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Paedophile priest Vince Ryan out of jail

Paedophile priest Vince Ryan out of jail

NSW police warned of a possible Catholic Church paedophile network as early as 2004

NSW police warned of a possible Catholic Church paedophile network as early as 2004

Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Broadcast: 10/05/2013


Reporter: Suzie Smith

From the link:

A police force intelligence document tendered by the head of the NSW Sex Crimes unit, Superintendent John Kerlatec, to the Special Commission of Inquiry into Clerical Abuse in the Hunter region, NSW, revealed three priests were named as part of a possible paedophile conspiracy and that the Catholic Church had required a victim to “sign a deed” that they’d not pursue any civil or criminal actions.


EMMA ALBERICI, REPORTER: The New South Wales special commission of inquiry into clerical abuse in the Hunter region has heard that police were warned of the danger of a possible paedophile ring as far back as 2004.

A NSW police force intelligence document was tendered in a statement by the head of the New South Wales Sex Crimes unit, Superintendent John Kerlatec.

The document also named three priests as part of a possible conspiracy and said that the Catholic Church had required a victim to “sign a deed” promising they would not pursue civil or criminal actions.

John Kerlatec also told the inquiry that an internal police email showed there was no great urgency in the handling of child sexual abuse allegations in the Hunter region

Suzie smith reports from Newcastle

SUZIE SMITH, REPORTING: Today was the fifth day of the special commission and on the stand an unwilling witness detective Superintendent John Kerlatec, the head of the New South Wales Sex Crimes squad.

DCI Fox’s legal counsel, Mark Cohen showed the Commander an internal police email dated early May 2010. John Kerlatec admitted it revealed there was little urgency from a senior officer to investigate serious allegations of child sexual abuse cover-up.


MARK COHEN, BARRISTER, PETER FOX LEGAL COUNSEL (VOICEOVER): What it the case that the genesis of this matter was attracting very little urgency… there was not a lot of urgency being exhibited was there…?


SUZIE SMITH: In further testimony, John Kerlatec agreed with counsel Mark Cohen that it appeared the officer, inspector Dave Waddell was trying to shut down the investigation. As part of John Kerlatec’s evidence, several confidential police intelligence reports and documents were tendered to the commission. They reveal that in 2004, police were investigating a possible paedophile network operating within the Catholic clergy in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese. The investigation focused on three priests, Father Guy Hartcher, Father James Fletcher, now deceased and father Vincent Ryan.

The intelligence report states:


Priest (PO3) was committing similar offences against young boys at the same time as Priest (PO2) in a neighbouring parish. Priest (PO3) had been convicted with 30 victims.

SUZIE SMITH: The intelligence report also shows that these two priests were allegedly swapping male pornographic videos, but that evidence had been destroyed.

The priest known as P01 had been charged with child sex offences in 1994. The report says the Catholic Church paid a victim and made him sign a deed not to pursue any further criminal or civil actions.

In another police internal memorandum dated the 13th May 2011 the then manager of the Sex Crimes squad Paul Jacob said senior members of the Catholic clergy and employees of the Catholic Church must be interviewed. He also expressed some urgency due to adverse media comment.

This bundle of internal police documents shows that the then crime manager of the Sex Crimes unit, Paul Jacob, received a call from the solicitor representing Archbishop of Adelaide, Phillip Wilson in May 2011. He wanted to know whether the Archbishop was under police investigation. Paul Jacob then contacted the head of Newcastle police, Brad Taylor and asked him to call the solicitor with the following information.


G’day Brad, would you please contact him re this matter. From what I understand from Dave Waddell although this inquiry assessment may have to be handled with diplomacy, there is no prospect of any criminal investigation as key persons (ie the offender and the decision maker within the church) are both deceased.

SUZIE SMITH: The officer who sparked this commission of inquiry, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox has finally finished being cross-examined. DCI Fox says five days in the witness box has been tough but he’s glad he sparked the inquiry.

PETER FOX, DET CHIEF INSPECTOR, NSW POLICE: I knew this was going to be a rough time. I didn’t expect I would be given an easy time and many things will be put to me and I’m sure there will be more. But I’ve still got no reservations whatsoever about what I’ve said.

SUZIE SMITH: Next week the inquiry will hear from the Newcastle ‘Herald’ journalist, Joanne McCarthy and many more senior police.

Suzie Smith, Lateline.

Catholic church interferred in investigation

Catholic church interferred in investigation

Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Broadcast: 08/05/2013


Reporter: Suzanne Smith

From the link:

Former policeman turned state parliamentarian,Troy Grant, told the special commission of inquiry into the handling of child sexual abuse in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese that members of the Catholic Church had interfered in his investigation into sexual abuse.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: More dramatic evidence has been revealed at the new Special Commission of Inquiry into the handling of child sexual abuse in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese in NSW.

Former policeman, now state parliamentarian Troy Grant says a Catholic priest he was investigating was tipped off by a Catholic nun before his arrest. And he refuted claims he’d suggested a Catholic mafia existed within the police force.

Suzie Smith reports from Newcastle.

SUZIE SMITH, REPORTER: National Party MP Troy Grant joined the police force in 1988. As a 25-year-old he took on the case of Father Vincent Ryan. By the late 1990s, 31 Ryan victims had come forward. But Troy Grant says his investigation was obstructed by senior members of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese.

The former policeman told the inquiry a senior nun visited his home during the investigation. The same nun also gave him a false statement.

TROY GRANT, MEMBER FOR DUBBO: The nun provided me with false evidence and played a active role in tipping off the priest the night before I arrested him.

SUZIE SMITH: Troy Grant also says he has documentary evidence of senior clergy being involved in covering up crime.

TROY GRANT: I’ll be giving that evidence to whatever inquiry wants to hear it. And it’s not evidence of just my opinion or my thought. I’ve documentary written evidence to that effect.

SUZIE SMITH: The National Party MP said he was frustrated by the lack of will by the Director of Public Prosecutions to charge senior clergy.

TROY GRANT: Ultimately I believed I had enough to prove the offence at the time which was misprision of a felony for what occurred in 1974 and ’75. The DPP disagreed with that.

SUZIE SMITH: In a statement to the inquiry, Troy Grant clarified a conversation he had with Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox between 2002 and 2003. Mr Grant disputed Peter Fox’s evidence that he spoke to him about a Catholic mafia operating in the police force hindering investigations into clerical abuse.

JOURNALIST: Mr Grant, do you maintain that you never used the expression “Catholic mafia”?

TROY GRANT: Yes, I do, consistent with the evidence I gave under oath. That’s correct, that’s my recollection.

JOURNALIST: Did you raise any concerns about police involvement or police trying to obstruct these sort of investigations.

TROY GRANT: I never did, never had, never had reason to. I was never obstructed. My investigations from a policing point of view went through as per normal, as is reflected in the results achieved both in the criminal and the civil courts for my matters.

SUZIE SMITH: But in his signed statement to the commission Mr Grant says he and Mr Fox spoke about, “Bishop Michael Malone and his level of help or hindrance, Monsignor Patrick Cotter, who at some point passed away, Sister Evelyn Woodward and Father Brian Lucas.”

Troy Grant ended his press conference with this character assessment of DCI Fox’s ability as a police investigator.

TROY GRANT: He didn’t leave any level of detail to chance. He pursued down every rabbit hole, every lead that was made known to him. As I’ve been quoted in the Sydney press, if I was a victim of crime, I would want him as my investigator. His level of victim care I think is second to none and I think that’s been demonstrated over a number of investigations he’s undertaken in the Newcastle area.

SUZIE SMITH: Following Troy Grant appearance, Peter Fox was cross-examined for the rest of the afternoon. He told the inquiry a key witness had contacted him to say the officers of Strike Force Lantel had been harassing her and this had caused her to consider walking away from the investigation.

Late today three police officers applied for leave to be excluded from giving evidence because of ill health. Greens MLC David Shoebridge has told Parliament he is concerned that police won’t be able to be cross-examined.

DAVID SHOEBRIDGE, NSW GREENS MP (male voiceover): “What actions has the Minister taken to ensure the police who have been requested to appear as witnesses will in fact attend the inquiry?”

MIKE GALLACHER, NSW POLICE MINISTER (male voiceover): “I would have thought that was a matter between the Special Commissioner of Inquiry and the Commissioner of Police. No-one has raised anything of that nature with me.”

SUZIE SMITH: Commissioner Margaret Cunneen is considering the medical evidence regarding the absent officers.

Suzanne Smith, Lateline.