Patrick A Pontillo Fr Cipolla open letter

Patrick A Pontillo Fr Cipolla open letter

From the Link:

This is an update for anyone new who accidently landed on this blog and the “entities” from previous blogs.  Anthony J Cipolla and Patrick A Pontillo.  
Yesterday I received a strange email from Victims of Rape by the RCC, which I do not frequent
or subscribe to.  I’m sure Cipolla/Pontillo had something to do with it.  It was filthy and degrading and just the kind of bouquet “they” would send a gal. 
I know there is some disgusting stuff on the internet, but lately I have been introduced to what
I’m guessing is the underbelly.  Pontillo, you are even in the “Under Belly”, posting.  
(ewww, grross!!!)
Is Dale/Madonna one of your friends???   Are you a Voyeur??  I’m trying to figure you out.  Stop me when I’m spot on.  
Pedophiles, Pederasts and Pervs want to flow with what is now being referred to as the New Normal.  But they are law breaking criminals.  They are dangerous.  Many snap and become murderers.  Do I have to spell it out for you?  Pedo’s, Peder’s and Perv’s can’t fit into any Society…not New Normal or Old Normal.  They have their own normal, it’s called Sub Normal.
Sub Normal’s belong underground like the Morlocks.  Pontillo, Cipolla has no business around a young male child.  You know it, I know it, the Pope knows it…as far as that goes, Cipolla/Pontillo knows it but they have their own agenda.  
re: blog posted May 29, 2016 which is 19 days from now…Asking Pontillo/Cipolla
Pontillo wrote in his blog “Cipolla’s followers will not help get this project done, because they are the most ‘gutless cowards’ I have ever encountered in my life.”  “They are absolutely worthless.”  So..I downloaded it and printed it just in case he deletes it.
Maybe they think you’re a kook Pontillo or they have finally realized that Cipolla has lied to them
and played on their faith and emotions for so long that they are wise to it now.  And they don’t want to throw anymore good money after bad.  They were bound to find out sooner or later about you two or one.
Cipolla capitalized on
the faith and devotion of people to Padre Pio and enjoyed a lot of celebrity, gifts and money, because
he met Padre Pio and shook hands with him.  My father has also met and shook hands with Padre Pio where he also got to attend one of Padre Pio’s masses.  He had many Rosaries and Holy Medals blessed for us, we have a big family.  My father was Lector for Ascension Catholic Church, in Florida for years and ran their Bingo too, he attended Mass (weekly +) and donated thousands to the Catholic Church.  He also served in WWII from 1942 thru the duration of the war until 1946,  Infantry.
My Father will become a Saint before you ever would, you big Phony!!!
Cipolla, you would have done better in Hollywood with your many faces. You would have made more money.
 CLICK THE Attachments to ENLARGE.
03 08-16
And so it continues…..When PA Pontillo died at 40, did Cipolla then become PA Pontillo, making him about 10 years younger, with a brand new name to tarnish?   That wouldn’t be very hard to pull off, would it?  Especially online.  Were they friends or relatives???  I’m just doing a little investigative journalism, like Pontillo and there are many things that just don’t add up.  Bare with me now.
Pontillo came out of the “nowhere” in earnest after Pope John Paul Laicized AJ Cipolla.  It sounds to me like the revenge of one scorned…don’t you agree?  Cipolla lost his credibility.  No one would listen anymore…to his whining stories or keep handing out donations to him.
So he assumed another name and another MO.  As I gather more facts, I’ll try to figure why this deranged man decided to accuse us & spread lies about us. Unless I’m absolutely right…and Cipolla is Pontillo, back to confound the public again.
I’m just hypothesizing.  Wuerlgate is so convoluted and labyrinth like…I’d almost expect David Bowie to “pop” up at any turn with goblins in tow.
A note to Cipolla/Pontillo
Neither Wuerl, or Bendig, or my family or the “Force” ruined Cipolla’s life……Cipolla did it
himself.  He did so as an adult, full knowing the harm he was doing and the risks he was taking. He made his own Choices, not under duress or threat of harm to himself.  He was self motivated and self gratified…with no thought for the children he left in his wake.  He continues to punish those who stopped his sexual rampage, as much as could be done.  “STOP” lying
and face your sins and your punishment…Cipolla/Pontillo    
The Latest on “The *Pontillo/Cipolla” assaults.
The assault on me and my children just goes on unabated…Pontillo.
Your most recent assault of note
It never ceases to amaze me how people will believe a blow hard.  This bombastic and pompous
ass doesn’t have word one of praise for anyone other than Cipolla and himself.  Someone told me
whoever this Pontillo is…may be using Cipolla for his name and notoriety.  (*I believe them to be one and the same person.)  BUT…I could be wrong.  Hypothesize with me please.  If this person is correct, in his belief that Pontillo is using Cipolla, then that shocks me.  That makes Pontillo twice as evil.  He’s using a senior citizen for gain, just like when I found out that Pontillo was using me and my sons to help him stir things up and get HITS on his blog.
Pontillo knows no boundaries.  He’ll crap on anyone to get HITS  on his blogs.  I honestly don’t know why people can’t see it for themselves, how truly warped his views are.
Mr Cipolla, I do pity you if you are in Pontillo’s clutches.  I don’t like the idea that you might just be a Pawn in Pontillo’s game of “Liar’s Chess.”  It’s like playing “Liar’s Poker”, only you use Catholics instead of cards.
Open correspondence to Patrick A Pontillo/Cipolla.
Mr Pontillo I am tickled that you like my aphorisms so much you copy them in your blog.  I just now finished reading one of your newest chain lies and I have to say you don’t care how stupid you look when you start your comparisons and deductions, do you?  I really believe you must have been half in the bag,  when you wrote this blog.  You continued to contradict yourself by claiming things which directly contradicted the blogs you wrote the other day.  Don’t you proof read?    Listen Pontillo, I copy most of your stuff, which concerns me and my kids.  I read what you say and try to offer my sane opinion in my blog.  I’ve never lied about anything concerning Cipolla.  I also did not write the newspaper articles you claim to have read..regarding “newspaper testimony???”  What do you do?  Do you drink a couple six packs of Iron and jump on the computer looking for somebody to harass??
Does it make you feel like a Big Boy to trash a 70 year old woman, who had to deal with the aftermath of Cipolla’s assaults.  You have no empathy Pontillo?  You champion a lecherous “Aqualung” type and stomp on the victims…and Cipolla wasn’t looking for “Frilly Panties”  Pontillo…Cipolla was looking for Tighty Whities.  I sons wore them.
First:  Pontillo/Cipolla,  Both of my sons showed up for what was supposed to be Cipolla’s arraignment, with me in 1978.  You weren’t there Pontillo but Cipolla was, and the Diocesan
Attorney,  the two detectives, the DA, a court recorder and us..and Cipolla was made to sit in the hallway with the detectives…not us.  We were in the DA’s Office with the Diocesan Attorney and the District Attorney.  And yes the Police were aware that charges were to be added..concerning my older son when he was 13…and had accompanied Cipolla to Michigan in 1977, with a couple other boys.
Ask them where my son had to bunk.  I’m sure Cipolla remembers their names.  Do your due diligence detective work and ask the boys who took the trip with them.  Ask them where Cipolla made my son sleep.  I’m positive they’ll remember that incident.  Start really fact checking or do you already know the answer? “PONCI”    ( ps: that’s a new name for you two…less letters.)
Secondly:  What makes you think I would ever send or show you my authentic papers on the case?
I don’t remember you ever asking me to show you those papers either…you
just spouted off that I wouldn’t show them to you without even asking me if you could see them..
 My sons say they don’t want any parts of you, unless it’s face to face.
Maybe they are are just a kook looking for a victim…or, you’re
a very misguided individual looking for a legitimate cause to champion…and had the “bad luck”
to pick Cipolla.  Or… are infact “Cipolla” under an alias, you make your choice.  Someone told me there are many smart people with no appreciable common sense. You are symptomatic of that very thing.  PONCI,  please stop.  You have my email address, go to the local library and email me.  Use a “Bic” type email address, wear a mask, use a voice changer and rubber gloves and tell me who you really are and why you are slandering my family.  Why us?   Why?  Why……..Why???  If you really aren’t Cipolla.
Are you trying to Blackmail me?  I’m poor…don’t waste your time.  Besides…I’m proud of most of my past…I’d be willing to bet you’re no Fr Pontillo yourself…Not as evil and hurtful as “you” are.  As far as the rest of my past, I just remember the high spots like having 4 children between 1964 and 1969 and diapers and cooking, house cleaning, laundromats, grocery shopping, periodontal appointments, school vaccines, physician scheduled inoculations and physicals, mumps, measles, chickenpox.  Haircuts for school pictures, working part time jobs to make things work at home, stopping sibling skirmishes, getting my barber’s license, being married twice in 5 years.  Marriage #3 in 1985 and still married to him,  Thank You Lord.  He’s the best.
Thirdly:  PONCI,  You know darn well I never called you a Sodomite…I have uttered that word only twice in my life and “Quote Me On This” “I was saying that you PONCI call a lot of people you don’t like Sodomites on some of your blogs.” I said it the second time here, right now on this blog, still while quoting YOU. That was all…
Quatro:   No Lap Top in 2012 PONCI??? No McDonalds????     Highly unlikely.    You toss out the lamest excuses and fabrications…you think everyone is an idiot except you…don’t you?, don’t you?, don’t you??????   You said I’m theatrical PONCI…that was my Carly Simon impression 😉
If you continue to lie about us, I will continue to get the truth out about you, to defend my family…and alert the public when you lie about us, or threaten and bully us.  People who hate, like you do tend to be sexually frustrated.  Find yourselves an adult and have at it.  Get the frustration monkey off your back and leave us alone.   “PLEASE”!!!
Many of the following excerpts downloaded and reprinted on my blog are
from the Pontillo/Cipolla/Wuerlgate blogs on  these are to refute the lies they are spreading online about my family.  He ridicules us
and lies like his life depended on it.  This is why I believe Patrick A Pontillo is actually
Anthony J Cipolla, pedophile priest from Pittsburgh Pa.  But I can’t prove it yet.
 No matter what, they are a loathsome combo.

About victimsofrapebythercc

The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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  1. “Fr ” Cipolla’s apologist Pat Pontillo should throw in the towel as an investigative writer because he has been proven a liar by the Press itself. Instead of making Wuerl look bad ,he makes him look sane in contrast to his own postings. The Pittsburgh Diocese was so corrupted that the former Bishop and his lawyers heavy handedly pressured the victims into dropping charges against Cipolla . How many others there were on record in the Diocesan files we may never know.
    We may never know how many there have been since either as a result of out of court settlements. The only way to alert parents of these off the hook predators who lurk in society still posing as priests is to extend the Statute of Limitations.

  2. Victims and their lawyers are fighting for this all over the United States.

    Pennsylvania HB 1947 Testimony June 16, 2016
    New York introduces June 2016 SOL Reform Bill Assembly Bill 10600 A. 10600 June 13, 2016
    Linda Crockett, Faith leaders want child sexual abuse victims to have day in court, Lancaster Online June 13, 2016
    Senate’s turn to pass abuse statute of limitations bill June 13, 2016
    JOIN US TOMORROW: SOL Reform/Revival Rally June 13, 2016

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