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by Kobutsu Malone

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The above essay originally comprised a letter that I wrote and sent out to the following, people / institutions on January 20, 2002:

The Most Reverend John J. Myers – Fifth Archbishop of Newark – NO RESPONSE

John J. Myers

Brian Walsh Irish Christian Brother’s Provincial New Rochelle, NY – NO RESPONSE

Bergen Catholic High School, Oradell Avenue, Oradell, NJ – NO RESPONSE

My father; Kevin B. Malone, Mahwah, NJ – NO RESPONSE

Oradell, NJ Police Department. via email [Official acknowledgement click here.]

This essay was put up on the web in 2004 and drew no commentary until early January 2009. I was quite surprised to receive an email from Mr. Thomas Schwarz, a man who was also a student in Bergen Catholic during my tenure. Since then, I have been contacted by quite a number of BC alumni, (30+) many relating the same sort of experience I had; reading or hearing about clergy abuse in the news and looking on the internet to see if anything was written about Bergen Catholic. Many of the men contacting me asked about specific teachers from that period. To help jog people’s memories, here are some pages scanned in from the 1965 Bergen Catholic Crusader Yearbook:

Click here for the 1964 faculty photos
Click here for 1964 Homeroom 34 photos


Bergen Catholic Faculty – 1964

Mr. Dominick L. Albamonte
Br. John B. Chaney
Mrs. J. Warren Chapman
Br. Richard L. Connelly
Mr. John R. Courtney
Mr. Christopher J. Donfield
Br. John E. Dornbos
Br. John L. Gilchrist
Mrs. Walter V. Gilles
Br. Patrick A. Gleeson
Br. James G. Glos
Dr. Robert B. Gorman
Mr. Donald J. Gunther
Br. Ronald A. Howe
Br. Charles B. Irwin
Mr. Thomas W. Irwin
Br. Alfred X. Kean
Br. Gerald M. King
Mr. P. Kieth Krayer
Mr. Victor L. Liggio
Br. Anton J. Lips
Mr. John B. Maazziotta
Br. Michael S. McElhatton
Br. Patrick G. McPadden
Mr. Salvatore V. Montagna
Mr. Patrick Murphy
Mr. Thomas M. Murray
Mr. James J. Obrotka
Mr. Michael A. Picciallo
Mr. Ralph J. Pinto
Mr. William J. Rollins
Br. Jerome A. Shannon
Br. Joseph S. Smith
Mr. James E. Sokoloski
Br. James B. Walsh
Br. Robert P. Walsh
Mr. E. L. Williams