Patrick A Pontillo, Wuerlgate???

Patrick A Pontillo, Wuerlgate???

From the Link:


Patrick A Pontillo, Wuerlgate???

Fr Anthony Cipolla and Patrick A Pontillo………= PONCI


Why do you persist Cipolla?  No one will ever believe you are innocent, or the down-trodden martyr
that you pretend so hard to be in these Pontillo/Cipolla blogs.  The Pope would never have made a decisive move against you if you hadn’t been the cur you so vehemently deny being.  You used your status as a Priest to prey on children.  Now I don’t know what you went through as a child, but I’ll be willing to bet your parents would not have allowed or condoned a full grown man molesting and performing deviant sexual conduct upon your person when you were a child…even if he was a priest.
So why do you damn us, for taking a stand against you???
In my heart of hearts, I believe you are guilty of many more assaults than you have been accused of.
I also believe that Padre Pio knew you were tainted when he met you as a child.  He pegged you as a prideful and self deluded kid with a hard road to go down.  A road of your own choosing. Only on your road, you weren’t carrying a wooden cross on your back…you carried the weight of your own sins, till you were bent on all fours…like The Cur Dog you are.
I will always remember 1978.  You hurt my children Cipolla.  I am sure God forgives you by now.
I have not, though God knows I’ve tried.  At one point I hoped I would.  In 1992 we learned  that only 3+ years after we dropped the charges on you….you struck again in 1982 and in 1988 the boy filed papers against you, saying you had molested him for about 5 years.  Cipolla, it started only “3”+ years after you molested my sons in 1977-78.  If I hadn’t dropped those charges on you…1982 plus wouldn’t have happened at all.  LIVE WITH THAT Cipolla, I have to.


re: one of your posts about us.

You say I’m Stupid…I say so what, you’re a Liar.  I may not have your vast education but I’m far from
your caliber of naivete.  Maybe you should be checked for Alzheimer’s.

Where do you get all these lies and convoluted reasons and excuses for tormenting us??
Why can’t you just leave my family alone?  Cipolla…you needed to be stopped.  Don’t you even
care about the damage you did?  You damaged my sons.
For years we have had to deal with it.  Oh!!…is it still  “All about you”???

02-29-16 this is a new post, aimed at Cipolla/Pontillo…the villains of Wuerlgate.

How dare you say I bash Gay People.  Your lies are becoming more and more damning each week.
I don’t bash gay men or women.  I hired and fired gay people the same as any other employee.
The gay couples I know are no different than anybody else…and the heart wants what the heart wants…this is the only difference I ever saw.  I love my gay friends…they’re God’s Children too.
They’re like average married couples.

But   (This disgusting pedophile…is a whole different matter.)
Yes I abhor pedophiles.  All pedophiles.

They should let children grow up to make their own decision.  What kind of priest are you??? Children are gifts from God.  Why do pedophiles feel it’s their bound duty to assist and oversee the corruption of the minds and morals of these innocent children?  Children shouldn’t be thinking about
or experiencing sexual contact, at 8 years old and 12 years old.
Why would anyone force sex on a child?  When there are so many willing adults out there?
Growing up is difficult enough, without that type of intrusion into their lives and minds.

Pedophiles are a selfish, self loving, predators.


I’ve heard of a front gate, a back gate, tailgate, tollgate, aggregate, irrigate, fumigate, navigate, and a few others…but not wuerlgate, until 2015. ( It’s a derogatory term, meant to demean Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  I could put that together …  What is that Nut trying to accomplish?  Besides more Hits.
It’s crass and in bad taste.  Cardinal Wuerl has never punished anyone, who didn’t have it coming. With all the frauds and “15 minutes of famers” popping up, many making false claims for attention or recompense or both.  It’s been a real mess to clean up and restore to normalcy, thanks to what (you types) fouled up, Cipolla.

You brag in your blogs that you willfully go on the attack and verbally assault people of your choosing…just like you do to us.  Why would you brag about that?  You are admitting you’re a jerk and then you get angry when somebody calls a spade a spade.  WTF Pontillo/Cipolla????
You are either good or evil…there is no middle ground PONCI.  How can you continue to try to assassinate Wuerl’s and my family’s integrity and then turn around and claim you are a righteous man?  You are no such thing, PONCI.  You aren’t even in the same ball park.


How can you be an accomplished equipment operator, ironworker, concrete worker and yet, so disabled, you can’t breathe, plus highly allergic and puny enough to win a disability.  I guess you just are, what you say you are, at the moment…PONCI.  It all sounds pretty fraudulent to me.
Do you know what a “fraud” is?  You!!!  I’ll bet you a dollar, in someone’s personal word bank dictionary, Your names pop up when looking for the definition of  a “fraud”.

In answer to your remarks on your 10-09-2015   Cardinal Wuerl Blog.

The only time I mentioned 1987, was when I repeated what I read in your blog…(Cipolla stopped molesting Tim Bendig in 1987…after starting in 1982)…which was only 3+ years after I turned him in to the Pittsburgh Police in 1978 for Child Molestation.  He was out of control.  What if it was your child?  What would you have done??   Try to think outside the box sometime Pontillo?Cipolla?
Step out in the real world and savor the bitter with the sweet.  Forrest Gump’s mother was right!! “Life is like a box of chocolates”…..”you never know what you’re gonna’ get.”  Somehow we ended up with ?you?,  harassing us with online lies about us and then there’s the threats that you lob at us.

By some stroke of bad luck we fell into the Fr Anthony Cipolla trap, his mission: was and may still be, to pervert young boys.  He has stated that “he isn’t gay.”  But he liked to molest young boys and twist their minds… which gave him a feeling of power.  There is a big difference, between a man who is gay and a child molester.  The molester, he’s the weird guy your dad or older brother or cousin, warned you about.  The one who hangs out at the subway station, street corners, lavatories, places where there is a slow steady stream of traffic, to choose from.  All these guys are interested in is the underage boys.  Unfortunately, some young boys are spirited away and murdered by these molesters
when they hurt the child or the child balks and panics. Then fear overtakes their senses.  They are already aware that they are committing a crime, so panic sets in from the fear of being caught.  These guys don’t care about those kids…just themselves.  The victims are usually casualties of  broken or dysfunctional home environments…and are just enjoying the friendship and attention of this new friend….till it turns weird.

Nobody but NOBODY  thought to warn you about a Parish Priest.


Pedophile is an adult who is Sexually Attracted to children.  It’s a sickness, a mental problem.   Pedophiles never stop being sexually attracted to children.  They become more cautious because thankfully, the majority of humans on this earth find Pedophelia to be reprehensible.
More than half of the assaults go unreported.
Most of these children don’t want to rehash the assaults due to the guilt and embarrassment
it causes them and the questions and the looks and the innuendos.  A child will stay silent to avoid that shame, even when the child is hurting inside from it.  (That is also why there are usually repercussions later.)  In that case the only person to suffer is the child…until the effects become evident…and then the child and the entire family suffers.  Occasionally the outlying cause comes to the forefront and the Pervert is caught and punished.  A parent never forgets the assault on their innocent child…it hurts then and continues to hurt as you see your children suffer the repercussions.
It’s a wound that never really heals.  It’s like an alien abduction…with the poking and prodding, the manipulation…then it’s over and you ask yourself…did this priest really do that to me and why????

Often the child stays silent because they feel guilty.  Although they know it was a wrong thing, it was a curious bad thing, so the child feels guilt.  They think ” I must be bad too.”
Pedophiles psych children out…to include them in the blame…for “their own” molestation.   How depraved is that!??

First they win your trust, then they rip out your soul, defile it, and give it back to you to deal with. Do you pretend it never happened and hope it never happens again?  Most times that is exactly what happens.  Do you tell your folks?  Not often.  Children don’t want to hear, “you should have known better”…or “how could you let that happen?” …or ” why didn’t you say something?”  At first the child is in shock…wouldn’t you be?  The Embarrassment…and the shame. ( All due to a throwback from the
Ice Age whose base animal instincts rule over honor and humanity.)

I read that there are many heterosexual pedophiles.  I also know that just because a male or a female are homosexual, that doesn’t mean they are sexually attracted to children.  That takes a special
kind of  creature, a degenerate who needs to emasculate the victim, so they choose innocent, easily corruptible children.  Corruptible because children crave love and affection, kind words and encouragement…all the things the pedophiles offer…with that one fatal flaw.   You can’t tell the difference by just looking one in the eye.  They are very deceptive.  Sooner or later someone notices
something unusual or ends up on the receiving end of unwelcome familiarities on one’s own person.

What they do with that is entirely up to the individual.  Usually the victim stays quiet from shock and embarrassment.  Avoiding further contact by avoidance or distance.

Pedophiles are on a road all their own.  They chose it….when it came to that fork in the road.  They took it.  They have an insatiable desire.  Ever wary, ever vigilant for the perfect opportunity to slake the fire burning inside them.
The reward that drives them must be “powerful” to motivate someone to risk it all…to quench that fire, even one time.  But it’s never just one time, is it???

The psychiatry reports I’ve read online say most pedophiles are repeat offenders.


Tomorrow is December 1st and Pontillo still drags our good name through these twisted blogs of his. He says they are facts but they are not.  Simply because Pontillo writes things in his blog and calls them facts, doesn’t mean they (are facts).  They are not facts unless they are true.  That is the most important part of a fact.  “TRUTH, comprende’ Pontillo??”
I believe, Pontillo’s stories about Anthony J Cipolla are all contrived to garner sympathy for Cipolla and collect contributions to further their cause.
“The Bishop Had It In For Me” stuff is what Cipolla told his family and anyone who would listen…he used it in Rome.  He convinced Conte that he was the victim.  Yes…the Bishop was angry with Cipolla for causing and spreading so much malcontent.  Twice the Church had to go to his rescue for sex charges made against him by 3 children.  The first time:  I dropped the charges and it didn’t cost anyone a cent as far as I know, we never asked for money nor was there money or favor offered.
The Diocese Attorney was on retainer I’m sure.
“But”.. it took a (ton of money) to bury it, the second time.  Second time got everybody’s attention.   Cipolla made a splash when he victimized Tim Bendig because instead of Tim keeping Cipolla’s secret, Tim got an attorney and went public.  I remember reading articles in Time Magazine about Cipolla, after it all came to light.  It was in all the papers from The New York Times to The Pittsburgh Newspapers, out West, just about all over the United States…
There was always some mention, on and off somewhere, all during the negotiating and fact finding period, between Mr Bendig and his Attorney and The Bishop Wuerl and the Attorneys for the Church.


I wonder if Cipolla and Pontillo will drag their lies about my family and Bendig into 2016…?


Oh yes….by God they did.  They won’t give me peace….


Pontillo/Cipolla is still lying and tormenting me.   He’s a Bully…but I’ll wager he changes his tune face to face with his adversary.  He whines like a girl about me and I’m just a 70 year old lady, imagine if I was a man.   Incidentally, why are people always wanting to beat him up or attack him?
He talks about others having to defend him, why does he piss people off to the point that he needs to be defended?  He sounds like people must view him as a jerk…when he’s up close and personal with them.  For instance, the other employees he claims to work with.  He must be a real drip in person.

All I know is, he’s absolutely obnoxious and only imagines he is “all that.” Did Cipolla get a face lift?
Pontillo/Cipolla resemble each other.  Could they possibly be one person?  Who knows and who really cares?  All I’d like out of this blitzkrieg that they have carried out against me and my sons is for them to cease with the lies about us.


His Wuerlgate sites can be interesting, but when it comes to  (Wuerl and Cipolla and Bendig and my family, “IT’S ALL LIES”… he made it up.)  Now the question is…if that whole section of his blog
is a lie, what percentage of the remainder is suspect too?  Is it…all lies??  20%? 35%?? 75%???  He’s making money feeding his followers the stuff of Sewer Pipes…every time he gets a HIT on his noxious lies, in his offensive blogs.  He is just malicious,  so I’ve been told and he walks with the Great Red Dragon.  Hmm!??  maybe he does.  It must be, because he is a great liar. “The Great Liar?”
He’s just gathering souls, his followers, his disciples.
If you can put aside the fact that his writings are totally inaccurate in his Wuerlgate blogs,
they make decent fiction in that particular genre.  Cipolla/Pontillo is indeed a writer, a writer of derogatory fiction.

Pontillo/Cipolla, can you spell “Scandalmongering?”
You are like a Hyena, devouring people’s lives and pissing it out on your blogs where you peddle the shit.    (I apologize to everyone who reads this blog for any offensive words or remarks except Pontillo/Cipolla)   I would never purposely hurt anyone’s feelings, except maybe Pontillo/Cipolla..and it would only serve to bare witness of the truth and rebuke their crushing lies.     

About victimsofrapebythercc

The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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  1. Keep fighting for the truth to come out Diana ! Richard Sipe and others are now seeing Pontillo for what he is thanks to your fighting back with the help of your grandchildren on your blogs. People know what Wuerl is but still this is not reason to hold a pedophile up as an innocent framed victim . Your children were definitely abused by “Fr” Cipolla in 1978 and you should have been compensated for their much needed therapy after the trauma they and you endured ! it is understandable that at the time you trusted these prelates and their lawyers to do the right thing and keep them away from anymore children. what you did not realize at the time was the lasting effects Cipolla’s actions would cause on their psyche. It was horrific that his threats would cause them to keep checking to make sure their parents were still alive in the middle of the night. What a monster this so called priest is and how ignorant of Pontillo to continue to defend him as an innocent persecuted priest !
    “Fr” Benedict Groeschel did the the same thing in an interview when he stated in some cases these little boys seduced the (pedophile) innocent priests !

  2. Thank you and God Bless You Frank!!

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