterday pleaded no contest to one count of second-degree sexual assault. Superior Court Judge Mark A. Pfeiffer sentenced Abruzzese, 35, to five years’ probation and ordered him to participate in counseling. Also, he was ordered not to have any contact with his victim, a 16-year-old boy, and agreed to pay the cost of any counseling the youth might require.The no contest plea was the result of a plea bargain worked out between Abruzzese and the attorney general’s office, said Stephen White, spokesman for Atty. Gen. Jeffrey B. Pine.Abruzzese was arrested last November, following an incident Oct. 29th in Roger Williams Park. According to a police report, Abruzzese, who was dressed in a blue jumpsuit, approached the boy and asked him if he wanted to make some money. The boy said no. The youth said Abruzzese grabbed his buttocks and genitals. When he tried to get away, Abruzzese tightened his grip and exposed himself. The youth, who worked as a groundskeeper at the park, broke away and ran back to the greenhouse. He told fellow workers what happened, and they took down the license plate on Abruzzese’s car. Police traced him through the registration.Abruzzese was suspended from his priest’s duties shortly after his arrest, said William Halpin, a spokesman for the Diocese of Providence. He said the case will be reviewed by the Most Rev. Louis E. Gelineau, bishop of Providence, who will decide whether Abruzzese will be allowed to resume his duties. However, Halpin said, it was “unlikely” that would happen. Despite the suspension, Abruzzese remains a priest, unless he is relieved of his priestly vows by the Vatican. But for that to happen, either Abruzzese or the bishop would have to request it, Halpin said. Abruzzese did not make a statement during his brief court appearence, said his lawyer, C. Leonard O’Brien. “He’s just thankful for the opportunity to put this behind him,” O’Brien said. Abruzzese decided to plead no contest, O’Brien said, because he wanted to put the incident to rest “with a minimum of pain for everyone involved, including the young man” he assaulted. O’Brien also said the incident had “nothing” to do with Abruzzese’s         duties as a priest. The youth was not a parishioner of the church, he added.
  6. Priest Jeffery Acebo Sued Oakland, CA: As a newly ordained priest, Acebo confessed to Bishop Cummins in 1986 that he had molested a 16 yr old girl. He wanted to make the relationship public but Bishop refused. He sent Acebo for treatment and reassigned him. Acebo served in four parishes over the next 15 yrs. Named in civil suit and apology service.Where alleged abuse occurred: St. John the Baptist, San Lorenzo (1986-1988). Where accusation was made: Named in lawsuit, deposition, apology service. Other places served (Diocese of Oakland): St. Joseph, Pinole; Holy Spirit, Fremont; Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fremont; St. Anthony, Oakland; St. Albert, Alameda. Last known status or location: Pinole
  7. Priest Alvin J. Adams Accused Pittsburgh, PA: Removed 3/09 from parish assignment and position as chaplain at Bp. Canevin High  after new allegation that he had sexually abused a minor in  late 1960s in his first assignment. Three accusers known as of 2/10 but only 1 was considered credible by Diocese. This was woman who accused him of fondling her at Mon Valley HS in late 1970s. in 2/10 he was permanently restricted to a supervised ministry as chaplain to a convent of sisters but assignment withdrawn after complaints from parents of nearby school.A Catholic pastor and chaplain at Bishop Canevin High School has been suspended from ministry pending investigation of an allegation that he sexually abused a minor 40 years ago. Students at Canevin were told yesterday that the Rev. Alvin Adams was on administrative leave due to an allegation. They were given a letter to take home. All pastors and parish life collaborators were sent a similar letter, which will also be read at Ascension parish in Ingram, where Father Adams became pastor in July, said the Rev. Ronald Lengwin, spokesman for the diocese.”Removing Father Adams from active ministry does not imply guilt. It is intended to allow time to safeguard the course of justice while preserving the rights of everyone involved, including the person against whom an allegation has been made and the person who has made the allegation,” the Rev. David Bonnar, vicar for clergy, wrote to the priests.Father Lengwin declined to detail the accusation, other than saying it occurred 40 years ago and would constitute a violation of the U.S. bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The diocese had never received an allegation about Father Adams until this week, Father Lengwin said. He is forbidden to wear clerical garb or administer any sacraments, he said. Diocesan officials intended to take the allegation to the district attorney yesterday afternoon, Father Lengwin said, although he was not certain whether that had happened. Mike Manko, a spokesman for district attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr., said yesterday afternoon that he was unaware of the allegation.Father Adams, 68, was ordained in 1967 and served until 1972 at the former St. Canice, Knoxville, where he was a parochial vicar when the abuse allegedly occurred. He was a parochial vicar at St. Joseph the Worker, New Castle, 1972-75, spent the summer of 1975 at St. Paul Cathedral before becoming assistant principal of the former Mon Valley Catholic High School.
  8. Priest Archie H Adams  Accused Madison, WI: Adams was named in 2/03 article as one of four priests against whom documented and substantial allegations of serious abuse have been made.  He had not been publicly accused in the past.  Adams was granted a medical leave and retired status in 1994.  Per 2002 Catholic Directory, he was still shown as on sick leave. By 8/05 he was “no longer in the priesthood” and diocese did not keep track of him.
  9. Priest Raymond J Adamzky  Accused Milwaukee, WI: Adamsky’s name appears on Archdiocese’s 4/04 list of priests fully restricted from ministry because of credible allegations of abuse. Adamzky  retired in 1993 and has been fully restricted from priestly ministry. Case has been sent to the Vatican for review.
  10. Priest Thomas Adamson Settled Winona, MN: Accused of abuse multiple times. At least 12 filed late 1980s-early 1990s.One went to trial with major verdict for Plaintiff 12/90. Civil suit filed 4/06. Adamson abused in Winona  prior to transfer to St Paul-Minneapolis AD. Experts say he may have abused as many as 100 boys. Total est. settlements for abuse by Adamson is over $6M. One 2006 case dismissed 2010.  Reinstated by MN Court of appeals 6/11. Rejected by MN Supreme Court 7/12. Adamson back in Winona area 3/12. Banned from church property.A former priest of the Diocese of Winona said Thursday he was literally shown the door when he told Bishop Edward Fitzgerald that the Rev. Thomas Adamson was sexually abusing boys in Caledonia, Minn. Jim Fitzpatrick, a Caledonia native and priest for the diocese from 1963 to 1973, said he was  assigned to the Winona Cathedral and Cotter High School when parents from his hometown came to Winona to ask what he could do about what Adamson was doing to boys in Caledonia.Fitzpatrick said he would talk with the bishop, but when he went to Fitzgerald and related what the parents told him about their sons and about 15 other boys, Fitzgerald told him he would deal with his priests and showed him out of his office. Fitzpatrick described his encounter with the bishop in a news conference Thursday in St. Paul. Fitzpatrick was to be a witness in the case brought against the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis and the Diocese of Winona by James Keenan, claiming he had in 1980-81 been sexually abused by Adamson and that church officials had been aware of Adamson’s history of child sexual abuse. But earlier this week, the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld a district court ruling that dismissed the case on the grounds that the statute of limitations had expired.Keenan had argued that his case was still within the limitations because his memories were repressed. Fitzpatrick said that since he would not have the opportunity to tell his story in court, he was coming forward publicly as a “matter of conscience.” Fitzpatrick said he had further contact concerning Adamson while working as parish administrator at Guardian Angel parish in Oakdale, where in 1981 Adamson was to be assigned as associate pastor. He said he contacted the Rev. Donald Schmitz, then chancellor of the Winona diocese, who told him Adamson was still abusing boys.Fitzpatrick said he discussed the situation with Bishop Robert Carlson — now Archbishop of St. Louis — and Adamson was assigned to the parish in Apple Valley-Burnsville, where he met James Keenan. Fitzpatrick said he did not come forward at the time  because as a church employee challenging the hierarchy, “I was afraid I would lose my job.” Adamson, 78, was ordained to the priesthood in 1958. Allegations of his sexual involvement with young boys date from the early 1960s. In 1975, he was transferred to the Archdiocese of St. Paul after a number of abuse complaints had been brought to the attention of church officials in the Winona diocese. He continued in the active priesthood until 1984. While Adamson never faced criminal abuse charges — the statute of limitations had expired — he was named in three civil suits settled out of court, and a fourth suit brought against the Diocese of Winona and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis was decided in favor of the complainant.
  11. Priest Daniel C Aerts Accused Grand Rapids, MI: In 4/02 Aerts admitted to sexual misconduct with teen in 1979 while serving at St. Thomas and Holy Spirit parishes in Grand Rapids. Apparently the victim sent him a letter in 2002 and he forwarded it to Diocese. He resigned from his position. Bishop said there was no prior knowledge of abuse.In the Grand Rapids diocese, the Rev. Daniel Aerts, pastor of St. Philip Neri Parish in Reed City and St. Anne Parish in Paris, Mich., resigned. He said he had been accused of an incident 23 years ago when he was an associate pastor in transition between Holy Spirit and St. Thomas parishes in Grand Rapids, the diocese said in a statement. According to diocese officials, Aerts “has admitted to the allegation and expressed his deep regrets.”The Rev. Daniel Aerts Admits to Sexual Misconduct with a Teen 23 Years Ago While at Holy Spirit and St. Thomas the Apostle Parishes. The Rev. Daniel Aerts, head of parishes in Reed City in Osceola County and Paris in Mecosta County, announced his resignation to parishioners at weekend Masses. The abuse occurred when Aerts, now 52, was an associate pastor at Holy Spirit and St. Thomas the Apostle parishes in Grand Rapids in 1979, according to a statement from Bishop Robert Rose. Aerts had “inappropriate sexual conduct with a teen-ager 23 years ago,” Rose said in the statement.The male victim now lives out of state. At the time of the abuse in 1979, Aerts was in transition from Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 2230 Lake Michigan Drive NW, to St. Thomas the Apostle, 1449 Wilcox Park Drive SE. He served at Holy Spirit from 1977 to 1979 and at St. Thomas from 1979 to 1982, diocesan records show. The victim was not a parishioner at either parish, diocesan spokeswoman Mary Haarman said this morning.Aerts recently received a letter from the victim and immediately forwarded it to the diocese, Haarman said. She did not know if he offered to resign or whether Bishop Robert Rose asked him to. The priest will undergo a “comprehensive evaluation” to determine whether he is fit to continue in any kind of ministry, Haarman said. Professionals hired by the diocese will evaluate Aerts psychologically, spiritually and physically, she said.Bishop Rose will review the evaluation and “determine what type of ministry, if any, father could proceed in,” Haarman said. She said Rose will not consider the confirmed allegation as grounds for automatic dismissal. Rose last week announced a zero-tolerance policy for new or recent incidents but said he would respond to charges from decades ago on a case-by-case basis. This is one of two abuse allegations the diocese has been investigating, Haarman said. She would not disclose details of the second allegation. Ordained in 1977, Aerts was pastor at St. Michael parish in Remus from 1983 to 1995 before taking the post in Reed City. He also served as associate pastor at St. John Vianney in Wyoming in 1982 and 1983. In addition to his parish duties, Aerts was dean of the Big Rapids deanery, a group of 11 area churches. Aerts served as a liaison between the churches and the diocese, Haarman said.
  12. Priest Alvin J Adams Accused Pittsburgh, PA: Removed 3/09 from parish assignment and position as chaplain at Bp. Canevin High  after new allegation that he had sexually abused a minor in late 1960s in his first assignment. Three accusers known as of 2/10 but only 1 was considered credible by Diocese. This was woman who accused him of fondling her at Mon Valley HS in late 1970s. in 2/10 he was permanently restricted to a supervised ministry as chaplain to a convent of sisters but assignment withdrawn after complaints from parents of nearby school.
  13. Priest Nicolas Aguilar-Rivera Charged Los Angeles, CA: Ordained Mexico. Visiting priest in LA as of 1987. Warrant issued 1988 for alleged abuse of at least 2. Fled US after warrant issued.  LA archdiocese counted 13 accusers. See recap in Dallas Morning News Article. In 9/06, some survivors filed  suit in Los Angeles accusing a Cardinal from Mexico  of covering up Aguilar’s past and helping get him transferred to US before he abused them. New civil suit filed by 1 6/09. Laicization announced 7/09.  New suit 8/10 & 12/10. Personnel files released 1/13.Father Aguilar’s tale of international flight fits a pattern that Catholic Church leaders have repeated around the world, a yearlong Dallas Morning News investigation has found.In this case, the two bishops have become prominent figures in the global Catholic hierarchy. One, the Rev. Norberto Rivera, is now Mexico City’s cardinal and one of his country’s most powerful men. The other, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, leads the largest diocese in the United States.Father Aguilar is more than just an old skeleton in their closets. After dodging criminal charges in California, where police said he had molested at least 26 boys, he was charged in a 1997 Mexican abuse case. Church leaders kept him in ministry while the matter was pending and even after his conviction in 2003. Recently, he was spared punishment on a technicality, a Mexican judge said.Cardinal Rivera did not respond to The News‘ written requests for information about the priest. Asked after a recent Mass what had become of Father Aguilar since his return to Mexico, the cardinal said: “I’m absolutely ignorant.” He would not elaborate. Cardinal Mahony declined to be interviewed. Spokesman Tod Tamberg did not respond to most questions from The News, although he did say that Father Aguilar was accepted in Los Angeles after Cardinal Rivera wrote that his cleric wanted to move there “for reasons of his family and health.”Father Aguilar, in a brief interview at a courthouse in Tehuacán, 150 miles southeast of Mexico City, denied any wrongdoing. “God knows,” he said, “that this is all just a slander to destroy me.” Numerous documents and interviews with former parishioners suggest otherwise. In a Tehuacán slum, Catalina Cortez recalled how she let her 11-year-old son visit Father Aguilar’s house on Saturday afternoons in 1997 to prepare for his first communion. She knew nothing about the priest’s past. “Aguilar would come to our home and ask that the kids go with him and sleep over,” said Ms. Cortez, whose son was one of four boys who later reported abuse allegations to police. “I tried to respect his wishes, because he was a priest and I’m just an ordinary person.”Lay people, ranging from a seminary student to parishioners to police, have long tried to stop the 62-year-old Father Aguilar.Allegations of sexual abuse against him first began surfacing in the 1970s, according to Jorge Cadena, a former high school student at the Tehuacán junior seminary. He said one classmate told him that Father Aguilar had attacked him. “Everyone knew you had to stay away from Aguilar,” said Mr. Cadena, who is now an engineering professor at a nearby technical school. “But when I complained to the priests in charge, they kicked me out of school.”In 1986 or early 1987, when Father Aguilar was heading a parish in Cuacnopalan, near Tehuacán, someone nearly killed the priest. One Saturday night, residents found him at the church residence in a pool of blood. He’d been bludgeoned with a club or slashed with a bottle or shot, depending on the account. There are no public records of the crime, which went unsolved. Authorities said Father Aguilar didn’t want it prosecuted. Miguel Pérez, a church neighbor who served as a local sheriff at the time and said he helped investigate, suspected that Father Aguilar had been attacked by one or more guests. “On weekends, the priest always had visitors, young men and teenagers who would spend the night,” said Mr. Pérez, who still lives across from the church. Father Aguilar said the attack stemmed from a land dispute involving a lot next to the church. His neighbors, he recalled, “said they’d never leave me alone.”By April 1987, the priest had transferred to Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in East Los Angeles. After about two months, he was transferred again, to St. Agatha in South Central Los Angeles. Father Aguilar maintained ties with families at the first parish. And by December 1987, two young altar boys there were telling their mother that Father Aguilar had been molesting them. She contacted Our Lady of Guadalupe’s head priest. He begged her to stay quiet, she said. The head priest also alerted the cardinal’s head of clergy personnel, Monsignor Thomas Curry. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband contacted another couple Father Aguilar had befriended. Soon, their boys also were saying that they had been abused. On a weekday in early January 1988, their mother called the parish school, whose principal notified police the following Monday morning. It was too late. Monsignor Curry – who is now a bishop and still working for Cardinal Mahony – had advised Father Aguilar of the allegations at least two days earlier and suspended him. Father Aguilar had told Monsignor Curry he would return to Mexico, according to police reports. But the monsignor did not notify authorities of the priest’s plans.Meanwhile, Father Aguilar had a local relative drive him to Tijuana. Later, Sister Judith Murphy, a nun who was Cardinal Mahony’s in-house lawyer for 17 years, refused police requests for church records. “My biggest problem was the stonewalling of the Catholic Church,” said Gary Lyon, lead detective on the Aguilar case, who has since retired. Added Janice Maurizi, a Los Angeles prosecutor, “The archdiocese facilitated his flight.”No criminal charges accusing anyone of a cover-up have been filed in this or any other Los Angeles clergy abuse case. But the district attorney’s office is investigating the possible “criminal culpability of anyone in the hierarchy of the archdiocese” who dealt with abuse accusations, said prosecutor William Hodgman, who heads the inquiry. The cardinal’s spokesman, Mr. Tamberg, declined an opportunity to respond to the statements from law enforcement officials. After Father Aguilar left Los Angeles in 1988, Cardinal Mahony wrote Cardinal Rivera, asking him to cooperate with detectives. Cardinal Mahony described his request as “very urgent,” although he had waited two months to send the letter.”It is almost impossible to determine precisely the number of young altar boys he has sexually molested, but the number is large,” Cardinal Mahony wrote. “This priest must be arrested and returned to Los Angeles to suffer the consequences of his immoral actions.” Cardinal Rivera provided the names of Father Aguilar’s parents and his hometown, but little more. He also pointed his U.S. counterpart to Cuacnopalan, scene of the violence against the priest. “You will understand that I’m not in a position to find him, much less force him to return and appear in court,” wrote Cardinal Rivera, in a letter dated March 17, 1988. “I can tell you that the priest was in San Sebastián Cuacnopalan parish for over 10 years, and surely the police there can find much information.” Cardinal Rivera also reminded Cardinal Mahony that he had given him, when sending Father Aguilar to Los Angeles, “a summary of the priest’s ‘homosexual problems.’ ” That term is “code for having been caught with young boys,” said the Rev. Thomas Doyle, a former official with the Vatican’s embassy in the United States, who has reviewed many abusive clergymen’s personnel files. He said top church leaders generally don’t consider consensual adult homosexuality a problem, despite their public statements to the contrary.Cardinal Mahony wrote back to Cardinal Rivera, saying “we do not admit priests with any homosexual problems.” He said he had never received the warning and asked Cardinal Rivera to send it again. Cardinal Rivera did not do so and has not replied to more recent requests, according to Cardinal Mahony’s spokesman. The Mexican cardinal also did not respond to The News‘ request for a copy of his letter. The letters that The News did obtain came from Los Angeles criminal case files in response to an open-records request from the newspaper. By the time the bishops were corresponding in 1988, Los Angeles detectives were wrapping up their investigation.The district attorney’s office, seeing no sign that the church was going to return the priest and fearing that he wouldn’t be extradited, submitted its 10 strongest cases for prosecution in Mexico. (That country’s legal system allows Mexican citizens to be prosecuted at home for crimes committed abroad.) The cases went nowhere. Enrique Zepeda, the top lawyer at Mexico’s consulate in Los Angeles, said Los Angeles police did not produce legally required evidence that the suspect was from Mexico. Likewise, no evidence showed that Father Aguilar was a priest, said Mr. Zepeda, who did not handle the case at the time. He and his bosses in the Mexican attorney general’s office would not release supporting documents. But readily available Mexican church records show that Father Aguilar was born in Mexico and ordained to the priesthood there, and that he has spent most of his adult life in clerical assignments in that country. Los Angeles police say Mexican officials never expressed concerns about verifying Father Aguilar’s nationality and clerical status. The Mexicans usually obtain such documents themselves, said Detective Fernando Gonzalez,  who serves in the Police Department’s foreign prosecution unit and worked on the Aguilar case.The unit’s records indicate that Mexican authorities did ask three times for the accusers’ birth certificates, promptly received them in each instance and reported losing them at least once. In 1995, Mexican prosecutors finally took the case to a judge, who dismissed it as too old to prosecute. “I don’t know what happened in Mexico,” Detective Gonzalez said. “I can’t tell you if it was planned or it just happened.” Ms. Maurizi, who oversees prosecutions in Mexico for the Los Angeles district attorney, said she complained repeatedly to Mr. Zepeda’s predecessor. About two years ago, she finally got him to admit what had happened, she said. “The system was never going to prosecute a priest,” she said the predecessor, Jorge García-Villalobos, told her. Mr. García-Villalobos, now working in the private sector in Mexico City, said he was merely pointing out that prosecuting a priest would be difficult in any country – let alone Mexico, which has a large Catholic majority. But he did not say it would be impossible, he said.At Ms. Maurizi’s urging, Mr. García-Villalobos recommended a federal inquiry into why the California charges hadn’t been prosecuted swiftly and whether the priest might have committed more crimes in Mexico. He and Mr. Zepeda said they don’t know what became of the recommendations. The dismissal of the Aguilar case is unusual. Authorities on both sides of the border say almost all foreign prosecutions in Mexico end in convictions.  In 1995, the year the California allegations were dismissed, Father Aguilar was listed in a church directory as serving in a Mexico City parish. The archdiocese also got a new leader that year: Cardinal Rivera. But by 1997, Father Aguilar was back in his home Diocese of Tehuacán, working on the outskirts of town. His base was the chapel of San Vicente Ferrer, a spare, concrete building in San Nicolás Tolentino Parish. One day, a 12-year-old boy who’d become active in the parish ran away. His frantic parents found him at a relative’s house 75 miles away, where he’d gone by bus with a 14-year-old friend. The son told his father why he ran: Father Aguilar had been molesting him for months, according to the boy’s statement to police. Soon, his friend and two other boys said Father Aguilar had abused them, too. “I felt like someone had poured boiling water on me when I found out,” said the 12-year-old’s mother, María de Jesús González. Father Aguilar had chosen her son as the leader of a group studying for first communion. The priest lavished special attention on the boy, often asking him to stay behind when the other kids left, according to police reports.Father Nicolás told me that what I was doing with him was normal, between men, that some people did that,” the boy told police, in a statement obtained by The News. The priest also threatened to kill the youngster’s mother or his younger brother if he told anyone about the abuse, according to court documents and interviews. Ms. González marched all four kids to the police station to make statements after she learned of the accusations. She repeated the allegations in a radio interview. And “people here told me they were going to lynch me for denouncing a priest,” she said.She didn’t back off, and the case went forward – sort of. In 2003, six years after the initial complaints, state Judge Carlos Ramírez found Father Aguilar guilty of a misdemeanor abuse charge based on allegations by a 14-year-old. Judge Ramírez sentenced Father Aguilar to a year in prison, but the priest remained free on bail while appealing the decision to federal court. Federal judges recently let the conviction stand but spared Father Aguilar punishment on the grounds that the crime was too old, Judge Ramírez said last week. Yet it was Father Aguilar himself who had delayed the case, the judge said, by waiting four years to appear in court and answer the charges.Earlier, Judge Ramírez had dropped a felony charge against Father Aguilar for corruption of minors. “The psychological exams on the supposed victims did not show signs of sexual abuse,” he said. But that’s not what police psychologist Bibiana Rojas wrote in her report, a copy of which was obtained by The News. After questioning Ms. González’s son on Dec. 20, 1997, Ms. Rojas found “aftershocks of severely traumatic experiences of a sexual nature.”

    Judge Ramírez said criminal investigators never showed him the report. The lead investigator declined to comment. The four boys weren’t the only victims, Ms. González said. She said she spoke with a dozen mothers who urged her to drop the charges against Father Aguilar – even as they told her their own sons also had been abused. A Tehuacán Diocese official said that Father Aguilar had abused about 60 kids, according to Ms. González.

    She said the Rev. Teodoro Lima told her this in explaining why the church couldn’t afford to pay for her son’s counseling. Father Lima told The News he didn’t remember the conversation. He also said Father Aguilar had never returned to Tehuacán after going to California. Cardinal Rivera, now the leading face of the Catholic Church in Mexico, has sent mixed signals on sexual abuse. In 2002, when several prominent bishops criticized suggestions that the church should hand over accused priests to police, the cardinal scolded them. “When these criminal abuses occur, inside or outside the church, of course they should be reported to authorities, and justice should be done,” he said in a televised sermon. But he also told the Italian Catholic journal 30 Giorni in 2002 that “as far as I am aware, there has not been any documented report” to Mexican authorities of a priest molesting children.

    Meanwhile, protests over the Aguilar case have gone all the way to Mexican President Vicente Fox. In a July 2003 letter to the president, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., complained that the priest had gone free because “Mexican prosecutors failed to submit the case for timely prosecution.” Father Aguilar’s case was one of several she cited as evidence that Mexico was not aggressively tracking down people accused of fleeing there after committing crimes in California. Mr. Fox never responded, Ms. Feinstein’s office said. His aides did not respond to requests from The News for comment.

    In Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony portrays himself as a reformer who doesn’t tolerate sexual misconduct. Pending lawsuits, which he is contesting, allege that he concealed abuse by several priests and religious brothers. About 250 priests and brothers have been accused of molesting children in the Los Angeles Archdiocese over the last 75 years, though many have been publicly named only in the last year. “The unique feature of the Aguilar case is how dramatically it shows the international trafficking of sex abusers in the Catholic Church,” said Raymond Boucher, whose law firm represents three alleged victims of Father Aguilar and hundreds of other accusers.

    Cardinal Mahony is fighting in court to withhold clergy personnel files from prosecutors and plaintiffs’ lawyers, citing the priests’ privacy rights. His resistance has done “little to enhance the reputation of the church in the United States for transparency and cooperation,” according to a recent report on American dioceses commissioned by U.S. bishops. Father Aguilar still haunts the four Tehuacán boys who accused him of abuse. One was recently allowed to move back into his parents’ house on the condition that he never speak of the abuse. Another, now 21, migrated illegally to North Carolina. Catalina Cortez’s son moved to Guadalajara. Ms. González’s son has left, too, after one too many taunts by kids and townspeople. He is 19 now, and his mother says she isn’t sure where he is. “This whole case has been pretty much forgotten around here,” she said. “But our son won’t forget. We won’t forget either.”

    As for Father Aguilar, he has worked in at least five Mexican dioceses since leaving Los Angeles. While the Tehuacán case was pending, he went back to parish duty in Mexico City working for Cardinal Rivera before moving to a post at the cathedral in the Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas Diocese, according to records and interviews. In recent years, Father Aguilar also has worked informally in the Puebla and Cuernavaca dioceses. “Some of my fellow priests have offered the charity of letting me live with them,” he said, adding that he still formally belongs to the Tehuacán Diocese. “I don’t spend too much time in any one place.”  (Staff writer Brooks Egerton reported from Southern California and Dallas; staff writer Brendan M. Case reported from Mexico City and the nearby state of Puebla. News assistant Javier García in Mexico City contributed to this report.)

  14. Priest Arturo Ahumada Convicted Los Angeles, CA: Deacon. Pleaded no contest in 3/02 of providing pornographic material to 2 boys and misdemeanor sexual battery on one of them between 1999-2000 at Epiphany Church in South El Monte. Taken into custody 5/02 pending sentencing   Sentenced 6/02 to 1 ys in county jail, a 44-month suspended state prison term, 5 yrs felony probation, and required to register as sex offender.A Catholic deacon who worked at a South El Monte church faces more than four years in prison after pleading no contest to felony charges of providing pornographic material to young boys and sexual battery on one of them, officials said Monday. The sentencing of Deacon Arturo Ahumada, a layman who served on the staff at Epiphany Catholic Church, was postponed Monday until May 14. He pleaded no contest on March 4 to charges that he showed a pornographic videotape to two boys he met through the parish and molested one of them at his home. Ahumada’s sex abuse case is the fourth involving the Los Angeles Archdiocese in the last five years, according to Cardinal Roger M. Mahony. He said seven other cases involving abusive priests occurred before 1997. The names of all accused priests have been given to authorities, Mahony said. Ahumada used his position with the church “to befriend these boys and manipulate them,” said Det. Albert Maldonado of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Family Crimes Unit. Prosecutors allege that Ahumada, 45, invited two boys, ages 15 and 16, to his South El Monte home several times for dinner between March 1 and March 31 last year. He showed them a pornographic videotape, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Habib A. Balian. Ahumada also molested one of the boys, Balian said. “He acted as a kind of father figure and close friend to these boys,” Maldonado said. “They’d go over to his home together and separately.” Maldonado said one of boys decided “he had enough” and told a South El Monte high school guidance counselor. That counselor, Maldonado said, reported the alleged sexual abuse to the Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff’s detectives arrested Ahumada in July. The deacon entered an open plea, meaning that he made no plea bargain with prosecutors. He will be sentenced by Pomona Court Commissioner Wade Olson on two felony counts of providing illicit materials to minors and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery on a boy. Archdiocese officials said Ahumada will no longer serve the ministry. “There is the legal process that the person is going through,” said Tod Tamberg, an archdiocese spokesman. “But we also have a higher standard ourselves because of our responsibility to protect children, and so he will not return to ministry.”Deacon Arturo Ahumada, 46, sentenced to a year in County Jail in June for providing pornographic material to two boys and committing sexual battery on another while serving at Epiphany Church in South El Monte.
  15. Priest Bennet Akuzie Arrested Brooklyn, NY: Nigerian priest. Arrested 4/1/96 on charges that he sexually groped a 16-year-old girl, exposed himself to her, and requested sexual acts from her at a motel. 21 yr old woman was also involved. The two women took his car after the event and he reported car stolen. The 16 yr old made the accusation when they were picked up by police. He refused to press charges for theft. No further information found. Daily News (New York) April 03, 1996  VISITING PRIEST HIT WITH SEX RAP By Jose Lambiet  A visiting Catholic priest was arrested yesterday and charged with the sexual abuse of a woman and a 16-year-old girl, police said.  Akuzie Bennet, 44, who came to New York from Nigeria to attend religious school, surrendered a day after the alleged incident at the Cross Bay Motor Inn in Ozone Park. He was charged with sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly touching their breasts. The woman and girl left the motel in Bennet’s car, and police Said they are expected to be charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.A Priest Is Accused of Sexually Abusing a 16-Year-Old Girl By Chuck Sudetic New York Times April 4, 1996: A Roman Catholic priest from Nigeria was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges that he sexually groped a 16-year-old girl and exposed himself to her at a Queens motel room, the police said. The girl made the charges after she and a 21-year-old woman were apprehended for stealing the priest’s car. The Rev. Bennet Akuzie, 44, of 88-19 Parsons Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens, was facing charges of third-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, Mary De Bourbon, a spokeswoman for the Queens County District Attorney, said. The police have not identified the women. A police official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the 21-year-old had spent time with the priest on at least four occasions and that he had given her $75 and had paid to have her hair done. The incident that gave rise to the charges against Father Akuzie began about 3:30 P.M. Monday when he invited the two women to a room in the Cross Bay Motor Inn at 137-27 Cross Bay Boulevard in Howard Beach, Officer Noreen Murray, a police spokeswoman, said. “At the location, he did request sexual acts from these females,” Officer Murray said. “He did expose himself to both females and fondled the breasts of the 16-year-old.” When Father Akuzie went to take a shower, the two women left the motel and took his car without permission, Officer Murray said. At 7:15 P.M., Father Akuzie reported his car stolen, said another police spokeswoman, Officer Valerie St. Rose. Police officers apprehended the two women in the car early Tuesday several miles away in Brooklyn, Officer St. Rose said. “During the arrest debriefing, the two females made the allegations against the priest,” Officer Murray said. Father Akuzie surrendered to the police on Tuesday afternoon, she said. The priest refused to press charges against the women for taking his car, Officer St. Rose said.
  16. Priest Henry A. Albeke (Albecke) Settled Bridgeport, CT: Claims against Albeke were settled by Diocese as part of massive settlement 10/03. Diocese paid $21M to 40 people who claim that they were abused by 16 priests, including Albeke.  Albeke is only priest on the list whose name had not previously been made public.   He was placed on leave 8/02 after a man reported he had been abused by the priest in 1978 at St. Jude Church in Monroe.  Name is also spelled Albecke.Bridgeport— Bridgeport Bishop William Lori apologized Thursday to sexual abuse victims and asked for forgiveness as he announced a $21 million settlement with 40 people who said they were molested by priests. Lori said the settlement was an effort by the Roman Catholic diocese to “do what is right, just and compassionate.””Let me express my personal remorse and the remorse of the entire diocese for the harm that was caused in the lives of so many individuals,” he said. “With all my heart I apologize and I ask for forgiveness.” The settlement involves 42 claims by 40 people who allege that 16 diocese priests abused them when they were children. “This settlement represents vindication for all the survivors of clergy sex abuse and is an acknowledgment of their very personal ordeals,” said Cindy Robinson, an attorney representing the victims.The victims, many of whom came from devout families, suffered problems including depression, difficulties with relationships and even attempted suicides after their abuse, said Jason Tremont, another attorney for the victims. The payout is believed to be the third-biggest settlement by a U.S. diocese since the scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic Church broke in Boston in 2002 It will be funded through insurance and the sale of undeveloped surplus property, Lori said. The new settlement is the second in two years for the diocese. The diocese reached a settlement in 2001 involving five priests and 26 plaintiffs for an undisclosed sum. All settlements prior to the latest one total $16.7 million and involve 47 claims of sexual abuse of a minor, diocese officials said.There are four additional claims of abuse still pending in the diocese, Lori said. The latest settlement brings to more than 70 the number of victims of childhood sexual abuse in the diocese, according to Tremont & Sheldon, the firm representing the victims. “I would like to thank God for finally bringing this journey to an end and my prayer now is that all of the survivors and their families find closure and peace of mind,” Mario O. Jaiman, one of the victims, said in a statement.Jaiman, a 38-year-old Bridgeport resident, said he was abused several times, starting at the age of nine. Lori said all but one of the priests involved in the new settlement are inactive, and three are dead. Thirty-six of the cases involved abuse in the 1960s and 1970s, he said. Attorneys for the victims said the abuses continued into the early 1990s during the tenure of New York Cardinal Edward Egan when he was Bridgeport bishop.”Tremont & Sheldon believes that the Diocese of Bridgeport, including Cardinal Egan, allowed known sex abusers to continue on as active priests, enabling these offenders to have contact with children,” the law firm said in a statement announcing the settlement. Joseph Zwilling, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York, declined comment, referring questions back to Bridgeport.Of the priests named in the settlement, the Rev. Joseph Gorecki, the Rev. Richard Grady and the Rev. Alfred Bietighofer, are dead. Joseph DeShan and Martin Federici have been laicized, the diocese said. The Reverends William Donovan, Raymond Pcolka, Charles Stubbs, Stanley Bonaszek, Walter Coleman, Sherman Gray, Albert McGoldrick, Robert Morrissey, Vincent Veich and Henry Albeke are all inactive. The Rev. Martin Ryan was accused of misconduct with a 17-year-old woman 25 years ago and is not considered a threat to children, church officials said.Albeke is the only priest whose name has not previously been made public in connection with the scandal, church officials said. Tremont said all of the priests should be laicized to ensure they never return to the priesthood. The complaint against Bietighofer, who killed himself last year, claims that he abused a boy at the rectory of the former St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Bridgeport from 1969 through the 1970s, when Bietighofer was pastor of the church.Bietighofer also was accused of abusing altar boys at Blessed Sacrament Church in Bridgeport. Another man claims in a lawsuit that Federici abused him on numerous occasions in 1967 in the rectory of St. Theresa’s Parish in Trumbull. About a half-dozen people previously have accused Federici of abusing them. Gorecki is accused in a third lawsuit of abusing a boy on numerous occasions between 1960 and 1964 at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church in Bridgeport. One man claimed Stubbs abused him multiple times from 1967 to 1969 at St. Ann’s Church in Bridgeport and the former Notre Dame Girls High School in Bridgeport.
  17. Priest John C. Albino Settled New York, NY: One of 4 priests who reportedly offered 16 yr old boy money for sex and verbally attacked him. Also accused of participating in mutual masturbation with the other priests while the boy watched.  Suit filed 2000 and settled by 2002. Has been “removed from ministry.”In 2001, the Rev. John Albino, an assistant at St. Patrick’s, was one of four priests accused of sexually abusing a Bronx teen-ager. Father Albino had been assigned to a Bronx church at the time. He was sent to a treatment facility after a lawsuit was filed against him, and later removed from ministry.Priest-Sex Suit Makes Dad Pariah By Douglas Montero and Rod Dreher New York Post June 28, 2001A BRONX man says he and his family were treated like outcasts by Catholic Church leaders and fellow parishioners after he claimed that four priests had molested his teenage son. The father, a scripture-quoting Catholic who still holds fast to his faith, told The Post he tried for months to get church officials to do something about the situation before filing a lawsuit last year.As The Post reported last week, the suit charges that priests Ruben Rodriguez, Esteban Rodriguez, James Tamburrino and John Albino offered the man’s teenage son money for sexual favors between 1996 and 1999. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages from the archdiocese, the Carmelite Friars and St. Simon Stock parish, charges that the boy was “sexually violated, touched in an unwanted sexual manner, and sexually fondled” by the clergymen. The priests have filed papers denying the charge.The dad, a 49-year-old factory worker, said he filed the suit only after he was convinced it was the only way to get the church to make sure the accused clerics, three Carmelites and a diocesan priest, were treated for their “illness” and kept away from other children. Whenever he went to a church official, he said, he got only a runaround. “I didn’t want to damage the church,” said the father, whose name is being withheld by The Post to protect the identity of his son, who is now 22. “I wanted [the church] to address the issue, [to] discipline those who were responsible,” he said. “All they did was take them out of one parish and put them in another.” He reached out to people in his parish. Instead of getting help, he was tossed off the parish council. Mass-goers refused to acknowledge his family during the liturgical sign of peace, and turned away from them on the street. He said no one from the parish or the archdiocese ever called to offer spiritual assistance.”This had a profound and painful effect on my family that I feel will be with us for many, many years,” he said. The dad said his faith in Jesus Christ hasn’t been shaken by the experience. In fact, he has embraced his religion even more strongly. “It’s simple, I’ll just be like [Jesus],” he said. “I’ll fight against this injustice.”Meanwhile, Monsignor John McCarthy, pastor of St. Patrick’s parish in Staten Island, where Albino had been transferred, has told the archdiocese that the priest went on vacation after The Post story broke. The whereabouts and official status of the other accused clerics, all Carmelites, could not be determined. The order’s lawyers did not return calls for comment. Ramon Alvarez, a friend of the father and now president of the parish council, said that when news of the charges first hit, the dad “was getting harassing phone calls at all hours of the night.”It’s a shame the way that man suffered.”Stunned Parish Stands by Its Priest in Boy-Sex Case By Maria Alvarez, Douglas Montero and Hallie Levine The New York Post June 24, 2001Parishioners at a Staten Island church yesterday reacted with stunned disbelief to news that one of their priests has been accused of using a teen as a sex toy. “It’s a lie,” a congregant at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Richmondtown said of the accusation against the Rev. John Albino. She crossed herself and hurried away. Other parishioners seemed shocked and refused to comment on the allegations, first reported in yesterday’s Post.A lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court charges that four priests – Albino, Rev. Ruben Rodriguez, Rev. Esteban Rodriguez and Rev. James Tamburrino – sexually abused a teenage boy several years ago. Between January 1996 and August 1998, the teen – who is now 21 – was given cash in exchange for sexual favors, witnessed the priests participate in “group masturbation” and was threatened with harm if he exposed their sexual escapades, the lawsuit states. The victim’s lawyer, Laurence M. Deutsch, has asked the community for help in finding others who may not have come forward.Rev. Ruben Rodriguez, the former pastor of the Simon Stock Church on Valentine Avenue, has flatly denied the allegations. Rodriguez – who has been at a parish in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since July 1999, told The Post that the trouble began in May 1999, when he sought to transfer Father Tamburrino in part because of the “close relationship” he had with the teen. He also claimed that he had learned that Tamburrino had been disciplined for sexual misconduct in Peru. Rodriguez claimed that Tamburrino retaliated by conspiring with the boy to spread “false rumors that the pastor and the other priests were molesting the teen.””Tamburrino was acting like a teenager around [the boy],” Rodriguez said. “They would go bike riding, fishing, to the movies.” When asked if he thought Tamburrino was intimately involved with the boy, as alleged in the suit, the former pastor said, “at the time I was scared that it could have happened. When I questioned him [Tamburrino] about it, he said, aewe’re just friends.’ And I took his word for it.” Tamburrino currently lives at the Carmelite priory in upstate Middletown and works for the Hospital for the Criminally Insane there. He refused to comment on the lawsuit.
  18. Priest G.R. Keith Albrecht Accused Cincinnati, OH: Removed from duty 1993. Accused of abuse. He was kicked out of Franciscan Order in early 1970s prior to taking vows but ordained in Cincinnati in 1977. Civil suit filed 2004. Laicized by Vatican as of 10/05.  2004 suit alleging abuse from 1977-1981 dismissed after Ohio Supreme Court.Man Sues Former Beavercreek Priest Cincinnati Archdiocese, Archbishop Also Named in Abuse Lawsuit By Amelia Robinson Dayton Daily News (Ohio) March 5, 2004XENIA – A 39-year-old Cincinnati man has filed a lawsuit claiming a Catholic priest repeatedly molested him as a child while the priest served at a Beavercreek parish. The man seeks damages in excess of $2 million from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk and Keith Albrecht, the former priest at St. Luke Church in Beavercreek./ 2002 that Albrecht “essentially conceded the allegation” that he had molested the boy during a counseling session in 1978. Andriacco and archdiocese attorney Mark Vander Laan said Thursday they had not seen the lawsuit and couldn’t comment on it. The plaintiff’s name was not disclosed in the lawsuit filed Thursday in Greene County Common Pleas Court, but the lawsuit claims the abuse occurred in Greene County from 1977 to 1981, when the plaintiff was between 14 and 17.”He lost his faith. He has had difficult relationships. He has suffered a great deal of anguish in trying to understand why this priest did this to him,” said attorney Konrad Kircher of Mason, who is representing the plaintiff and about 80 other clients in southwest Ohio who said they were abused by priests.Kircher said the plaintiff got to know Albrecht when the priest worked in Cincinnati. He visited Albrecht in Beavercreek after Albrecht transferred there in 1977 to be an associate priest, the attorney said. The lawsuit was filed despite a new $3 million victims compensation fund, which began taking applications Monday. The fund, created by the archdiocese as part of a plea bargain in a criminal case against the archdiocese in November, isn’t open to anyone who is suing the church. The lawsuit charges the archdiocese with negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional infliction of emotional distress and corrupt activities.”Albrecht’s conduct was so outrageous and conspicuous that defendant Archdiocese was on notice of Albrecht’s grossly inappropriate relationship with minors by the late 1970s at the latest,” the lawsuit says.Albrecht was placed on administrative leave in 1993 for an allegation involving a boy at St. Luke. Dan Andriacco, spokesman for the Cincinnati Archdiocese, told the Dayton Daily News in Albrecht, who lives in Cincinnati, did not return phone messages. In a 2002 Daily News interview, Albrecht admitted having sexual contact with at least four teenage boys, the youngest of whom was 16, and numerous adult males, starting in 1978. Albrecht is not permitted to represent himself as a priest, wear a collar or celebrate Mass. The archdiocese attempted to defrock him in 1999 after he was caught saying Mass in New York. A three-judge tribunal allowed him to remain a priest; but Pilarczyk declared he would never be reinstated, Albrecht said in the 2002 interview.Albrecht is among the 14 Cincinnati archdiocese priests who are on leave because of substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct. The U.S. bishops’ 2002 “zero tolerance” policy requires that priests be permanently removed from ministry if there has been a single incident of sexual misconduct involving a child. Andriacco said Thursday none of the accused local priests has asked the Vatican to remove them from the priesthood, and he said he could not comment on whether the archdiocese is attempting to force a church trial to forcibly defrock any of the priests.
  19. Priest John G Allen Accused Harrisburg, PA: Resigned 2002 after confronted with credible accusations that he abused a minor in approx. 1979. Other allegations made  re his  behavior in 1985 and  claims of homosexual relationships with several young men who would come to visit him from the local college.  Laicization announced in June, 2006.Harrisburg Man Awarded in Priest Sex Abuse Case Charges Back Allegations against Priest Named in RICO Suit Concerned Catholics Courier August 2005A 44-year-old Harrisburg man has received a settlement in a lawsuit alleging that a priest in the Harrisburg diocese, Fr. John G. Allen, sexually abused him repeatedly when he was a teenager in the 1970s. The resignation of Fr. Allen as pastor of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church in suburban Harrisburg, following a credible allegation of sexual misconduct, received wide news coverage at the time it occurred, in April, 2002.But the subsequent lawsuit filed by William J. Hill against the Diocese of Harrisburg, Cardinal William Keeler and Bishop Nicholas Datillo, and the resulting settlement in 2004 were not reported by the media. In June, however, Mr. Hill revealed information to Concerned Catholics Courier regarding the lawsuit and settlement. Mr. Hill’s allegations against Father Allen, which the Diocese of Harrisburg found credible, support allegations made in a federal lawsuit filed by former seminarian Philip Hower charging priestly sexual misconduct and subsequent cover-ups by various bishops, including Cardinal Keeler.Mr. Hower’s suit, filed August 4, 2004, in U.S. District Court in Arizona, alleges, under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), a conspiracy to block his ordination to the priesthood by a number of dioceses and their bishops, because he was a whistleblower who reported the homosexual misconduct of various priests. The suit alleges that the defendant bishops and dioceses deprived Hower of a livelihood and defrauded him, as they did other members of the Roman Catholic Church, by using their contributions to obstruct justice, perpetrate additional fraud, and maintain and support a criminal enterprise. The lawsuit claims that Mr. Hower’s troubles began when he was a seminarian in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Hower had received his Bachelor’s degree from the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, and was studying for his Master of Theology degree there when, as part of his pre-ordination training, he was assigned to St. Pius X parish in Selinsgrove, Pa., to work as a summer intern under the supervision of the pastor, Fr. John G. Allen.During his internship, the suit claims, Hower was ordered by Allen to vacate the rectory on a regular basis. Mr. Hower learned from parishioners and from the permanent deacon of the parish, John Rocco, that Allen engaged in inappropriate behavior with the young men from the local university, located across the street from the rectory, during those times when he was barred from the rectory, the suit states. Hower complained to then-Bishop of the Harrisburg Diocese and now Cardinal of the Baltimore Archdiocese, William Keeler, through appropriate channels, that Allen was committing various sexually related acts and possible criminal acts within the rectory, the suit continued.Keeler responded to Mr. Hower’s concerns in a manner that has come to typify the responses of the Defendants herein to the receipt of reports that they and their friends and associates have been seen and observed in engaging in sexual debauchery, the suit charges; that is, Keeler contacted the Josephinum and ordered that Mr. Hower be dropped from the educational career path for priests and directed that Plaintiff leave the Diocese of Harrisburg so that he could contemplate his commitment to God and to the Church. In essence, Plaintiff Philip A. Hower was fired from his job and banished. The suit charges that The Roman Catholic Church in North America has become a haven for sexually perverted men who seek and obtain employment in it as priests and other officials, so as to be provided with a steady supply of potential targets for their sexually depraved and abusive conduct while earning an income of some substance with minimum effort.The allegations in William Hill’s lawsuit, which he filed in May 2002, corroborate Hower’s portrait of Father Allen as an habitual homosexual predator of adolescent boys and young men. According to Hill’s suit, in 1971, at the age of 10, William was placed in the Sylvan Heights Catholic Home in Dauphin County, Pa., an orphanage owned and maintained by the Diocese of Harrisburg. That same year young William was allegedly sexually fondled by a female house parent from the orphanage while on a bus tour. Subsequently, the suit states, house parents and other adults forced the boy to participate in a séance, in which they attempted to contact his recently deceased grandfather. From time to time, according to the suit, other female residents older than William would force him into having sexual relations. The boy was released from the orphanage to his parents when he was 14 years old. At age 15, the suit states, Hill met Fr. John Allen, a Catholic priest in the Harrisburg Diocese.At that first encounter Father Allen allegedly told Hill that he was employed by the Harrisburg Diocese and that his job was to help children free themselves from drugs and alcohol. Father Allen then seduced the youth, the suit states, beginning with hugging and kissing and gradually escalating to mutual masturbation and penetration. Hill allegedly was sexually abused by Father Allen on numerous occasions in the rectory of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, on St. Patrick’s School grounds, the rectory of St. Francis of Assisi Church, in Father Allen’s vehicle, and in other locations.Diocesan Defendants knew of the sexual abuse of minors by a number of Diocesan priests, including Fr. John Allen, Fr. Augustine Giella, Fr. Thomas Lawler, Fr. James Noel, Fr. Joseph M. Pease and others, the suit states, and that such abusive behavior was a longstanding problem within the Diocese. But, the suit charges, the primary concern of the Diocesan Defendants has been the protection of its priests, including Fr. John Allen and others like him.To this end, the defendants concealed the danger that predator priests presented by misrepresenting them as priests in good standing, enabling their continued unrestricted access to minors, transferring the priests to other parishes, and failing to report their misconduct to authorities, the suit alleges. The defendants employed a closed, secret system of internal reporting of sexual misconduct by their servants, including the use of code words, the suit charges. Information as to the known criminal conduct of Diocese priests was kept secret and confidential in secret archive files within the exclusive control of Keeler, Datillo and their predecessors, the suit states. The active involvement of Keeler, Datillo and others acting on behalf of the Diocese in creating a safe and protected environment for known predator priests, including Father Allen, was not discovered by the Plaintiff until various stories began appearing in the media in early 2002, the suit states.Mr. Hill’s suit was settled out of court on May 5, 2004. He received $150,000 in damages.
  20. Priest Peter A Allen Accused Rockville Centre, NY: Placed on leave from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in 12/06 after prosecutors told diocese of credible allegation of abuse by one person. Investigation is continuing. In 2003, Allen is mentioned in a civil suit filed against Fr. Eugene Vollmer and Diocese. Suit says he knew or should have known of abuse of 4 boys by Vollmer  at rectory of  St. Joseph’s parish in Ronkonkoma.Priest on Leave after Allegation Diocese Takes Action after Mattituck Cleric Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct; Suffolk DA Investigating By John Moreno Gonzales Newsday [Long Island NY] December 19, 2006,0,5487828.story?coll=ny-linews-headlinesSuffolk prosecutors are investigating an allegation of sexual misconduct against a Roman Catholic priest in Mattituck, who has also been placed on administrative leave by the diocese, both the church and district attorney’s office confirmed late yesterday. The “credible allegation” against the Rev. Peter Allen of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church came from a single person and appears to involve one incident, Diocese of Rockville Centre spokesman Sean Dolan said yesterday, declining to provide further details. Suffolk district attorney’s office spokesman Robert Clifford confirmed that Allen was the subject of a sexual misconduct probe involving one alleged victim, but also declined to offer more information.”In terms of criminal charges being levied, that has not happened,” Clifford said. “The case is under investigation.”Dolan said the church learned of the matter Dec. 12, when prosecutors briefed them on the accusation. Allen was placed on administrative leave the next day, Dolan said, and Bishop Emil Wcela stood in for the cleric during subsequent services and told parishioners that Allen had been removed pending an investigation. No announcement was made to the larger public because of the preliminary nature of the case, Dolan said. “When we learned of the allegation, the diocese took immediate action,” Dolan said. “This is an isolated incident that was dealt with at the individual parish itself. I think this is the appropriate level of response.”The investigation of Allen comes less than a month after Roman Catholic priest Thomas G. Saloy, 45, pleaded guilty to a single charge of possession of child pornography in his rectory in Roosevelt.Peggy O’Neill, a co-chairwoman of the Long Island Voice of the Faithful, a group formed in response to the Roman Catholic sexual abuse scandals of recent years, said the cases illustrated the public needs to be “super vigilant” and report any incidents of sexual misconduct by clerics because they are in a unique position of trust. O’Neill also applauded the diocese for quickly talking to parishioners about Allen. “It certainly is different from the way they acted in the past,” she said. “The response was never that quick and open.”
  21. Priest Richard J. Allen Accused St. Petersburg, FL: In 2002 man notified diocese of accusations of abuse by Allen when the man was 12-13 yrs old. Went on for 2 years. Allen resigned from position and privileges suspended by Bishop 4/02.  Diocese denied any prior knowledge. No criminal charges were filed. In 5/02 Diocese  acknowledged that Allen’s file did not raise any red flags during the Diocese’s review of files of  240 active priests.Accused, Another Priest Resigns By Mike Brassfield, Waveney Ann Moore and Chuck Murphy St. Petersburg Times [Florida] April 27, 2002For the second time in two weeks, an area Catholic priest has abruptly resigned after a complaint surfaced that he molested a youth in the 1970s.  The Rev. Richard Allen, pastor of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Largo, left his ministry Friday after learning that a St. Petersburg man reported to police that Allen fondled him 30 years ago.  The 58-year-old priest, who had a long and colorful tenure in the Tampa Bay area, resigned when Bishop Robert N. Lynch asked him about the allegations. The sudden departure shocked Allen’s Largo church, where he was loved and respected.  “He is wonderful and is a wonderful priest,” said Mary Ellen Sharp, who has attended St. Matthew for 16 years. “I loved his sermons.”Allen’s resignation comes as local law enforcement officials are investigating several complaints from people who say they were sexually abused by priests decades ago. St. Petersburg police have received at least six such complaints in the past two weeks, said Maj. Ron Hartz, who supervises the Police Department’s youth resources division. “We have a couple of open investigations going on,” Hartz said. “But most of the cases are being closed because the victim doesn’t want to prosecute, or the statute of limitations has run out, or we cannot prove that it occurred.” No police investigations of priests have been made public in Pasco or Hillsborough counties. St. Petersburg police are investigating the complaint against Allen, who has not been charged with a crime.William Welch, 41, says Allen fondled him in the early 1970s, when Welch was an adolescent and Allen was a newly ordained priest at St. Petersburg’s Holy Family Catholic Church.  Welch says he stayed at the priest’s Clearwater home on some weekends when he was 12 or 13. Allen was a trusted family friend, Welch says. He accuses the priest of “mostly groping.” Welch says he has post-traumatic stress disorder because of the abuse he suffered as a boy. He says he has attempted suicide several times. Court records show that as recently as 1998 he has been held under the state’s Baker Act, which allows police to take into custody people deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. He lives on disability, residing in a small cottage in St. Petersburg. He also is a patient at PEMHS, or Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Services, a psychiatric facility in Pinellas Park. “I want to stop this from happening to other children,” he said. Welch called St. Petersburg police on Tuesday to file a report against Allen. He called the St. Petersburg Times on Thursday to discuss his allegations. That started a chain of events that led to Allen’s abrupt resignation.The Times contacted the Diocese of St. Petersburg on Thursday to ask about the complaint against Allen. Diocesan officials said they had not heard about the allegations.On Friday morning, Bishop Lynch visited the priest to discuss the complaint. “My understanding is that he immediately resigned,” said diocese attorney Joseph DiVito. “Bishop Lynch accepted it.” DiVito did not know whether Allen denied the accusation. The lawyer said he considered the situation extraordinary because the diocese has not received a complaint from Allen’s accuser, and has not been contacted by police.  “We acted on the call we received from your newspaper,” DiVito said. DiVito is nearly finished reviewing the personnel files of every active priest in the diocese to make sure any past sexual allegations have been properly investigated. But Allen’s file contained no previous allegations of misconduct.  The swiftness of Allen’s resignation caught Lynch and the diocese staff by surprise. A week ago, they were able to keep quiet about the resignation of Hudson priest Robert Schaeufele for several days until Lynch first could inform parishioners at Schaeufele’s church at weekend services.  Schaeufele, who like Allen had been a local priest for nearly three decades, abruptly resigned last week after being accused of sexual misconduct with a minor during the 1970s.  Allen did not return phone calls from the Times on Thursday and Friday.In past interviews, Allen has spoken eloquently about how he liked being a priest, how he enjoyed helping troubled people. In the early 1970s, he was known around south Pinellas County as “Papa Dick, the hippie priest,” sporting a long beard and long hair. He worked with street people and counseled young drug users at free clinics in St. Petersburg and Clearwater.  “When I got too old for street work, I got involved in mental health,” Allen said in 1995, when he was an associate pastor at a Spring Hill church. One of his specialties, he said, was working with sex abusers – particularly with abusers who had trouble admitting their problem.Most recently, Allen was pastor at St. Matthew Catholic Church at 9111 90th Ave. N in Largo. A few parishioners who heard the news Friday were stunned.  Some parents gathered with their children at the church as a Brownie troop prepared to go camping. They spoke of Allen as a priest committed to social justice. He often spoke against domestic violence and in favor of a living wage for all. His sermons were always relevant, they said.  Wendy Swertfeger spoke of Allen’s ministry to the deaf. “He does a whole Mass in sign language,” she said.  In the most recent church bulletin, Allen announced that he planned to speak to parishioners about the sexual abuse scandal facing the Catholic church this Sunday.  “There will be time for questions and hopefully answers,” Allen wrote. “I offer this opportunity to help the parish face this crisis of faith and trust.”- Times staff writer Leanora Minai and researcher Cathy Wos contributed to this report.
  22. Priest Robert Allgaier Convicted Omaha, NE: Archbishop knew of allegation  of child pornography in 2001 but reassigned him to middle school after evaluation. Only removed in 2002 just prior to charges being filed. Pleaded guilty to  attempted possession of child pornography for using computers to view internet photos of children involved in sex acts. Sentenced to 2 years probation. Finally left priesthood in 2005. On sex offender registry.Child-Pornography Charge Filed Against Nebraska Priest By Julia McCord Omaha World Herald March 1, 2002The Madison County attorney Thursday filed a single misdemeanor charge of attempted possession of child pornography against a priest recently posted to Ralston.  A Monday arraignment was scheduled for the Rev. Robert Allgaier, who until last June served as assistant pastor at a Norfolk church.  Allgaier has been under investigation by Norfolk police since October, when police received a complaint that he had viewed child pornography on a computer in the office of Sacred Heart-St. Mary Catholic Church in Norfolk.The formal charge against Allgaier – attempted possession of visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct involving minors – is a Class III misdemeanor. It carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $ 500 fine.  County Attorney Joseph Smith said the investigation is continuing.  Allgaier will not be arrested, Smith said, adding that he has “absolute faith” that the priest will be in court Monday. The Rev. Michael Gutgsell, chancellor of the Omaha Archdiocese, said, “He will be at that arraignment.” Gutgsell said it hasn’t been determined who will represent Allgaier.  Allgaier was an assistant pastor at Sacred Heart-St. Mary from June 1998 to June 2001, when he was transferred by the archdiocese to St. Gerald Catholic Church in Ralston as an assistant pastor. He was removed from the parish last weekend and has left Nebraska.  He was removed from the parish last weekend and has left Nebraska.  Archdiocesan officials have declined to say where Allgaier is or whether he is undergoing treatment.  Allgaier admitted to a Norfolk police investigator Feb. 20 that he has viewed child pornography several times a week for two to three hours at a time since his last year of seminary in 1998, court documents show. Allgaier was ordained in 1998.  Thursday’s charge addresses activities allegedly committed between Aug. 29, 2000, and Jan. 20, 2001.The statute of limitations in misdemeanor cases is 18 months and any alleged infraction occurring before Aug. 29, 2000, is off-limits. Jan. 20, 2001, is the date Catholic officials learned of Allgaier’s alleged activities.  The officials — Gutgsell, Archbishop Elden Curtiss and the Rev. Dave Belt, pastor of Sacred Heart-St. Mary Church — did not contact the Norfolk police. The police learned of the alleged activities through the complaint made to them in October. Police searched Allgaier’s Ralston residence and the Sacred Heart-St. Mary Church offices on Feb. 20 and Feb. 22. They found nothing incriminating in Ralston, but seized a computer used by Allgaier at the Norfolk church offices. The contents are being analyzed.  Smith did not wait for the results before filing the charge. He said evidence already in hand supported the charge. And time was a factor, he said.  “The longer I wait, the more I can’t include,” he said.Earlier Thursday, several St. Gerald parishioners said they were completely in the dark about the allegations.  “We were not aware until the story broke (over the weekend),” said Russell Iwan, a parish council member. “I was kind of shocked.”  Jaye McCoy, whose son is a first-grader at St. Gerald school, said she, too, was floored by the allegations.Allgaier taught religion at the school and worked with the St. Gerald youth group. McCoy said Allgaier was a gifted preacher who was popular with adults and children alike. “That’s why this came as a shock to everybody,” she said. “There were no tell-tale signs.”  St. Gerald school is providing counselors for students who want to talk, said Principal Dave Garland. The school has 320 students in grades kindergarten through six.  St. Joan-St. Gerald Middle School also had counselors on hand Thursday, said the principal, Sister Tish Connelly. Allgaier taught religion there on Thursdays – the seventh grade one week and the eighth grade the next week, she said. Connelly said her students “are doing real well.” “The counselors have been excellent with them,” she said. “Our kids are great.”
  23. Priest William G. Allison Sued Monterey, CA: Accused of abuse in Gallup.  In 2005 Diocese reported that allegation was credible and that he was deceased. Died in 1987. Originally from Diocese of Alexandria LA, he was in treatment at Paraclete center and working in Gallup. Also worked in AZ and CA. Apparently there were allegations against him in Flagstaff in 1963 and a civil suit in Fresno where his files were released. New civil suit filed 7/11 re 1966 abuse. Suit expected to be dismissed/settled after 2012 CA Supreme Ct. ruling.The Gallup Diocese publicly identified Allison as an abuser in 2005. Allison, apparently from the Diocese of Alexandria, La., was a patient of the Servants of the Paraclete in Jemez Springs when he was allowed into the Gallup Diocese by Bishop Bernard Espelage. Allison worked from 1960 to 1961 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Flagstaff, and he directed the Newman Club at Arizona State College, now Northern Arizona University. Allison later worked in California parishes. Although Gallup diocesan officials said in 2005 there was only one credible allegation against Allison, the Rev. James Lindenmeyer, Allison’s former supervisor in Flagstaff, wrote a letter in 1963 saying, “Three young men in the parish have told me of incidents involving him.” Allison’s personnel file was obtained by subpoena in a lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Fresno, Calif. If Allison is still alive, his whereabouts are unknown.
  24. Priest Leo Allyson Accused Manchester, NH: One person alleged in 12/03 report to Diocese that he had been fondled by Allyson in Lebanon NH and Bradford VT on several occasions between 1946 and 1949. Complainant was between 6 and 9 at the time. Alleged events occurred in a car and at Camp Pius in Enfield NH. Died in 1989.
  25. Priest Jose Alonso (Alonzo) Convicted Paterson, NJ: Convicted 1988 and received 5-year sentence for sexual abuse of 2 boys.  Died 2002 shortly after release from prison. Named in at least 3 civil suits. At least 2 claims included in settlement with diocese in 2005. One article spells last name Alonzo.
  26. Priest Edward D. Altstock / Alstock Sued Portland, OR: Woman filed civil suit 9/11 alleging that Altstock groomed, seduced and then sexually abused her on at least a dozen occasions while he was at St. John the Apostle parish in Reedsport beginning in 1985 when she was between the ages of 14-18.  He was 56 at the time. Retired in 7/01. Archdiocese said this was 2nd allegation against him.  Settlement finalized 7/12. As part of settlement, Vicar General will issue public apology on behalf of Archbishop  at the same parish. on 8/26/12.
  27. Priest Curtiss Alvarez Accused Madison, WI: Alvarez is one of four priests named in Feb. 2003 article as having documented and substantial allegations of sexual abuse raised against them.  Article says Alvarez was removed from ministry in 1985. As of 2005, he was “no longer in the priesthood” and Diocese did not keep track of him.
  28. Priest Eugene F Alvesteffer Accused Grand Rapids, MI: Alvesteffer’s name appeared on list of priests from Grand Rapids Diocese in May, 2002.  There apparently was single allegation while Alvesteffer was serving in Ludington in 1970s. Per the 1988 Catholic Directory he was “on special assignment”.
  29. Priest Joseph F. Alzugaray Sued Los Angeles, CA: Sued 2004. Accused of abuse of girl, age 8.  He sued her for defamation of character (also sued SNAP and woman’s attorney) but his suit dismissed 4/06.  Officially incardinated into Diocese of Santa Rosa in 1996.  Diocese said he was absolved of wrongdoing in 1995 and again in 2005. SNAP sued him for malicious prosecution and settled. Diocese reopened the investigation 2/08. BIshop ignored Review Board advice & he is still active as of 4/10.
  30. Priest Andrew Christian Andersen Convicted Orange, CA: Convicted 1986 of 26 counts of felony molestation of 4 boys. Sentenced to 5 yrs probation after treatment at  Servants of Paracletes.  Continued to molest boys while in therapy.  Arrested in  New Mexico in 1990 for  abuse of another youth. Sentenced to 6 yrs prison for violating Calif. probation. Laicized in mid-1990s. Current whereabouts unknown. Prior to 2005 there were $4.62M in settlements regarding Andersen.
  31. Priest John C. Anderson Accused Peoria, IL: Anderson was one of 8 priests who were removed from duties in April, 2002. Original allegations surfaced in 1993 and he was removed from parish post. Continued to work in administrative positions “on special assignment” until 2002.
  32. Priest John Wesley Andries Convicted Alexandria, LA: Accused of sexual contact with 16 yr old boy at the home of boy’s family in 4/01. Pleaded innocent 5/02. Was suspended from priesthood after sexual misconduct allegation (fondling)  earlier in his career in 1998. Pleaded guilty 5/03 to charge  of sexual battery in plea bargain. Sentenced to 5 years in prison with all but two years suspended. Suit filed 1/03 is still open 3/10. On sex offender registry as of 6/10.
  33. Priest Joseph Angeli Accused Boston, MA: Originally from Italy. Believe he began working in MA in 1959. Included in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Angeli also worked in San Antonio AD & El Paso Diocese in Texas. Died 5/4/93. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was “visiting priest.”
  34. Priest Thomas M. Anglim Sued Venice, FL: Anglim was pastor of St. Francis Xavier  from 1966 to 2004 when he retired.   Anglim died in Ireland in 1/10.   In 4/10 civil suit, he was named as an abuser of at least one youth in 1967-1968.  Plaintiff also believes there were other victims.  Suit names Miami Archdiocese as well as Venice  since it was part of Miami at the time of the abuse. He also supervised two other known abusers.
  35. Priest Abraham Anthony Accused Fargo, ND: Anthony, also known as Anthony Abraham, was charged 4/00 with gross sexual imposition, sexual assault, and disorderly conduct for allegedly having sexual contact with two boys and harassing a third. He left the country before he could be questioned. He worked as parish priest in Australia for a time and then returned to India for more parish work. By 1/04, the DA had decided not to pursue the charges.
  36. Priest E. Everett Apt Sued Sioux City, IA: Man filed civil suit 8/04 alleging abuse by Apt in early 1960s when plaintiff was an altar boy at parish in Alvord Iowa.  Suit alleged that diocese knew Apt had sexual contact with children as early as 1950 but concealed his actions and transferred him to new parish whenever facts might become public.. Suit settled 3/05 for undisclosed amount. Apt was on sick leave per 1970 Catholic Directory and retired per 1980 listing. Died 1985.
  37. Priest Sofronio A. (Pon) Aranda Settled Orange, CA: In 2004 Diocese named him as one of six priests accused of the sexual abuse of minors. Allegations against all six were received during 2003 and deemed credible by Diocese.  Per March 1996 obituary, he was born in the Philippines; came to the states in1975. Worked in Corona for  5 years and moved to Texas in 1992 or 1993. In Texas he served the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. Chaplain at  county Hospital. Subject of $1.55M settlement in 2005. Died 3/1996.
  38. Priest Arnulfo Arandia Sued Miami, FL:  Arandia, a priest with Guayaquil, Ecuador diocese, is accused of abusing youth, age 15, in Miami in 1988. He moved to  Jackson MS diocese in 2000 but was suspended  in 6/02 when charges surfaced. Believed to have fled back to Ecuador. Accuser says  he told a deacon about the abuse  in 1988; Arandia  immediately transferred. Later transferred to Mississippi. Same man also accuses Fr.  Castellanos of abuse. Prosecutors decided in Jan. 2004 not to file  criminal charges because statute has run.
  39. Priest Henri Arata Sued Portland, OR: In Dec. 2003 one man filed suit alleging that Arata sexually molested him from 1967 through 1970 at Immaculate Conception Parish.  Arata was assigned to Immaculate Conception from 1969 until 1975 and also worked at a local grade school and high school as a counselor  from 1964 until 1975.  Arata retired “for health reasons” in 1982 and died the same year.
  40. Priest Paul M. Arbogast Accused Covington, KY: Removed 9/03 from duties as teacher at Covington Latin School after accusations of abuse. He had been headmaster of school until he left priesthood in 1980s to marry. He was identified as “Priest 32” in pending litigation.  in pleadings in other pending litigation against Covington & Lexington Dioceses.  Pleadings say he was part of a ring of priests in 1970s who held parties to which they brought boys as their dates.  Sent for treatment in 1970s and disappeared until he came back as teacher.
  41. Priest Jules M. Arceneaux Accused Lafayette, LA: Placed on leave 7/04 after FBI seized church computer holding possible child pornography. Juvenile said he had downloaded the images; US Atty’s office said he hadn’t. US Atty’s office closed investigation 4/05 without filing charges against priest, saying it did not have sufficient evidence  to meet “prosecutable standard,” i.e., could not prove those in pictures were minors. Diocese then resumed its investigation; Arceneaux remained on leave.  He is still on leave 2/14/07 per diocesan website.
  42. Priest Marvin Archuleta Sons of the Holy Family Settled Santa Fe, NM: Accused in 1994 suit of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy daily during a 1971 car trip from NM to DC. Suit was settled in 12/95 by order and archdiocese; terms confidential. Archuleta does ‘not deny the fundamental allegations’ but says the plaintiff exaggerated. Archdiocese removed Archuleta from ministry, but he was found working as a priest in Mexico City in 2002.
  43. Priest Brion T. Ares Accused Worcester, MA: Charged in late 1993 with raping a 20 year old man who came to him for counseling. Acquitted 10/94 on a rape charge and a mistrial was declared re a charge of indecent assault. Defense claimed that the alleged victim had consented to oral sex after night of drinking at rectory.  Prosecutors said victim was too drunk to consent. Deceased. Name included on Boston’s list of accused priests in 2002.
  44. Priest Andreas Arias Sued Los Angeles, CA: Civil suit alleges abuse in 1936 in Lompoc.
  45. Priest James L. Arimond Convicted Milwaukee, WI: Placed on leave 1/90 when allegations of abuse of boy in 1988 surfaced; privileges suspended 7/90 when charges filed. Pleaded no contest 7/90. In 10/90 Arimond was sentenced to 18 mo. probation and 45 days in House of Corrections under  work-release program. Laicized. In 1995 he began working as state-licensed professional counselor until State ordered him  to surrender his license 7/03
  46. Priest Richard A. Arko Accused Cleveland, OH: Arrested 1/04 on charges that he was growing marijuana in the church rectory and selling it.  Police learned of the marijuana from an informant who also said he had been in a sexual relationship with Arko since he was 15 and that the priest would give him gifts, money and drugs in exchange for sex. In 7/04 Arko also lost his state license to perform massage therapy, based on the felony conviction for growing pot. Unable to determine results of investigation on sex abuse of the minor.
  47. Priest Peter Gomez Armstrong Accused San Francisco, CA: At some point between 1992 and 2002. a teenage Marin County boy accused Monsignor Peter Armstrong, former chaplain of the San Francisco 49ers, of having improper contact with him. Armstrong had already retired at the time the complaint was received. Died 11/17/09.
  48. Priest Peter Claver Arnoue Accused Madison, WI: Arnoue, a priest of the Owere Nigeria Diocese working in Madison Diocese, was placed on leave in December 2002 by Bishop Bullock   Story on 2/19/03 says he was accused of improper advances against a young woman.  No other information found. Arnoue was not considered a priest of the diocese.
  49. Priest Juan  Arzube Sued Los Angeles, CA: In 2003 allegations arose re  abuse of an 11 yr old boy between 1975-1976 when he was pastor at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in East Los Angeles. LA archdiocese listed only 1 accuser. Arzube retired 1993.  Named in civil suit which was included in massive $660 mil settlement with Archdiocese in summer, 2007.  Died 12/25/07.
  50. Priest G. Barry Ashwell Sued Seattle, WA: Sued 2001. Accused of  sexual abuse in 1970s at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Vancouvers. Placed on leave. Similar accusations of abuse in the 1970s had been made in 1996  when Ashwell was serving at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Oak Harbor. He was astate-licensed foster father and one of his charges accused him of abuse. The man settled with Archdiocese in 1996. 3 other men filed suit 7/05. Laicized 2005. New suit filed by 1 8/30/10.
  51. Priest Michael J. Aten Accused Gallup, NM: Graduated from Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas. Worked in AZ for many years. Named as abuser by Diocese 5.93. Events occurred in approx. 1988. Sent for treatment. Removed from ministry 5/91. Died in 2001. 2005 article cites more than 1 credible allegation against him.
  52. Priest John T. Atwater Accused Boston, MA: Revealed in 2002 that in 1993 a student accused Atwater of abuse while director of Cardinal Cushing Scituate, MA in 1971 when boy was 14. Atwater denied allegations. Retired 2002. Sent for therapy which said he “had no sexual conflicts.” In  2/02 another man alleged he was abused by Atwater at same school some time after 1967.  In 9/04 one man says he was abused by Atwater, then director of Cushing Hall Acad. at age 12 (approx. 1969) . Died 2006. Canonical investigation not complete at his death.
  53. Priest Paul L. Aube Settled Manchester, NH: Police found Aube & boy in car having sex in 1975, Suit filed 4/02 accused him of abusing one youth from 1979-1986 in Rochester, NH. 5/02 suit  alleged he abused 13 yr old boy between 1970 and 1972.  Placed on leave in 1994. One claim settled for 25K. At least 1 claim included in 11/02 $5M  settlement involving 62 victims and 28 priests. Laicized by Pope Benedict XVI 5/20/05.
  54. Priest Charles E. Aubut Accused Boston, MA: Accused of abuse  on unspecified date and location per diocesan records. He was also supervisor of Paul Desilets just before Desilets was transferred to Canada after parents complained to Aubut.  Aubut was sued in at least one lawsuit because he was Desilets’ immediate supervisor.  Retired 1984.  Died 4/19/02. No formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.
  55. Priest John L. Audibert Accused Portland, ME: Accused in 1993 of abuse of a minor between 1974-1976. Received treatment and evaluation by review board before being returned to active ministry. He told his parishioners about the claims. Removed from active ministry without privileges in 2002. Permanently removed from ministry by Vatican 3/06 and ordered to lead a  life of prayer and penance.
  56. Priest Thaddeus A. Augustyn Sued Superior, WI: Arrested in 1966 and pled guilty to public indecency in bus station. Augustyn died 8/10/81. In 1992, he was named in civil suit against Superior Diocese. One man alleged abuse between 1955-1961 when he was a minor and Augustyn was assigned to St. Joseph’s in Shell Lake, WI. Diocese said suit was dismissed on SOL and no settlement was paid. Augustyn frequently visited in Miami Archdiocese and served in various parishes there.
  57. Priest John R. Aurelio Accused Buffalo, NY: In 1993 Aurelio admitted to sodomizing 3 boys, 12-14, 15-20 yrs previously. Acted with another priest, Fr. Bernard M. Mach. Both suspended. Claimed boys seduced him. Admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking pot with young boys. Also accused of abuse of another youth.  As of  2002, Aurelio was living in Florida and no longer functioned as a priest.  Died 8/26/09.
  58. Priest William Authenrieth Sued Brooklyn, NY: Had relations w/ youth about 18 in Diocese of Brooklyn in 1973 before transferring to Orlando after youth threatened to reveal. Named in Brooklyn civil suit 2003. At least 4 civil suits filed 1985 against Authenrieth and Orlando Diocese.  Suits settled out of court and at least $2 million paid to three youths and a fourth settled for $490,000. Authenrieth admitted molesting youths but was never prosecuted. New suit filed 7/12 in Orlando re 1978 abuse of 1.
  59. Priest Charles Authier Settled Manchester, NH: Named as abuser of one 12-13 yr old youth at Saint Charles Church & school in Dover in civil suit involving accusations by 16 people against 7 priests. Entire case settled in 10/02. Died in 1980.
  60. Priest Edward V. Avery Convicted Philadelphia, PA: Accused of abuse of 16 yr old boy in 1978. Denied abuse; said he didn’t know of allegations until 1992. Removed in 1993;  reassigned as hospital chaplain. Placed on leave again in 2003. Laicization announced 3/06. Named in new Grand Jury rpt. on 2/10/11. Accused, along with another priest and a teacher, of abuse of 10 yr old boy in 1998 at St. Jerome.  Admitted guilt 3/22/12 just before trial. Sentenced to 2 1/2 to 5 yrs prison, New suits filed 7/11 & 9/12. Recanted confession 1/13.
  61. Priest Jose Maria B. Avila Accused Fall River, MA: One of 21 names of accused priests published by the Fall River DA 9/02. Name was misspelled as George Avellar. List says one alleged victim.    DA’s office confirmed allegations regarding Avila 9/26/02. May have molested over 100 children over 44 year career.  Apparently his history was well known around several of the older Portuguese parishes.  Retired in 1974. Died in 1988.
  62. Priest Jose “Joe” Aviles Accused San Antonio, TX: In 2002 Aviles was director of Assumption Seminary’s vocation office. Removed from parish assignment  in 2/04  over accusations involving an incident with a minor teenager in 1985 shortly before Aviles entered seminary.  Complaint  received 8/03 but he was not immediately removed because the incident occurred prior  to his ordination; archdiocese not sure canon law applied. After   Archdiocese found the allegation  to be “substantive,” Aviles was  sent for long-term residential psychological treatment.
  63. Priest Saul Ayala Accused San Bernardino, CA: In 6/02 an allegation of “sexual harassment and misconduct involving a minor” was filed with the church by a woman and Ayala was placed on leave. In 9/02 two sisters filed suit alleging Ayala abused them in 1988 and 1989 when he baby-sat the girls, then aged 7 and 9. Diocese settled with them for $30,000 in 2004. Ayala moved to Mexico shortly after he was placed on leave and may still be active priest there.
  64. Priest James W. Aylward Settled San Francisco, CA: Accused of abuse (one article spelled name Elward) of 1 youth in 1997. Another priest saw them “wrestling” and notified authorities. Youth denied but then parents sued. Settled for $750K in 2000. Supported by Archbishop until Aylward admitted in 1999 depo that he inappropriately touched numerous youths  over 12 yr period. Placed on leave in 2000 and retired 2005.
  65. Priest William G. Ayres Sued Philadelphia, PA: Removed from assignments at two parishes in 11/10 after allegations arose that he had molested a minor in late 1990s while at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Matter has been referred to District Attorney. Ayres is currently staying at a home for retired priests during investigation. Civil suit filed 10/11 accuses Ayers of abusing another youth from  1996 through 1999 at Incarnation of Our Lord Parish in Philadelphia when Ayers was seminarian.
  66. Priest Daniel M. Azzarone, Jr. Convicted Providence, RI: Complaints received as early as 1985, 1992 and 1998-1999. Only placed on leave 11/01 after he was accused of abusing a 15 yr old boy on Caribbean cruise in 11/00. Abuse continued until 2001, often in rectory. Another youth also accused him of abuse. Pleaded no contest to two counts of first-degree sexual assault 9/05 and sentenced to 3 yrs prison & 7 yrs probation. Named in  2005 civil suit which settled 8/08 as part of $1.326M settlement  by Providence Diocese. Laicization as of 6/12/09 announced 2/10.
  67. Benedictine Joseph J Alexander Accused Owensboro, KY: Lafayette, LA Diocese placed Alexander on leave 4/02 after allegations that he abused a youth in the early 1960s prior to ordination. At the time of the alleged abuse, Alexander was a Benedictine monk in Uniontown, KY and the boy was a student at a nearby seminary. Alexander “acknowledged his involvement” in the incident. Alexander joined the Benedictine order in 1955. He became a priest  in Lafayette in 1973.
  68. Benedictine Priest Thomas Andert Accused St. Cloud, MN: Andert, appointed prior of St. John Abbey in 6/07, was investigated in 1994 for improper sexual relationship with a minor student at St. John Prep. Abbey spokesman denied that credible charges were found but Richard Sipe, chair of Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute at St. John’s in 1994, said that the investigation did not go enough and that the inappropriate relationship did occur.
  69. Brother Alex Bros. Christian School Sued Santa Fe, NM: In 1995 civil suit, one man alleged he was abused by Br. Alex when he was studying to join the Christian Brothers at the Junior Novitiate at The College of Santa Fe between 1955-1957. Same man also alleged abuse by Br. Abdon and by a scout master. Settled in 1996. While eating an annual family-reunion meal with their father more than a year ago, two Santa Fe brothers discovered that they both believe they were sexually abused decades ago by several teachers at St. Michael’s High School, an attorney for the two men said. “That was the first time each had learned that the other had been abused. Prior to that, neither had said anything to the other,” said Stephen Tinkler, a Santa Fe attorney representing the two brothers, Michael and Paul Ortiz y Pino. The Ortiz y Pinos each filed a lawsuit in 1st Judicial District Court earlier this week alleging that they had been repeatedly raped and subjected to other sexual abuse while attending elementary and junior high classes at the Roman Catholic school from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s. Their experiences have affected their self-esteem and caused severe emotional distress, the lawsuits claim. They are both in counseling, Tinkler said. Michael Ortiz y Pino claims he was sexually abused by a Brother Abdon, now deceased, a Brother Alex, and Joseph Durr, a former junior assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts in Santa Fe from 1955 to 1957. The lawsuit alleges that the Boy Scouts of America acted fraudulently in hiring Durr. Attempts to locate Durr weren’t successful. Paul Ortiz y Pino claims that he was raped and sexually abused by Brother Abdon and a now-former brother, “Louis Brouseau (sic)”, believed to be a resident in Albuquerque, and Tom McConnell, believed to be a Denver resident. His status in the order isn’t immediately known. Brother Abdon, Brother Alex, Brouseau and McConnell were reportedly teachers at the school. One lawsuit claims that Brother Alex is still in the Catholic order of the Christian Brothers and lives in New Mexico. The suit says Brother Alex directed a junior novitiate program at the College of Santa Fe, where Michael, at 13, began studying to become a member of the Christian Brothers Order.
  70. Brother Andrew Abdon  Bros Christian School Settled Santa Fe, NM: In separate 1995 lawsuits, 2 brothers and another man claim abuse while in elementary school by Br. Abdon and other Christian Brothers at St. Michael’s in Santa Fe and at College of Santa Fe in 1950s. Last of lawsuits settled 10/96. Woman also  filed suit in 1995 alleging that she was abused by Abdon at St. Michaels. Believe she later committed suicide. Abdon died in 1977. Stadium at St. Michael’s is Brother Abdon Field, even in 2008. While eating an annual family-reunion meal with their father more than a year ago, two Santa Fe brothers discovered that they both believe they were sexually abused decades ago by several teachers at St. Michael’s High School, an attorney for the two men said. “That was the first time each had learned that the other had been abused. Prior to that, neither had said anything to the other,” said Stephen Tinkler, a Santa Fe attorney representing the two brothers, Michael and Paul Ortiz y Pino. The Ortiz y Pinos each filed a lawsuit in 1st Judicial District Court earlier this week alleging that they had been repeatedly raped and subjected to other sexual abuse while attending elementary and junior high classes at the Roman Catholic school from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s. Their experiences have affected their self-esteem and caused severe emotional distress, the lawsuits claim. They are both in counseling, Tinkler said. Michael Ortiz y Pino claims he was sexually abused by a Brother Abdon, now deceased, a Brother Alex, and Joseph Durr, a former junior assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts in Santa Fe from 1955 to 1957. The lawsuit alleges that the Boy Scouts of America acted fraudulently in hiring Durr. Attempts to locate Durr weren’t successful. Paul Ortiz y Pino claims that he was raped and sexually abused by Brother Abdon and a now-former brother, “Louis Brouseau (sic)”, believed to be a resident in Albuquerque, and Tom McConnell, believed to be a Denver resident. His status in the order isn’t immediately known. Brother Abdon, Brother Alex, Brouseau and McConnell were reportedly teachers at the school.
  71. Brother Roger Argencourt Bro. of Sacred Heart Accused Manchester, NH Also known as Br. Odillon. Placed on leave 1/02 and sued 4/02 re abuse in 1973-1974 at Bishop Guertin H.S. He admitted abuse in court records. Also admitted abuse of another student. Second suit filed at a later date. One case settled 11/03. Authorities in RI were preparing to file charges re abuse at Mount Saint Charles Academy when Argencourt died in 9/02. Several other abusers at Bishop Guerin.
  72. Capuchins Priest Roger Anderson Accused Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse from 1981-1983 at Old Mission Santa Ines. LA archdiocese counts 2 accusers. Named in at least 1 civil suit.
  73. Capuchins Priest James Avant Accused Baltimore, MD: In 1993 woman alleged that Avant abused her child in early 1970s. Allegations reported to Capuchins. Avant had left Capuchins in 1990. Avant served at Morgan State Univ. starting in 1972, at St. Martin (Baltimore) from 1972-1978 and at Charles Lwanga Center from 1979-1984.
  74. Carmelite Priest Francis Arakal Sued Stockton, CA: Born in India; came to U.S. in 1998. Placed on leave 4/02 but reinstated 7/02. Woman filed suit 9/02 claiming Arakal had touched her 13 yr old daughter on her breasts in a sexual manner in 2001. Also accused of touching the breasts and pelvic area of younger daughter. One girl told another priest who told Arakal; both men confronted the girl. Jury cleared Arakal of sexual battery but awarded family $20K for way the 2 priests responded. In 2009 he was parochial vicar at St. Bernard in Tracy, CA.
  75. Deacon William Steven Albaugh Arrested Baltimore, MD: Deacon of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Nottingham since 1996.  Arrested 3/1/13 and released on bail for possession of child pornography which he stored on thumb drives and on his Verizon online “cloud” storage system. Verizon Online reported the presence of the porn. Albaugh denies ever harming a child. Has been suspended from his duties.  CT Post March 1, 2013 A Maryland church deacon has been charged with possession of child pornography. William Steven Albaugh was arrested at his Fullerton home Friday morning. Baltimore County police say the 67-year-old Albaugh stored images of child pornography on thumb drives and on his Verizon Online account. Albaugh is the deacon of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Nottingham. The Archdiocese of Baltimore says Albaugh has been suspended from all public ministries. Police say there’s no indication any children at St. Joseph were victims. Online court records don’t list a lawyer for Albaugh, who declined to comment when reached Friday. Police say the investigation began after Verizon Online alerted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a subscriber had stored pornographic images on the online “cloud” storage system. Archdiocese has suspended St. Joseph’s Catholic Church deacon A longtime deacon at a Fullerton church was charged Friday with possessing “numerous files of child pornography,” Baltimore County police said. William Steven Albaugh, 67, a deacon at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on Belair Road, was arrested at his Nottingham home at 7:45 a.m. Police had searched Albaugh’s Treadway Court home and said they found images of children on his Verizon Online account and on thumb drives. Police do not believe that children at St. Joseph’s were victims. Albaugh declined to comment when reached by phone Friday. He told police he has viewed child pornography since the 1970s, when he would go to adult bookstores in Baltimore, according to charging documents. Albaugh told police he saved the images to his computer but said he would never harm a child, the documents say. Police said they recovered numerous files, including graphic images and videos. According to a statement from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Albaugh was ordained in 1996 and assigned to St. Joseph Church . He has been suspended from the church. “Neither the parish nor the Archdiocese has received any prior allegations against Mr. Albaugh, who successfully fulfilled all of the child & youth protection requirements of the Archdiocese, including a criminal history screening,” the statement said. The archdiocese is working to inform church members, the statement said, and encourages anyone to report abuse. Albaugh previously retired in 2009 from Baltimore County Public Schools, where he worked for 21 years for the physical facilities office, in a position supporting the schools and offices with electronic machinery and equipment, said schools spokesman, Charles Herndon. Detectives began investigating Albaugh after Verizon Online notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Albaugh, a subscriber, had stored images of children engaged in sexual acts on the online cloud storage system, police said. Police recovered two CPU towers, a laptop computer, multiple storage devices and an iPad. Albaugh told police that he used the tablet to view nudist websites that include pictures of children, according to charging documents. Detectives located the images on his home computer under the use profile name “Bill,” the document said. St. Joseph’s is scheduled to hold a meeting at the church for parishioners and school families at 7 p.m. Monday. Officials from the archdiocese will be present to answer questions, according to the church website. Albaugh was released on $75,000 bond. The investigation is continuing, police said.
  76. Franciscan Priest Thomas Kieran Ahearn Convicted Bridgeport, CT: Ahearn arrested 1/93 and charged with molesting 14 yr old youth he picked up while on a skiing vacation. Found guilty of  contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sentenced to 2 yrs probation. Youth also filed a civil suit in 1995.  Personnel file produced to Court in 1999. Ahearn died 12/97. GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. (AP) – A Roman Catholic priest pleaded innocent Thursday to charges that he took a 16-year-old boy to a motel room, gave the teen-ager liquor and sexually molested him. The Rev. Kieran Ahearn, a Franciscan priest assigned to St. Mary’s parish in Bethel, Conn., was arrested Wednesday on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a child, furnishing alcohol to a person under 21, and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older. Ahearn, 55, was released on his own recognizance. A pretrial hearing was set for Feb. 4. Ahearn, who has served the Bethel church since 1990, was relieved of duty Wednesday by the Bridgeport Roman Catholic diocese. The diocese is being sued by at least four people who claim another priest sexually assaulted them in the 1970s and early 1980s when they were children. Thomas Ahearn: convicted of giving a young teen alcohol in a motel room. He was acquitted of molesting a boy, 16, on a 1993 ski trip in Massachusetts but was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sentenced to two years probation in 1994. Ahearn, who is currently on a leave of absence from the priesthood, was a priest at St. Mary Church in Bethel. PITTSFIELD — A judge has ordered two years’ probation but no jail time for a Connecticut priest convicted of a lesser charge in a sex case. Thomas K. Ahearn, 56, a Roman Catholic priest from Bethel, Conn., was sentenced Tuesday. He was cleared Monday of indecent assault and furnishing alcohol to a minor, but convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. In addition to probation, Judge James B. McElroy of Central Berkshire District Court fined Ahearn $500 and ordered him to stay away from children for two years. Ahearn had been accused of picking up the 16-year-old boy in January 1993 while visiting Berkshire County to ski. During the weeklong jury trial, prosecutors said he plied the teen-ager with alcohol and fondled him at a Lenox motel. Ahearn admitted serving the boy Scotch whiskey, saying, “It’s very poor judgment. It’s not my practice.” Ahearn’s lawyers said the boy, who was a runaway from a school for emotionally troubled boys, approached the priest and asked for help. Ahearn testified he took the boy back to his room to counsel him.
  77. Franciscan Priest Edmund Austin Accused Los Angeles, CA: One of several religious assigned to Santa Barbara who were named as abusers in civil suit filed 8/08 which alleged that the Franciscans constituted “an ongoing public nuisance as a result of their practice of shuttling pedophile priests among communities without warning members of the public that a sexual predator might be in their midst.” Abuse allegedly took place in 1970s.
  78. Jesuit Priest John H Acres Sued Boston, MA: Sued 2002. Accused of abuse of students at Boston College High School. Claimes referred to Suffolk DA. He has officially left the Order per 3/02 article.  Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  79. Jesuit Priest Rene Astruc Accused Fairbanks, AK: Native of France. Two or more pending claims against Astruc shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Died 6/02
  80. Jesuit Priest Englebert M. Axer Accused Seattle, WA: 2006 article says Axer is accused of abusing a minor in 1956. He was a professor at Seattle Univ. from 1956-1987.  He died in 1989. At some point in the past, the Univ. removed his name from an endowed chair in the philosophy department because of the abuse. There has been at least one settlement as of 11/07.
  81. Marist Brother Albert Sued Boston, MA: Brother Albert (no last name known) was named in 2005 civil suit as having abused one man at Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, during the years 1969 – 1971 when the accuser was a student and Albert taught there. The suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Attorney Durso said that almost all claims were settled.
  82. Missionaries of the Holy Family Priest Russell Gerald Appleby Convicted St. Petersburg, FL: Also known as Gerald Russell Appleby. In 1994 young man accused Appleby of molestation over 2 year period. Suit filed in 1996; later dropped. Appleby left St. Petersburg in 1979; diocese admits no knowledge of complaints until 1994. Order paid the accuser $4,800 for therapy in 1995. Removed by Order in 1990 or 1991; laicized in 1995. Arrested in Texas on FL abuse charges 3/03. Pleaded guilty 2004; sentenced to 12 yrs prison &  20 yrs  sex offender probation. Died in prison 2005 per State of FL website.
  83. Salesian Brother Jorge Acosta  Sued St. Petersburg, FL: Joined seminary at age 18 and left religious life in 1983. Named as abuser “Br. Jorges Acosta” in 2005 civil suit  by 2 men against Salesian Order and Mary Help of Christians School in Tampa. Admitted in 02/07 deposition to sexual relations with three students in1983 when he was teacher and cleric at school. He told the principal about 2 of the incidents but was never reported to law enforcement. 2nd suit filed by 1 4/07. One settlement announced 7/08. Amount confidential.  No criminal charges due to SOL. Jorge Acosta spent Friday night onstage singing and dancing in the “Cigar City Chronicles,” a musical that has earned him accolades. But two lawyers in a downtown conference room this month witnessed the most startling revelation of his life: Acosta admitted in a sworn deposition to sexual relations with at least three teenage boys in 1983 as a cleric and teacher at Mary Help of Christians School in Tampa. Before taking the stage at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center on Friday evening, Acosta talked about the statements he made under oath. He said he would ask the show’s producer to fire him that night because his past was about to become public. A local prosecutor said law enforcement should review the statements for possible criminal charges. “I’m actually numb,” Acosta said before taking the stage. “This is probably going to destroy my life.” Acosta, 48, testified Feb. 7 as part of a $5 million civil lawsuit against the now-closed school and the Catholic order that operated it, the Salesian Society and the Salesian Society of Florida. He said he “fully cooperated” in giving the deposition to Adam Horowitz, a Miami lawyer representing two former students, and Richard Beran, a New Jersey lawyer representing the religious order. Acosta brought no lawyer with him. His past actions have caused him “profound shame and horror,” Acosta said. “I will for the rest of my life be horribly ashamed for what happened, but I have a track record of working with children for 20 years without a single other incident.” “I have spent the last 20 years of my life trying to be a good person, and I have done a lot of good for children. I hope people can see.” He trailed off. “The things I have done when I was 24 and in a very confused state of mind – those things don’t negate the good that I have done since.” Acosta never forgot the academic year he spent at Mary Help of Christians School, where he told a principal about inappropriate contact with two boys, according to the deposition. The contact was never reported to law enforcement, Horowitz said.
  84. Servite  Brother Gregory Atherton Sued Orange, CA: Sued 1993. Accused of abuse of 3 boys.. LA archdiocese counts 5 accusers alleging abuse between 1967-1986. Also abused in Orange Diocese. 2 suits filed there 1/03. Orange made 2005 settlement for $4,169,325 but did not include him in list of abusive priests. Per 2002 article, he is still part of Order and works at the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland, Ore. under close supervision.
  85. Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sister Alexis-du-Sacre-Coeur Accused Portland ME: Accused in 2005 report of sexually abusing an 8- or 9-year-old boy in 1948 or 1949 by having him sit under her desk as a punishment. She would allegedly “put her dress over the child’s head … and she made him push his hands into her genitals.” Many students were punished this way. Parents reported the incidents to the school at the time.
  86. Dominican Sisters of the Third Order of St. Dominic Sister Andre Accused Newark NJ: In a 1967 meeting between parents and mother superior of order, accused of sexually abusing a girl beginning in 1965 at age 12. Letters turned over by the Dominicans reportedly confirmed the accusation. Church paid for counseling; in 1989 the victim committed suicide. Sr. Andre had worked in 2 other dioceses before Newark and was transferred to CT in 1967
  87. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Sister Joseph Anthony Sued Louisville, KY: Named in 7/04 suit  by one woman alleging abuse by Msgr. Herman J. Lammers and 5 nuns at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage or at local schools. Woman alleges that one of her abusers was Sister Joseph Anthony at the orphanage.  Order has confirmed that nun by this name worked at the orphanage in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Sister Joseph Anthony left the order in 1972.
  88.  Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Sister Arthur Sued Louisville, KY: One woman filed suit 2004 alleging abuse by Msgr. Herman J. Lammers and 5 nuns at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage or at local schools. Woman alleges that one of her abusers was Sister Arthur at Holy Spirit School.   Order says that it did not have members working at Holy Spirit School.
  89. Benedictine Sister Agnes Sued San Antonio, TX: Woman claims in 1991 or 1992 suit that she was abused by Sister Agnes, a teacher at elementary school in San Antonio. Said she told at least two priests, both Clarentians, during the time of the abuse. She claims she repressed memories until early 1990.Suit was filed within two years of 1990 but lower court dismissed on Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment. Appeals court affirmed dismissal at 873 S.W.2d 87 (2/94).
  90. Stigmatine Richard J Ahern Accused Springfield, MA: First accusation surfaced in 1984; never assigned to public ministry after that. Died 2/1/01. Starting in 2002, named in several suits alleging abuse in 1970s. Personnel file includes 1993 complaint that Ahern abused a boy age 13 in 1960s, and an allegation that he molested an altar boy 1959-1961 in Richmond VA diocese while pastor. Also worked in New York and Boston archdioceses. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was order priest. Deceased. The director of the Stigmatine’s Camp Elm Bank in Wellesley in the 1960s,  Ahern allegedly took advantage of a 13-year-old boy who had lost his father, ordering two other teens to hold him down while he masturbated him, a 1993 complaint asserts. “The two boys held me down, while Fr. Ahern began to touch my penis and testicles. . . . When I climaxed, I felt so ashamed as if I were toblame.”  Ahern and another priest, whose full name was not included in the complaint,         together abused the victim in another weekend incident, the complaint reads. Ahern, who died last year, was the subject of another complaint by an altar boy who served when Ahern was a pastor at Our Lady of Angels Church in Woodbridge, Va., between 1959 and 1961. An altar boy ultimately alerted the area bishop that Ahern, during those two years, allegedly “seduced and sexually abused” him.
  91. Vicentian (C.M.) Priest Joseph Agostino Accused Brooklyn, NY: Man notified Diocese and Order in 2003 that Agostino had abused him. Order investigated and could not find sufficient information to support the allegations. He was not removed from duties but Bishop did meet with the accuser.  In 4/09 the same man came forward again, this time with more evidence and proof that he was a minor at the time of the abuse. Diocese told County DA and Order removed Agostino from duty at St. John the Baptist pending further investigation. On April 24, 2009, a complaint of sexual abuse against the Reverend Joseph Agostino, C.M., pastor of Saint John the Baptist Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, was reported to the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Victims Assistance Hotline 1-(888)-634-4499.  The complaint was immediately referred to the King’s County District attorney’s office. The Congregation of the Mission, Father Agostino’s order of priests, subsequently informed Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio that it has launched an investigation into the allegations of abuse by Father Agostino, and that he was removed from ministry pending the outcome of the investigation.  Father Agostino denies the allegations. In 2003 a report of sexual abuse was made against Father Agostino by the same individual who has made the new allegation.  At that time, the individual did not indicate that he was a minor when the alleged abuse took place.  Additionally, an investigation conducted by the Congregation of the Mission determined that there was not then sufficient evidence to support the allegations.  As a result, Father Agostino was not removed from his position. Bishop Thomas V. Daily, then Bishop of Brooklyn, also met with the alleged victim in 2003, and the Congregation of the Mission’s investigation and decision were upheld. On April 24, 2009, the individual presented new information that indicated he was a minor at the time of the alleged abuse. He also presented more specific and detailed information than was previously reported.  This has prompted the new investigation and Father Agostino’s removal from ministry at this time.  The Diocese of Brooklyn’s Victim Assistance Coordinator, Sister Ellen Patricia Finn, O.P., stated she has been in regular contact with the victim and that he is availing himself of services made available by the Diocese. The Very Reverend Michael J. Carroll, C.M., Provincial of the Congregation of the Mission, said, “While at this time these are allegations, the fact that they have been made shame all of us in the Congregation.  If true, these actions are indefensible and unacceptable.”  Father Carroll will speak to the Saint John the Baptist community at the parish mass this Sunday, May 10, 2009. In a letter to the people of Saint John the Baptist, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio asked parishioners to pray for all victims of abuse by clergy.  “The facts here remain to be established.  Nevertheless, on behalf of the Diocese and in my own name, I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering that has been inflicted upon victims of abuse by any priest.  As Catholic Christians it is confusing how any priest, a minister of Christ’s love, could commit acts of evil against young people. We are all as hamed. At the same time, the courage and strength of those victims that come forward is to be greatly admired.”

Surnames B

  1. Bishop Michael J. Bransfield Accused Philadelphia, PA: Bransfield, Bp of Wheeling-Charleston Diocese since 2005, was named as an abuser of boys in testimony by one witness in trial of Msgr. Lynn/Fr. Brennan in Philadelphia 4/12. Another testified Bransfield had a lewd conversation with him. Both men were testifying about abuse by Stanley Gana. Prosecutor in trial  also said that Bransfield had been accused in separate instance of fondling a minor in 1970s. Bransfield has denied the allegations. Investigation continues 7/12.
  2. Bishop Robert H. Brom Settled Duluth, MN: Brom, current bishop of San Diego, testified in 2006 that he had been “investigated  [in 1990s]  for allegations that [he] took part in a specific orgy at the seminary that was connected with the cardinal.”  Man had alleged that when he was a seminarian, Brom, then bishop of Duluth, coerced him and others into sex. Matter settled for $100K;  Brom denied any wrongdoing. Current Motion to compel production of documents re investigation was quashed when Diocese of San Diego filed bankruptcy 3/07.
  3. Bishop Tod D. Brown Accused Fresno, CA: Man came forward in early 2007 to allege abuse in Bakersfield in  1965 by Brown (now bishop of Orange Diocese)  when he was approximately 12 yrs old. The man produced copies of correspondence to and from the Fresno diocese in 7/97 re the abuse.  He also wrote to Cardinal Mahoney in 2002. Brown admitted in deposition 9/07 that he had been accused and that church had investigated. He denied the abuse. Retirement announced 9/12.
  4. Deacon Jerry Bals Sued Cleveland, OH: Ordained as deacon in 1973. He was accused of fondling girls in counseling sessions at Lake Catholic High School (he was guidance counselor/librarian) for 14 years. Total of 8 Jane Does, five of whom filed suit. Suits settled.  Per Nov. 2002 article, criminal charges were dropped in a plea deal that required Bals to forfeit his teaching credentials. Diocese paid Bals’ wife $800/mo from 2000-2003 (while Bals living with her). This info revealed in 3/07.
  5. Deacon Michael G. Barletta Accused Erie, PA: At least three men complained prior to 2002 to Bishop Trautman that they were molested by Barletta when he was theology teacher at Erie’s Cathedral Prep School in late 1970s-1980s.  One man reported he complained to Bishop Trautman in 1994. Barletta left Prep within a year and was allowed only  limited ministry. All three met with Bishop again in 2002. Not removed from ministry until 2003. Diocese paid for counseling for 1 of the men. THIS MAY BE UNNAMED PRIEST # 1
  6. Deacon Pat Beans, Sr. Accused Fairbanks, AK: Described as Eskimo Elder and Deacon per 3/03 Alaskan Shepherd, a newsletter from Fairbanks Diocese. Two or more pending claims against  Beans shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10
  7. Priest Timothy Babcock Sued Detroit, MI: Named in 1994 suit filed in Wayne Co. District Court along with three other priests. Plaintiff says the four repeatedly raped and fondled him over four years in the 1960s.  Babcock denied charges. Still active priest as of 2011. Serves as adjunct member of the Manresa Retreat Team and as Chaplain for the Felician Sisters of Livonia. Also holds two part-time admin. positions with the Archdiocese.
  8. Priest Daniel Babis Sued Rockville Centre, NY: In Jan. 2006 civil suit, man says he and 5 siblings were abused by Babis in 1950s and 1960s. Since suit was filed, others have also come forward to allege abuse by Babis.  In addition to Rockville Centre, Babis also worked in Queens-Brooklyn diocese. He died in Dec. 1978 in Florida where diocese sent him to “aid refugees.”
  9. Priest Paul M. Baca Settled Santa Fe, NM: Woman filed suit 1/00. Alleged a sexual relationship with Baca for one year beginning 1973 when she was 15. Suit also alleged  relationship resumed in 1989 and lasted until 1990s. Woman had a videotape and transcript wherein Baca admitted “repetitive sexual contact.”  He resigned. Suit was settled 6/00 for undisclosed amount of money. Settlement also covered claims by another woman who claimed Baca had a 2 year affair with her which ended in 2000.
  10. Priest Joseph A. Baccellieri  Sued Portland, OR: Removed from active duty  in 2002.  2 men  filed suits in 2004 alleging abuse in 1970s at Central Catholic High School. One plaintiff had a secretly recorded tape wherein Baccellieri seemed to admit molesting the Plaintiffs and indicating that there were other victims.  Placed on leave in 1992 after allegation of abuse in 1970s involving teenage males. Went to rehab & then reassigned to several parishes beginning in 1994.  Supposedly reassigned on limited basis under close supervision. Retired in 200
  11. Priest Matthew Bagert  Convicted Dallas, TX: Arrested 2005 on charges of possessing child porn on his computer.  Trial set for 6/06. Charges dismissed just prior to trial after judge said evidence of the porn was obtained illegally by a Deacon and another priest. Case was referred to Feds for prosecution. He left priesthood and married. In 11/08 Bagert pleaded not guilty to federal indictment of child porn. In 4/09 he changed plea to guilty. On 12/1/09 he was sentenced to 4 yrs 3 mo. in  prison.
  12. Priest John J. Bagley Accused Worcester, MA: Finished seminary in Rome. Served at Vatican 1972-1974.  Placed on leave 2/02 after man called Diocese to complain of abuse in 1967 when he was 17. He had complained to Bishop Harrington in 1994 but nothing done. At least 1 more accuser  located. Unable to prosecute in MA due to SOL but matter referred to Canada for possible prosecution. Resigned as minister 2003 but still priest. 2nd man filed civil suit 12/04 re 1963 abuse. Trial set 2006.
  13. Priest Donald Baier  Accused Venice, FL: Per 7/02 articles, Baier, who retired in 2000, had his ministerial rights permanently revoked by Bishop after anonymous letter with documentation of alleged abuse received by Diocese in May, 2002. Investigation found evidence of at least 2 victims in separate locations but no victims came forward so Diocese did not report to law enforcement.
  14. Priest George F. Bailey Accused Cleveland, OH: Left priesthood in late1980s.  Per 2002 articles, at least 10 women have accused him of abusing them when they were grade-school students at St. Vincent School in Akron and St. Mary’s School in Bedford. Apparently these accusations were made known to Diocese before Bailey left the priesthood.
  15. Priest Eugene Bailot Sued Boston, MA: Bailot (or Baillot) was one of 16 priests named for the first time in numerous sexual abuse lawsuits filed in 1/03 in Boston.  Woman said Bailot  abused her and her brother in 1950s after establishing himself as  “a darling” in the eyes of their family. He  retired in 1975; died in 1983. No formal determination of guilt because he died prior to canonical investigation.
  16. Priest Lawrence J. Baird Accused Orange, CA: Spokesman for Diocese for many years. Accused in 2002 of abusing a girl who came to him for advice after being abused by Rev. John Lenihan. Baird countersued plaintiff  4/02 but his suit was dismissed in 2002 and he was ordered to pay atty fees for plaintiff. 2nd woman also alleged abuse as a child. Still active as of 8/07 per Diocese website.
  17. Priest Michael Stephen Baker Settled Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse. 2 brothers settled in 2000 for $1.3M. Criminal charges dropped due to CA. Sup Ct ruling. LA archdiocese said 23 accusers. Arrested again 1/06. Laicized 12/00 per Addendum to LA Arch. Rpt. Included in  12/06 $60M settlement  re 22 priests. Also included in 7/07 massive $660M settlement. Pleaded guilty 12/07 to abuse of 2 boys. Sentenced to 10 yrs 4 mo in prison. New suit 6/10. Released on parole 10/11.Arrested for probation violations 11/11 & 9/12. Some personnel files released 1/13.
  18. Priest Frederick R. Balak Sued Los Angeles, CA: Named as abuser  in Addendum to Archdiocese Report. 1 accuser claims abuse from 1967-1968.
  19. Priest Victor Balbin Accused Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse of a teenage girl. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Extern priest from Philippines working in Archdiocese
  20. Priest Gary E. Balcom Accused Boston, MA: In 1993 lawsuit, Balcom was accused of showering with an altar boy, fondling him, giving him alcohol and threatening him in 1970s. Admitted molesting 8 or 9 children. Placed on sick leave in 1985, privileges removed in 1992 and “voluntarily” laicized in1998. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically. Died 10/02.
  21. Priest Bruce E. Ball Convicted La Crosse, WI: 1993 plea of no contest to charge of sexual contact w/ 12 yr old boy during therapy session. Total of 4 known victims. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison; released 3/96. On parole thru 12/97. Laicized at his own request as of 8/11/97. Settlement of $100K in 1993(?). In 1993 La Crosse diocese told Baltimore of 2 claims against Ball during the time he was a seminarian for La Crosse  in Baltimore in mid 1970s. Died 2003.
  22. Priest Carmelo Melchior “”Mel”” Baltazar Convicted Boise, ID: An extern priest from the Philippines, Baltazar has a history of abuse of boys over a 20 year period while serving Diocese of Cleveland, Diocese of Philippines, US Navy, Diocese of Boise, Idaho, and Diocese of San Diego. Named in several civil suits. Convicted 1984 & sentenced to 7 yrs. Released to treatment after 3 yrs. 2003 civil suit in San Diego said that plaintiff lived with Baltazar and  traveled with him for 5 years during military assignments. Always introduced as his nephew. Deceased.
  23. Priest Norman G. Balthazar Accused St. Petersburg, FL: Initially charged in 1991 in Tampa with soliciting lewd act from a male, undercover police officer. Charges dismissed by court. Sent for  therapy and returned to duty. Diocese paid $75K in 2010 to man  who said he was abused by Balthazar at Christ the King in Tampa in early 1980s when he was 17 . Settlement not revealed until 1/11. Tampa police say in 2002 a man accused Balthazar and another priest of sexually assaulting him in 1971 at age 9.  State did not press charges.
  24. Priest Henry S. Banach Sued Worcester, MA: Allegedly abused a boy age 12 or 13 in 1976 and 1977 when he was assigned to St. Hedwig parish in Southbridge. 2 brothers filed suit 2002. Another man joined suit 10/02.  4th man later came forward with similar allegations. 1 case settled out of court &dismissed 5/05. 2nd set for trial 10/06
  25. Priest Ronald J. Bandle Accused Milwaukee, WI: Bandle died 1/01 after suffered heart attack during evening Mass. Name appeared on Archdiocese’s 7/04 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse.  There appears to be a gap in assignments  between 12/92 when he left one parish and 6/96 when he was appointed as an assistant priest at St. Joseph and St. Kilian Parishes, Lyons and to Nursing Home Ministry for Archdiocese.
  26. Priest John M. Banko Convicted Metuchen, NJ: Removed from ministry 2000. Convicted 2002 on charges of molesting 11 yr old boy in 1993.  Received a 15-year sentence.  Included in 1/03 settlement re abuse by 5 priests. 9 other alleged victims have also come forward. Additional criminal charges filed9/06 alleging abuse of 1 victim  in 1994-1995. Pleaded not guilty 11/06. Trial started 5/08 and he was convicted again as of 5/13/08. Sentenced 9/08 to add’l 18 years. In prison 6/10.  Still a priest, but inactive.
  27. Priest Russell J. Banner Accused Cleveland, OH: Placed on leave in 2002 pending review of past allegations. He had previously  received evaluation and treatment and then been returned to active ministry. Second man came forward in 2004 to allege abuse for two years when he was 12-14 yrs of age and a resident at Parmadale Children’s’ home. Banner was a deacon counseling children at the home. This man filed suit 2004.
  28. Priest Theodore Baquedano-Pech Accused San Francisco, CA: A visiting priest from Mexico, Baquedano-Pech is accused of sexually molesting a girl for several years, beginning when she was 11.  She reported to Diocese in 1993 when she was 30 but they said they were not responsible since he was a visiting priest. He continued as active priest in Mexico for many years. Still active in Yucatan in 4/10. Finally removed 4/26/10.
  29. Priest Alexander Sylvester Baranowski  Accused Chicago, IL: Newly identified as abuser in Chicago Archdiocesan report 3/06. Resigned from priesthood in 1975. Laicized 8/1976.   No further information found.
  30. Priest Joseph P. Barber Sued Camden, NJ: Accused of rape of girl, age 6, in 1961 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish.  Named along with about 14 other priests in RICO suit filed in New Jersey in 1994. Deceased. All the RICO claims were settled 3/03.
  31. Priest Kevin P. Barmasse  Sued Los Angeles, CA: Sued 2003. Accused of abuse from 1982-1988. (Also allegations in Tucson, AZ). LA archdiocese counts 8 accusers. Settlement  in AZ in 2005/2006 under bankruptcy plan for 5 claiming abuse by Barmasse. These individuals also sued LA Arch and were included in massive $660M settlement 7/07. Criminal investigation reopened in Arizona 7/07. Laicized 5/2/06 per  LA Personnel file released 1/13.
  32. Priest Michael Lowell Barnes Convicted Baltimore, MD: 6/09 suit against Baltimore AD filed in DE alleged Barnes molested a boy 1977-1982 while at St. Clare School in Essex. Baltimore contacted  plaintiff in 2002 after a review of files; he denied  abuse.  He contacted them in 2003 but refused counseling/ mediation.  Left priesthood in 1988 but began working for Wash. DC  as lay member. Civil case dismissed 4/10 by DE Judge.  Arrested in NC 10/09 on charges he abused the same man. Extradited to MD 2/10. Pled no contest 6/10. 6 mo in jail. Laicization sought.
  33. Priest H. Stanley Barney Accused Fall River, MA: 1993 Catholic Directory says Barney was a military chaplain under the Fall River Diocese. His name appeared on 9/26/02 list of Fall River priests investigated by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office. Article shows there was one victim but Barney was not prosecuted because beyond the statute of limitations.
  34. Priest Frederick L. Barr Accused Boston, MA: Placed on leave 8/09 from assignment at St. Patrick’s church in Watertown after recent allegation that he sexually abused a minor in the late 1980s. He was parochial vicar at St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Belmont from 1985 to 1990, when the abuse was alleged to have occurred. Still on administrative leave as of 8/11 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database.
  35. Priest Philip R. Barr Accused Philadelphia, PA: Retired 1995. One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as pastor emeritus of St. Edmond Parish in South Philadelphia. On 5/4/12, Archdiocese found allegations unsubstantiated and he was found suitable for ministry. He is currently 92 yrs old.
  36. Priest John F. Barrett Accused Joliet, IL: Placed on leave 5/02 re old accusations that  he  molested an 8th grade boy in Catholic school in 1968. Original claim was made in 1991 but the man says that Diocese cancelled meeting with him at last minute when he wanted to bring either his wife or attorney with him. The victim let the matter drop until 2002 when investigator for Diocese contacted him. Cleared by Diocesan investigation 6/10/02  and returned to duty. Diocese said claims could not be substantiated and victim was not cooperating.
  37. Priest Patrick J. Barrett Accused Gaylord, MI: Barrett was placed on admin. leave in 2002 because of complaint by adult  that Barrett had molested the complainant some 30 years previously when complainant  was a minor. Misconduct alleged to have taken place outside the Diocese.  Investigating committee said charges were credible. Died 3/06.
  38. Priest Robert E. Barrett Settled Boston, MA: First claim was in 1993 re molestation on 1960s camping trip. Settled 1994 for $30K. 2nd claim was in 1997 suit where he was alleged to have abused 15 yr old youth for almost two years in 1967-1968 while working as priest and coach of Framingham MA church swim team.   Placed on permanent disability in 1995 and spent time in psychiatric hospital. Also allegations in 2002 of prior abuse. Assigned to life of prayer & penance 2004. Died  3/08.
  39. Priest James Barry Sued Helena, MT: Amended civil suit filed 10/11 refers to Barry as a “credibly accused” sexual abuser.  There are 117 plaintiffs in the amended suit.  No further information provided. He is deceased. Diocese originally claimed he was Jesuit priest, not Diocesan.
  40. Priest Thomas Patrick Barry Sued Denver, CO: Woman filed suit against Archdiocese of Denver 10/07 alleging that Barry had abused her in approx. 1970. She was an adolescent with troubles at home. He gave her a place to live before abusing her. Barry died in 2003 at age of 97. Suit still pending as of 7/08.
  41. Priest Lee F. Bartlett Accused Worcester, MA: Placed on leave 3/02. Accused in 6/02 civil suit of abusing 2 boys in 1979-1980. He reportedly fondled them and made them participate in “Greek Olympics” wherein he got them intoxicated and then made they run naked through the streets at night  at his residence on Cape Cod.. Took nude photos of boys and showed them porno movies. Also took some boys on trip to Paris. Resigned from parish 2003 but still a priest. Will undergo church trial.
  42. Priest Raymond B. Bartnikowski Accused Cleveland, OH: Placed on leave in 2002. Woman claimed that he abused her in 1967 when she was 12. Two other females came forward to allege abuse in 1960s. He is accused of spanking their bare bottoms. He died Nov. 2007.
  43. Priest Richard Barry “Doc” Bartz Accused Chicago, IL: In 1980s Bartz was on faculty of a seminary where he allegedly had sex with a minor male (may have been other victims as well).  He went on leave indefinitely and was returned to duty at Columbus Hospital in 1988 under restrictions and monitoring. Served there until 2001.  Left position at another hospital and resigned from priesthood 6/02 after Dallas Bishops’ Conference.
  44. Priest John C. Baskett Accused Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO: Accused in 2007  of seducing 15-yr-old girl in 1952 after using alcohol to incapacitate her. Suit filed 3/08. Abuse included intercourse & continued through 1954. He was then transferred to a parish now located in the Jefferson City MO diocese. Became Air Force chaplain in 1955, first as  part of Kansas City MO, then as Springfield-Cape Girardeau priest. On duty in Raleigh diocese 1978-79, then not listed in Directory. Died 6/23/95 in Las Vegas. Civil suit settled 8/08 in $10M settlement re 12 priests.
  45. Priest Francis E. Bass Sued Davenport, IA: Served as diocesan director of vocations and served on priest personnel board. Accusations of abuse were received by Diocese 6/92; Bass then retired. 1st suit filed 10/03 alleged abuse by Bass and Fr. James Janssen. Numerous other suits also filed. Settlements in 2004 & 2006. Allegations were deemed credible. Total of 18 accusers. Diocese requested that he be laicized but in 01/05 Vatican ruled he would lead a life of penance and prayer. Living in nursing home 6/11.
  46. Priest Roberto Batoon Accused Honolulu, HI: Extern priest from Philippines working in diocese  since 1997. Removed 1//03 after he was accused of abuse of a minor while working in home diocese in Philippines. Supposed to return to Philippines but had not arrived there as of 2/21/03. By 5/03, he had agreed to be voluntarily laicized.
  47. Priest Alberto (Orlando) Battagliola Sued Monterey, CA: In late 1990s woman told Bishop that  Battagliola, a native of Argentina, had sexually abused her son in 1974 in San Luis Obispo.  Had worked in Diocese since 1964 and frequently visited the victim’s home. One night Battagliola took him for a drive, got him drunk, and had sex with him. Victim was 14 and ended up with sexual disease.   Battagliola was murdered in 1977 in San Francisco. Diocese sued 3/03. Some articles refer to him as “Orlando”. Last name spelled various ways.
  48. Priest Louis Baudone  Accused Grand Rapids, MI:  “Substantiated” charges exist that Baudone molested two children in 1981 in Muskegon County. He “retired” from his duties in 1993 when allegations first surfaced. Privileges not removed until 2002. Additional allegations of old abuse became public  3/08.
  49. Priest John Bauer Convicted Los Angeles, CA: Worked as priest in MT. Left active priesthood in 1970. Opened sex shop/adult book store in Bozeman, MT in 1981. Referred to as “Priest of Porn.” On the run for 8 months after drug-related arrest in 1988.Sold store prior to his 12/89 arrest.  Pled no contest in 1990 in Los Angeles to charges of  making child porn videos and films in Mexico and California.  Sentenced to 8 yrs prison. Died of a heart attack in federal prison in 1992. Believe he was removed from priesthood after he opened the book store.
  50. Priest Thomas J. Bauernfeind Accused Baltimore, MD: Per 10/13/02 news article, Bauernfeind was accused in 1987 of sexual abuse in mid-1970s. He retired in late 1990s and in April 2002 his faculties  were removed. His name appeared on the Oct. 2002 list of 56 priests accused of molesting children within the Baltimore diocese. Died Jan. 1 2003.
  51. Priest Sydney H Bayers Accused Boston, MA: In 1994, 3 sisters  complained of inappropriate behavior and abuse in 1970s when they were young. In 1996 a man accused Bayers of masturbating and striking him repeatedly for years, beginning in  about 1960 when boy was 11. Boy’s father died then and Bayers “practically lived” at his home and went drinking with his mother.  Died 3/79. No formal determination of guilt because he died prior to a canonical investigation.
  52. Priest Juan Bazalar Convicted New York, NY: Peruvian. Indicted 1991 for sexually abusing a 15-year-old altar boy at St. Peter’s Church in Monticello. He fled to Canada. Extradited and then convicted in 1993. Sentenced to 5-15 years in state prison. Conviction overturned. Found not guilty at 2nd trial. Returned to Peru.
  53. Priest Robert P. Beale Accused Boston, MA: Removed 7/02 after “credible” accusations surfaced that he molested a minor in 1970s. At the time of his suspension, he was director of Our Lady’s Hall, a rehabilitation center for priests accused of molesting children. Also worked at Norfolk Co. House of Corrections per 2002 Catholic Directory. Last known to be living in  Quincy and Stoughton. Voluntary laicization announced 8/20/10. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.
  54. Priest Shamaun Beas Convicted Grand Rapids, MI: Beas, an extern priest from Pakistan, was arrested 5/04 in an Internet sting and charged with soliciting sex over the Internet from someone he believed to be a 14 yr old girl. Had previously exhibited “questionable behavior”  and sent for therapy. Sentenced  to 5 to 20 years 3/06 Later sentenced to 1 yr for abuse of 1 girl. Withdrew guilty plea to add’l charges in another county 7/08. Girl’s sister also alleges abuse.  Sentenced to another 16-24 mo. 10/08 for abuse of both sisters.
  55. Priest George Beaudet Accused Portland, ME: Name released by the diocese in Jan. 2007. Had been placed on leave in 2000 after allegation of abuse dating back to 1979. Additional complaints were received in 2002.  Laicization was announced 5/08.
  56. Priest Gerard Beaudet Settled Manchester, NH: A man reported that Beaudet gave him alcohol in early 1970s when he was 12 and then raped him. In 9/04 one woman alleged Beaudet gave her alcohol and made her perform oral sex in 1972 at age 14 at St. Albert Parish. In 4/05 Diocese said it settled claims by a man and woman who said they were abused by Beaudet as children in the 1970s. Settlement amount not disclosed. Another woman made accusations 7/05.  Died
  57. Priest Sylvio Beaudet Accused Manchester, NH: Accused of fondling and masturbating one 12 yr old boy at St. Marie’s in Manchester 1960-61. Died 1/76.
  58. Priest Gerald Beauregard Settled Springfield, MA: At  least one claim included in Diocese’s 11/08 $4.5M settlement with 59 plaintiffs. Deceased per 2008 Diocese of Springfield Directory (necrology)
  59. Priest Thomas J. Beauregard Accused Toledo, OH: Public allegations in 2002 that he abused at least 3 teenage girls between 1964-1966 while he was religion instructor at Central Catholic High School. During counseling sessions he ordered girls to strip off their clothes and fondled at least 1 girl. Also took pictures of the girls. Would sometimes take off his clothes also and lie on top of the girls. Removed 1994 from parish assignment  after 1st woman complained. Served on Marriage Tribunal until at least 2002. Barred from public ministry. Died 2/05.
  60. Priest Leon F. Beauvais Sued Boston, MA: Beauvais was one of 16 newly identified priests who were named in 1/03 litigation as having sexually abused minors.   Article says that he is deceased but does not detail any other information about the abuse. [He died 3/97.]  No formal determination of guilt because he died prior to a canonical investigation.
  61. Priest Reinard Beaver Sued Spokane, WA: One civil suit filed by a man 5/03 alleged abuse in 1956 during trip to Seattle. Another  suit filed by male plaintiff in 6/03 alleges abuse in 1957.  This abuse occurred at Fairchild Air Force Base swimming pool where Beaver had privileges because he was in Army Reserves. 2 more suits filed 12/04 & 7/05. Removed 1983 and retired 1984. Privileges removed 2002.
  62. Priest James W Beck Accused Milwaukee, WI: Name appears on Archdiocese’s 7/9/04 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. Case sent to the Vatican for review.  List says that Beck “left priestly ministry” but no date. Shown on “Special Assignment in 1993 Catholic Directory but is not in directories after 1995. Diocese record in 2012 shows no assignments after 1989.
  63. Priest Franklyn W. Becker Sued Milwaukee, WI: Ministry restricted 7/02 for alleged abuse. Arrested 5/03 on charges he abused a teenage boy in San Diego CA in late 1970s; case ended 7/03 by Supreme Court’s Stogner decision. Worked in Wheeing-Charleston WV and St. Louis MO in mid-1970s. Civil suit filed 12/03 re abuse in 1982; dismissed on SOL; upheld by appeals court 8/06. A claim included in $16.65M settlement 9/1/06. Laicized 11/04 per archdiocese. First allegation reported  3/63 when Becker was seminarian. New suit filed 9/10.
  64. Priest Robert Charles Becker Settled Chicago, IL: Canon lawyer who served on Metropolitan Tribunal for many years. At least 1 claim included in 10/03 settlement. New lawsuit filed 4/06 alleges abuse by Becker and another priest in late 1970s. Several other victims known to Plaintiff’s counsel.  Suit included in  5/07 $6.65M  settlement with 14 people alleging abuse by 12 priests. At least 1 claim included in 8/08 $12.7M settlement involving 11 priests and 16 plaintiffs. At least one claim included in 7/09 settlement re 4 priests.  Died 10/89.
  65. Priest Ronald Becker Settled Trenton, NJ: Becker was arrested 3/07 on charges that he molested a young female family member for 4 years, from ages 5-11 in 1980s. Removed from parish work 1989. The diocese removed Becker’s faculties as a priest in 2002 after “credible complaints.” 2 prior settlements. Pleaded not guilty in 6/07. Died 1/09 before trial. Diocese paid woman $325K to settle her claim 11/09. Paid 5 men $1M as settlement in 6/11 (announced 8/11).
  66. Priest Hugo Bedoya Sued Brooklyn, NY: Named in massive 10/03 civil suit where 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests. Suit says Bedoya abused one youth between ages of 9 and 11 at the church, in the rectory, and in other places. Suit also says that he examined the genitals of his altar boys in a group to make sure they were clean.  He denied all the allegations.  Another man has joined the lawsuit 2/04 alleging abuse by Bedoya during 1970s.
  67. Priest Carlton J. Beever Sued Indianapolis, IN: Sued 2004. Accused  with another (former) priest of abuse of 1 youth from 1972-1977. Spent 18 months on leave before being  cleared by Review Board and reinstated 3/06.
  68. Priest Hugh Behan Accused Jefferson City, MO:  Native of Ireland. Accused  in 1993 of abuse of 13 yr old girl in 1983. Also claim of  sexual misconduct with 18 yr old woman.  Allowed to continue working until 1999 when different Bishop placed him on leave. In 2002 he was working for Disney World in Florida as a greeter. Parishioners from MO saw him and reported to Diocese.  Disney World fired him immediately but he claims he quit for health reasons.
  69. Priest James A. Beine Convicted St. Louis, MO: Civil suit filed 1994 alleged abuse of 2 boys beginning in 1967. 7 other suits filed. Left priesthood in 1977.  2 claims settled for $110K. Beine was working as school counselor as of 2002. Convicted 2003 on fed. charge of  possession of child porn (later overturned). Also convicted 2003 of exposing himself to 3 students. Sentenced to 12 yrs but sentence overturned by Court.  Laicized 2005. MO permanently revoked teaching license as of 10/07. Reportedly living in Las Vegas 8/07.
  70. Priest Gerardo Beltran Charged Sacramento, CA: Warrant issued 1992 re abuse in 1991 of young girls. Fled  to Mexico before the warrant could be served and was active priest there. Reports in 2007 that Mexican villagers wanted him removed because rumors  about him and teenage girls for many years.  Never able to meet with Bishop. Another US victim (a male) came forward in 2/07. Suit filed 3/07. Diocese sued victim 8/07. Arrested in Mexico 3/08 but released 8/08 before extradition. Another victim came forward 4/08. Laicization announced 2008
  71. Priest Prosper Bemunuge  Settled Denver, CO: Accused of engaging  in “various sexual acts” during a counseling session in 1988.  Out-of-court settlement reached with the female complainant in 1989. Bemunuge was originally from the Kandy diocese in Sri Lanka. He worked in the Indianapolis archdiocese 1984-85 and the New Orleans archdiocese 1985-86, before working in 2 Denver parishes 1986-88. The second Denver assignment, where the abuse is alleged, is not indexed or listed in the Directory. Name spelled Bemunge in 1985 Directory.
  72. Priest John F. Bench Accused Charleston, SC: Originally ordained for Pittsburgh Diocese. Relocated to Charleston Diocese in 1980. Resigned from Holy Cross Parish in Pickens at request of Bishop in 12/93 after accusations that he had molested one child (later revealed to be a girl). In 2000 he asked to be reinstated and transferred to  FL. Child’s parents were consulted and strenuously objected. Bishop then denied request. Died 6/6/09 in FL.
  73. Priest Claude J. Bender Sued Camden, NJ: Boy claimed he was abused by Bender during 1970s. Settled claim for $25,000 in 1993.    Bender was on sick leave per 1990 Catholic Directory and died 10/19/91.  Diocese said it did not know about Bender’s behavior until after his death.
  74. Priest Joseph J. Bender Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA: Accused  of abuse in an anonymous letter in  8/91. Actions to have occurred prior to 1971. Sent for evaluation. Removed 7/92. Died 2000. Named in  3 civil suits filed in 2003. At least one plaintiff was a member of St. Joe’s Little Singers, a children’s choir founded by Bender. In 5/04 Diocese paid $3.71M to settle claims by 21 people alleging abuse by 11 priests, including Bender.
  75. Priest Thomas J. Bender Convicted Allentown, PA: Convicted 1988. Abuse of boy. 7 years probation. New accusations 2006 where he was arrested on charges of online solicitation of detective posing as 14 yr old boy. Bender pleaded guilty 7/06 but asked in 8/06  to withdraw his guilty plea based on a recent appellate decision. Pleaded guilty to federal charges 2/07. Sentenced to 10 yrs prison 5/08. Laicized in May, 2005
  76. Priest Arthur Bendixen Settled Orlando, FL: Chancellor of Diocese of Orlando from 1984-91 and Rector of Seminary 1991-1993. Seen nude in bed w/ nude boy by priest 1978. Former priest and a church activist claim they asked for investigations in 1986 and 1992 but nothing done. Sued 1994. Accused of abuse of several boys. Several settlements in 1995. Since 2009, Bendixen has been vice president  for programs and partnerships for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.
  77. Priest Francis A. Benham  Convicted Washington, DC: First complaint made in 1979; sent for treatment.  Pleaded guilty in 2005 to molesting 15-year-old boy and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl in the late 1970s. Sentenced to 2 concurrent 10 yr sentences but suspended all but 18 months. Released from  prison 1/06, followed by 3 yrs probation. Placed on sex offender registry.  Previously worked in Columbus OH and in IL. In IL he was a certified child care provider with Human Services. Cited 10/12 in IL for  practicing clinical psychology without a license.
  78. Priest Michael C. Benham Accused Milwaukee, WI: Complaint received by Archdiocese in fall, 2003. Removed from duties 01/04 after “substantiated” allegation that he sexually abused a minor multiple times in Racine from 1976-1980, starting when the youth was 9.   DA’s office says statute of limitations expired so could not prosecute. Archdiocese says Benham admitted abusing the youth. Laicized per Archdiocesan list  updated 11/26/07. Died 2/29/12
  79. Priest Harry S. Benjamin Convicted Detroit, MI: Removed from duties in 1989  after accusations he abused a 14 yr old boy during overnight pizza and beer parties at the rectory and on trip to Europe. Admitted the abuse in 11/89 resignation letter. Name not released until 5/02. Criminal charges filed  in 2002; sentenced after 2003 plea agreement to 1 yr prison. Laicized in 1992 but continued to say mass without permission thru 2005. On VA Sex Offender Registry as of  7/10.
  80. Priest Joseph R. Bennett Settled Chicago, IL: Archdiocese received allegations by 11/12/02 that Bennett had sexually abused 3 boys in 1976-78. Oral sex was alleged. Despite polygraph confirmation, Review Board found ‘no reasonable cause to suspect’. Alleged on 12/3/03 to have abused 2 girls in 1967-69, including rape. Board recommended removal on 10/15/05; Cardinal George kept Bennett in ministry until McCormack case broke. Removed 1/31/06; then at least 10 other allegations were received. Settlement 8/12/08 released some documents.
  81. Priest Richard L. Bennett Sued Joliet, IL: Diocese learned of abuse allegation in 2004. Bennett said to have abused youth once in 1976 after learning of abuse by another priest. Review board said allegation unfounded. Bennett still active as of 4/06 but under supervision. Civil suit filed by plaintiff in 5/06 but dismissed by the Court in Oct. 2006.  All supervision of Bennett was removed in May, 2007.
  82. Priest Gustavo Benson Convicted San Bernardino, CA: Arrested in San Bernardino for abuse of 2 boys. Pleaded no contest 1/87 re 1 and given 3 yrs probation and treatment in New Mexico. 6/02 article says he moved to Mexico and was assigned to a diocese there. Calif. Bishop told Tijuana Bishop of Benson’s history and that he should never have access to adolescents. Two filed civil suit 12/03.  Listed on 3/07 list released by San Diego Diocese. Personnel file released 10/10. He is currently working for church in Ensenada, Mexico.
  83. Priest David G. Bentley Settled Albany, NY: In 1994 one man rec’d $150K settlement  for abuse in the 1970s at the Albany Home for Children. In 1997, his brother received $70K settlement and 3rd brother rec’d unspecified amount. Allegations from others. Bentley continued to serve in Africa, OH and NM. Finally placed on leave 4/02. 1994 Plaintiff rec’d another $225K in 2002.  A civil suit was filed in 2002 and later dismissed by Court.  Civil suit also filed in Boston 5/05.
  84. Priest James J. Bergin Sued Rockville Centre, NY: Accused of abuse of at least two individuals. Died 1992. 1 claim settled for $25K in fall, 1993. Weeks later, plaintiff was dead of heroin overdose.  Parents furious that Alan Placa (for diocese) agreed to cash settlement with person who was an active addict. Suffolk County Grand Jury’s description of Priest E matches a public allegation against Bergin. Named in 2003 civil suit.
  85. Priest Matthew Berko  Convicted St. Petersburg, FL: Berko, a member of Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of St. Josaphat of Parma, was working in Toronto, Canada when he abused a 14 yr old girl. Pleaded guilty 1985 to molestation charge and served a year of probation in Connecticut. Girl and family sued and won judgment (never paid). Berko turned up as pastor of Ukrainian Catholic church in St. Petersburg FL. Removed from these duties in 4/02 when Ukrainian Bishop was informed of his past. Died 5/08.
  86. Priest Polienato Bernabe Indicted St. Petersburg, FL: Ordained by Lingayen-Dugapan archdiocese in the Philippines. Worked in St. Petersburg diocese 1975-89. Accused of repeatedly raping girl there 1978-86, starting when she was 8 years old. Listed as Army chaplain in Ogdensburg NY diocese 1989-91. Listed in Palm Beach FL diocese as parish priest 1992-94. Fled country after allegations became known in 2002. In 1/03 the Diocese of St. Petersburg reached $33,500 out-of-court settlement with the woman. Announcement 4/06 that Bernabe died in 2004.
  87. Priest Andre M. Bernard Accused Worcester, MA: Served as Air Force Chaplain from 1975 – 1991. Bernard’s name listed on Privilege Log provided by Military Vicariate in Robert Peebles matter in Diocese of Dallas. Listed  as “absent on leave” per 1993 and 1995 Official Catholic Directories.
  88. Priest John P. Bernard Sued Camden, NJ: Accused of abuse of one youth for 5 years, beginning 1972. 1994 RICO lawsuit settled in 2003. 2 other claims settled for $50,000 in 1993. Left parish ministry in 1977 to be military chaplain. Retired in 1992 and permanently removed from ministry.
  89. Priest John B. Berning  Accused Cincinnati, OH: Several suits filed in 2003 by at least 7 plaintiffs.  Berning admitted in 2002 letters to abuse of one youth. May also have admitted abuse of others. One accuser said he told an archdiocesan employee in 1963 but nothing done. He retired in 1970 and moved to Florida.  Privileges removed in 2003.  Died at age 97 in 2004.
  90. Priest Gary D. Berthiaume Convicted Detroit, MI: Removed from duty. Convicted of abuse of 2 in 1978 in Detroit. Served 6 months in jail then transferred to Cleveland diocese where he offended again and then  moved in 1987 to Joliet Diocese. Detroit victim  filed civil suit 1983. Another suit filed in 1999 which alleged abuse in 1980s.  Living in Illinois retreat house as of 2002. Laicization announced 11/07.
  91. Priest George A. Berthiaume Sued Springfield, MA: Berthiaume (now deceased) was accused of abuse by one man, who also alleged abuse by other priests and two bishops in Springfield and Worcester dioceses. Complainant reportedly passed two polygraph tests. Worcester diocese investigated “several years ago” and deemed claims not credible. Springfield diocese stated that nothing in its files corroborates the allegations. Plaintiff currently in a Texas prison for an unrelated murder. Berthiaume died 12/3/85.
  92. Priest George C. Berthold Sued Boston, MA: Sued 2000. Lawsuit accused him of sexual assault and battery in 1976. Archdiocese said it  learned of allegations in 1999. While dean of St. John’s undergraduate college in Brighton in 1995, he was accused of improper advances towards a freshman seminarian. Cardinal Law dismissed him but then allowed him to teach in NC in 1997.   Archdiocese finally withdrew permission and he was fired. Personnel file released 12/02. Still on administrative leave  8/11; canonical proceedings are still in process.
  93. Priest John Patrick Bertolucci Sued Albany, NY: 2002 suit says Bertolucci abused a man from 1976 to 1979 when plaintiff was 12. Suit filed after Plaintiff said that priest harassed his parents by phone so that they would retract the claims against the priest. Bishop and Diocese dismissed from suit in7/03; suit against priest dismissed 10/03.  Bertolucci admitted sexually abusing teenagers in 1970s but not how many. Active until spring of 2002 and then asked for early retirement. Diocese permanently removed his facilities in 6/02.
  94. Priest Albert Berube Accused Fall River, MA: Berube’s name appeared on list of 21  priests accused of abuse which District Attorney released 9/02. List says one alleged victim but provides no other information. Died 6/26/73 at age 80.
  95. Priest Louis F. Berube Accused Portland, ME: Accused of abuse of girls in 1954, 1961-1962, and 1971.  He retired in 1992 and died in 2002.  Bishop announced in 2006 that  Berube’s name would appear on a “list of deceased priests who, based on available information, would likely be removed from the ministry if they were alive today.”
  96. Priest Matthias A Berumen Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse from 1985-1988. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser claiming abuse in 1990. Also named in civil suit.
  97. Priest Edward F. Beutner Sued Superior, WI: Placed on leave in 2002 when allegations first surfaced.  Accused  by 1 man in 11/21/06 civil suit re abuse of 4 boys in late 1960s. Plaintiff says his abuse occurred during an overnight trip to MN  so suit filed in that state. Beutner served at Cathedral of Christ the King from 1966 to 1968 and Holy Assumption Church from 1975 to 1978 as well as numerous other churches & Univ. Woman also says she told Diocese 4 yrs ago that Beutner had abused her 10 yrs previously. Retired.
  98. Priest Thomas R. Bevan Convicted Baltimore, MD: Removed 8/09 after allegations that he sexually abused a minor boy several times at  St. John’s  school in Frederick between 1974-1979. He denied.  Archdiocese learned of allegations 6/09 and notified police. Another allegation made in 2005 dated back to 1974 but review board found “insufficient evidence” and he wasn’t removed. 4 allegations found credible 11/09. Perm. removed from active ministry 11/09. Criminal charges filed 2/10. Plea agreement 9/10. 10 yr susp. sentence & 18 mo home detention.
  99. Priest Vijaya “Vijay” Bhaskar Godugunuru Sued Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL: Bhasker, a priest from India, was visiting friends in Florida and assisting a local parish when he was accused of sexual abuse of a 15 yr old girl at Blessed Trinity Church in 6/06. Arrested. Later pled guilty to aggravated assault.  Did not serve prison time but was forced to return to his home country of India as part of his plea deal. Civil suit filed 2/08 by girl’s parents. He was working as priest in Sarteano, Italy until 4/18/10.
  100. Priest David W. Bialkowski  Accused Buffalo, NY: Removed from current assignment at St. John Gualbert parish in Cheektowaga  2/11 after man came forward to allege that Bialkowski had  touched his upper thigh and made suggestive statements to him 10 yrs previously when the accuser was a teenager. Diocese first said he was on medical leave and then admitted that it was administrative leave 3/11. Two additional accusers have come forward as of 3/8/11.
  101. Priest Earl Bierman Convicted Covington, KY: First complaints received in 1961. May have abused as many as 100 boys.  Convicted of abuse of 6 boys in 1993 and received 20-year sentence. Died in prison 2005. Sued in both KY and NM. 1 case in 1995 went to Jury verdict of $700,000 in punitive damages after Diocese accused of failing to reveal abuse of other victims. Another suit settled in 2003.
  102. Priest Robert J. Biesinger Settled Buffalo, NY: 1995 law suit filed in Chicago alleges Biesinger sexually assaulted and abused a 15 year old girl on trip to Chicago for drill team competition as well as at other times. Biesinger allowed to resign as pastor and later resigned.  Suit settled in 1996 when Diocese paid $125,000. A second woman came forward to allege that he had abused her in 1965 when she sought counseling as a “young adult.”
  103. Priest Alfred J. Bietighofer Settled Bridgeport, CT: At least 4 men allege in 2002 that Bietighofer abused them in late 1970s and early 1980s at Blessed Sacrament Parish. Sent to St. Luke’s for treatment 5/02 but hung himself in room. Served in Peru in 1974 and 1986. A diocesan official knew of a complaint against Bietighofer in 1996. Claims against Bietighofer settled by Diocese as part of massive settlement in 10/03 where. Diocese paid $21M  to 40 people who claim that they were abused by 16 priests. Another accusation rec’d 12/09.
  104. Priest Charles Bigelin  Accused Portland, ME:  Died in 1962. He was accused of abuse in 2002 per documents released by the Maine Atty General office 5/05.  Man reported to Archdiocese and Atty Gen. in 2002 that Bigelin had attempted to molest him at age 13 (in approx. 1953) at  St. Mary’s Parish in Old Town.
  105. Priest Harold N. Biller Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA: As of 3/04 Biller and 14 other priests had been named in a series of 13 lawsuits  as priests having a “sexual interest in children” and being known to the diocese for that tendency. Unable to identify specific allegations against Biller. Still active as pastor of St. Patrick School per diocese website 1/09.
  106. Priest Joseph E. Birmingham Sued Boston, MA: Accused of abusing more than 50 boys and 1 girl, beginning in seminary. Archdiocese first learned of abuse in 1964 when he admitted abusing 2 boys. After transfer he reoffended and was transferred again. Sent for treatment in 1987 after he admitted abusing a boy same year. Died 4/19/1989. Paul Cultrera located other victims in 1995 and filed suit. Claim settled 1996 for $50K. Hogan complaint filed 2002 by 53 victims; settled 2003. Another lawsuit naming Birmingham & 2 others was settled for $475K 12/08.
  107. Priest Honesto Bayranta Bismonte Convicted Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1997-2001 while at St. Joseph Church in Pomona. Convicted 2003. Battery (misdemeanor) of two sisters, age 12 & 8 when abuse occurred. Received 2 yrs probation. Remains on inactive status as of 2006. Not a registered sex offender as of 2010.
  108. Priest Bernard W. Bissonette (Bissonnette) Sued Norwich, CT: Worked in CT, MI MN, and NM. Accused of abuse of numerous youths just about everywhere he served. One alleged victim committed suicide.  Named in 1997 civil suit. Another victim filed civil suit 2002 and in  7/06, CT Supreme Court ruled that the suit was timely filed and sent it back down to lower court to be tried. Laicized 5/20/05 but not  announced until  3/06. Cited in 11/08 RICO suit.  Died 1/09.
  109. Priest Frederick J. Bistricky Accused Milwaukee, WI: Man alleged he was abused for approx. 3 years by Bistricky.  Archdiocese notified and Bistricky retired on disability 1995. Archdiocese told man then that Bistricky would have no contact with children.  In 2002 man learned that Bistricky was helping out at weekend masses and complained to Sklba. Sklba immediately restricted Bistricky from active ministry. In 2003 review board found allegations credible. Died 12/17/06.  One settlement for $75K is known.
  110. Priest Brian Bjorklund  Accused Detroit, MI: Bjorklund, a Navy Chaplain, was removed from active duty in 2003 after allegations  he abused one individual in the early years of his career as priest. Man came forward in 2003. No criminal charges. Review board found charge to be substantive. Reinstated as active priest in 2/04 after Vatican ruled that, per canon law in place in 1975-1976, the alleged action “did not constitute the crime of sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 16.” Navy did not take him back. Died 9/25/07.
  111. Priest Maurice J. Blackwell Convicted Baltimore, MD: Placed on leave in 1993 after complaints of abuse of 1 between 1989-1992. Sent for treatment and reinstated. In 1998 he was permanently placed on leave after admitting to a sexual relationship with another minor which ended in 1970s. 1993 accuser shot and injured him in 2002 but abuse acknowledged by Archbishop. Found guilty during 2/05 criminal trial but motion for new trial granted. Trial never held.  Laicization announced in Dec. 2004.
  112. Priest William Blackwell Sued Indianapolis, IN: Blackwell, who died in 1990, is accused in 2/04 civil suit of sexually abusing one man at St. Mary School in late 1950s. Suit alleges abuse occurred at the school and on trips to home of Blackwell’s parents in Indianapolis.  2nd civil suit filed 8/05 alleged that Blackwell abused another youth between 1956 and 1961 at St. Mary’s in sacristy and the rectory and in other places.
  113. Priest Albert J. “Al” Blanchard Accused Springfield, MA: Woman told diocese in 1993 that she sought counseling from  Blanchard in 1971 at age 15. He was 30; there was a four-year “relationship” with her. He  left priesthood in 1977, was laicized 6/80 & married.  In 1993 the woman, the diocese and Blanchard settled after review board found allegations credible. In 2009 she learned he was working as volunteer  “social worker/ spiritual care coordinator” for diocese resource group & complained. It took diocese a year to finally remove him.
  114. Priest John P. Blankenship Convicted Richmond, VA: Admitted in 1988 that he sexually abused a 14 yr old male in 1982. He apologized to the victim and paid for his college education and counseling.   Worked at the Petersburg Fed. Correctional Center as chaplain for many years.  1989 note says that the Catholic chaplain regional superintendent for prisons knew of history.  Forced to retire 8/02 after victim came forward. Criminally indicted;  pled guilty to sodomy 1/03 and sentenced to indefinite supervised probation. On Sex Offender Registry.
  115. Priest Robert D. Blanpied Accused Wichita, KS: Blanpied & Diocese sued in 1995 by a man who said Blanpied abused him from age 10-15 yrs.  Suit dismissed on SOL and dismissal upheld by the state Court of Appeals in 1997.  Blanpied admitted in 1994 meeting w/ man and his family that he improperly touched the man 30 years before. Worked in Wichita Diocese from 1948 until 1969. Worked in Pueblo 1969-1994. Removed 1994 but later reassigned since he received honors in 1998 upon retirement after 50 yrs as a priest. Died 10/03.
  116. Priest R. Henry Blaszczynski Sued Camden, NJ: Accused in 1993 civil suit of abuse of girl in 1950s or 1960s. Settled suit for $176,000.    Named in the  RICO pleading filed 1994 in New Jersey.  Died 10/31/86 per 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory. Same source refers to him as R. Henry rather than Henry S. Blaszczynski.
  117. Priest Eugene E. Blazek Sued Honolulu, HI: Man filed civil suit 3/08 accusing Blazek of sexually abusing him for over a year “during or after 1979.”  Suit also mentions abuse of other youngsters. Blazek, although still part of Honolulu Diocese, had been serving as a military chaplain for over 20 years. He  retired 6/1/07 and lives in Houston, TX per Catholic Herald.
  118. Priest David L. Blizard Sued Worcester, MA: Left active priesthood in 1988. By 2002 several people had accused him of abuse. 7/02 civil suit alleged that Blizard abused one man in 1978-1980 as part of a “child sex” ring that operated out of the former House of Affirmation. Arrested 8/03 on charges of assault in 1988.  In 8/04 Court found Blizard not guilty of one charge of indecent assault and battery on a person over age 14.
  119. Priest Delbert Blong Settled Pueblo, CO: Accused of molesting boy for 20 years (1971-1992) and infecting him with HIV.  Plaintiff lived in the rectory while he was a minor. 1993 civil suit settled 12/94.  Blong admitted a relationship with the Plaintiff but countersued alleging that Plaintiff had given him AIDS.  The Diocese removed all privileges. He was not even allowed to  enter onto any property of Diocese without Bishop’s Permission
  120. Priest  Orville Blum Accused Amarillo, TX: Removed 5/02. Told his congregation in Hereford, TX that a former student at Alamo Catholic High School had accused him of molesting  her in the mid-1970s. Resigned as priest 7/02. Later found working as  groundskeeper at Amarillo Country Club
  121. Priest James R. Blume  Sued Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN: Originally a member of the Brs of Holy Cross; later ordained. Man filed suit 1991 alleging abuse from 1982-1985. Man originally complained in 1988 or  1989;    Bishop forced Blume to resign in 1989 after he completed therapy. Suit settled 11/92.  2nd man filed suit in 1992 alleging abuse at different assignment from 1985-1987. Also worked in Milwaukee in 1970s. Laicized 6.23.07. Criminal charges filed 8/09. Convicted in WI 1/10; sentenced to 20 yrs prison. Appeal denied 11/12.
  122. Priest Marjan L. Bober  Sued Camden, NJ: Accused of abuse of one youth per the 1994 RICO petition. Still believed to be an active priest.
  123. Priest Leonard Adolph Bogdan Accused Chicago, IL: Newly identified as abuser in Chicago Archdiocese report 3.20.06. Accused 1983. Allegation withdrawn 1986. Retired from Kalamazoo Diocese 6.30.00 and moved to AZ. Accusation  was reasserted in 8/01 and deemed credible in 9/01. Privileges removed 3/02
  124. Priest Kenneth Bohlinger Accused Lafayette, IN: Took church boys on camping trips, supplied alcohol and pornography, and played sex games with them. Bishop learned in 1988 that Bohlinger had abused young relative years earlier.  Bohlinger then admitted abusing the church youths. Sent for therapy in 1988. Says quit abusing in 1986. Admits being addicted to children.  Has not been an active priest since 1980s.
  125. Priest Aime Boisselle  Settled Manchester, NH: Three men came forward 5/02 to allege that Boisselle had sexually abused them at  Ste. Marie Church in Manchester in early 1960s. Docs released by Atty General 3/03 show a college student had complained that Boisselle had seduced him in 1983, there were complaints in 1995 or 1996 re youths at rectory, and diocese knew about encounters with adults at gay bars & parks. At least some claims in 11/02 settlement with Diocese.
  126. Priest Phillip J. Boivin Accused Portland, ME: Accused of abuse of one man at age 9 or 10  in 1941 or 1942 at St. John Parish in Rumford per documents released by Maine AG 7/05.   Died 1953.
  127. Priest John Boland Accused Gallup, NM: Accused of sexually abusing 14 yr old boy 2/83 in Winslow AZ. Arrested; charged with 4 misdemeanors/1 felony. Plea agreement 6/93; 3 misdemeanors dropped. Sentenced 9/83 to probation on misdemeanor; felony dropped.  Boy and family never testified and never informed of results except that charges were being dismissed and he would be transferred.  Name given to diocese in 2005 but  information “discovered” in 2009 file review.  Removed 2/09.  Returned to Ireland in 2010. Settlements pending.
  128. Priest Paul J. Bolduc Accused Boston, MA: Accused on 8/21/02 of sexually abusing a minor in approximately 1961. Put on administrative leave 8/27/02 by Cardinal Law.  Died 12/2009.   Boston AD database in 8/11 says no formal determination of guilt  either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.  Bolduc’s obituary says that he was cleared by the Review Board 7/03 and allowed to return to his public ministry without restrictions.
  129. Priest Michael C. Bolesta  Accused Philadelphia, PA: Accused of abuse of at least 11 male teenagers ages 16-17 in 1990-1991. Evaluated at St. Luke’s treatment center. Reassigned.   Died Jan. 2004.  Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were accused of sexual misconduct with a minor with no conclusive evidence.. Archdiocese now says allegations were credible.
  130. Priest Ronald W. Bollich Sued Beaumont, TX: Civil suit filed 4/12/12 against Diocese of Beaumont and its Bishop alleges Bollich abused one 14 yr old boy at Sacred Heart Parish Church in Nacogdoches, TX in 1976-1977. At the time of the abuse, parish was part of the Beaumont Diocese.  It later became part of Tyler, TX diocese. Bollich retired due to health reasons in 1994 and died in 1996. In 9/12, two other men joined the existing case and alleged abuse by Bollich during the same time period.
  131. Priest Henry A. Boltz Accused Portland, ME: Ordained for Diocese of Calgary in 1920. Came to Portland in 1931 and incardinated 1935. Per 2005 documents released by Maine Atty General, he was accused of abuse by three men who alleged abuse in late 1940s – early 1950s. Retired 1966 and died at age 79 in 1970.
  132. Priest Wilfred (Wilfrid) F Bombardier Settled Manchester, NH: Ordained as member of Congregation of Blessed Sacrament Fathers in Cleveland. Lots of missionary work. Became member of  Manchester Diocese in 1970 and was working in Albuquerque, NM when he was accused in 1993 of abuse of two boys at  St. Charles Parish between 1966-1970.  Also accused of abuse in Manchester in  1975.  Admitted to short-term relationship with a male in Philippines. Shown as retired in 1989 Catholic Directory. He  died in 2000.
  133. Priest Herman Bongers Accused Davenport, IA:  Accused in 2005 of abuse of 5 youths at St. Vincent’s orphanage in 1966.  Died 1971. Case settled 2/17/06.  Earliest known abuse was 1948.
  134. Priest Luis A. Bonilla Margarito  Sued Allentown, PA:  In lawsuit filed 8/10, parents of a 19 yr old  girl allege that Bonilla (school chaplain) started a relationship with her when she was a 17 or 18 yr old senior in 2008-2009. Relationship continued after parents complained.  He was removed from parish 11/09; sent to treatment.  Relationship continued while he was in treatment. Girl gave birth to his daughter girl 7/10. He left therapy at some point and is  living with the girl & baby. Diocese asked that he be laicized. Judge ruled case can proceed 1/11.
  135. Priest David L. Bonin Sued Rochester, NY: 21 yr old man filed suit 11/08 against Bishop and Diocese alleging that Bonin (who died at age 53 in 3/02) abused him weekly from 1998-2001 when he was ages 9-12. Man first made his allegations known in 2007. A second individual has also made allegations. Bonin was assigned to St. Mary’s on the Lake at the time. In 4/09 NY Sup. Court denied diocese motion to dismiss. Diocese included his name on 6/7/12 list of priests removed between 2002 and 2010.
  136. Priest John Bonn Accused Davenport, IA: As part of Davenport Diocese bankruptcy, woman alleged abuse as a minor by Bonn and two other priests. Review board reportedly told her the allegations were credible and she received a settlement.  Diocese refused to list the names of these 3 and 15 other priests on their website, saying the allegations were not proven. Woman filed motion in Bankruptcy Court 7/19/12 to force addition of the 3 names to Diocese’s public list and  in 8/12 Court ruled in her favor. Bonn died in 1975
  137. Priest John J. Bonzagni Settled Springfield, MA: Woman filed suit in 2003 alleging that she was fondled by Bonzagni on 3 occasions while she was 16 and preparing for confirmation. Woman said that she notified the diocese on 2 occasions (first in 2002).  Her claims settled as part of 8/04 $7.5M settlement reached between 45 claimants and the Springfield diocese involving 18 priests. Cleared by diocese 11/04. Named monsignor 12/06. Head of the pastoral planning office in 2008.
  138. Priest James T. Booth Sued San Diego, CA: Woman filed suit 2/03 alleging that Booth abused her when she was 15 in late 1960s.  A second woman filed suit  12/03  alleging that he molested her between 1965-1967. He left priesthood in 1971 after 25 yrs to marry a 19 yr old university student. Later became an Episcopal priest living in Calif. Has denied all allegations. Name appears on list released by San Diego Diocese 3/07. Personnel file released 10/24/10.
  139. Priest Charles Bordenca Accused Birmingham, AL: Accused of molesting a 12 yr old boy in 1960s. “Retired” in 1991 but continued to work part time  in Mobile Archdiocese until removed by Bishop Foley in 2002 after Dallas Bishops Conference. Also accused of inappropriately touching several men during counseling situations. Other minor victims known.
  140. Priest Raymond H. Bornbach Accused La Crosse, WI: Woman told the Diocese 1/03 that Bornbach  had molested her for over a year and a half in 1971, beginning when she was 8 years old. Another person  complained about Bornbach 3/01 and the fact that he still visited sick patients at a hospital in Marshfield. He would grope and kiss women in psych unit.  Board substantiated 2003 claim in 2004 and his privileges as a priest were removed. Died 2006. Accuser filed civil suit 12/31/08 against Diocese. Final count of suit dismissed by Court 2/12.
  141. Priest Edmund S. Borycz Accused Detroit, MI: Removed 2002. Accused of abuse  of 5 youths between 1963 and 1987. Police knew of 1 allegation in 1987 but file sealed.  In 6/06 Vatican placed him on  permanently inactive status with no privileges
  142. Priest John R. Bostwick, III Accused Harrisburg, PA: Ordained in the Baltimore Diocese, transferred to the Richmond Diocese and was on loan to Mt. St. Mary’s College in Maryland at the time of the alleged abuse of  one youth in 1980-82 in Harrisburg, PA   He was assigned to the Lafayette, LA Diocese from 1992 -1996 at request of his friend, the Lafayette Bishop. When charges surfaced he was suspended from duties in Louisiana and  asked to return to Richmond and be scheduled for evaluation.
  143. Priest Clarence R Boucher Accused Boston, MA: Woman gave public testimony in 2/07 that Boucher had touched her inappropriately when she was 13. Events occurred at St. Jean the Baptiste in Lynn.  His behavioral habits with young girls were well-known within the  parish.  Boucher was never punished by the Archdiocese.  He retired in 1982 and died in 2001. Boston AD database 8/11 reported no formal determination of guilt because he died prior to a canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.
  144. Priest Paul T. Boudreau Settled Springfield, MA 1 claim included in 2004  $7.5M settlement between 45 claimants and the Diocese of Springfield involving 18 priests. First public mention of his name. Suspended in 1991 after being on leave for several years but not in 1989 Catholic directory. Supposedly  “abandoned priesthood.”
  145. Priest Albert L. Boulanger Settled Manchester, NH: Multiple allegations made against Boulanger between early 1960s and 2003.  Repeatedly admissions by Boulanger, he was sent  for therapy and then returned to active ministry multiple times. Also received treatment for alcohol abuse. Retired 2000 and finally placed on leave 2/02 when 3 additional accusations were made against him. Died 6/02. At least one claim included in 11/02 settlement re 28 priests.
  146. Priest Maurice R. Boulanger Accused Manchester, NH: Accused of sodomy (once) and mutual oral sex (6-7 times) with one boy aged 14-15 in 1978-1979. Died 4/03.
  147. Priest Garry Boulden Sued Spokane, WA: Woman filed suit in 2004 alleging that Boulden had molested her beginning when she was 12 yrs old and a student at a Spokane parish. Article says that parish priest was informed at the time and all he did was blame the girl and ask why she was threatening the career of a “fine young priest.”  Left active  ministry in 1983 and moved to Seattle where he worked for Police Dept. Still priest in 2002. Bishop admitted 11/07 that allegations were credible.
  148. Priest Norman J. Boulet Accused Fall River, MA: name appeared on list of 21  priests accused of abuse which District Attorney released 9/02. List says two alleged victims but provides no other information. Both 1993 and 2002 Catholic Directories show him “on sick leave.”
  149. Priest John F. Bowe Accused Philadelphia, PA: One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment: He was in residence at St. Joseph rectory in Warrington, Bucks County. Found “unsuitable for ministry” per 7/6/12 announcement due to violation of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries. There are no substantiated allegations of sexual abuse.
  150. Priest Donald J. Bowen Convicted Fall River, MA: Woman was 9 when first sexual abuse occurred and it continued until she was 16. He wrote letters saying that he would leave the priesthood to marry her. She told Diocese 1990 and accepted $200K settlement 1992. Bowen served in Bolivia for 28 yrs before Boston indictment in 2002. Charged  with indecent assault & battery of person under 14 & lascivious acts on a person under 16. Pled guilty 2005; 2 yrs jail and 10 yrs probation & registration as sex offender. Not found on list 2/10.
  151. Priest Robert F. Bower Arrested Erie, PA: Arrested 1999 on charges of downloading internet child pornography. Charges later dropped on legal technicality. Resigned from priesthood 4/02. 3 women spoke with previous bishop in 1982 to complain that Bower had been receiving pornography at church. These women filed suit 4/03 against current and past Bishops alleging slander. Complaint dismissed by court and dismissal upheld 7/04.
  152. Priest Richard J. Bowles Sued St. Augustine, FL: Bowles resigned in 2003 after admitting he molested a boy 34 years before. Someone had contacted Diocese in 8/03 and Diocese began investigation. A psychiatrist examined Bowles shortly after the abuse of the victim in 1969.  A 2nd victim came forward to allege abuse in same time-frame  on out-of-state trip. His parents complained to Diocese in 1971 when abuse occurred. Same person filed suit 5/05 and settled 10/05 for $30K.
  153. Priest Robert A. Bowling Sued Louisville Ky:Left Louisville in 1969 and transferred to Reno NV. In 2002 at least 9 women claimed that he molested or abused them at various times between mid-1950s and 1963 when they were minors in Kentucky. He is also accused of molesting adult women in  Reno. Louisville settled with 11 victims 6/03 as part of $25.7M settlement. Bowling died 6/03.
  154. Priest Robert Peter Bowman Accused Chicago, IL: Former Vicar for Admin. Retired in 2001. Removed from duties 5/02 after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor more than 45 years previously surfaced 4/02. Another  allegation of inappropriate behavior was apparently made 1 or 2 years ago but was found unsubstantiated by the Fitness Review Board who termed it “horseplay that might have been misinterpreted.” Vatican ordered permanent removal from public ministry 9/05. Died 4/11
  155. Priest Thomas Boyce Sued Jackson, MS: Woman filed civil suit  in 2002 alleging that Boyce abused her for several years in 1970s-1980s. She was between 13-18 during the time of the abuse. Suit dismissed by MS Appeals Court on SOL 6/06.  Boyce died 2002. Diocese acknowledged abuse in 2003. In1/07 MS Supreme Court declined to hear Plaintiff’s appeal.
  156. Priest John Boyd Settled Manchester NH: Diocese settled one case 4/05 for an undisclosed amount after a woman alleged  that  Boyd had molested her when she was between ages of 7-8 in 1957 at St. Joseph’s school in Laconia. He would make her perform oral sex on him. Happened over 25 times. Sometimes he would give her $1.50 after the abuse.  Died in 1968.
  157. Priest Richard (Rick) Boyd Convicted Crookston, MN: Convicted in 1984 of possession of magazines containing child pornography. Two yrs  probation and 6 mo. therapy. Police investigated in 2003 and did find adult porn on website he built. He took indefinite leave of absence and resigned from parish in 2003 saying “innuendo and gossip” about the 1984 conviction  destroyed his credibility as minister.  2007 article says he was “subsequently laicized” and that Boyd has appealed the dismissal.
  158. Priest David J. Boyea  Convicted Green Bay, WI: Accusations that he abused 9-12 boys over 5 yrs. One woman said she told Aux. Bishop in 1979 that Boyea had molested her son. $12M civil suit filed 11/86  on behalf of three victims but suit is believed to be sealed; In 8/85 Boyea  pleaded guilty  to 1 criminal charge and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Petition to reduce sentencing denied 9/88. Released 1995. Lifetime listing on sex offender registry.
  159. Priest Gerald F. Boyer Accused Lansing, MI: in 9/03 man accused Boyer of raping him in 1961 at age 12.  Man was altar boy and helped at weekday mass.  Boyer asked him to stay and talk and then raped him.  Man told his parents and they asked him to keep matter quiet. Per the man, Boyer shot and killed himself in approx. 1973.
  160. Priest Leland Boyer Sued Los Angeles CA: Sued 2003. Accused of abuse from 1973-1982. LA archdiocese counts 2 accusers.  Deceased
  161. Priest Dennis A. Boylan Accused Amarillo, TX: Removed in 2002 because of sexual abuse allegations. No specific information found on actual allegations. Received treatment at Jemez Springs at some point. 1993 Catholic Directory shows him on sick leave from Kalamazoo Diocese.  In 2004 he was apparently active again because he was conducting funerals in Amarillo.
  162. Priest John J. Boyle Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA: In 4/03 suit  man accused Boyle of abusing him  in 1970s when he was a teenager. Said Boyle would get him to drink until he was unconscious and then rape him.  Second suit filed 8/03. Plaintiff said Boyle abused him from 1958-1960. A third suit filed 11/03 alleged abuse of Plaintiff from 1958-1963. Boyle  retired and was removed from public ministry.  In 5/04 Diocese paid $3.71M to settle claims by 21 people alleging abuse by 11 priests, including Boyle.
  163. Priest Edmund J. Boyle Convicted Seattle, WA: Convicted 1987. Lewdness with child in Reno, NV. Sued 2003. Accused of abuse in 1960s in Portland. In 2005 three siblings (2 girls and 1 boy) settled claims against Seattle Archdiocese for $1.1 million. Other claims still pending. Boyle is accused of molesting at least 9 boys and girls in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Died 1995. One claim settled in Seattle 10/07 for $270,000. Four others settled in 2009.
  164. Priest Charles V. Bradley Accused Paterson, NJ: Accused of abusing youngsters in 1981 per  4/02 articles.  1993 Catholic Directory showed him working at a Catholic High School.  Removed from his assignment in 1995 and “has never again functioned as a priest” per Bishop Rodimer in the April article
  165. Priest Theodore F. Xavier Bradley Accused Spokane, WA: In 1994 suit woman accused Bradley of using premarital counseling to break up her engagement and start an affair with her. She was 17 when counseling started. The woman won a settlement of unknown amount. Bradley “retired” in 1995 but apparently was allowed  to return to limited ministry. Placed on leave 2002. Another woman filed suit 5/04 alleging that she was sexually abused as a 5 yr old by Bradley from 1969-1970.  He will continue to draw pension from Diocese per 4/07 article. No privileges.
  166. Priest John Joseph Brady Sued New York, NY: Per  2/04 article, woman says she was abused every Sunday from 1944-1948 by Brady, a former pastor at St. Catherine’s of Genoa parish in Manhattan. She says that her sister and other girls were also abused by Brady. Claims are included in suit filed 2/26/04 by woman and 14 other victims of abuse by total of  11 priests. Deceased.
  167. Priest Thomas F. Brady Arrested Brooklyn, NY: Arrested 10/14/11 on recent charges of inappropriately touching a 13 yr old boy.  Immediately placed on administrative leave. Another boy has made similar allegation.  He retired from Good Shepherd Parish in Marine Park in 2009 but still lives in the rectory. He has had multiple strokes and is undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer. Many  blame his medical conditions for his behavior. No indictment 5/12 on criminal charges  but remains on leave while diocese continues investigation.
  168. Priest Vincent Brady Settled Sacramento, CA: One woman came forward in 1999 to allege abuse  in 1970s when she was in early teens. She filed suit 2000 and it settled for $350,000. Brady sent for therapy and reassigned until 2nd woman came forward in 2002 re abuse in 1970s. Diocese found her allegation credible. She filed suit and it settled in Feb. 2004. 3rd woman also sued. First victim filed a new suit alleging  defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress after Brady revealed her suit.
  169. Priest Robert J. Brague Sued Scranton, PA: In 1988 bishop learned that Brague was involved in sexual relationship with girl starting at age 17. Brague denied initially but confessed when girl got pregnant. Civil suit filed. Settled 1995. Brague moved to Venice FL diocese and continued as a priest until his death in 1997.
  170. Priest James E. Braley Accused Boston, MA: Braley, pastor of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Parish in Plymouth, was removed 2/12 after recent allegation of abuse of a minor in early 1980s. The archdiocese notified authorities and has begun its own investigation. Braley has denied allegations. Braley was assigned  at St. Peter Parish, in Cambridge, from 1975 to 1981, and at Archbishop Williams High School, in Braintree, from 1981 to 1986.
  171. Priest Gerard L. Branconnier Sued Worcester, MA: Accused in 1993 (?) civil suit of abusing 16 yr old boy at North American Martyrs Parish, Auburn some years previously. Removed from active duty in 1993. Suit settled for approx. $35K. In 2006 same Plaintiff alleged that Branconnier was continuing to function as a priest (without authorization from Diocese) and asked that he be laicized.
  172. Priest Ronald E. Brassard Sued Providence, RI: Plaintiff claims he was 13 and student at St. Henry’s Seminary in Illinois in 1970s when abuse began. Said Brassard and several other priests abused him Sued 1995. Diocese said that, due to inconsistencies, Brassard would remain active at Immaculate Conception Parish in Cranston pending further investigation. Still active pastor at same church per diocesan website accessed 9/22/07.
  173. Priest David Francis Braun Accused Chicago, IL: Newly identified as abuser in Archdiocesan Report of 3.20.06. Deceased as of 12/97. No other information found.
  174. Priest Eugene Braun Accused Reno, NV: Accused  in 2005 of abuse of at least 2-3 girls in mid-1960s at Little Flower Church. He denied all allegations.  One of the girls told her mother who alerted another priest.  This priest promised that Braun would be “put in a mental hospital.  Instead, he left the priesthood   “on his own” about 1975. One of the women  settled her claim prior to 8/07.
  175. Priest George V. Bredemann Convicted Phoenix, AZ: Attended 3 seminaries; one said he should never be a priest. Former executive for Boy Scouts. Abused 15 boys before becoming a priest and at least 8 after. Arrested 1988. Sentenced 1 yr jail in 1989 and lifetime probation (after intervention by Bp O’Brien). Victims were 8, 10 and 14 yrs old. Arrested in  Miami trying to flee to Brazil. Sentenced to 45 years. Civil suits filed in 1990 and 1992; settled 1991 & 1994.  Bishop knew of past allegations prior to ordination. Laicized 2003. Died in prison 4/12.
  176. Priest Christopher Breen Sued Yakima, WA: Woman filed civil suit 9/08 alleging that Breen abused her from 1968-1972 when she was a teenager attending St. Paul Cathedral Church & went to him for counseling. Breen, a native of Ireland, came to Yakima immediately after ordination. He also taught at the diocesan high school. He took a one-yr leave of absence in 1978 but never returned and later left the priesthood and married. Suit settled 3/11 for $287.5K. Also named in 2nd suit 11/10 as having knowledge of abuse by Sean Dolan and doing nothing.
  177. Priest Vincent Ignatius Breen Sued Oakland, CA: In 1982, Breen, then age 70, agreed to retire (resign), seek treatment, and leave area to avoid prosecution for fondling eight girls over 1 1/2 yr period. May have been as many as 100 victims. Vicar General Macchi of the Diocese stated that he  had first heard “rumors” of Msgr. Breen’s activities 3 years before.  Died in 1986. Civil suit filed in 2003(?). New suit filed 11/10 re abuse in 1980-81.
  178. Priest Edward C. Brennan Sued Brooklyn, NY: Named in 2002 suit against 12 priests where 1 girl accused him of abuse when she was 11. Also named in massive civil suit filed 10/03 where 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests.  In the suit  two sisters  accused Brennan of sexually abusing them from 1965-1969 and 1967 through 1974. Girls were 9 and 7 when abuse began. Believed to have died in 2000.
  179. Priest Francis Brennan Sued Scranton, PA: Civil suit filed 2005 alleging abuse in 1961. Abuse reported at the time to bishop, who moved him to a convent. He was reassigned to Parish in 1970. Court ruled in 2006 that plaintiff waited too long to file suit.  A 2nd victim came forward to allege abuse in same time period. Brennan died1974. In 7/07 the Superior Court of PA upheld the 2006 ruling that SOL had run.
  180. Priest George Brennan Sued Venice, FL: Civil suit filed 11/05 accuses Brennan of abusing an 11 yr old boy in early 1980s when Brennan was seminary student at Incarnation Catholic Church. Brennan pleaded no contest in 1991 to exposing himself to undercover  deputy at a highway rest stop.  Retired 9/08 but continued to assist at  Incarnation Parish.  Died 1/20/11.
  181. Priest James J. Brennan Sued Philadelphia, PA: In 1/06 he was accused in 1/06 of abuse in 1998 and removed.  In 8/06 Archbishop deemed there had been abuse and permanently removed him. Matter referred to the Vatican. Named in report and presentment by new Philadelphia Grand Jury on 2/10/11.Accused of raping a14 yr old boy in 1996. Defense attorney is casting doubt on veracity of Plaintiff. Refused plea agreement 6/11. Trial held but Jury deadlocked 6/12 and mistrial declared as to Brennan. To be retried 3/13. Named in new suit by 1 man 9/18/12.
  182. Priest John Lawrence Brennan Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1954-1956. Died 1983. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser.
  183. Priest Robert L. Brennan Accused Philadelphia, PA: Subject of numerous complaints about “inappropriate or suspicious behavior” with more than 20 boys dating to 1988,  He was allowed to remain active as chaplain at a nursing home for nuns until he was named in the 2005 Grand Jury Report. The archdiocese then removed him because he could not be effective in ministry after the publicity. Add’l complaint of abuse in 1960s was substantiated and he was placed on permanent leave as of 8/07. Canonical process pending.  New suit filed 5/11. On 1994 secret list.
  184. Priest William B. Brennan Accused  Detroit, MI: Placed on leave in 2003 after allegations of sexual misconduct during early years of ministry. Three female complainants made separate allegations. Archdiocese investigated for 9 months before determining that allegations were credible. Vatican permanently removed from active ministry per 9/05 announcement.. No criminal charges because of statute of limitations. Died 2/5/12.
  185. Priest Philippe “Philip” C. Breton Settled Boston, MA: Served in 14 parishes. Placed on leave 3 times–1950, 1951, and 1957–and returned to ministry 3 times. Retired in 1978. Died 1984.  Personnel files released 12/02. Accused of abusing altar boys in both Boston, MA and Manchester, NH dioceses. 4 claims included in the NH 10/02 settlement for $950K. Abuse dates back to early 1950s and Boston, at least, knew then. Boston AD database 8/11 reports no formal determination of guilt because he died prior to a canonical investigation.
  186. Priest Lawrence F. X. Brett Accused Bridgeport, CT: 1993 lawsuit claimed Brett abused a teenage altar boy from 1961-1963. Diocese received  complaint in 1964 re abuse of a 19 yr old that Brett admitted to. He also attempted to molest a high school student.  Insurance company paid $250K settlement  in 1994 to two victims  Brett molested after he  transferred to Sacramento, CA. Also abused in Baltimore, MD. He fled to Caribbean in 1993; located in 2002 but fled again. Named in 2008 civil suit. Laicized. Died 12/10.
  187. Priest Walter A. Breuning  Sued Peoria, IL: 5/02 news articles say Breuning (who retired in 1999) and six other priests in Peoria Diocese were asked to step down from public ministry. The article references “recent allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors” against all seven. Three separate suits filed 12/05 alleged abuse when they were children.  Name is sometimes spelled Breuning but it is Breuning per the Official Catholic Directories consulted. Suit dismissed by lower court but  reinstated by Appeals Court 1/09.
  188. Priest Michael E. Brewer Sued Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO: In 1990 Brewer allegedly fondled young man who was spending night at rectory.  When diocese informed, answer was “this happens to young men all the time” and that Plaintiff “would get over it.” Trial court dismissed 6 of 9 counts against Defendants. Appeals court allowed claims of negligent supervision. MO. Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that judges and juries should not question how the church supervises its clergy.
  189. Priest Joseph Cervantez  Briceno (Brecino) Convicted Phoenix, AZ: Placed on leave in 1992 after accusations he abused a young brother and sister in early 1980s. Privileges not permanently removed until 2002. Indicted 2003. Left for Mexico in 1992 and was an  active  priest there. Diocese asked him to return but he refused.  Finally waived extradition and was returned to Phoenix in Jan. 2006. Trial started 10/11/06. Pleaded guilty 10/16/06. Sentenced to 2 yrs prison and 3 yrs probation and to register as sex offender.
  190. Priest John J. Brickley Sued Dubuque, IA: 1999 lawsuit alleging Brickley abused a man from 1966-1971 (beginning when the man was 8 yrs old)  settled in 2000. Another man  said that Brickley abused him at age 12 and that he complained to archbishop at some time after 1994. Brickley placed on leave in 1998 and died same year. At least 1 claim included in $2.6 mil settlement  with Archdiocese 3/07
  191. Priest Donald P. Brickman Sued Cleveland, OH: After accusation of abuse in late 1980s, he received evaluation and treatment and then was returned to ministry without incident.   Brickman had been serving as the Diocese’s judicial vicar and was one of highest ranking priests in diocese.  Obvious promotions within Diocese after he abused and was returned to duty. Placed on leave in 2002 and named in 2003 civil suit. Laicization announced 12/26/08.
  192. Priest Brian J. Brinker Accused Rockville Centre, NY: Woman filed complaint in 1996 with police and diocese accusing Brinker of inappropriately touching her son on trip to San Francisco and showing him pornographic movies in Las Vegas. Psychiatric report was completed but Brinker allowed to continue working. In March, 2002 he was placed on leave but then allowed to resume work. In 2005 the Vatican founds claims against him to be unsubstantiated.
  193. Priest Terence P. “Terry” Brinkman Sued Galveston-Houston, TX: Man filed civil suit 7/10 alleging that Brinkman had molested and raped him between 1974-1976 while assigned to St. Charles Borromeo Church in Houston. Plaintiff alleged that in at least two incidents, Brinkman used chloroform to render him unconscious before raping him. Suit was dismissed on Motions for Summary Judgment (as to SOL) 11/10. Plaintiff has requested new trial. Still active priest in Baytown at St. John the Evangelist Parish as of 12/10. Apparently never placed on leave during case.
  194. Priest Michael Broderick Accused No Affiliation: As part of Davenport Diocese bankruptcy, woman alleged abuse as a minor by Broderick and two other priests. Review board reportedly told her the allegations were credible and she received a settlement. Diocese refused to list the names of these 3 and 15 other priests on their website, saying the allegations were not proven. Woman filed motion in Bankruptcy Court 7/19/12 to force addition of the 3 names to Diocese’s public list and  in 8/12 Court ruled in her favor.  Broderick died 1984.
  195. Priest Donald Eugene Broderson  Sued Oakland, CA: 4/03 suit alleged Broderson molested one man many times while he was an altar boy. Broderson was “forced into retirement” in 1991 and officially retired later.  Diocese knew of complaints against him in 1991. He was officially restricted but still appeared in 2002 OCD. Became a marriage family therapist/licensed hypnotist in Richmond CA. Settlements in 2003. Admitted to abuse in 1970s. 6 brothers sued ’07. Case dismissed and reinstated 2/09 by Appeals Ct. CA Sup Ct dismissed 3/29/12. Died 9/19/10.
  196. Priest Joseph F. Brodnick  Accused Cleveland, OH:Placed on leave in 2002. He had previously been accused of abuse of an inappropriate relationship with girl in her late teens in the mid 1970s while in Cleveland. He had been treated, evaluated and allowed to return to duty in 1997 when he transferred to Rochester, NY Diocese. He had worked at St. Joseph’s hospital since Jan, 1997. Rochester diocese and hospital knew of past allegations.
  197. Priest Robert C. Brooks Arrested Arlington, VA: Arrested 2005 and indicted on charge of possession of or attempt to possess  child porn. Placed on leave. Pleaded no contest to charges 10/05. Sentenced in 12/05 to 3 yrs in jail, suspended in favor of 2 yrs probation.  Worked in Diocese of Richmond from 1961-1974 and in Diocese of Arlington from 1974-2004. One man came forward just before sentencing to allege that Brooks had exposed himself to the man when he was 13.
  198. Priest Thomas J. Brosmer Accused Columbus, OH: In 7/12, Brosmer was removed from current assignment at St. Cecelia Church  in Columbus after recent allegation that he had abused an 11 yr old boy at St. Nicholas Parish in Zanesville between 1969-1973. He was  also a teacher at Bishop Rosecrans High School during that time.  Police and review board notified. Review board found allegations credible. No criminal charges to be filed due to SOL. Diocese investigation continues.
  199. Priest George Broussard Sued Jackson, MS: Sued 2003. Accused of sexual abuse of 3 brothers over a 4 yr period. One plaintiff signed affidavit that his father met with Cardinal Law, then Vicar General of  Diocese, in 1973 to report the abuse but Law did nothing.  In 6/02 deposition in another case Law admitted that he failed to keep Broussard, his friend and classmate at Seminary, away from children after being warned that he was molesting children. Suit settled 3/06
  200. Priest Mark A. Broussard Arrested Lake Charles, LA: Diocese told police 12/11 about complaint by one man who alleged abuse by Broussard between 1986-1989  at St. Henry Parish in Lake Charles. He was arrested 3/22/12 & charged with  2 counts of aggravated rape and 52 counts of sexual battery. Resigned from priesthood in 1994; personnel file noted history of sexual contact with 4 other youths which were never reported to police. Arrested 4/12 on new charges re 1 of 4 names in file. Additional charges filed 6/12. Indicted 8/12  Trial set for 9/13.
  201. Priest Richard T. Brown Accused Dallas, TX: Brown is accused of molesting a teenage girl in 1981. Police were informed.  He was transferred to different parish’s without notice to pastors. Also rumors about behavior with 7th-8th grade boys. He was removed  from active duty in 1993. In 2002 articles, Dallas Diocese says he is  living “as a hermit in a New York monastery.”
  202. Priest Robert A. Brown Accused Steubenville, OH: Accused in 2005 of abusing a boy during a rectory overnight in 1970. Brown gave alcohol to group of boys and allegedly masturbated the boy as part of the abuse. Brown is alleged to have abused 3 of the boy’s cousins on other occasions. Diocese announced in 2006 that it had received a credible allegation that Brown sexually abused a minor child 1976-78 together with Mr. Paul Ditto, a lay volunteer. Retired 1984. Died 10/7/91.
  203. Priest Wayland Yoder Brown, Jr. Convicted Savannah, GA: First complaint 1969 when he was lay catechism teacher in Savannah. Bp Lessard ordained Brown despite advice from Voc. Director. Complaints through late 1980s. Returned to ministry after treatment at St. Luke’s in 1986. Abuse in 1960s and 1970s alleged by 3 men. Pled guilty 9/02 to abuse of 2 boys in 1974 while at Cath. Univ Seminary in DC; sentenced 2/6/03 to 10 yrs prison in MD.  Released 2008.  New suit filed 6/08; settled 10/09 for $4.24M. On Sex Offender Registry. New suit filed 11/11. Laicized 2004
  204. Priest Joseph Aloysius Browne Sued Covington, KY: Also referred to as “James Aloysius” Browne. Sued 2003. Accused of rape of girl who was a resident of Diocesan Children’s Home in Fort Mitchell between 1963-1966. He would give her alcohol.  Impregnated alleged victim and forced abortion. She was between ages of 13-16 when abuse occurred. He left priesthood in 1970 and married. Believed to have moved to Canada.
  205. Priest Stanley Thomas Browne Accused Green Bay, WI: Diocese says it was  notified in 2002  that Brown was accused of abusing one minor in early 1980s. May also be another victim. Browne was serving at  Ss. Peter and Paul Parish in Green Bay when the alleged abuse occurred. No info in articles re type of abuse or whether victims were male or female.
  206. Priest Ronald Bruckner Accused Santa Fe, NM: At least 5 men alleged abuse by Bruckner  in 1970s and 1980s at middle school in Albuquerque. Several reported to Archbishop Sheehan in 1995.  Bruckner was investigated in 1995 & 2004 by the  review board  but not removed. 3rd evaluation in 3/05 after 6th man claimed abuse in 1970s. Placed on leave and “retired” 3/05  Lost all privileges 9/05. In 1/08, he was still representing himself as a priest of Santa Fe Archdiocese.
  207. Priest Allen F. Bruening  Sued Cleveland, OH: Accused of abusing two brothers almost 20 years apart. Parents  first complained in 1968 or 69; diocese said he  would receive treatment but instead he was transferred to a new High school. After complaints in 1984 he was removed from Church and assigned as chaplain at Community Hospital. Later  given another parish assignment. Civil suit filed 1991. Sent to work in Amarillo TX diocese after treatment at Paracletes Center. Vatican ordered that he be permanently removed from ministry as of 6/14/07.
  208. Priest Dave Brueschere  Sued Order?: Named in 2005 civil suit. He is one of several religious accused of abuse at Madonna Manor, a Catholic home for troubled children. At least one claim included in almost $5.2M settlement with Archdiocese in Fall, 2009.
  209. Priest Craig F. Brugger  Accused Philadelphia, PA: Accused  in 2002 of sexual abuse of 15 yr old boy  in 1974 and also accused of receiving pornography in 1989. Placed on leave 2002 and matter sent to Vatican.  Laicization announced 6/06.   Brugger died 9/4/10 in Pennsylvania.
  210. Priest Bernard Brugman  Accused Davenport, IA: Name appears on 7/08 Diocesan Review Board list of clergy “credibly accused” of sexual abuse. One man alleged abuse in 1963 with he was a minor. Died 1965.
  211. Priest Thomas J. Brunner Accused Cincinnati, OH: Removed 2003. Accused of abuse of  two girls at Mount Notre Dame High School in 1980s. Sent for counseling and reassigned to parish. Another woman complained in 1989 that he had romanced her in 1970s when she was in high school.  Restrictions place on him in 1993. Never publicly identified until 2003 when he was placed on admin. leave. Accusations deemed credible. Laicized by Vatican 3/06.
  212. Priest Francis “Frank” D. Bruno Sued Trenton, NJ: Removed from 1 seminary because of improper behavior. Graduated from another seminary. Abused one individual at Maris Stella Retreat. Sued 1994.
  213. Priest James J. Brzyski  Sued Philadelphia, PA: Accused of abuse of at least one youth in 1980s per June 2006 class action suit. Philly Grand Jury report referred to him as one of the diocese’s most brutal abusers. May have abused as many as 100.  Placed on leave 1984; left active ministry 1985.  Laicized 3/21/05.  2006 suit dismissed by lower court and by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 11/07. Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) as “diagnosed pedophile.”
  214. Priest Michael Bucaro  Sued San Bernardino, CA: Man sued 2004 alleging that he was abused by Bucaro in San Bernardino at St. Matthew’s Church in Corona in 1980s and also in  San Diego.  Suit names both dioceses as well as the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the order that Bucaro once belonged to. San Bernardino denies any record of past complaint of any kind. Bucaro had been working in prison ministry since 1983. Priest countersued for slander in 2005. Orig. suit settled in 2008.
  215. Priest Robert Buchanan Sued San Diego, CA: Sued 2003. Accused of abuse of girl in 1972 at University High School. “Retired” just about the time the allegations became public. Had been working in Reno, Nevada for years  but still part of San Bernardino diocese when he retired. 2006 article says he is “no longer in the ministry.”
  216. Priest Anthony L. Buchette Sued Boston, MA: Retired in 1997. Personnel file produced 12/02. Accused of molesting two teenage brothers after using trophies to lure them to his room at St. Hugh’s in Roxbury in late 1970s. 1 suit filed 2002 & settled. 2 accusers filed suit 5/03 and 4 more came forward after suit filed. 4 of 7 accusers participated in 1st Boston settlements. Others didn’t file in timely manner. 2005 involuntary laicization announced 3/06.
  217. Priest Daniel Peter Buck Accused Chicago, IL:  One of 5 priests removed 6/02. Had been previously accused of sexual misconduct against an underage teenage girl from 1979-1984  Alleged misconduct was reviewed by the Fitness Review Board some time after 1993 and board recommended he be allowed to stayin ministry as long as he was banned from being alone with minors. At least one claim included in 10/03 settlement of  claims by 15 men and women who alleged abuse by 12 priests, Vatican approved permanent removal from public ministry 9/05.
  218. Priest Joseph Buckley Sued Hartford, CT: Man filed civil suit in 2003 alleging that he was sexually abused at age 14 by Buckley in 1971. Man claimed that Buckley gave him a soft drink spiked with rum, enticed him to join him in the shower and then sexually assaulted  him. Buckley then gave the youth $20. Encounters continued on several occasions. Buckley retired in 1970 and died in approx. 1975.  He was apparently retired at the time of the alleged abuse. Claim included in 11/05 massive settlement.
  219. Priest Michael D. Buckley Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1965-1975. LA archdiocese counts 8 accusers. 1 lawsuit filed. As part of 2007 $660M settlement with 508 plaintiffs, Archdiocese was to release personnel files.   Buckley’s files were finally released 1/13. Complaints re his morals were received from parents in mid-1960s.
  220. Priest Franklin Buckman  Sued Orange, CA: Accused of abuse between 1962-1981. LA archdiocese counts 3 accusers. Named in 1 civil suit. In 1984 he resigned from parish in Orange Diocese “because of the burden of administration.” Later revealed that he resigned because of abuse allegation. Later transferred to Baker, Oregon Diocese. Woman in Calif. complained of abuse of son in 1989.  Removed from ministry at some point and retired to Arizona in 2002. 2005 settlement in Orange for $1,959,700.
  221. Priest Christopher Buckner Accused Arlington, VA: Placed on leave May, 2007 after   allegations of inappropriate conduct with a minor between 1992-1994.  Matter has been reported to police. Buckner has denied the allegations. He was working with Catholic Distance University when he was placed on leave from St. Veronica Catholic Church in Chantilly. Investigation still underway 12/10. 2008-2011 Official Catholic Directories show him to be on leave of absence.
  222. Priest Daniel A. Budzynski  Accused Milwaukee, WI: Name appears on Archdiocese’s July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry because of credible allegations of abuse.  He was at Villa Clement in West Allis per 1993 Catholic Directory. Retired as of 1994. Archdiocese list revised 11/26/07 reports that he had been laicized.
  223. Priest Gary Bueche  Settled Detroit, MI: Removed from parish assignment 4/02 after it was learned that Archdiocese had made a “secret cash settlement” several years previously to a male victim who said he had been sexually abused by Bueche (then a high school chaplain). He was moved to Archdiocesan offices for several years before being allowed to return to parish work. Named as co-conspirator in 05/04 civil case. Vatican has permanently removed from active ministry per 09/05 article
  224. Priest David G. Buescher  Accused Jefferson City, MO: Spiritual Director and Faculty Member (religion, music, speech,  liturgy),  at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Hannibal,  1971-1976. Reported to be on “Special Assignment” for three years, 1985-1988. Retired in 2005.  Reportedly there has been one allegation of abuse against him.  No further information known.
  225. Priest Albion F. Bulger Settled Manchester NH: Accused of molesting one altar boy on 2 occasions in 1974.  Lawsuit filed 7/02. Retired in 2001 after accusation was made. Diocese found accusation  “credible.” Personnel file released 3/03 notes that diocese knew in 1974 about two other claims of abuse by Bulger. At least one claim included in 11/02 settlement involving 28 priests.
  226. Priest Rudolph “Rudy” Carl Bullman Arrested Helena, MT: Bullman, a retired millworker, became a priest at age 55. Diocese announced in 3/12 that he had been arrested and  placed on leave in Dec. 2011 without privileges after investigation found images of nude, underage boys on his computer & game console. He also admitted that porn occasionally appeared on his computer after searches of other sites but he denied downloading porn. Pled not guilty at arraignment 4/19/12.  Plea agreement reached 1/13 will give him 3 yrs deferred adjudication.
  227. Priest Myron F. Bullock Accused Boston Ma: Included in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Also worked in Washington DC Archdiocese. Died 4/17/07.  8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.
  228. Priest James F. Bunn Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA: Parents came forward in 2/03 to say that they told then-Bishop Hogan in 1982 that Bunn had molested their son in their home for several years. Bishop Adamec said he learned of concerns in 1988 and sent Bunn for evaluation. Bunn reassigned after report said he was not threat to kids. After complaint in 2001, Bunn was send for treatment and removed from public ministry in 2002.
  229. Priest Richard A. Buntel Settled Boston, MA: Accused 1994 of abusing boy 1979-85 from age 14. Provided boy with cocaine and violent porn; abused him often, including oral sex. He admitted drug use but claimed sex was 1984-85 only. Settled 5/96 for $55K. Accused 2002 of abusing homeless man aged 21. Treated at Our Lady’s Hall 1983 for drugs and personal problems. Drugs and boys date to 1971-78 assignment. Evaluated at St. Luke’s 1994 & 1997. Removed 2002. Allegations found unsubstantiated. Still under restrictions 2011. See 8/11 Boston AD database.
  230. Priest Richard T. Buongirno Settled Norwich, CT: Accused in 1991 by mother of 9-year-old boy. Social services decided the allegation was unsubstantiated and Buongirno denied the charge. Suit was brought by the victim in 2000 alleging abuse 1990-98, and the Norwich diocese settled in 2003 for $700K. Accused 1994 of abusing a 16-year-old boy for 3 years in the 1970s, when Buongirno was a lay teacher. Norwich sent Buongirno to the Institute of Living and returned him to ministry. Removed from ministry 1998. Cited in 11/08 RICO suit.
  231. Priest Stanislaus Bur Accused Grand Rapids, MI: In 1992 Man accused Bur of molesting him in January, 1958 and the Diocese of Grand Rapids found accusations credible. Diocese paid up to $1,000 mo for therapy from 1992 – 2001. Bur, then serving in Saginaw Diocese,  was  forced to retire from active ministry.  Additional allegations of old abuse became public in March 2008.
  232. Priest Thomas R. Burg Accused Cleveland, OH: In April, 2002 Diocese released names of Burg and 11 other priests who were no longer in active ministry because of allegations in the past of abuse of minors.  Accused of molesting at least 1 young girl during confession.
  233. Priest Andrew Burke Sued Pueblo, CO: Former altar boy at St. Pius X filed suit  2005 re abuse in the early 1970s.  Burke left priesthood in 1973; laicized in 1970s. Committed suicide in 2005, 2nd victim & his nephew alleged abuse after Burke left priesthood. In 11/06 Diocese said that allegation by 1st man has been found credible but rejected his settlement demands. Both men filed suits 7/08 which settled 9/09. Personnel file released to plaintiff who filed in 2005 by court order. Court would not  release to new plaintiff who filed 10/09.
  234. Priest Robert N. Burkholder Convicted Detroit, MI: Called one of MI’s worst pedophiles. Abused in 1940s. 1st complaint 1968; “retired” 1985. Removed 1993 after admitting in writing to molesting at least 23 boys. Civil suits filed in 1994 (dismissed on limitations)  and 1995 (settled). On sick leave per OCD but worked as Army chaplain in Hawaii from 1982. Extradited 2002; pleaded no contest. Sentenced to 30 days jail & 5 yrs probation. Permanently removed  w/o privileges 2005. Named in  2 suits in HI in 2009 filed by same Plaintiff. Died 6/6/06.
  235. Priest James Burnett Sued Joliet, IL: Accused of abuse  2/06. Placed on leave. Denied. Not on Diocese 4/06 list of priests with proven accusations. Suit filed 5/06 alleged abuse from 1978-82 when plaintiff was 8-12 yrs old. Diocese announced 3/07 that it found 1st set of allegations “not credible” but couldn’t resolve credibility of second set of allegations. 2nd suit filed in 2007. 1st suit dismissed on SOL 9/07. Diocese reopened investigation in 2010.  Told first plaintiff that charges had been found credible. Burnett remains on leave.
  236. Priest Eugene Patrick Burns Accused Chicago, IL: Accused of abuse of 1 girl from age 8-13 between 1961-1966 when he was assigned to  St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church in Glenview. Died 1/05. Claim included in 10/05 settlement by Archdiocese with 24 adults alleging abuse by 14 priests.
  237. Priest James M. Burns Convicted Gallup, NM: In 2003 Diocese released names of Burns and 4 other Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse over last 20 years. Burns was accused “several times” of sexual abuse, sent for therapy, & reassigned. Another allegation made; he was removed from duty and “retired” in 1993. Accused of abuse in AZ and CA by 1 in 2003 CA suit.  This claim included in massive 7/07 $660M settlement with LA Archdiocese. Pleaded guilty in 2004 and rec’d. two 1.5 yr sentences. Also accused of abuse of girl. Died 8/6/10 in AZ.
  238. Priest Michael J Burns Sued Trenton, NJ: Woman says she was 6th grader when he abused her in 1975. Complaint originally made in 2002 and diocese investigated. Found no proof and allowed him to continue as active priest. She filed suit 2004.  As of January, 2006, Burns is an active priest.
  239. Priest Peter A. Burns Convicted Milwaukee, WI: Woman complained  to police & church in 1987 that son had been abused during sleepovers at rectory of St. Peter Claver Parish (Sheboygan) during Burns? 1st and only assignment.  Burns pleaded no contest in 1992 to charges he molested another youth and was sentenced to 9 months in jail and 10 years probation. Civil suit filed 1993; settled 1994. One victim committed suicide in 1990s.  At least one other victim known. Laicized per Archdiocese website list updated as of 11/26/07. On Sex Offender Registry.
  240. Priest Robert M. Burns Convicted Boston MA: Abused in Youngstown diocese; sent for counseling & treatment. Transferred to Boston. Youngstown told Boston not to let him be around children. Still abused.  Removed from duties in 1991 because of abuse. Pled guilty  3/96 in NH  to molesting 2 youths. Served 3 yrs of 8 yr sentence. Admitted to abusing 42 boys and young men. Sued several times. Boston settled claims  totaling more than $2.6M between 1992-2002. Convicted again 2005. 11 yr sentence. In prison 11/11. Not on  Boston AD database. Laicized 1996.
  241. Priest Thomas W. Burr Accused Rochester, NY: Burr is one of three priests removed in 5/02 for allegations of inappropriate behavior with teens more than 20 years ago. Burr was working at St. Mary Our Mother in Horseheads when he “resigned.”  Per Diocese news release 6/7/12, he has officially been sentenced to a life of prayer & penance.
  242. Priest Edward E. Bush Accused Peoria, IL: In 2002, 2 women accuse Bush of sexual misconduct against them when they were in 6th and 8th grades in 1964 or 1965.    Removed from ministry 5/02. Bishop confronted him 4/02 and he did not deny charges but instead agreed to resign from  all active ministry. He sued Diocese for defamation 9/02. At least 1 woman sued him in 2005. Case withdrawn and then refilled in 1/07. Dismissed 6/07 as beyond SOL.
  243. Priest John R. Butler Settled Rockville Centre, NY: Ordained for Richmond VA diocese. Worked in WV,  Rockville Centre, Trenton & Metuchen Dioceses. Removed from duties 2002 in Metuchen after man complained to  Diocese that he and numerous others had been abused by Butler in Rockville Centre  in 1950s and1960s. Diocese just moved him to Brooklyn. Also abused at least 1 in Metuchen. This individual was included in Metuchen settlement of 2/03.
  244. Priest William L. Butler Accused Boston, MA: Butler accused 8/02 of molesting a 13 yr old boy in 1966 while in Canada on a trip to Butler’s family property.  Suspended by Cardinal Law. Butler denied the charges, saying he never took trip with boy. Believed to be living near Revere as of 10/08. Still on administrative leave as of 8/11 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database.
  245. Priest Donald J. Buzanowski  Convicted Green Bay, WI: Suspended 1992. Convicted 2000 on child porn charge; sentenced to 21 months in jail. Admitted in 2002 letter (made public 2003) to molesting 14 boys aged 14-17 in 1969-88. Laicized 3/05. Convicted 7/05 and sentenced to 32 years in prison. Claimant rejected a proposed settlement but lost jury trial 2007. Case dismissed. In 9/08, WI Supreme Court declined to hear appeal. Released 5/12 due to conflict re recent changes to appellate law. Had to get court permission to live in Green Bay
  246. Priest Joseph F. Byrne Accused Boston, MA: Byrne, a retired priest of the Boston Archdiocese, was in residence at St. Patrick’s Church in Falmouth (in Fall River Diocese) and helping with parish work until he was removed 5/12.  His removal came after a recent allegation regarding sexual abuse of a child in early 1970s. He was at St. Matthew, Dorchester between 1969-1975 and at St. John in Quincy between 1975-1985.  Boston reported allegations to police and has started an investigation. Received probation in 2005 after theft of parish funds.
  247. Priest William T. Byrne Settled Tucson, AZ: Byrne accused of molesting a youth in 1970s. Suit filed 4/99.  At least one other suit filed against Byrne. In 2/02 Diocese announced it had settled 11 civil suits involving 10 plaintiffs  for $14M. Unknown number of these cases alleged abuse by Byrne. Two sisters filed suit 8/02 alleging that Byrne abused their brothers during the 1960s and that the brothers then abused the two sisters. At least one of the brothers had  participated in the Feb. 2002 settlement. Byrne died 1991.
  248. Priest Joseph P. Byrns Convicted Brooklyn, NY: Placed on leave 7/02. One of 12 priests named as abusers in civil suit filed in Brooklyn 10/02. In the suit, two brothers (one of them a priest) accuse Byrns of abusing them for  years as children in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Charged 8/04 with abuse of 3rd youth beginning in 2000. Pleaded guilty 1/06 and sentenced to 3 yrs probation 3/06.
  249. Priest Stephen H. Bzdyra Sued Hartford, CT: Man filed suit 7/10 alleging that Bzdyra had abused him in mid-1980s while assigned to St. Francis Church in New Haven. Suit alleges that Bzdyra threatened the boy and his family and later tried to silence him by buying home appliances and a car in 2001.  Also named in previous suit re employment and behavior in girls’ sex ed class. He is believed to be currently traveling in Germany with pilgrimage group. Finally placed on leave 7/9/10. 2nd suit 8/10. Too ill to testify 11/10. 3rd suit  12/10.
  250. Assumptionist Brother Robert Beaulac Sued Worcester, MA: In 1960s Beaulac was on staff at Assumption College, a prep school. Supposedly persuaded a young student to stay overnight because of the weather and fed him alcohol. Instead of allowing student to stay in infirmary, he had the boy stay in his room and allegedly abused the youth. Same youth accuses another priest at the school of instituting a relationship with him during the same general time period of 1965-1967.  Died 11/00. Named in 2002 civil suit.
  251. Benedictine Brother Andre Bennett Accused St. Cloud, MN:  At least two students at St. John’s Abbey accused Bennett, who ran the infirmary, of abusing them. Abbey officials say that Bennett had problems with alcohol and was later treated for abuse of prescription drugs. Lived at Abbey under restriction until his death 1/15/07. The victims may have settled as part of massive settlement announced 10/02 regarding approx. 11 St. John’s Abbey priests and Monks. Another settlement 3/11
  252. Benedictine Priest Michael Bik Accused St. Cloud, MN: Allegations against Bik were made in 1997 and include “inappropriate sexual conduct with two teen-agers in the 1970s” before he joined the abbey and before his ordination. Even after allegations known, he continued to teach at St. John’s prep school until 2002.  Name only made public 7.29.06.  He currently resides at St. John Abbey and works under restrictions.
  253. Benedictine Priest Rudy Blea  Sued Santa Fe, NM: Blea was monk at Pecos Benedictine Monastery.  Civil suit filed 6/10/94 alleges abuse of at least one youth during counseling sessions from 1969-1970.
  254. Benedictine Priest Robert Blumeyer  Accused St. Cloud, MN: In 2005, allegations made that he molested a teenage boy many years ago. Blumeyer worked in St. Cloud diocese from 1965-1968.  Died of heart attack 10/83,  He was a member of St. John’s monastic community. Name not made public until 7/06. Two more accusers came forward after 1st allegations.
  255. Benedictine Timothy J. Brennan Convicted Paterson, NJ: Pled guilty 1987 to aggr. sexual contact with 15 yr old boy in 1983 at Delbarton School. Received 1 yr suspended sentence and sent for therapy. Confidential settlement with Plaintiff. Officials at St. Mary’s Abbey said he was allowed to continue working at churches in NY for more than 10 yrs. He was working in Rochester NY in 2002 when placed on leave. Additional complaint filed 2002. Order sent him to rehabilitation center for rest of his life. Newly named in amended Travers  suit 6/12.
  256. Benedictine Priest Pascal Brisson Accused St. Cloud, MN: Brisson is one of 10 individuals included in 3/11 settlement by St. John’s Abbey of Collegeville. All of the accused taught at St. John’s Preparatory School or were assigned to parishes in St. Cloud.  He reportedly “left the abbey.”   As part of settlement, the Abbey will release the names of 17 individuals with credible allegations against them.
  257. Benedictine Brother Marr Burbach Sued Santa Fe, NM: Burbach was accused of sexually abusing several members of parish beginning in 1960s.  Affiliated with Pecos Benedictine Monastery.  Two civil suits filed 1994.
  258. Brothers of Sacred Heart Brother Guy Beaulieu Settled Manchester, NH: Alleged in multiple 2002-2004 suits to have abused at least 20 students over 20 year period at Bishop Guertin High School in New Hampshire and at Camp Fatima. He admitted abuse during depositions. Transferred to retirement home  in RI in 1990. Complaints made to school officials in 1970s and 1990s. Claims included in 11/02  & 8/03 & 5/04 settlements. Multiple known abusers at Bishop Guertin.
  259. Brothers of Sacred Heart Brother Nicholas Paul Bendillo Convicted Mobile, AL: Known as “Br. Vic.” Taught at McGill-Toolen High School in Mobile from 1959-1998. Verbal complaint received in 1998 and he was placed on leave. Received treatment. Arrested 4/03. Tried & sentenced in 2004 to 5 yrs prison. Multiple plaintiffs with allegations going back to 1963.  Civil suit filed 2003 by 2 men  and settled in 2004. 2 more suits filed 5/04. Released from prison hospital 7/04/07 at age 78 and sent to Missouri for treatment. On AL & MO sex offender registries.
  260. Brother FSC – Brothers of the Christian Schools Felix Bland Convicted St. Louis, MO: Pleaded guilty in 1995 to sodomizing an 11 yr old boy in 1988. Assault occurred at LaSalle Institute in Wildwood. Police knew of assault prior to 1995 but Bland was serving as missionary in Africa. Upon his return, his victim wore a wire and he was arrested. Sentenced to 15 yrs prison with all but 1 yr suspended. The year was spent in work release program so he only spent nights in jail.  One man filed suit alleging abuse of 5 of his sons; suit settled on eve of trial in 1997.
  261. Brother CFC – Congregation of Christian Brothers Brother Laurence Boschetto Sued New York, NY: Became religious brother in 1974. Named in 2005 civil suit which was refilled in 2007  Accused of abuse as a novice brother and also of offering drugs to plaintiff. Abuse alleged against other defendants as well as claims of sexual harassment and other issues. Plaintiff’s appeal was dismissed by the NY Supreme Court 10/09.
  262. Brother Fathers of the Sacred Hearts Priest Alphonsus Boumeister Sued Honolulu, HI: Accused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of 11 yr old boy in 1961. Case dismissed by Judge 3/05 who said Plaintiff had presented no evidence to support his claim. No other accusations known. Boumeister died in 1972 (30 yrs before suit) at age 84. He took his vows in Belgium and came to Hawaii in 1915.
  263. Brother CFX Brothers  of St. Francis Xavier Ernest P “Br. Ernan” Bradunas Sued Louisville, KY: Woman filed suit 5/03 against  the Xaverians alleging that she was abused in early 1960s by Bradunas. He was a teacher at St. Xavier high school in 1951-61. Order denied any knowledge of past allegations. Bradunas died in 1985.
  264. Brother CFC – Congregation of Christian Brothers Brother Robert Brouillette  Convicted Chicago, IL: Taught at Palma High from 1964 to 1968 & Damien Mem. School in HI in 1970s-1980s. Arrested 1998 in IL for solicitation & child porn charges; convicted 2000. Received 4 yrs. probation. Accused in 7/02 suit of abusing student at St. Laurence High 1996-1998. Suit alleged he had sex with minors at schools in HI, MA, MI and a NM reservation before going to St. Laurence School. 2nd suit 1/03. Living at Vianney Center in MO in 2004; left Order & Center when judge ruled  probation was over. New suit 11/7/12.
  265. Brother Bros of Christian School Brother Louis Brouseau Sued Santa Fe, NM: Brouseau and two other Christian Brothers were accused of  independently molesting a young man  over several years at St. Michael’s school in 1995 civil suits. .  Man’s brother also claims abuse by one of the Brothers.  Brouseau later left the order. Case settled fall, 1996.
  266. Capuchins Priest James Buser  Accused Detroit, MI: Buser, (a freshman counselor at St. Lawrence Seminary), Gale Leifeld and Jim Wolf are accused of molesting a man  in 1978 while he was a student in a Capuchin-run high school and later at a boarding house. Civil suit filed 1993 but rejected by Court in 1995 as beyond SOL.  Numerous victims reported abuse but nothing done by Leifeld, his supervisor.  Buser died 12/81 (1979?).
  267. Carmelite Priest Robert Boley  Sued Los Angeles, CA: Suit filed in 2006 in LA accused Boley of “accosting” a young girl at a Los Angeles parish in early 1980s. At the time suit was filed, Boley was working as parochial vicar in Darien, IL. He left the assignment in Oct. 2006 and currently resides at a Carmelite house in Joliet. Case included in massive 7/07 $660 mil settlement by LA Archdiocese with 508 plaintiffs.
  268. Carmelite Priest George Boxelaar Accused New York, NY: D.A.’s office says it has received complaints against Boxelaar by 2 men and 2 parents per 4/02 article. Order’s provincial has acknowledged several complaints.  6/02 article reported at least 24 victims, many of whom would not have  been abused if either diocese or order had acted when a parent first complained about Boxelaar’s behavior.  First complaint received 13 yrs before he was sent back to Holland. He died there in 1990.
  269. Carmelite Leonard W. Broughan  Accused of abuse of 2 youths. Diocese notified in 1993 and 1995. No assignments after 1994. Died 1998. Apparently he was a priest of the archdiocese when some of the abuse occurred  but became a Carmelite order priest in 1986.
  270. Carmelite Brother Lawrence Brown Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1955-1956 by 1 accuser. Also named in lawsuit.  At least one claim included in 11/06 $10M settlement with Order, LA Archdiocese and 7 people alleging abuse by 5 priests and religious..
  271. Discalced Carmelite Friars Priest Thomas Behnke Sued Dallas, TX: Suit filed in 10/02 by Dallas-area man who alleged Behnke abused him at St. Mary of Carmel church. Behnke denied charges. 2003 article reported he was living in Jemez Springs NM at a Servants of the Paraclete facility. Dallas Diocese denied sending him there and the Order wouldn’t  comment. 5 more plaintiffs joined the suit.  Case settled for $4.65M 10/09 just prior to trial. All but $500K of the settlement came from the Order. Also worked in OK.  Behnke died 11/08.
  272. Dominican Priest Roberto Bravo Accused San Francisco, CA: Accused of abuse of 6 teenage girls in 1999 in Antioch. He was reported to police but girls refused to testify and charges dropped. He was transferred to Utah and had similar problems there. Transferred to San Francisco and then to St. Albert’s Seminarian  Oakland in 2002. Several other abusers lived at the Seminary. Bravo was allowed to come and go freely. Left St. Albert’s in 2/05 when they placed restrictions on him.
  273. Dominican Priest Vincent W. Bryce Accused Grand Rapids, MI: Man accused Bryce 4/02 of abusing him in approx. 1977. The complaint was made to the Chicago office of the Dominican Order who notified the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI where Bryce was serving. Bryce was immediately removed from duty and returned to the Order’s headquarters.  The abuse occurred in another (unspecified) state.  Apparently Bryce admitted to the charge. Per 2007 article, he is still an ordained priest. Last known to be living at St. Louis Univ’s Jesuit Hall.
  274. Dominican Priest Richard Edmund Butler Accused Tucson, AZ: Butler was a Dominican priest and served in Tucson at St. Thomas More Newman Center from 1968 to 1974. While in Tucson, Butler was chaplain-director of Los Changuitos Feos de Tucson, a  Mexican mariachi band of young men between the ages of 13-17, and travelled with them on tour throughout the United States and Mexico. He died in 1988.  In 3/03 Diocese reviewed personnel files and announced Butler and others  had been subject of credible allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors.
  275. Fathers of the Sacred Hearts Alphonsus Boumeister Sued Honolulu, HI: Accused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of 11 yr old boy in 1961. Case dismissed by Judge 3/05 who said Plaintiff had presented no evidence to support his claim. No other accusations known. Boumeister died in 1972 (30 yrs before suit) at age 84. He took his vows in Belgium and came to Hawaii in 1915.
  276. Franciscan Priest Leonard Bacigalupo  Accused Boston, MA: Died 10/10/94.  Per 1/03 articles, Bacigalupo was accused of unspecified abuse at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in East Boston in 1969 or 1970.  His personnel file had just been released. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  277. Franciscan Priest Edwin Banach Accused Rockford, IL: In 9/02  Franciscans began investigating allegations that Banach abused 2 boys between 1963 and 1970 at St. Anthony of Padua church. One person alleged abuse and the other alleged that Banach made sexual overtures. Banach  spent 9 years at St. Anthony shortly after his ordination in 1941. He then went to a church in California until 1963 when he came back to St. Anthony.  In 1970 Banach was transferred back to California. .Died in 1984
  278. Franciscan Germain Belen Sued Indianapolis, IN: Per  2003 lawsuit,  woman says Belen molested and raped her several times in 1970s when she was 5-10 yrs old. Abuse occurred in Terre Haute in 1970s.  Belen retired in 2001 after stroke   He claimed  too much time had passed and matter should be handled by church rather than state.  Suit is still active as of  Feb., 2007. Belen died in 2004.
  279. Franciscan Priest Christopher Berbena Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse in 1980. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser on list of accused priests posted on their website in 2004. Working in Oakland when he was placed on leave and then returned to duty within 1 month when Archdiocese could not supply info on the accuser.  Named in 1 civil suit as one of 10 Franciscan abusers. Settlement announced 8.10.06. Placed on leave again in 2006.  Returned to duty 2/08 in former assignment after Archdiocese could not substantiate the accusation.
  280. Franciscan  Priest Alphonse Boardway Settled Lansing, MI: In 2002 man alleged he was raped by Fr. Boardway when he was 16. He told Franciscans  in 1985. They sent him $650. He contacted them again in 1988 with little progress. In 1992 he contacted the Diocese of Lansing but there is no record of meeting. Settled with the Order  in 1994 for $107.8K. Boardway served in several states, inc. TX, and at least one other person made allegations.  He was murdered in 1997 while living in Arizona.
  281. Franciscan Conventual  Priest Ronald William Bohl Accused Louisville, KY: Accused of single incident in 1986 in Toledo OH diocese in which he allegedly made a sexual advance to a minor. The 1993 settlement contained a confidentiality agreement.  In treatment 1986-87 before being reassigned to parish work. Removed from Louisville KY parish in 6/02. Also worked in Dubuque and Indianapolis archdioceses.  Died 1/19/12 in KY.
  282. Franciscan Friars of the Renewal Brother Dominic (Br Leopold) Bokulich Convicted New York, NY: Bokulich, also known as Br. Leopold,  was arrested 10/07 and pleaded guilty 3/08 to abuse of 4 boys from one family between 2006 and 2007.  Sentenced to 7 yrs state prison in 6/08, along with 5 yrs post-release supervision. Required to register as sex offender. In prison as of 7/10.
  283. Franciscan Conventual  Priest Ronald Borman Convicted Louisville, KY: Borman was arrested 10/11/06 on charges of Internet child seduction. Employed by Louisville KY archdiocese as teacher 1978-85. Worked as priest 1992-98 in the Lansing MI and Toledo OH dioceses and the Indianapolis IN archdiocese. Left the priesthood in 1998. Then taught in Louisville archdiocesan schools until 2001, and in Louisville public middle schools until his arrest. Pleaded guilty 2/09 to 1 count of possession of child porn. . Sentenced to 30 mo. prison.
  284. Franciscan Priest Melvin Bucher Settled Portland, OR: 1994 suit claims abuse in early 70’s. Diocese says he was on leave of absence when abuse occurred so they were not responsible for him. Lower court dismissed as not within scope of employment but Oregon Supreme Court reversed lower court in 1999. This ruling became noted for changing Oregon law.   Case  settled 1/01 for $512,500. Another man claimed abuse in 1965. Bucher admitted abuse in the 1960s and 1970s. Worked in San Diego, Oregon, and Sacramento.
  285. Franciscan Seminarian Ed Byrom Sued Los Angeles, CA: Byrom, a pre-novitiate candidate,  was accused in 2004 civil suit of abusing at least 1 individual at Saint Anthony Seminary.
  286. Holy Cross Priest James T. Burtchaell  Accused Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN: Burtchaell, a Notre Dame professor and former head of theology dept., resigned tenured position and position as Provost in 1991 after allegations by  male students that he subjected them to sexual advances while counseling them. At least one allegation received in 1991 and another was rec’d “considerably before 1991.” As of 2003 he was living in Holy Cross priests’ residence in Phoenix without privileges.
  287. Jesuit Priest Joseph Balfe Sued Helena, MT: Accused of abuse of students at St. Ignatius Mission Boarding School on Flathead Indian Reservation in late 1950s-early 1960s. One man said he arrived early for Mass only to find Balfe standing naked in the sacristy. Another said that Balfe asked him during confession what bed he slept in. Died 9/29/65.  Balfe is named in 5 complaints in  9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against 4 nuns, 6 priests and 1 brother.
  288. Jesuit Priest Michael O. Barry Accused St. Louis, MO: Barry is one of 4 priests included in settlement of lawsuit in 4/07.  Abuse is alleged to have occurred in 1970s-1980s. Barry died in 1987.
  289. Jesuit Priest Charles Arnold Bartles Accused Fairbanks, AK: One pending claim against Bartles shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Believed to have taught at St. Johns-Jesuit-Loyola prep school in Shreveport, LA during  1960-1962 school years. Also worked in Brazil.  Was working in New Orleans when he died 7/93.
  290. Jesuit Brother Robert Benish Accused Fairbanks, AK: Took vows as Jesuit brother in 1943. Came to Alaska in 1946 and left in 1989. Died in Spokane 4/91. Two or more pending claims against Benish shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10.
  291. Jesuit Priest Louis Bonacci  Accused Baltimore, MD: In 4/11, accusation was received that Bonacci improperly touched a minor in a family home in a period from 1978-1982 when he was Assistant director of campus ministry, Loyola College, Baltimore, MD  During investigation, a second accuser was located.  Bonacci was removed 4/11 from duties in Scranton diocese and in 6/11, head of Order permanently removed him from active ministry
  292. Jesuit Priest Claude P. Boudreaux Accused New Orleans, LA: Boudreaux, an 80 yr old teacher at Jesuit High, was placed on leave in Jan. 2005 after the Order received a complaint of abuse some 30 yrs previously. The Order found the allegations credible and he was sent out of state for treatment. In nearly 50 yrs as a priest, he served as a missionary in Sri Lanka and India, worked at the order’s headquarters in Rome, worked in ministry to other Jesuits in Mobile and New Orleans, and taught at Jesuit high schools in Dallas and Shreveport
  293. Jesuit Priest H. Cornell Bradley Accused Philadelphia, PA: Removed from duties 1/06. Name released 1/07 when Order admitted that he had engaged in “sexual misconduct” with an adult in the early 1980s in Baltimore, Another 2006 accusation involved a minor  at Gonzaga College H.S. in Wash. DC in 1973. First 2 accusations involving minors made in 1993. Sent for treatment and returned to ministry by Order in 1995. He worked at St. Joseph Univ. until 01/06. Also served in North Carolina, Philadelphia and India. 5 more complaints rec’d as of 3/07.
  294. Jesuit Priest John “Jack” Bradley Sued Fresno, CA: Per 12/03 article, woman had filed suit alleging that when she was 17 and pregnant in early 1960s, her family sent her to live with friends in Fresno. Suit says that Bradley, a priest at St. Agnes Mission, abused her for five months  while she was pregnant.
  295. Jesuit Priest Edward Thomas Burke Convicted San Jose, CA: Admitted to Jesuit superior in 2000 that he abused dependent adult man living/working at Jesuit center. Jesuits moved Burke but did not report accusation to police. Charged 5/9/02, pled guilty. Sentenced 6/28/02 to 2 years in prison at age 80. Claims against Burke and Br. Charles Leonard Connor SJ settled 6/4/02 by Jesuits for $7.5M. Died 2/27/09.
  296. Jesuit Priest William Burke Sued Helena, MT: Allegations of abuse by Fr. Burke at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation are included in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against 4 nuns, 6 priests and 1 brother.
  297. Jesuit Priest Ignatius M. Burrill Accused Cleveland, OH: Burrill, faculty member and counselor at Loyola Academy in Wilmette for 25 years, died in March, 1987.  In 8/11, Jesuit Province of Chicago-Detroit announced that former student of St. Ignatius High School had come forward to allege abuse by Burrill between 1952-1956 when he was on staff at the school. In 4/12, Attorney Mitch Garabedian announced recent settlement of one claim involving Burrill.
  298. Jesuit Priest C. Jeffries Burton Accused Charlotte, NC: Placed on leave 6/07 after review of his personnel file revealed allegations of  inappropriate touching of a minor in 1982 while Burton was co-director of youth ministry for the Diocese of Charlotte, NC.  Diocese informed of allegations in 1994 and Burton acknowledged that the misconduct occurred. Sent for therapy and reassigned. At the time he was placed on leave, Burton was working in Richmond, VA. Had also worked as campus minister at Richard Stockton College of NJ at some point.
  299. Marist Priest Clarence Biggers Accused Atlanta Ga.: In 2002 several women accused Biggers of molesting them in Marietta GA in early 1960s. He was transferred to another diocese outside Georgia  in 1964 (possibly Louisiana)  where he  abused again. [This victim complained to the Order  in 2000].  He was  transferred back to Atlanta in 1967.  In 1969 he began living in monastery. In 2003 10 women settled for $25,000 each. Personnel file had letter  from early 1960s where parents of some of the women had complained to the Order
  300. Marist Priest Raymond Boulanger Accused Boston, MA: His personnel file was one of several released to public 12/02  because it contained allegations of sexual abuse.  Boulanger, then 81, said he used to give girls affectionate hugs and believes that one of the mothers must have misinterpreted what he was doing and filed complaint. He denied any accusation of misconduct.  No clear accusations found in file per another article. Died 2/12/10. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database.
  301. Marist Brother Xavier Leonard Boulanger (Br. Leonard) Sued Boston, MA: In 2005 civil suit, one man alleged that he was abused by Br. Leonard Xavier, a teacher at Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, during the years 1967 – 1968 when he was a minor. The suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Attorney Durso said that almost all claims were settled. Br. Leonard died in 1987.  His obituary gave his name as “Xavier Leonard Boulanger.” Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database.
  302. Marist Brother Timothy Brady Charged New York, NY: Has been a Marist brother since 1964. Accused of abuse of 3 boys in 1987. Arrested and charged 1988. Sentenced to prison.  Records were sealed.  Still Marist brother as of 6/10 per their website.
  303. Marianist Brother Paul Botty  Convicted Cleveland, OH: Case reported at State V. Botty, 1988 WL 86954 (Ohio App.). Convicted of sexual battery.  In 3/86  Botty was sentenced to 7 1/2 years for molesting four teenage boys. 12 felony counts dismissed Died 12/27/07 in CA.  Marianist Newsletter of 1/8/08 referred to him as a “former Marianist.”
  304. Maryknoll Priest Stanley F  Banaszek (Bonaszek)  Settled Bridgeport, CT: Accused of sexually assaulting a former altar boy in 1985 at  St. Anthony of Padua in Bridgeport, CT. Case was settled with others by the Bridgeport diocese in 10/03. Name occasionally spelled Bonaszek.
  305. Missionary Fathers of La Sallette  Priest John Berube Sued Baton Rouge, LA: Four men filed suit spring 2003 alleging that they were abused by Berube  over a 6 month period in  1965 when he was assigned to St. Theresa of Avila parish. Parents  complained and Berube was transferred shortly thereafter.  Settled 4/04 just before trial. Berube was a member of Missionary Fathers of La Sallette (or Missionaries of Our Lady of La Sallette??). Died.
  306. Oblate Priest Unknown Balden Sued Sioux Falls, SD: Fr. Balden was one of several religious accused in 2010 civil suit against Diocese, Oblates & Sisters of the Divine Savior  which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD.  In the suit, one woman alleges that Fr. Balden, Fr.Cholewa and another unnamed priest abused her between 1975-1982 when she was 5-11 yrs old.
  307. Oblate Priest Richard J. Barry Accused Boston, MA: In 2002, Barry’s personnel file indicated that he had allegedly raped and assaulted a youth at Tewksbury’s St. William’s parish.  Barry was later transferred to Dallastown, PA. Name also included in 3/03 NH Atty General’s report on abusive priests. Documents say same man claimed that Barry repeatedly raped and sexually abused him beginning at age 16 or 17 in NH.  Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  308. Oblate Priest Francis “Frank” B. Beazley Accused Corpus Christi, TX: Woman came forward 1/04 to allege abuse by Beazley in 1957 when she was elementary student in Edinberg (which later became part of Brownsville diocese). Her therapist told Brownsville Bishop in 1990s. Beazley also served in San Antonio, San Angelo, Amarillo, Baton Rouge, and Colorado Springs dioceses. Died 1992.
  309. Oblate Real (Ray) Bourque Accused Boston, MA: Accused of abuse. Bourque was reassigned by Cardinal Medeiros after allegations in 1981 and continued in ministry until admitting abusing teens in the 1990s. 5/12/06 article says he has been laicized. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  310. Nun Linda Baisi  Settled New York, NY: Accused in 2/8/96 suit of sexually abusing a boy for 5 years,  starting at age 12 in 1987. The abuse included oral sex. In 1995, complainant mentioned the abuse to a counselor, who reported it to authorities. Baisi left her order in 1979 and was teacher when the abuse began. She was principal in 1996 when suit was filed and she was suspended. She admitted the abuse in taped conversations with the victim. Her attorney and the judge stated that she had effectively admitted to the charges
  311. Nun Erie Benedictine Marlene Bertke Sued Covington, KY: Former student nun filed a lawsuit 10/02 alleging that she was abused in 1959 in her first year at St. Walburg Convent by Sister Christopher, whose real name is Marlene Bertke. She was 18 at the time.  In same suit, woman also alleges that she had been previously abused  at Villa Madonna Academy (a girls’ school)  by another nun and that a third nun also fondled her. Still active nun in 2008. Lives in Erie PA area.
  312. Nun Adrian Dominican Sisters Gael N. Biondo Settled Detroit, MI: As a nun, Biondo was known as Sr. Mary Gael. In 1996  Archdiocese and Order settled 1 civil suit  filed in 1995  in which woman alleged she was abused by Biondo as a student in a Catholic high school in 1960s – 1972 (abuse continued into the woman’s college years).  Biondo eventually left the Order and married. She denied all accusations.
  313. Nun Sisters of the Diving Savior Sister Boganina Sued Sioux Falls, SD: Sister Boganina was one of several religious accused in 2010 civil suit against Diocese, Oblates & Sisters of the Divine Savior  which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD.  In the suit, one man alleged abuse by  Sr. Boganina and a Br. Jim between 1944-1945 when he was 9 & 10 yrs old.
  314. Nun Poor Sisters of Nazareth Sister Bridgette Sued San Diego, CA: Accused in 2003 suit of sexually abusing a girl at the Nazareth House Orphanage 1971-72. Suit also alleged abuse by Rev. Robert Buchanan and Msgr. I. Brent Eagan. Complainant filed suit again in 2006 when San Diego diocese stopped paying for therapy after one year. Sr. Bridgette was reportedly deceased as of 2003.
  315. Oblate Priest Unknown Balden Sued Sioux Falls, SD: Fr. Balden was one of several religious accused in 2010 civil suit against Diocese, Oblates & Sisters of the Divine Savior  which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD.  In the suit, one woman alleges that Fr. Balden, Fr.Cholewa and another unnamed priest abused her between 1975-1982 when she was 5-11 yrs old.
  316. Oblate Priest Richard J. Barry Accused Boston, MA: In 2002, Barry’s personnel file indicated that he had allegedly raped and assaulted a youth at Tewksbury’s St. William’s parish.  Barry was later transferred to Dallastown, PA. Name also included in 3/03 NH Atty General’s report on abusive priests. Documents say same man claimed that Barry repeatedly raped and sexually abused him beginning at age 16 or 17 in NH.  Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  317. Oblate Priest Francis “Frank” B. Beazley Accused Corpus Christi, TX: Woman came forward 1/04 to allege abuse by Beazley in 1957 when she was elementary student in Edinberg (which later became part of Brownsville diocese). Her therapist told Brownsville Bishop in 1990s. Beazley also served in San Antonio, San Angelo, Amarillo, Baton Rouge, and Colorado Springs dioceses. Died 1992.
  318. Oblates St. Francis de Sales Priest James J. Behan Convicted Philadelphia, PA: Placed on leave 4/02 by Raleigh Bishop after “credible allegation” that he abused youth 25 years before. It was a long-term relationship which began when plaintiff was  14 and Behan was teacher at Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia. He later worked in Raleigh. Behan admitted the abuse and was convicted in 2005. Sentenced to 12 yrs probation 12/05. Only priest indicted by the Philly Grand Jury. On MD sex offender registry 7/10.
  319. Oblate Brother Henry Busman Sued Sioux Falls SD: Busman was one of several religious accused in 2010 civil suit against Diocese, Oblates & Sisters of the Divine Savior  which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD.  6  men and 2 women alleged in the suit that Busman sexually abused then between 1960-1982
  320. Pallottine Priest Barry F. Bossa Convicted Boston, MA: Pled guilty in 1974 to charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse of 12 yr old boy. Served no jail time. Order knew but let him be ordained. 2  victims filed suit in Boston in 2002  They allege he performed oral sex on them as 8 and 10 yr olds in Bridgewater in1970s when he was a “parish brother.”  Worked in NY archdiocese  in 2002.  Transferred to Rome after NY Archdiocese pulled his privileges. MA charges filed and attempts made to extradite him. Died 5/07.  Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database.
  321. Redemptorist Priest Donald Bolton Accused Erie, PA: Parents from St. Gregory parish complained to District Attorney that Bolton had molested daughter for two years.  The Redemptorist had promised that he would not work with children but parents learned he was teaching at school in New York.  Bolton charged in 11/86 w/ two counts.  He pleaded guilty and received three yrs probation in 2/87.  Bolton agreed to enter treatment program (??).  Other victims found but statute of limitations had run.
  322. Redemptorist Priest Edward Boyle Sued Sacramento, CA: In suit filed 2002 woman alleges that she was molested by Boyle in 1967  at age 17. News article says  her mother reported the incident to another priest in the diocese. Boyle, who died in 1998, was later transferred to Reno and then to Hawaii. The woman says she reported abuse to Diocese in April, 2002.
  323. Redemptorist Priest Frederick C. Brinkmann Accused Baltimore, MD:  Brinkmann’s name is on 9/26/02 list of priests affiliated with Archdiocese of Baltimore who were accused of child sexual abuse. In 1996 an individual alleged sexual abuse during the late 1970s. The Archdiocese told the Redemptorist.  Brinkmann was assigned to Baltimore from 1977-1978.  Both 1993 and 2002 Catholic directories show him assigned to  the New York Archdiocese.
  324. Redemptorist Priest Gerard (Gerald) Bugge Accused Baltimore, MD: Catholic Directories refer to him as Gerard (Not Gerald).  Bugge was named by Baltimore Archdiocese on its Sept 2002 list of abusers. In 1985 he admitted to inappropriate sexual activities with a minor. Accusations reported to the Redemptorist and his facilities were removed. He was in New York per 1970 Cath. Directory, in the District of Columbia per 1980 Catholic Directory, In Harrisburg PA per 1988 Directory and not in 1990 directory. Died in Nov.  2004. Also known as Gerard Serafin
  325. Sacred Heart Priest Edward Lawrence Ball Convicted San Bernardino, CA: Indicted on 4 counts of abuse of minors  9/92; plea of guilty to 1 count.  Sentenced to 9 mo jail and 5 yr probation. Total of three victims. Family of two boys settled out of court 1994. Ball criminally charged  in 1999 with 31 counts of sexually abusing two other boys from 1979-1986.  He was sentenced to 3 years in prison. $4.2M civil settlement. from Diocese & Order in 6/03. On Sex Offender Registry.
  326. Sacred Heart Priest Joseph Bukoski,  III Sued Honolulu, HI: Placed on leave 5/02 after allegations of sexual abuse of 1 youth  in 1970s. 2nd accuser also came forward.  He was a brother in the Sacred  Heart Order at the time.  2 civil suits filed in 2003.  At least 1 suit says Order knew of the abuse but still allowed him to be ordained. This suit settled 11/05 after Bukoski admitted to the abuse. Immediately after settlement, criminal charges filed against this Plaintiff on behalf of woman who said she was assaulted by Plaintiff at age 14. He was acquitted 1/07.
  327. Salesian Brother Salvatore “Br. Sal” Billante Convicted San Francisco, CA: Abused as many as 25 youths between 1969-1989. Pleaded guilty to abuse of 1–sentenced to 8 yrs prison in 1989. Released 1994. Registered sex offender.  Left the order.  Arrested again in 2002 for abuse of 1 but charges dropped after Calif Supreme Court decision. Named in 2003 civil suit.
  328. Salesian Priest Mario Blanco Settled Sacramento, CA: Originally from Costa Rico. In 2002 lawsuit 9 men allege that Blanco abused them when they were teens. May have been ordered out of the Diocese in 1973 after an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse. At least 1 settlement in 1991.  By Jan 2004 at least 17 men had accused him of abuse. Civil trial set for 7/05 but 16 cases settled just prior to trial.
  329. Salesian Brother Robert Burgess Sued Boston, MA: Plaintiff’s atty notified Boston DA 3/02 that his client had been abused by Burgess and another brother of the Salesian Order in 1970.  Abuse by Burgess alleged to have occurred on trip back from camp in NH and in Burgess’ room at the rectory in Boston. Documents included with the Manchester AG report 3/03 and the NH AG Audit Report of 3/7/09. Lawsuit settled. Allegations referred to Suffolk DA.  Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was a member of an Order.
  330. Salesian Priest William Michael Burke  (Rockville Ctr) Sued Rockville Centre, NY: Burke is named as an abusive priest  in one of two massive lawsuits  filed against Diocese of Rockville Centre in 2003. He is accused of abusing an elementary school student in 1970s. First time the abuse occurred, Burke was still a deacon.  Burke died in house fire in 1995.
  331. Salesian Brother William Michael Burke (St. Petersburgh, FL) Accused St. Petersburg, FL: 2002 civil suit alleges abuse in 1986-1987 while Burke was religious brother. Reported in 1989 but Burke still ordained as priest 1993.  Was working in New York religious center  until suspension in 2002. Order dismissed from suit 11/02. At least one other  victim has since come forward. May be living in Virginia as of 7/05.
  332. Salvatorian Priest David Brusky Accused Reno, NV: Accused of abuse of several girls in Reno Diocese at Our Lady of the Snows parish. Served for many years in Africa. Now retired. Diocese paid $50,000 to one woman in 2004 who alleged she was abused as a child. In 2007 Brusky was living in assisted living center in Milwaukee.
  333. Scalabrinians Priest Settimo (or Septimo) Basso Sued Boston, MA: Arrived in U.S. from Italy in 1947.  Worked in Boston for 23 years before transferring to RI.  Later went to Canada before returning to RI.  Died in Italy in 1999. Accused in 2005 civil suit of abuse of one boy at St. Lazarus Parish, East Boston between1960-1961. The suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Attorney Durso said 7/11 that almost all claims were settled. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  334. Scalabrinian–Congregation of Missionary Fathers of St. Charles Priest John Bocciarelli Accused Boston, MA: Accused in 1997 of performing oral sex on a boy in late 1960s. Same plaintiff also alleged abuse by Joseph Fugulo in the same time period. Only first name and parish noted in Boston documents but identity of priest confirmed through Official Catholic Directory. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database, possibly  because he was an Order priest.
  335. Scalabrinian–Missionaries of St. Charles Priest Andrew Brizzolara Accused Boston, MA: Brizzolara resigned from his parish assignment in New Haven, CT 1/04  after allegations surfaced that he had molested a child in early 1980s when he was working in  Boston Archdiocese.  He was ordered to leave CT and to reside with members of his order in NY state. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  336. Seminarian Marcin Burek  Arrested Trenton, NJ: Burek, a native of Poland, was arrested 10/11 and charged with driving down streets and trying to lure at least 4 girls between 13-19 into his car by offering them alcohol and offering to pay them $10 for sex. Per the Diocese, Burek was studying on a student visa to  gain “parish ministry experience and to further discern his vocation.”  He was attending St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, MD.  He has denied the allegations but is no longer living in parish setting or attending the seminary.
  337. T.O.R. Franciscans Brother Stephen P. Baker Settled St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN: Teacher, sports trainer & coach in MN, MI, VA and PA. Gave boys massages for injuries and molested them. Removed in 2000 after MI allegation; lived under supervision.1st known abuse was MN in 1977; reported in 2003 & settled 2005. 2012 settlement re 11 men and Youngstown, Order and JFK High School re 1980s abuse announced 1/13. Diocese learned of allegations in 2009. Allegations also made in 2011 re Bp McCort High in Johnstown. Up to 60 accusers came forward in 10 days. Baker committed suicide 1/26/13.
  338. T.O.R. Franciscans Priest Martin A. Brady Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA: Named in 2/05 suit. Accused of abuse of 16 yr old youth in late 1970s. Brady was his teacher at Bishop Carroll High School in Ebensburg. Accuser  became a priest but  diocese placed him on leave after he filed the lawsuit so he resigned from active priesthood 4/06. Brady also worked in MN, Virginia and WV. He died 3/03 in Wheeling WV diocese. A second man came forward 2012 to report confidential settlement with Order & Barry Robinson High in 2003 & 2004. Diocese refused to settle.
  339. Trinitarian Priest Edward Balestrieri Accused Trenton, NJ: Removed by Belleville Diocese after woman wrote to the Order  to complain that  he “inappropriately touched her son” (age 11)  in 1975 in Trenton, NJ. Prosecutors said SOL had passed.  He was part of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, a religious community, at the time. He officially became part of the Belleville Diocese in 1985. On 1/24/09 Belleville diocesan website gave his status as “Administrative Leave / Retired.”

Surnames C

  1. Deacon Marvin A.Carney  Jr. Arrested Louisville, KY: A deacon at St. Rita Parish, Carney was arrested after police questioned youth who said he was waiting for Carney in a car outside an adult bookstore.   Youth gave police info & Carney charged with sexual abuse. Fr. J. Herp, himself  later accused of abuse, may have intervened and charges dropped. Defense counsel responded saying that Carney had been tried before a judge and had been exonerated.   Youth’s parents got an atty and officials apparently could not question him again.
  2. Priest Honorato (Henry) Caboang Sued Los Angeles, CA: Sued 1984. Caboang & six other priests accused of abuse of 1 girl. LA archdiocese report shows 1 accuser. Extern priest from Phillipines working in Archdiocese. Claims against Caboang and the other 6 priests resolved for $500,000 as part of $660 mil settlement in fall, 2007.
  3. Priest Kenneth J. Cabral Accused Oakland, CA: Accused of abuse at St. Catherine of Sienna in Martinez between 1964-1965. He was named in one of the Diocese’s apology services. Absent on sick leave per 1989 Catholic Directory. Died March, 1996.
  4. Priest George B. Cadwallader Accused Philadelphia, PA: One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as parochial vicar of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Richboro. In 5/12, Archdiocese found allegations of violation of Standards of Ministerial Behavior to be substantiated. Currently 58 yrs old, he was found unsuitable for ministry.
  5. Priest Lynn Richard Caffoe Accused Los Angeles, CA: Archdiocese received notice on 1/21/75 that Caffoe sexually abused altar boys at his first parish. Faculty had been concerned during his seminary training at St. John’s in Camarillo. File summaries indicate at least 15 victims. Accused in every parish, including St. Callistus in what is now the Orange diocese.. Removed after his therapist reported to authorities on 5/8/91. Treated at St. Luke’s Institute 1991-92. Laicized 1/06. Settled 7/14/07. Died in 2009. Personnel files released 1/13.
  6. Priest Raymond J. Cahill Accused Philadelphia, PA: Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were accused  of sexual misconduct with a minor but for whom no conclusive evidence was found.  He died sometime between 1989 and 1994 when memo was written.
  7. Priest Daniel A. Calabrese Convicted New York, NY: Convicted 1992 of abuse of teenage boy. Sentenced to 90 days in jail, 5 yrs probation, and 1 yr treatment. Previously transferred twice because of allegations involving youths. Civil suit 1993. As of 2003, he was living in New Mexico and was listed as being on a “leave of absence” per 2002 Cath. Dir. Laicized 2005.
  8. Priest Paul Calamari Accused New Orleans, LA: Credible allegation of abuse. Believe abuse occurred prior to ordination. Name first  appeared on list of abusive priests released by Bishop Saltarelli of Wilmington, DE 11/16/06. Began working in Wilmington Diocese in 1997. Removed from ministry 2003. Was working as field supervisorfor Penn State Univ’s Center for Survey Research until name released. Also worked for PA. Dept of Corrections. Wilmington Diocese repleased personnel files released 2/12.
  9. Priest Ernest Dale Calhoun Settled Beaumont, TX: Ordained by Beaumont Diocese in TX. Personnel file shows should never have been ordained. He raped a 15 yr old youth in 1969.  He was soon transferred to Yakima Diocese where he continued to abuse. At least 1 claim against Beaumont diocese settled 1998 without litigation. Civil suit filed in WA in 1988 against Calhoun and R. Scully.  Settled in 1994. 3 known victims in 1980s in WA.  Also worked in Seattle. No longer active priest.  May be living in TX. New suit in WA 10/11 settled 12/12 for $50K.
  10. Priest James R. Calhoun Accused Belleville, IL: Died in 1996 after being permanently removed from ministry 3/93. Believed to have abused several youths.  One man said he was forced to “lure sex partners” from local park for Calhoun and another priest in 1981-1983. Also claimed Calhoun was part of a homosexual ring of abusive priests. Named as abuser in 7/94 civil suit. Another suit said he covered abuse by Robert Vonnahmen
  11. Priest John Walter Calicott Sued Chicago, IL: Removed 1994 after he was accused of sexual molestation of 2 15-yr-old boys in 1976. Allowed to return to assignment in 1995 after treaters determined he was “no significant risk” to children. Removed again 6/02 after Dallas Bishops Conference. Sued 2004. Also appears on 2003 Chicago Archdiocese list of accused Priests. Canonical court trial pending 9/05. Laicization announced 10/27/09.
  12. Priest Joseph Calimari Sued Miami, FL: Accused in one civil suit filed summer, 2007 of abusing 1 youth and his older brother at Christ the King Church in Perrine in 1960s when they were both very young. Older brother committed suicide in 2006.
  13. Priest Raymond Callahan Convicted Washington, DC: At least one claim against Callahan included in $1.3M  settlement with 16 men who alleged abuse between 1962-1982. Accused of abuse in 1960s. Assigned to St John the Evangelist Church in Clinton, MD  Reportedly would take boys to a cabin in VA.  Removedfrom ministry in 1971. He was criminally convicted but apparently did not serve any prison time.
  14. Priest Patrick J. Callanan Accused Tucson, AZ: Callanan, who died in 1975, is included on 6/02 list of 15 priests with ties to Tucson Diocese who are alleged to have abused minors. Article says allegation was received in 6/02.  No other information known
  15. Priest Antonio Camacho Accused Stockton, CA: Accused of abuse of 2 high school boys at St. Stanislaaus in Modesto in 1983 or 1984. He was an extern priest from Mexico working in Stockton Diocese and had also worked in Oakland diocese. He was removed from position and returned to Mexico at request of (then)  Bishop Mahony of Stockton. Named in Cardinal Mahoney’s 2004 deposition and a memo from Bishop of Stockton to police.
  16. Priest Michael G. Campanalonga Sued Newark, NJ: Accused of molesting and abusing three brothers in late 60’s/early 70s including on trip to California.  He was permanently suspended in 1993 after refusing psychiatric evaluation after allegations of sexual abuse were made. Two of the three brothers sued him in 1994. SOL stopped legal action and case dismissed 2002 after several appeals.
  17. Priest Alvin L. Campbell Convicted Springfield, IL: Arrested on sexual assault charges  in 1985. Owned child porn. History of abuse involving numerous victims going back at least 20 years. Convicted and sentenced to 14 yrs prison. Released 1992. Bishop requested laicization in 1989 but was denied by Ratzinger because Campbell did not agree. He later agreed and was  laicized (1992?). Died in late 2002. At least 1 civil suit settled in 2004 mass settlement. Six more victims from 1970s and early 1980s settled with Diocese 1/07 for $625K  total.
  18. Priest Hugh P. Campbell Accused Philadelphia, PA: Campbell retired from Saint Maximilian Kolbe, West Chester, in 2007 and moved into private residence. In Dec. 2011, he “self-reported sexual abuse of a minor” approximately 40 years previously and was placed on leave by Archdiocese.  On 5/20/12, Archdiocese announced it had found him not suitable for ministry. Campbell has accepted a supervised  life of prayer and penance.
  19. Priest Michael A. Campbell Accused St. Louis, MO: Campbell, who was removed from his duties in 3/02 admitted having “inappropriately touched” a 17 year old boy about 13 years previous. At some point, Campbell confessed to the archdiocese.  He was sent for treatment and reassigned.
  20. Priest Mark A. Campobello Convicted Rockford, IL: Arrested 12/02 when 18 yr old girl alleged abuse at 14 when he was ass’t principal/spiritual dir at school. Placed on leave. Indicted again 10/03 on charges that he molested  2nd girl from 1999-2000 in different county. Pled  guilty 2004: sentenced to 8yrs (4 for each girl). 2 civil suits filed 2004 & settled 5/07 for $2.2M. At least 1 more credible accuser. Laicized 6/05.  Released from prison 2/13/08. Back in prison 4/08;  soon released. Back in 4/09. Released 7/28/10. Lives in Crystal Lake, IL.
  21. Priest John A. Cannon Sued Philadelphia, PA: Removed 2003. Accused of abuse of at least 2 youths in late 1950s and 1960s.  By 1964, at least six boys had complained to Archdiocese that he would sneak into their cabins at camp and molest them at night. Civil suits filed 2004. As of 2/05, his ministry had been permanently restricted and he was living a life of prayer & penance. Named in 2006 suit which was dismissed by court. Appeal rejected by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 11/07. On 1994 secret list.
  22. Priest Robert N. Caparelli Convicted Scranton, PA: Originally reported to diocese in 1968. Abused several boys before being arrested in 1991. Sentenced 7/92 to 2 1/2 to 5 yrs prison. Another charge re abuse of 2nd youth added additional time to his sentence in 1993. He died in prison 12/94. Named in civil suits. Had been moved several times after diocese knew of his actions. 2 suits settled 1996. 1 man  settled his 2005 lawsuit 01/07 for undisclosed sum.
  23. Priest John M. Capparelli Sued Newark, NJ: Named in 7/11 suit re abuse of one youth. Boys told to  wrestle other boys in skimpy bathing suits and  he photographed them.  Would sell videos on web. He also groped plaintiff.. Suit names Scouts and Diocese. Worked in several parishes before leaving active priesthood in mid-1980s. Privileges removed 1992; he was sent for treatment.  Taught high school in Newark for 20 yrs. At least 24 other men have come forward with same complaints. Finally removed to non-teaching job 11/11. New suit 12/11.
  24. Priest Frank J. Capellupo Arrested Brooklyn, NY: Often held late-night parties in rectory for teenage boys. Bishop Daily was informed of this fact by at least two priests but did nothing. In 2000 Capellupo was arrested for allegedly sodomizing a 14 yr old boy staying at rectory because of problems at home.  Per April, 2002 article, charges were soon  dropped and case sealed per spokesman for Brooklyn DA.  2nd man came forward to claim abuse in 1980s. Has been on leave since 2002. Diocese found allegations credible 6/05.
  25. Priest Nicholas J. Capua Accused Brooklyn, NY:  Placed on leave without privileges in late May, 2007 after Diocese deemed credible allegations that he had abused several minors in mid 1970s. Capua has denied the allegations. Matter will be referred to the Vatican for further review.
  26. Priest Richard J. Carelli Sued Worcester, MA: In 4/03 suit, man alleged Carelli abused him in 1964 when Carelli was headmaster of former Sacred Heart Academy in Worcester. Man said Carelli would call him into the principal’s office and abuse him there. Man said that he failed only one subject that year but that Carelli kept him back, stating it was “because Plaintiff had refused his advances.” Retired 1993 and died 2000. Total of 3 suits settled out of court by 2/06.
  27. Priest Cleve W. Carey Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1963-1966.  LA archdiocese says  2 accusers.  Named in at least 1 civil suit. Retired 1976; died 5/31/88. His “personnel file” proffer was released 1/13.
  28. Priest Dennis G. Carey Accused Norwich, CT: Carey resigned from position at St. Paul in Chains Church in Waterford 6/12 after police begain investigation into possible child porn on church computer.” His reason for resignation:  to “focus his energies on addressing  any issues associated with theinvestigation.” He spent 25 yrs as CPA before ordination. Arrested. Arraigned 7/3/12 for possession of internet child porn. Admitted addiction to child porn for 2 yrs but denied any improper touching of a child. In treatment 9/12 at St. John Vianney.
  29. Priest Edward B. Carley Settled Wilmington, DE: Accused of abuse of boys in 1960s-1980s. Parent complained in 1957; nothing done. Another complained 1995. Suit filed 1997; dismissed on SOL. Name publicly released when one man settled for $65K in 2005. Retired in 1993; died 1998. Name on list of abusive priests released 11/16/06.  More suits filed 12/06 & 7/08. 2006 suit settled 4/09 for $1.5M. Plaintiff died day after signing settlement. At least 3 other settlements 2010 & 2011. Personnel files released 2/12.
  30. Priest Albert Carman Accused Dubuque, IA: Accused of abusing a young teen at Loras Academy, Dubuque, in 1954. He died in 1980. Claims included in Feb. 2006 settlement with diocese. At least one more claim of abuse between 1965-1966  included in $4.7 mil settlement with Archdiocese in March 2008 re 9 priests.
  31. Priest Joseph D. Carne Accused Marquette, MI: Resigned 7/02  following a credible allegation of sexual misconduct involving a minor (but not a child under 16) 27 years before. He was placed on health-related leave of absence.
  32. Priest John J. Carney Accused Baltimore, MD: Name appeared on Sept. 2002 list of priests from Baltimore Diocese who had been accused of child sexual abuse. In 1991 an individual alleged sexual abuse by Carney in early 1970s. Carney denied then but in 1995 he admitted he had engaged in inappropriate conduct. Archdiocese removed his facilities at that time.  Record says that from 1972 forward he spent a lot of time as chaplain at various nursing homes and hospitals. 2002 Catholic Directory shows him retired.
  33. Priest Michael L. Carney Sued Worcester, MA: Sued 12/04. Allegedly abused a 15 yr old boy while assigned to St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Worcester in 1977 and 1978.  Civil suit still pending in 2006. Died 1981.
  34. Priest Robert A. Carpentier Settled Providence, RI: Resigned from his position in 1992 after one man filed civil suit alleging abuse at age 13 between 1973-1974. Questions in case re statute of limitations referred to R.I. Supreme Court which ruled against plaintiffs abused as minors. See 1996 R.I. Lexis187, 7/11/96.  Claims against this priest were  settled Sept. 2002 as part of  $13.5M mass settlement involving 36 victims of priest abuse in Providence Diocese.  Died 5/9/12.
  35. Priest Charles T. Carr Sued Bridgeport, CT: Accused in 1995 of molesting two men in separate incidents when they were children. Placed on leave.  Civil litigation filed. Four claims against Carr settled  3/01 as part of settlement of claims by 26 victims against Bridgeport Diocese and six priests. Per 2002 article, Carr spent more than 10 years with Carmelites Order; took perpetual vows in 1974 but not allowed to become priest because of emotional immaturity. Bridgeport diocese then allowed him to study and be ordained.
  36. Priest Francisco Carrera Sued Miami, FL: Former altar boy sued Carrera (a visiting priest from Spain) in 2002 alleging that Carrera molested him in 1981  at Our Lady of Divine Providence Church in west Miami-Dade when he was 13. Also says that Diocese transferred him back to Spain when Dioceselearned of the abuse. Second suit filed 5/11 alleged abuse of a 10 yr old boy in 1976 at same parish. Carrera has lived  in Spain since early 1980s.
  37. Priest Joseph E. Carrico Sued Louisville, KY: Sued 2003 by 4 women who alleged that Carrico abused them as children. Carrico, who left the priesthood in 1973 after only 6 years, was working as a lay religious educator in the Louisville archdiocese. He was placed on leave with pay after the suits were filed.  Carrico denied the charges in the first two lawsuits but did not comment on others. He served in 3 parishes in the 6 years he was a priest. Archdiocese says no past allegations against him.
  38. Priest Herve G. Carrier Accused Portland, ME: June, 2002 article said Carrier abused a woman once in spring of 1958 when she was 8. After therapy, the woman disclosed abuse in 1993 but church officials did not believe her. Died 2002 at age 87. Documents released by Maine AG 5/05.
  39. Priest Henry G. Carriere Convicted Crookston, MN: Pleaded guilty 12/91 to three counts of child sexual abuse. Carriere was pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Rouseau, MN at the time.  Retired 7/90.  Died 11/03.
  40. Priest Frederick A. Carrigan Accused Portland, ME: Removed from ministry in 1989 for inappropriate behavior with an adult. First accused of abuse of a minor in 1991 after allegation dating back to 1972. Removed from all ministry in 2002.  Bishop recommended laicization. After a church trial in fall, 2008, Vatican announced in 5/09 that  he should live a life of prayer and penance.
  41. Priest John P. Carroll Accused Boston, MA: Accused in 1997 of raping a boy in early 1960s when Carroll was working as an extern in the Pittsburgh diocese after a “true allegation of sexual misconduct with an adult woman.” Name included on Boston AD database of accused priests. Still on administrative leave as of 8/11 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database.
  42. Priest Thomas M. Carroll Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA: 2002 article reported Carroll had received treatment but was allowed to remain as priest. In 2003 Bishop Adamec said he met with Carroll 1/88 to discuss allegations against him.  During the investigation, Carroll became ill and died that fall. Two suits filed 2/03 included allegations against Carroll and 8 other “predator priests” with allegations that were hushed up by the Diocese.
  43. Priest Michael J. Carroll Sued Los Angeles, CA: Sued 2003. Accused of abuse of teen girl. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Allegations deemed unfounded. He is still active.
  44. Priest Michael A. Carroll Accused Rockville Centre, NY: Placed on leave in Spring, 2002 from his assignment as chaplain at Mercy Medical Center after accusation of abuse. Cleared by Vatican and reinstated in 2004. Identified as  Priest P in Suffolk Cty Grand Jury Report. of 2003.  Report indicates that he left several parishes suddenly and had complaints against him of inappropriate sexual contact with a teenage boy as well as young men over the age of 18.
  45. Priest Michael R. Carroll Accused Green Bay, WI: Carroll placed on leave in 2002 after accusations he abused a minor  boy more than 20 yrs  previously. Carroll denied the allegation.  Jan.  2003 article reported that allegations were yet to be resolved and Carroll was still on leave.
  46. Priest David L. Carson Accused New York, NY: Accused of abuse. No public information on abuse has been found.  Laicized in July, 2005.
  47. Priest Daniel E. Carter Sued San Francisco, CA: Woman filed police report in 2002  accusing Carter of a sexual impropriety when she was a student at Notre Dame des Victoires elementary school in late 1970s and he was a religious brother.  Diocese investigated, found allegations inconclusive and allowed Carter to remain active. Woman filed civil suit 8/02 and Carter placed on leave. Archdiocese later allowed him to return to active duty in 4/08 saying again that charges were inconclusive.  Still active priest 9/11.
  48. Priest Frederick J. Cartier, Jr. Accused Boston, MA: Personnel file released 1/03. (2002?) letter in the file  accused Cartier of repeatedly molesting a teenage boy at St. Barbara’s rectory in Woburn and on overnight campting trips to New Hampshire in about 1970. Name also on list of MA priests revealed as abusers in the  3/03 report on Manchester Diocese issued by the NH AG’s office. Also named in NH AG Audit Report 3/7/09. “Voluntary” laicization announced 2/11/11. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.
  49. Priest John J. Casey Accused Metuchen, NJ: Placed on leave 7/05. Accused of abuse of “minor” in approx. 1987. No further information provided. No criminal prosecution because statute of limitations expired. Per 5/07 article, canonical trial of Casey was in its “early procedural stages.” Died 8/1/08. Obituary referred to him as pastor of St. Joseph’s Church.  Bishop  Bootkoski performed burial mass.
  50. Priest William C. Casey Convicted Knoxville, TN: Retired. Removed 4/10 by Knoxville BP when criminal complaint filed in NC (no SOL) by one man who said Casey abused him for 5 yrs beginning in 1975 while at St. Dominic’s in Kingsport;  accuser said abuse also occurred during trip  to NC. Casey admitted allegation may be credible. Arrested 4/19/10 on NC charge. Pled guilty 7/29/10. 3 yrs prison suspended to 24 mo probation. Charges also filed in VA & TN. Found guilty 7/14/11 in TN. Sentenced 11/11 to 35-40 yrs prison. Wants new trial 1/13. Laicized 2012
  51. Priest Daniel W. Casey, Jr. Settled Syracuse, NY: Accused of abuse of 3 boys in two families in late 1980s. Suits filed 10/92.  Both settled 1998 for total of $475K. Also sued in Georgia in 1996. Resigned from Syracuse Diocese in 1991 but then found living at a rectory in  Rochester diocese. RochesterBishop asked him to leave. Died in 2000.
  52. Priest Michael J. Cashman Settled Metuchen, NJ: Native of Ireland. Placed on leave 2002 after accusation that he abused a former parishioner, her son and daughter in 1978 at parish in Old Bridge.   Other accusations also made. Included in 1/03 settlement re abuse by 5 priests. He denied all allegations. In 3/09 church trial found him guilty of 1 count of abuse between 1980-1983 and permanently removed him from public ministry.
  53. Priest Santino “Tony” A Casimano (Casamino) Accused Orange, CA: Ordained in Gallup diocese in 1975. Moved to Orange Diocese in 1976 on loan from Gallup. Served as Navy Chaplain from 1980-2000. Accused in 2004  of abuse of 2 brothers while in Orange.  Was principal at  at St. Bernard H. S. in Uncasville, CT in 2004 when allegations made. Name sometimes  spelled Casamino. Orange Diocese paid the brothers $4.2M in a 2005 settlement.  He is deceased per 2007 article.
  54. Priest John Lloyd Caskey Convicted St. Cloud, MN: In 11/07 he admitted writing “inappropriate letters” to a 18 yr old man who had reported them to police 9/07. He immediately resigned from parish. Not placed  on leave by the Diocese until 1/08 when he was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography on his computers, Pled guilty 8/08. Sentenced to 1 mo. in prison and 5 yrs probation 5/09.
  55. Priest Albert H. Cason Accused Rochester, NY: Per 4/02 articles, Cason was “removed from ministry” in 1985 because of sexual misconduct. There were apparently multiple victims.  Police investigated; no charges filed.  Diocese investigated and found allegations credible. He was sent for treatment and never allowed to return to ministry. Eight plaintiffs filed suits 12/02.  Many dismissed on SOL. Voluntarily laicized per 6/7/12 statement from Diocese.
  56. Priest Bernard Casper Accused Rochester NY: Casper ordained by Diocese of Pueblo CO. He took  leave of absence in 1963. Began working in NY in 1970s.  In 2003 twin brothers accused Casper of molesting them for years, starting when they were altar boys in Albany. Boys met Casper in early 1970s and in 1973 he became their guardian.  When the two went to diocese in 2002, both Albany and Rochester dioceses contended that Casper never had their authority to act as priest in New York state.
  57. Priest Thomas P. Casper Sued Louisville, KY: Accused in 6/02 suit of forcing boy to perform oral sex in 1964-65 at age 10-11 in cathedral rectory. Also named in 4/03 suit which accused him of abusing one youth at Christ the King Church around 1955-56.  Had been Army chaplain 1960-62. Was superintendent of Louisville Catholic schools 1967-74. Died 11/4/91.
  58. Priest John J. Castaldo Convicted Bridgeport, CT: Arrested/charged 6/01 w/ explicit sexual conversations on Internet w/ 14 yr old boy (police). Wanted to meet for sex. Spiritual adviser at Trinity H.S. Removed;  admitted charges in court 9/01.  Sentenced 11/01 to 1 weekend in jail and 5 years probation. Suit filed 10/01 alleged abuse in 1991. Suit filed 4/02 (settled 2005). Suit filed 1/09. 3rd suit filed 3/10. Diocese said 3/10 plaintiff was not abused. 1/09 suit decided for Plaintiff by Judge when diocese failed to produce docs.
  59. Priest Juan Carlos Castano Convicted Charleston, SC: Came from Colombia in 1999 and was investigated before being granted visiting priest status. Arrested and indicted 4/02 on charges that he abused a 4 year old girl in 2000. She told her brother who told another relative. Incident was not reported to Diocese until 2002. In 4/03, he admitted fondling the child and was sentenced to  2 years in jail, 2 yrs probation, and required to pay restitution.. May have been similar allegations in South America.
  60. Priest Paul A. Castellani Accused Philadelphia, PA: One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as pastor of St. Philomena Church in Lansdowne. Per 7/6/12 announcement, he was found suitable for ministry after the diocese determined misconduct claims against him were unsubstantiated.
  61. Priest Ricardo Castellanos Sued Miami FL: Sued 2002. Man says that Castellanos sexually abused him between the ages of 14 and 16 at St. Kieran Church and LaSalle High School in Miami and during overnight trips to Disney World in the early 1970s. Criminal charges not pursued because of SOL. At least 4 civil suits named Castellanos. 2 claims settled 9/22/04. Retired 2005 when new suit filed. Another suit filed 5/12 claims Castellanos abused 1 youth more than 150 times in approx 1995 at San Isidro Church in Pompano Beach.
  62. Priest Robert J. Castelucci Sued Pittsburgh, PA: Removed from ministry 1995. One person  filed lawsuit in 2004 alleging abuse by Castelucci, formerly of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Braddock.   No information is shown on when abuse occurred. Claims included in Diocese’s  9/07 $1.25 mil settlement  as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests.
  63. Priest William Patrick Caster Sued Louisville, KY: Woman filed suit in 2003 alleging Caster molested her in 1955 or 1956 at Holy Family Church when she was about 10.  Caster retired for health reasons in 1988 and died  12/89. Rev. William Patrick Caster was accused of sexually abusing Judy Shore, now 57, in 1955 or 1956 while she attended Holy Family Church and School. Caster resigned as a pastor in 1988 because of poor health and died the following year, Price said.
  64. Priest Alejandro Jose (Alex) Castillo Convicted San Bernardino, CA: Removed from  Our Lady of Guadalupe in Ontario  6/10 after allegations that he abused two brothers within last 2 yrs. Review board found allegations credible 9/10. Subject of prior complaint re 2 adults and 1 youth, but no arrests dueto SOL. Arrested 10/25/10. In 4/11, he pled guilty re lewd act with a minor. Sentenced to 1 yr jail & register as sex offender 8/31/11. Released 4/21/12; re-arrested 5/9/12 for probation violation. No further sentence. Two lawsuits filed 9/22/11. New suit filed 9/12. The Rev. Alejandro Jose Castillo, 57, was arrested Monday at his home in Ontario. Castillo was charged with seven counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under age 14 and one count of forcible lewd and lascivious acts with a child under age 14. The alleged acts occurred between October and December 2008 while Castillo was pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Ontario, according to the criminal complaint. If convicted, Castillo faces up to 22 years in prison, Ontario police said. Police believe there were at least four other victims, Ontario police Sgt. David McBride said. Police are continuing to investigate an alleged incident involving a 14-year-old boy for possible charges, he said. The cases involving the other three alleged victims cannot be prosecuted because the one-year statute of limitations expired for the alleged offenses, said David Hidalgo, supervising deputy district attorney for San Bernardino County. One of the alleged victims is a brother of the 12-year-old and was the subject of similar sexual conduct during the same time period but was 16 when the alleged offense occurred, which makes it misdemeanor sexual battery instead of a felony, Hidalgo said. Sexual battery includes actions such as fondling and groping, he said. Another alleged act of sexual battery was committed against an 18-year-old man at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Rialto in 2000 and against a 23-year-old man in 2006, apparently at Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hidalgo said.
  65. Priest Richard “Rick” Castillo Accused Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL: Castillo admitted to abusing 4 boys. Reported to Police in 1996 but statute had run. Parents had to file a release saying they would not file civil suit to get diocese to pay for ongoing therapy. Two brothers said they had previously told Diocese of abuse but were ignored. He was permanently barred from ministry,  sent for treatment, and barred from contact with children. A Roman Catholic priest has admitted engaging in sexual misconduct with four men when they were in their teens, his bishop said. The admission by the Rev. Richard Castillo, 43, came after months of evaluation and treatment, the Most Rev. John H. Ricard, bishop of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, said on Monday. “These admissions effectively relieve Father Castillo of any pastoral duties in the diocese,” Ricard said. “The Diocese deeply regrets the injuries caused by one of its own priests and offers a sincere apology to those who were injured.” Castillo was relieved of his duties at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Quincy in April. He enrolled himself in a church-run medical center to undergo a mental evaluation and is continuing to receive treatment there, Ricard said.
  66. Priest  Richard “Rick” Castillo Accused Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL: Castillo admitted to abusing 4 boys. Reported to Police in 1996 but statute had run. Parents had to file a release saying they would not file civil suit to get diocese to pay for ongoing therapy. Two brothers saud they had previously told Diocese of abuse but were ignored. He was permanently barred from ministry,  sent for treatment, and barred from contact with children. In the summer of 1989, the Pensacola boy was 16 and hung out with his  friends at the rented beachfront summer house of the Rev. Richard Castillo. Castillo’s parties were well-known to local teens, he provided beer to his  underage guests and a place to crash if they overindulged. Then came the  night the boy got drunk and, hours later, awoke to find the priest  performing oral sex on him. The boy did not tell his parents. Patrick and Janice Watts found out in late  1996, when their son told his story to a criminal court judge to reduce his  12-year sentence on a DUI manslaughter charge. When the Wattses repeated his allegations to the diocese’s leader, Bishop  John Ricard, they got the response victims routinely receive from the  Catholic Church: verbal support, counseling and assurances that their  child’s attacker would be prevented from harming other children. But the family also discovered that the well of compassion often dries up if  a cleric’s accuser goes public. Or sues _ as the Wattses’ son threatened to  do when the church refused to pay for his post-prison therapy. Nevertheless, it took a signed release saying the Wattses would not file a  civil lawsuit to get the diocese to pay for ongoing therapy, Janice Watts  said. Neither Ricard nor other area priests would talk to the family after  their initial conference, she said.
  67. Priest Willebaldo Castro Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1973-1978. LA archdiocese counts 4 accusers. Extern priest from Mexico working in Archdiocese as of 1956.  Named in at least 1 civil suit. In approximately 1977-78, Defendants assigned Fr. Willebaldo           Castro (Perpetrator #17) to St. Mary’s Church of the Assumption in Santa Maria. Shortly thereafter Victim #40, began seeing Fr. Castro for counseling. Fr. Castro took advantage of Victim #40’s vulnerability and began introducing sex education into the counseling sessions. Fr.         Castro then began assaulting Victim #40, who was an adolescent at the time. Fr. Castro sexually assaulted Victim #40, at, among other locations, the grounds of the parish. The assaults by Fr. Castro are now the subject of a currently filed lawsuit. Additionally, Fr. Castro has been identified as the perpetrator in no less than three (3) currently filed lawsuits from his time while assigned to St. Mary’s in Santa Maria, and St. Alphonsus in Los Angeles.
  68. Priest Pasquale R Catullo Accused Philadelphia, PA: Accused in 1969 of abuse of a female high school student. He self-reported the incident and requested transfer Archdiocese knew of  abuse but continued to reassign him for 15 years.  In late 2004, Catullo agreed to permanent removal of faculties and supervised life  of prayer & penance. Archdiocese found allegations credible.  Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor.
  69. Priest Mauro J. Cautela Accused Pittsburgh, PA: Placed on leave Aug. 2005 after allegations of “serious improprieties” that were apparently financial and sexual in nature. Age of accuser was unknown. Cautela collapsed and died Dec. 2005. The Rev. Mauro Cautela, a parish priest in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh since 1974, has been removed from public ministry while state police investigate what the diocese termed “serious allegations of improprieties.” While details are unavailable, the allegations appear to be both financial and sexual in nature. Cautela, 57, had been pastor of Holy Redeemer in Ellwood City since 1992 and served as dean of all Lawrence County parishes. According to the Rev. Ronald Lengwin, spokesman for the diocese, allegations were first brought to the diocese Aug. 17. On Wednesday, Cautela was placed on administrative leave and resigned as pastor of Holy Redeemer, and diocesan officials gave the allegations to Lawrence County District Attorney Matthew Mangino.
  70. Priest Lawrence A. Cavell Accused Houma-Thibodaux, LA: Removed 3/03 after allegations arose that he solicitated a minor for sex in late 1980s, prior to his ordination. Cavell, who had just gone on health leave from St. Mary’s Nativity Chursh when the allegations arose, admitted to the single offense. Diocese said incident involved “words, not acts.”  Cavell was said to be considering leaving the priesthood. No further information found. The former pastor of a Raceland Catholic church has been suspended for soliciting a minor more than 15 years ago, before he was ordained. The incident is the only one in the Rev. Lawrence A. Cavell’s history, and involved words, not acts, said Louis Aguirre, spokesman for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. He said Cavell, 46, former pastor of St. Mary’s Nativity Church admitted to “solicitation of a minor” when he was confronted last month with questions about his past. He already had left the parish for health reasons.  The minor, now an adult, asked that all details – including geographical information and gender – be kept confidential, Aguirre said.
  71. Priest Nicholas V. Cudemo Sued Philadelphia, PA: Accused of abuse of  between 11-16  young girls  in 1960s and 1970s. Archdiocese first learned of abuse in 1991. Sued in 1992.  Placed on leave 1996. Laicized 3/21/05. Named in new Grand Jury report 2/10/11. Cardinal B. admitted in 2003 depo that Cudemowas allowed to remain active because a priest “has rights”; “If we tried to remove him, he could bring action.” Named as diagnosed pedophile in secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. Molloy (released 2/27/12). Testimony re him in 2012 trial of Msgr. Lynn Father Nicholas V. Cudemo, ordained in 1963, was described to the Grand Jury as “one of sickest people I ever knew” by Monsignor James E. Molloy, Cardinal Bevilacqua’s Vicar for Administration. Father Cudemo raped an 11-year-old girl, molested a fifth grader in the confessional, invoked God to seduce and shame his victims, and maintained sexually abusive relationships simultaneously with several girls from the Catholic school where he was a teacher. His own family sued him for molesting a cousin.  Yet, with serious allegations against the priest on record, Cardinal Bevilacqua twice promoted him to serve as pastor of Philadelphia parishes. Only after victims threatened to name the Cardinal and the Archdiocese in a lawsuit was Fr. Cudemo removed from his pastorate. Even so, in January 1997, after the victims withdrew their lawsuit, the Cardinal’s Secretary for Clergy, Monsignor William Lynn, presented Fr. Cudemo with a certificate declaring him “a retired priest in good standing in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia,” and asking that he be permitted to function as a priest in any other diocese in the country. Monsignor Lynn issued this certificate one year after a panel of pastors had recommended Fr. Cudemo’s removal as pastor due to “several grave causes” and despite the Archdiocese’s knowledge of at least 10 separate allegations against the priest involving sexual abuse of girls. In March 2003, Fr. Cudemo told one of his former victims that the certificate was allowing him to minister in Orlando, Florida, where he now lives part-time. Perhaps most disturbing, and revealing, about the Archdiocese’s handling of Fr. Cudemo’s abuse of children is that Church officials have never admitted or acknowledged their misplaced priorities. In 2003, long after the priest’s many abuses were well known to the Archdiocese, Cardinal Bevilacqua continued in his Grand Jury testimony to defend the Church’s handling of Fr. Cudemo’s case. He did so in the face of overwhelming evidence – that Archdiocese managers had ignored or failed to follow up reports of abuse; that they had concealed information from and lied to parishioners; that they had allowed Fr. Cudemo to remain in place long after his abuse was well known, even after he refused treatment; and, finally, that they had permitted Fr. Cudemo to retire early and continue acting as a priest rather than remove him from ministry. A list of some of the victims identified in evidence before the Grand Jury makes clear both Fr. Cudemo’s unrelenting depravity and the extent of Church leaders’ knowledge when they kept reassigning the priest. This list includes only those girls who were the subject of formal complaints made to Archdiocesan managers. It does not include the names of girls that the Archdiocese learned of either secondhand from the victims who came forward or from the priest himself.
  72. Augustinian Priest George J. Callaghan Settled Boston, MA: Personnel files released 12/02. Accused of molesting a 17 yr old Massachusetts  youth in 1983 on cross-country trip.  Matter settled. Also accused of molesting a 22 yr old man in 1993 at St. Mary’s Parish. This claim settled 1993 for $17K. At last report, Callaghan (sometimes spelled Callahan) suffered from Alzheimers and lived in a nursing home in Philadelphia. Died 12/08. Name omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.
  73. Benedictine Priest Andrew Campbell Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA: Campbell, then head of  English department at St. Vincent Univ. was placed on leave 2002. Woman filed suit 5/03 alleging Campbell and 2 other priests had abused her 16 yr old son at  St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe in 1980-1982. Claims against Campbelldismissed 5/04 but son had filed individual suit 2/04. Mom’s remaining claims settled 2/05 but son’s did not.
  74. Benedictine Justin J. Capato Sued Paterson, NJ: Named as abuser in civil suit filed 3/20/12 by two men who allege abuse at Delbarton School between 1977-1979. One man also alleged abuse in 1980 by Luke Travers. The father of the brothers told school about the abuse in 2004.  It  was also reported to St. Mary’s Abbey in 2010. Capato was working as parochial vicar at Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel Church in Cedar Knolls, NJ when suit was announced. St. Mary’s Abbey reports he is currently under restrictions and being monitored.
  75. CFC – Congregation of Christian Brothers Brother Casale Sued Seattle, WA: In civil suit filed 8/26/10, one of three plaintiffs alleged that he was groomed and sexually abused by Br. Casale in 1955 at Briscoe Memorial School.  Suit also claims same man was later abused by Br. Croke.
  76. Dominican Stuart B. Campbell Sued Monterey, CA: Campbell had a very spotty assignment record.  Sometimes he was listed and sometimes he wasn’t.  One case filed in Fresno County in 2003 or 2004  accused Campbell of abuse from 1956 to 1959 before Diocese of Monterey was created. Statement by Bishop Ryan of Monterey refers to Campbell as a religious order priest. Campbell died in 1986.
  77. Dominican Priest Vincent V. Cavalli Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1966-1968.  LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Named in at least 1 civil suit.
  78. Franciscan Brother Samuel Charles Cabot Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1980-1985. Removed from public ministry in 2002.  LA archdiocese refers to 2 accusers. Two female cousins filed a civil suit  in 2003. Claim settlement announced 8/06. Cabot “may be” the perpetrator in 8/08 civil suit.  Plaintiffis uncertain. See additional information in 2 suits filed fall, 2009. Personnel file released 5/12.
  79. Franciscan Priest (Laurian) David Carriere Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1978-1979. LA archdiocese counts 2 accusers. Errata says only 1 accuser. At least 1 civil suit filed. Named in Aug. 2006 settlement. Personnel File released 5/12.
  80. Jesuit Priest William B. Cahill Accused Portland, ME: Accused of abuse of at least 3 male students at Cheverus High School between 1950-1960 per documents released by Maine AG in 2005. Died 2/86.
  81. Jesuit Priest John J. “Jack” Campbell Settled St. Louis, MO: Order paid $185K in 2003 to former student who alleged abuse by Campbell in early 1970s in “therapy sessions.” Officials said this was the 13th man to bring credible allegations but 1st to make allegations public. Not all were minors. Over $575K in settlements and medicals paid in 14 year period. Removed from contact with children in 1987, from public ministry in 1989, and lost priestly faculties in 1993. Order moved him to Denver in 1991. New suit filed 6/12 against Order & Gonzaga prep.
  82. Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Priest James D. Campbell Convicted Providence, RI: Worked at parish in West Warwick, RI from 7/75 to 11/77 and as chaplain at Rhode Island Medical Center for Diocese of Providence at the same time. Placed on leave by Order  in 2002 after allegations of abuse of boy in Worcester, MA  received. Indicted 9/03 and  convicted 2004 of abuse of 2 teens, one a girl. Sentenced 1/05 to 90 days in house of correction and 10 yrs probation. Laicization announced 3/05.
  83. Oblate Priest Charles Cassetta Sued Miami FL: Accused in 2003 lawsuit of sexually abusing a female student at least 10 times in 1971-72 at Cardinal Newman High School.  Suit settled in May 2004 for $220,000. Cassetta left priesthood, married and lives in  Maryland. Served in Buffalo, NY diocese prior to assignment in Florida.
  84. Pallotine Priest Douglas Carroll Accused Baltimore, MD: Removed 1990 after Order told Diocese that he had admitted soliciting an underage individual in another state. Laicized in 1998.
  85. Sacred Heart Priest Edward J. Casey Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse of 3 between 1974-1979.  LA archdiocese counts 3 accusers.  Named in at least 1 civil suit.
  86. Scalabrinian Priest Guido Caverzan Sued Boston, MA: Accused in a 7/18/77 letter to Order of sexually abusing 3 boys. A 10/11/94 memo refers to 2 other allegations. In 1/03 a man brought suit re abuse in the mid-1970s. Those  documents were publicly filed later in 2003, and on 2/26/04 Caverzan was accusedin a lawsuit of sexually abusing a boy age 10-12 in the NY archdiocese, beginning in 1966. Removed from parish in Venice FL. Died 9/28/94 in Caracas at order’s headquarters. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was Order priest. [John Doe 2] was sexually abused by defendant Caverzan many times from about 1966 to 1968 when he was between the ages of 10 and 12 . [John Doe 2] was an altar boy at Our Lady of Pompeii in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. He was abused in the sacristy while preparing to assist Caverzan with early morning mass. Caverzan would hug [John Doe 2] and fondle his genitals on top of  clothes. It felt to [John Doe 2] that Caverzan was hugging him with his whole body since he felt that every part of his body was covered by Caverzan. [John Doe 2] was terrified. Caverzan took [John Doe 2] into his bedroom at the rectory and encouraged [John Doe 2] to engage in further sexual activities. When Caverzan began massaging [John Doe 2]’s legs, [John Doe 2] ran away. As a result of the abuse, [John Doe 2] has experienced pain and suffering. He was afraid to tell his parents what was happening because he thought that he had done something wrong. Even when he ran away from Caverzan, he was afraid he was being rude to the priest. [John Doe 2] suffers from low self esteem, paranoia and depression. From time to time, depression prevents him from getting things done and occasionally getting to work at all.  [John Doe 2] struggles continually to keep on top of the things that need to be accomplished both at work and in his personal life. He has been married twice. He was in therapy for 5 or 6 years and is on medication.
  87. Society of the Divine Word Priest Michael John Carew Accused Boston, MA: Ordained in order 1949, incardinated in Boston 1964, and voluntarily laicized in  1971. Accused in 2002 of sexual abuse of 2 girls in early 1960s. Possibly a 3rd female victim. He was assigned to Immaculate Conception in Newburyport from  4/60 – 2/63. Boston AD database in 8/11 said he was publicly accused after laicization on other grounds.
  88. Trappist Seminarian Wilfred Laurent Carignan Convicted Denver, CO: Carignan, described as a “monk-in-training” who was not accepted into the order, was  accused in 2011 of molesting a youth while working at St. Benedict’s Monastery as a beekeeper.  The boy was a 6th or 7th grader who was being tutored by Carignan in approx. 2000 when alleged abuse occurred. At time of arrest, Carignan was serving two separate 6 yr – life sentences for abuse of another youth. Conviction was in 2008.
  89. Ursuline Nun Mother Camellia Sued Helena, MT: One woman alleged abuse by Mother Camellia, Mother Henrietta,  and Sister John at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation. Allegations are included in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against multiple nuns, 6 priests and 2 brother.
  90. Vincentian Priest James Cairns Accused Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse between 1971-1973. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser.
  91. Vincentian Priest John Joseph Casey Sued Los Angeles, CA: Accused of abuse betweem 1944-1945. in at least 1 civil suit.  LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Deceased.
  1. I’m an old man now, 82, and I’ve been a decades-long critic of the Hierarchy, early on about their flawed theology of Humanae Vitae, and the runaway global population issue. When I moved to Albuquerque in 1952 to test atom bombs, in our parish we were aware of a retreat in the mountains for “wayward priests.” We just figured maybe some alcoholics or some guys with girl friends. WRONG, they were pedophiles, and from 1949 to the mid-90s, they treated 1200+ of them, and not successfully.
    So, since then I have been writing hundreds of letters decrying the Hierarchy and Monarchical Rome for criminal conspiracy. In this cause, I stand in AWE of men like Father Tom Doyle, Lawyer Jeffrey Anderson, Investigative Reporter Jason Berry, and dozens of other intrepid activists who were out there in 1980, TRYING to make an impact. I admire BishopAccountability and SNAP and all of those who took on the secret machinations of the Church.
    And now my cause is the Church’s abominable treatment of homosexuals. GOD WROTE HOMOSEXUALITY INTO THE HUMAN GENOME. Homosexuality is NATURAL, homosexual sex is NATURAL, and same sex marriage is NATURAL.
    I’m 100% hetero, married to the same woman 57 years, and my marriage is hardly affected by two gay people who have been loving each other for 25 years to get married.
    If there is a way to snail mail some letters and monographs to you, let me know.

  2. The Vatican is at flat for letting “Cardinal” Donald Wuerl get away with as much as he did. He protected the homosexual Cardinal John J. Wright from sexual impropriety when Wuerl was Wrught’s secretary in the Office of the Clergy. Wuerl worked in the Vatican for 10 years and knows the ends and outs of the Vatican. He has his protectors in the Vatican when he does something wrong and destroys the lives of good priests while protecting the villains. Wuerl has influence in the Vatican and has a lot of Money and he can get whatever he wants, He even put his name on the Catechism, THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH that Father John A. Hardon,S.J wrote and compiled. Father Hardon when in Rome asked Wuerl if he wold edit his Catechism, Wuer agreed, but Wuerl put his own name on the catechism and had it published in his name. Father Hardon should have sued Wuerl, but he didn’t want the scandal in the Church. He always said, the truth about Wuer, who is very shred will come out one fray. I was surprised that Pope Francis gave Wuerl a high position by making Wiuerl head of the bishops. He might as well put Satan himself in charge of that position. Cardinal Burke, a canon lawyer is much more clean and competent for that position. After Pope Francis elevated Wuerl, I lost faith in Pope Francis to put the filthy Cardinal Wuerl in a position, head of the bishops. Shouldn’t Pope Francis investigate priests and bishops before he elevates them. It see4ms true that it’s WHO YOU KNOW and HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE and you can get whatever you want in the Vatican. Type Cardinal Donald Wuerl on the Internet and you will see about his despicable behavior and how Wuerl hurt good priests .

    • I know all about the Lavender Don from my buddy Mike Ference, whom has bravely been exposing that piece of shit for a while, at great cost to himself. His son was almost murdered because of his work, he lost his job with Cisco because of it. So yeah, just look under the Wuerl heading and you will see I have posted quite a bit about him thanks to Mike and his incredible work. Matter of fact, there is an entry for him as you can see under the Pedophile Pimps and Priests section from which you just commented from.

  3. Anthony Bugalli

    Bad priests burn in hell. Bigots and haters do no better

    • Really? So how am I a bigot and a hater? So by standing up to your disgusting Pedophile Pimps and priests, that makes me a bigot and hater?

      Well thankfully I am not like YOU, a lover and defender of disgusting scumbags who rape children and cover it up and then hide behind their religion and institution to get away with their crimes.

      You have far proven you are a typical pew polishing pedophile loving scumbag of the Unholy Roman Catholic Cult and I have no fear of burning in hell you scumbag…because I have already been through hell and back thanks to your cult.

  4. A little long, but nice list.
    bishop-accountability has more navigation, but similar list.
    150 yrs in USA.
    500 yrs in Europe of Child Sex Abuse.
    Martin Luthers Reformation was certainly needed.
    Too late now. RCC self destructing.

    mcg-truth blogspot com

    Man Created God. amen.

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