is a front for pederast crusader I believe is a front for pederast crusader I believe

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

From the Link:

Pontillo/Cipolla  What you don’t seem to grasp is , it makes no real difference what the Police Papers were called or even if Cipolla was arrested or not….(which he was, and taken down to the #9 Police Station) by Father Newell, who had one hour to deliver him there, or the police would return to the rectory and take him in themselves, in a patrol car in handcuffs.

The Bishop arranged for Cipolla’s OR Bond, with the Bishop’s assurance that he would be responsible for Cipolla’s whereabouts until the hearing on August 28th, 1978.  The Bishop was responsible for having Cipolla there on the 28th.  It was all taken care of on the telephone.  Fr Newell then returned to #9 Station and drove Cipolla back to the rectory. 

I was shocked at how influential the Church was regarding the police department.  Almost intimidating, but not threatening…something…like an understanding between them.  Very respectful and compliant to the Churches wishes. They handled the Clergy with kid gloves.  (I know the detectives didn’t like it at all and they said so from the beginning.)  These cases weren’t normal procedure. 

To continue…The most important point to this entire post is not the papers, not the arrest but the pure fact that Cipolla is guilty of sexually molesting  my sons and other women’s sons. This is the focal for my entire blog, and Patrick Pontillo is trying to help Cipolla molest more children, by asking you to pity and trust him.  I just can’t let that happen again, without trying to warn somebody.      (PLEASE BEWARE)

Also, for any naive people…don’t ever think that because a man is older he crosses sex off.  Pedophiles can’t, they’re obsessive compulsive…and always heedful of their surroundings. They’re always looking for their next victim.  

05-12-16        The  blog review and are one and the same.  
They are authored by Patrick A Pontillo/Cipolla who can not fathom truth, as most of the populace are capable of mastering by 5 yrs of age. Pontillo uses Cardinal Wuerl’s name to embarrass the Cardinal for taking a stand against a proven pederast Anthony J Cipolla…to rid his Diocese of this plague of an individual.   


re:  Cipolla/Pontillo/Wuerl/Cipolla/Pontillo/Wuerl/Cipolla/Pontillo/Wuerl……etc

Cipolla/Pontillo…just how big of a scab are you trying to scrape open?  I still have the documents from 1978 and witnesses to attest to all of it.

I am also aware you have at least some of your family who believe you are innocent.  How much of that do “you” want to destroy?  I don’t want to drag my poor sons through it all over again, just to prove you to be the Liar You Are.  But if I have to I will.

Take this as an observation…not up for rebuttal….

Well as we say in Pittsburgh…”U  R  A Jag-off”!!!!   Really!

Patrick Pontillo just conjured up a larger pack of lies about Fr Anthony Cipolla and The Thompson Family.  I just printed them for the record…as I have printed his other drivel.  I am writing my memoirs too, and they will be chock full of denials…to dispel any claims made by PA Pontillo, The Father Of Lies.  He lied about us from the start.


To Cipolla/Pontillo

Time to flatly deny the tripe you are pushing now about us, no one has ever cross-examined me or contacted me about Cipolla except Douglas Yauger and Bishop Donald Wuerl, years ago when Bendig sued Cipolla.  Mr Yauger called Ann Rodgers Melnick from my phone and I talked to her for 5 minutes or so.   That’s it!!!    No one has mentioned 1978 until you did, a few years back.  2009 does ring a bell, my youngest son was killed by the driver of a truck, in a hurry to pick up her child. It was getting dark and with a revoked license, she passed on the right at 55 mph in a 35 mph zone.   2012 rings a bell too.  But the “bell” of 2015!!!…you launched a full blown assault on us.  I didn’t realize Atlantic American was also you, until 2015.  Do you SKYPE?  I suggest that we skype and actually converse instead of this petty stuff. Just a suggestion.


This is the beginning of what happened in 1978.

My Husband was a Disabled  Veteran who was under heavy medication and was told never to drink…which he did daily. (He was confined at the Veterans Hospital a few times because he suffered from psychosis, from a serious head wound.) Cipolla took advantage of that.

It was pouring down rain one night and my kids were soaked and cold…we were running in the dark to escape my husband’s rampage.  He had just grabbed our 7 year old  son and ground a lit cigarette out on his bare arm…we were shocked and terrified…it happened so fast.
He would just flip out…I’d never seen anything like it before in my life.  He’d get this look and you’d know he was close to”bugging out” on something or someone.   He’d get scared/paranoid, then agitated, defensive, and threatening. He was scary,because  he could lose it and become so cold and brutal.    So I grabbed my kids up and we ran out into the cold wet October night and ran to the St Francis rectory. When we got to the rectory, Father Newell let us in and we explained what had just happened to us etc.

I asked if Father Cipolla could contact The St Vincent De Paul and see if there was a place we could find shelter if we needed it.  A place for battered women and children. I borrowed their phone and called my sister-in-law and she drove to St Francis Church rectory to pick us up and take us to her house.  She said my husband wouldn’t dare act out at his brother’s house….his brother was twice my husband’s size and wouldn’t put up with his addled, drunken tirades. Oh….I remember everything very clearly.

I printed my e-mails to Patrick A Pontillo so I would have the proof I need to refute any fairy tales he may spin.  I gave Pontillo permission to reprint my posts so anyone could see exactly what I wrote to him.  His interpretation of what I actually said was inaccurate and insulting.  I admit I did insult him back…but “I” wasn’t lying.

Pontillo’s brand of journalism is to bastardize anything he can,  to try to sensationalize his malicious rail.

I still believe that Pontillo and Cipolla are one and the same person.  I wonder if it’s true, do they know each other??  All I really know is they don’t have their story straight. They only skim the truth for a background story, and then they fictionalize and rewrite the past (rest) to suit them…  They will then pass it all off as truth.  I’ll bet it’s to solicit donations for that Padre Pio Spiritual Refuge thing Cipolla was running that the Church warned people about.  That is so devious.

Cipolla is smart and he knows how to play people.  As long as there is breath in my body, I won’t forget Cipolla.  If he had only obeyed the Church’s rules after we dropped our complaint he could have resumed his life as a priest in good standing eventually.  In 1978 the Church covered for him but what does he do?   Three years later he’s at it again with Mr Bendig another young boy.  My family wasn’t aware because we moved away.  It wasn’t till my sister sent me the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that my family became aware of the Cipolla/Bendig debacle that was going on in Pittsburgh…  I couldn’t believe it.  Cipolla molested another young victim beginning in 1982 until 1987..he wasn’t cured at all….he denied everything and he didn’t go on and become a righteous man and priest as you would expect him to do if he seriously had the Calling.  I feared in 1978, he was a sneak and a
player.  I listened to Bishop Leonard and the Diocese Attorney and let the Church deal with him.

But no, instead he morphed into a cowardly lyin’ player.  Why did I back down from The Pittsburgh Diocese Attorney and the District Attorney of Pittsburgh??? I was uneducated in law and frightened.

I should have pressed those charges all the way to the Vatican Court if I had to.  I wonder how many victims he’s had since 1978…and earlier.   All these years later….Cipolla and Pontillo continue to spread lies about the victims.  I recently read that Pedophiles are(ALWAYS) repeat offenders.  They just can’t keep their hands off young children.


I have noticed that Mr Pontillo has rearranged and buried many of his rude and insensitive remarks about us.  Maybe he is going to stop and leave my family alone.  I don’t know.  I can only hope.


Well he didn’t, so I won’t either.  What a loser.

I am 70 years old.  I don’t want to die without having tried my best to ‘Stop’  Mr PA Pontillo and AJ Cipolla from making it ok for Cipolla to molest another child.  Only lies can do that.  If enough people believe Mr Pontillo’s calculating epistles, it could happen.  If Mr Cipolla is believed to be innocent, people will trust him again and he will be free to prey on thousands instead of only hundreds.  I understand he still wears the roman collar etc his normal MO…but he can’t be freely accepted as a priest in good standing because the Pope laicized him for refusing to obey his bishop and doing pretty much what he wanted to do, except obey his superiors.  He’s a rebel without a clue.

He was thumbing his nose at the rules of the Catholic Church…publicly…even on television. He made outrageous claims and continues to egg-on people like Patrick A Pontillo of Pittsburgh Pa. to harass and debase people he doesn’t even know personally…. just the lies and excuses of an old pervert.

The Popes, Mr Bendig, my children, myself and we can’t forget Cardinal Donald Wuerl, endure the pair’s assaults on practically a daily basis.  We are called nasty names and lied about, to what end?
What could this nut be up to??


I have made copies of the rude and obnoxious articles he posted online…and has now moved or archived…which initiated my writing to Mr Pontillo in the first.  I hope he does stop casting aspersions and concocting rumors that are just not true.  I am re-posting them with my answers
written in…not typed in.


Mr’s C and P, Just what exactly are you touting when you say the words Fact Checking?  You can’t possibly be looking for the truth, which is so missing in you blogs, so you must be looking for an excuse.  Mr Pontillo, there is no excuse for what Cipolla did.  Accept it…it began in 1977, he was caught in 1978 and started again in 1982 but it went on until 1987.  Then *arrested as per one of (*pa pontillo’s wuerl blogs) in 1988.  Pontillo was ALLEGEDLY repeating what Tim Bendig told him.


Pontillo/Cipolla…I read your post today and here is my response.


Five Days till Christmas….don’t you just wonder what kind of Crap Pontillo/Cipolla will spew in 2016….?


Pontillo/ Cipolla…Please Read!!!

I’m tired of the game you are playing and no matter what you say or do, I will not put you in contact with my sons.  They want no parts of you/Cipolla.  Your comeuppance is forthcoming, thanks to the loquacious individual who demands to weigh in and be heard.  “tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock.” Remember….lies are temporary Pontillo…only truth is permanent.  Of course you/Cipolla have no
concept of “truth.”  Karma is headed your way and Karma is usually met 10 fold and fraught with retributive justice.  I’m glad God likes me.


So Pontillo/Cipolla…I guess you finally read my blog through…because you commented on sooooo many points…when only the day before you published the exact opposite viewpoints.  Did you forget?  “Thee protest too much Pontillo.”  “Your blogs are without a doubt, grossly embellished with Lies.”


Please understand.  In 1978 many factors entered into my decision to drop our charges on Anthony J Cipolla.  Pleas from Bishop Leonard was just one factor.  The harassment on the telephone from Cipolla’s supporters, coupled with written warnings, broken window, cut tires and the assault on
my son, by the neighborhood grocer was the accumulative backlash for daring to call the police on Father Anthony J Cipolla.  The Diocese Attorney was very forceful in his delivery, he made sense, after I watched him talk at my sons.  They were petrified after about 3 minutes.  He told them that they would be forced to talk about what happened, in front of 100 men and women and that Cipolla’s Attorney wouldn’t be as nice to them as he was….(and he was a bear.)

This was two months, not one….after Cipolla was found out the first time.

“You” began the mudslinging at my family, It wasn’t me. I found out in 2012 and asked you to stop.  You did stop, as far as I know.  In April 2015, I became aware that you were slandering  us again and Writing Out and Out Lies about us in a couple of blogs.  Almost all of it is now online for people to see, (what was actually said in print between us and not just Pontillo’s dramatized version that he translates to his readers instead of letting them read it for themselves.  Big, Big difference between what I actually wrote and his interpretation.

I proved that you are rude, explosive in nature, your words are creative fiction which parallels truth…but only intersects at the beginning and the end.  You pick a subject, take out truth and what you don’t like and you inject your viewpoint, which seriously lacks unbiased truth then it’s back on track until it halts at the end..  All for the Hits.

I can prove most of what you say about us is a lie.  But…there are times, when an idiot could see you are making this stuff up…so I don’t have to justify your delusions.

There are times when you write like William S Burroughs, and sporadically like Poe.

I know your life sucks Cipolla, but you made your own choices.  Every average human being on this earth has to make dozens of important choices every single day.  Admit it, you failed.  Just like Eve and Adam, you had a taste for the forbidden. You opened the wrong door this time Pontillo and instead of trying to back off you up’ed your barrage of lies and innuendos on us.

About victimsofrapebythercc

The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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  1. These predators are demons ,they prey not only on children but their mothers too.They hunt for children who have no father in the picture .They look for an ill father , a broken home ,a learning disabled child or the overtly pious who believe the priest is God even when he is going to the bathroom ! They flatter the parent and love to tell them their son has a vocation. They have them over to the rectories in the evening to “discuss the priesthood” or offer to take them on camping trips ! When an ocean town resort is within driving distance you can bet the priest pedophile has a trailer or cabin or home near the beach to invite boys to.
    It’s always the same ……..We had five young men commit suicide in our Diocese after Fr Danilak abused them . He died of AIDS himself when the police finally got around to arresting him. They found him dead on his kitchen floor. One of the boys who committed suicide was ONLY 10 yrs old.

    Pontillo has failed to ask himself just one question. What could this woman’s motivation be for defending herself online against his accusations that she and her then 8-9 and 12 -13 yr old boys lied about Cipolla’s abuse 38 yrs ago? She had no lawyer , she went straight to the police and then met with the Bishop and HIS lawyers. She did not sue or receive any financial re numeration and she was harassed by thugs in the Diocese for filing the complaint. The window of the home was smashed ,her car was vandalized and she left the state the next day. YEARS later at least two other victims came forward. One with a lawyer the other who wanted no publicity.
    All this woman wanted was for the Bishop to make sure the perp Cipolla had no access to any other children. instead he got off easy and was just laicized so her is not on any sex offender list and can prey on other children. That’s what happens when the bishop’s take care of them and pay off the ones with their own lawyers.

    I know because Cipolla showed up in our parish around 2000 wanting to teach children their catechisms. Our good pastor who really was persecuted by the Bishop ( who was recently accused by an Assemblywoman in NY of attempted bribe to vote against extending the Statute of Limitations),
    Our pastor asked me for my impression of Cipolla and asked me to take him out to lunch….I came back and told “Keep him away from our parish youth !”, and the priest told him to leave !
    Now I hear Cipolla lives in his Ohio apt and still is trying his hands and God only knows what else , at tutoring children there ! People in OHIO BEWARE!

    Pontillo your a fraud, writing like a little busy bee hoping to get money for your writing skills by publicly bragging about all the “hits” to your Wuerl site!
    Look slick , Wuerl has always been one step ahead of you in the PR department.
    We all know he is a fraud and now people can see you are too! The ONLY reason you ever get a look see “hit” is because so many people hate Wuerl they want to know if he has been solidly caught doing something BAD….and so far YOU have not been up to that task. But you do excel in attacking old ladies and their children who were harmed by the pederast you continue to defend !
    I especially like the lines “I’m not worthy,I’m just not worthy” .You’re right there, Pontillo ! You are NOT WORTHY of anyone “stealing” your screeds , because they are full of poorly written libelous accusations against innocent lay people.
    Arrogance ? i think that is what the ‘A’ stands for as your middle initial !

  2. Pontillo are you soon going to vanish from the internet in disgrace after the truth is published or will you continue your serpentine rantings of hate against those who know what ex Fr Cippola ( now deceased), really did to children and young teens?
    You must really be a miserable person to carry around such hate in your heart so as to lie and twist every little tid bit of info your failed memory can conjure against people you do not know or have never even met.
    If you were not so pathologically filled with distress over what you call your”work” being ruined , it would all be funny.

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