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Why President Obama Must Read the Latest “LA Confidential”

Why President Obama Must Read the Latest “LA Confidential”

Blog of Jerry Slevin, a lifelong Catholic believer and a retired Wall Street lawyer

From the link:

If it wasn’t already clear to fair minded people, the judicially ordered release of the Los Angeles Archdiocesan secret, at times obscene, priest abuse files, after years of stonewalling by Cardinal Mahony, just makes clear once again how the U.S. Catholic hierarchy flouts laws and treats easily managed local criminal justice officials as complete morons. And the hierarchy so far has gotten away with it.

Recently, experts at the Vatican conference on priest abuse of children reportedly estimated that so far over 100,000 children in the USA alone have been sexually abused by priests. Yet to date not a single U.S. bishop has been held criminally responsible for the crimes the LA files confirm once again the Catholic hierarchy routinely facilitates. With declining numbers of domestic priests, and women and married men needlessly excluded from the potential priest pool, more sexual deviates will likely be ordained needlessly and more predators will likely be retained criminally. It’s just arithmetic, you know! Priests are paid little, but generate per capita considerable revenues for the well fed Catholic hierarchy.

The LA files, like the Boston, Philly, Milwaukee, and many other U.S. dioceses’ previously released secret files, make clear, this is no coincidence. Rather it appears clearly to be a worldwide personnel policy orchestrated from the Vatican that is clearly anti-children.

What is holding up President Obama? Why doesn’t he step up here? Please see my statement, “Why Does the Pope Play the USA as a Fool”, accessible at:

Please also watch the upcoming award winning HBO documentary, “Mea Maxima Culpa”, beginning airing on Feb. 4. It recounts the obscene story of over 200 deaf boys allegedly sexually abused by a single Milwaukee priest, while local law enforcement and Catholic hierarchical officials failed to act over several decades. A Milwaukee Federal bankruptcy judge just reversed then Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s shameful earlier attempt apparently to deny Milwaukee abuse survivors financial relief by trying to transfer $55 million of diocesan funds to a cemetery trust beyond the legal reach of the abuse survivors.

Again, what are you waiting for, President Obama?