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The Catholic church should be outlawed forthwith

The Catholic church should be outlawed forthwith

JohnB on outlawing the Catholic church today

From the link:

After all my anger at the crimes and the harm done to society by the Catholic cover up is the need to understand how the healing journey can go and how it can help straighten a part of your life – it helps to regain a part of your truth and to show the depth of the damage and the harm caused by the actions of Catholics in their attempts to cover up the crimes of their fellow Catholics and their clergy.

Talking whilst driving with my son today and I began to relate to him some details about a foot injury I had as a child. He had come home and shown me a blister on his foot; I told him he had not spent enough time in bare feet – that was the prompt,  my topic could be my right foot or how long/harmful/life distorting the repression of the day to day Catholic cover up are – its part of the healing journey and a son who smiled today when he listened to me about this – its the story of how I had to cover up the injury even though I had to have ongoing medical attention and purpose made boots it was always done in the name of something else – my injured foot which had left me with a distinct limp because I walked with my foot turned in as it had been injured seriously when the car door was repeatedly slammed on my foot on the day the priest raped me at a little church in the beautiful hills of Central Victoria – its about how every Catholic knew what the cause was and every Catholic knew I was not permitted to speak about it – they were able to assist me with my pigeon toed-ness but they were not able to help me with my injured foot due to being slammed in the lock of the car door as that was a lie that would send me to hell – that’s why other kids parents were permitted to beat you if they heard you speak about it being what it in fact was. This was a conscious campaign by every catholic in that town, nuns and priests, knights of the Southern Cross, bishops, the local Catholic Policeman, the Editor of the local newspaper included – they all knew and participated – that to me is what the cover up was and the to me is what the cover up is today – that is what Catholic parishes across the world participate in still today – that is the Catholic cover up in action. It is bigger and stronger than just the Catholic hierarchy because so many have built their careers and their fortunes on.

The part skepticism plays in helping to clarify those truths and facts of your life – you realize that your own brothers and sisters were blackmailed in the same way over this and over dozens of other crimes that had occurred and were covered up – there was a regular murmurous uproar as another instances of sexual abuse was gossiped and whispered about and some kid bullied into fear of their life until the rules of secrecy were instilled (rather this repression was the enforcement of denial into the entire catholic population.

How deep is that repression?
How clarifying it is to me as a person. Reason and memory fit as another part of the jig-saw each of us who experienced this repression which was deployed on to all Catholic children. This was the cruelest and most psychologically damaging process that a human being could be put through- the entire religion and its entire congregation believed fervently that the were the leading light of Christianity – they led the world in morality, justice, humanity, compassion, leadership, ethics, community,salvation, redemption whilst they practiced the ways of the psychopath through a regime of terror inflicted through the fear of eternal hell, damnation, spiritual death and the very real and very often ostracism they deployed on those in the community the wished to bring into line.
Catholics were and remain efficient at that form of repression, they are persistent and ruthless as they are religiously sanctioned by the bishops, priest and nuns (each of whom backed up the story of the priest – this sealed the fate of any victim child of any form of torture who attempted to break out from it.
Those who survived that became good Catholics and continued with this genocidal war against their own children to ensure they would be as psychologically harmed as their parents – it became a self replicating child repressing monster that enshrined its rites to continue with these atrocious abuses of the rights  of a human child. The Catholic church is riven with this thinking and behavior, it is endemic in its persistence within the entire life of a Catholic it is endemic in all those religions which followed the same course and who between them have polluted our society to the point where the blatant sexual abuse of more than 30 million people alive today must be held in repression by the believers in the Catholic religion.

If society does not turn away from the path of the Catholic church and if it does not freeze its assets, its businesses then the vast majority of the real crime in our society will never be addressed and the world will never have had a real chance to raise our children in a peaceful, loving and truthful environment. Lets make 2011 the year we all come together to unite in the single cause of demanding our government ceases to trade with and Catholic or religious entity until democracy is restored in our country.

There is no precedent that permits a sector of society to enact genocide on its followers on the basis of religion. That is what we have today and what we have today is insidious and at the core of the ability of society to progress in the areas of human rights, dignity, respect, individuality, freedom of expression of thought and the freedom of speech.

While ever the Catholic church continues to exist and to be able to function as an organized religion it will be in the process of enacting the genocidal practices of the religion against some portion of society and it will continue to enable wars just as any organized religion can and repeatedly to the detriment of society does. The Catholic church is our most obvious example. We can either help the Catholic church to  prevail or we can help our children to prevail. For every person on the planet the real choice they have to make is whether they will support the Catholic church or will they support the children.

2011 must be the year when those of us across the world who have an understanding of this and for us to collectively demand our governments brings it to a halt and never permits it to occur again. That is a part of their moral obligation to society. Any politician who today stands in support of the Catholic church should be collectively condemned through our united and collective voices.

Make 2011 the year when you connect up with a proactive survivor who speaks clearly and directly about the needs and the means of providing the safety and the protection our children and our society need.

The Catholic church and those who follow it today need to stand back and permit reason and justice to prevail, to permit each and every person within the boundaries of their country to live with the legitimate right to live in a free and democratic country free of repression and child abuse.

The Catholic church stands condemned as a psychopathic pariah and must be rejected in all forms wherever it is not regulated and policed.

Join with us and support us in our demand to governments across the world that the repression and actions of genocide carried out by Catholics and the Catholic church must cease immediately.


Father John Farrell Pedophile Priest of Austrailia deserves punishment NOW

This is a posting I found on a web search about Father John Farrell titled

Father F

by Derryn Hinch

Monday, 09 July 2012. It comes from the link below:

This time last week Four Corners ran a sickening story about a paedophile priest who was protected by the Catholic Church and is still being protected by the Catholic Church.

Sexual assaults against altar boys in Moree, Narrabri and Parramatta which led to the suicides of several victims.

It has now embroiled the Archbishop of Sydney George Pell, the Secretary-General of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Brian Lucas, the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Monsignor John Usher and the Vicar-General of the Armidale Diocese in New South Wales, Wayne Peters.

One name not mentioned in any of the reports – and I will name him in a minute — is the paedophile priest. On Four Corners he was referred to as ‘Father F’ because his name was suppressed when he appeared in court in 1988 charged with six cases of  sexual intercourse without consent and five counts of indecent assault on a child. The charges were dismissed by a magistrate whom I understand had known Father F. for a long time and, in my opinion, should have excused himself.

The Catholic Church hired one of the best, and most expensive, QCs in Australia, Chester Porter, for a lowly Magistrate’s hearing in Narrabri, and a jury never got to hear the victim’s graphic evidence because the Magistrate said any jury would believe a Catholic priest, with no prior convictions, over a ‘wayward youth’.

I now know a lot more about Father F. And so should you.

The paedophile priest’s name is John Farrell. He now lives in Armidale. On the same street as a Catholic School. O’Connor Catholic High School. He writes material for the local newspaper and reportedly has been employed to do survey work for the Federal government that entails him going into family homes.

He’s still living a good life, untouched by the law, even though several of his victims killed themselves before they reached 30. I tried to phone him yesterday. Got his answering service which told me that his mate Mike was holding a State of Origin football party and advising Queensland supporters to ‘bring their own beer and their own meat’.

Life is good for a child molester who has been protected by the Church for 30 years. He was first accused of sexual assault on an altar boy in 1983 — and the Archbishop was told about it. He was charged in 1988 but not defrocked until 2005 – only seven years ago.

And all those Catholic heavies I mentioned earlier are still covering up for John Farrell. I have copies of the documents which show several of them guilty of what I believe are criminal cover-ups and several of them lying about it even now. I’ll explain why next.

In 1992, nearly ten years after the church hierarchy was first notified of Farrell’s sexual abuse of altar boys, the priest was called before a three-man Church  tribunal.

I have seen a report of the proceedings. The meeting was held inside the Presbytery at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney on Thursday, September 3. 1992  and lasted from 7.40p.m. until 10.30p.m.

Confronting Farrell were three members of the Australian Catholic Bishops Special Issues Resource Committee. The men I mentioned earlier: Lucas, Usher and Peters.

I believe that what they heard then should have sent them straight to the Police. It didn’t. And some of their recollections now are simply not true.

Lucas said on radio, the day after the Four Corners revelations, that Farrell ‘made no admissions of a specific nature. He was very careful about not naming any names and, on that basis, we didn’t have anything we could take to Police’.

A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Sydney sung form the same hymn book. She said: ‘Monsignor Usher has confirmed his recollection that Father F made no admissions of criminal conduct’. And speaking on Four Corners, from the Vatican, Archbishop Pell backed them up.

When told Farrell had admitted in court that he’d confessed at the 1992 meeting to having oral sex with young boys Pell condescendingly said he’d ‘take the word of three priests against that allegation’.

What’s not commonly known is that yet another alleged victim wrote to Pell himself in 2002 detailing the abuse he had suffered under Farrell. Pell said he did not have authority over the priest and referred the complaint to Armidale.

While Lucas, Usher and Pell say there was no criminal conduct admitted by Farrell,  the third tribunal member, Peters, actually put it in writing to the Bishop of Armidale. He wrote:

‘He [Farrell] admitted that there had been five boys around the age of ten and eleven that he had sexually interfered with in varying degrees in the years approximately 1982 to 1984 while he was the assistant priest at Moree.

With two other boys, according to Peters’ letter to Bishop Manning: ‘ He admitted that over a period of approximately 12 months he fondled the genitals of each of these boys and to quote “ sucked off their dicks”. As far as Farrell can remember this was done on about a monthly basis over a period of twelve months.’

None of the Church hierarchy thought this constituted criminal behaviour that should have been reported to Police. They obviously still don’t. It’s a bloody disgrace.

Footnote: Buried away near the bottom of that damning letter is, to me, a clue as to why they might not have alerted the cops. The Rev. Wayne Peters warned that ‘in the present climate in Australia, the media and public in general are more inclined to publicise, highlight and pursue the matter of a priest offending sexually against  children than the situation of a lay person offending.’

Would reflect badly on the Church. We must hide it. Forget about the victims. Remember, this was five years after I went to jail for naming that paedophile Catholic priest Father Michael Glennon.