Wuerl’s violation of the Child Protective Services Act and his claim that his cover-up of Wolk was not the act of covering-up

Wuerl’s violation of the Child Protective Services Act and his claim that his cover-up of Wolk was not the act of covering-up


Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Cardinal Donald Wuerl

To say he will not be reassigned is a devastating thing,” said Wuerl to the
press shortly after he was caught performing his triple cover-up which was
headlined with Father Robert Wolk’s indictment.  The same Donald Wuerl
also said to the media, “It is NOT covering up to embrace man who is
suffering.  Add to this the fact that Wuerl already reassigned the notorious
John Hoehl months prior, and had no intention of getting rid of him until the
indictment of Wolk.  You now see how far away from zero tolerance Wuerl
was.  After all, he made a criminal sound like a victim.

Now, in the Year 2002, when Wuerl was being made out to be the holiest saint
on Earth … next to the molester Maciel … you would have been lauding the guy
if you had known about this triple cover-up and Wuerl’s public excuse for hav-
ing covered-up the crimes of three priests, followed by Wuerl publicly denying
that it was the act of covering-up that he was doing?   Or would you have cate-
gorized him with Bernard Law and Roger Mahoney?

Wuerl was headlined as the bishop who fought the Vatican to remove “a
molester priest,” when the fact is that he only attempted to have the priest
removed from ministry for what was later called a misdiagnosis of Depress-
ion and Suicidal Tendencies.  The priest was never arrested, yet Wuerl let
the papers claim that the priest was.  In fact, that priest, Anthony Cipolla,
received a favorable Pennsylvania State Police background check security
clearance in the Summer of 2014, where within it was stated that Cipolla
has NO ARREST RECORD in the State of Pennsylvania.

This also shows Wuerl’s motive in letting Anthony Cipolla be the public
scapegoat whose reputation was completely annihilated, despite the over-
whelming evidence of Cipolla being the opposite of the media smear
campaign launched against him.

Wuerl was in a law enforcement spotlight, This meant that Wuerl needed
a smokescreen, to deceive the public into thinking that he was a holy and
all so caring saint.   Wuerl did nothing more than masquerade himself as
an angel of light, at the expense of others such as an Anthony Cipolla who,
unlike the effeminate Donald Wuerl, was found to have zero nexus with the
homosexual subculture.  Wuerl, on the other hand, had a definitive nexus
with the neo-Sodomite world.

The newspaper jpegs above prove that the slightly built Donald Wuerl

thrived on a propaganda machine filled with sleight of hand deceptions
and direct falsehoods.

In addition, don’t forget that he rode the coattails of John Cardinal Wright,
and without the help of the allegedly homosexual John Wright, the Donald
Wuerl who accommodated banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive
years would have been nothing more than a faceless attendant of the Dig-
nity Mass, sitting in the middle row, if and only if the allegations of Wuerl’s
personal life conveyed to me between 1999 and 2002, as well as between
2009 and 2012 are true.  If those allegations are not true, then Wuerl would
have been nothing more than commoner frequenting other venues.  With-
out Wright, Wuerl would have risen to power.

It was the court system that prompted Wuerl to strike the pose of a strict
disciplinarian.  It was all a fraud to have claimed that Wuerl would come
to the rescue of the victims of predatory priests such as the Edward Huff
whom he kept hiding out in mental institutions and the Father James Tor-
quato whom he sent to Rome while federal court papers had Torquato’s
name mentioned throughout them.  Wuerl’s artificial pose did not occur
until three simultaneous indictments of three Pittsburgh priests occured
under Wuerl’s watch, coupled with a DA John Pettit’s public accusation
that Wuerl’s diocese performed uncooperative conduct with police inves-

Keep in mind that there was no criminal investigation of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci until an attorney friend-of-the-family of the two young play
toys reported the matter to the police.  The attorney did not do so until
after Wuerl visited the family and still refused to report Wolk, Zula, and
Pucci to the police, as was required in the Child Protective Services Act..

In addition, Wuerl only went to the home of the traumatized family af-
ter their parish pastor was told by them that they were going to report
the three molester priests to law enforcement authorities.  The pastor
then informed Wuerl, as the same Donald Wuerl let the criminal priests
go about their ways.  Even though Fr. Zula was sure to never return to
ministry, on account of his sadistic actions, Wolk and Pucci were in a
position to eventually ease back into ministry, in the spirit of John
Hoehl and Edward Huff.  Thus, Wuerl was doing everything possible
to have Wolk and Pucci fly under the radar and return to ministry.

Do not be deceived.  Ann Rodgers made it sound as if Wuerl were a
strict disciplinarian who ousted Hoehl, as soon as he learned of him.
No, Wuerl placed Hoehl into chaplaincy ministry, as he did with Huff.
Wuerl did NOT read Hoehl the riot act until Wolk, Zula, and Pucci
were criminally indicted.  Then, Hoehl became a hot potato.  Wuerl
got rid of Hoehl, so that Wuerl would not get into trouble.  There was
no loving and caring bishop involved.  I tell you solemnly, Wuerl was
absolutely vicious and heartless while in Pittsburgh.  He was the per-
sonification of lies and retaliation.

As a three-sentence review, so that it will be clearly understood:

Now, Pgh Post Gazette reporter Ann Rodgers claimed that Wuerl had
an epiphany while visiting the traumatized family and then became the
“model of zero tolerance” thereafter.  This claim is easily proven false
by the fact that District Attorney John Pettit publicly announced that
Wuerl’s then Diocese of Pittsburgh did NOT provide the cooperation
that the district attorney sought during the criminal investigation.  It
was a criminal investigation which didn’t commence until someone
other than Wuerl notified the police.

If Donald Wuerl were the model of zero tolerance, he would have been
the one who reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Plus, Wuerl would NOT
have allowed the ‘foot dragging’ that a Western Pennsylvanian DA said
was being committed by Wuerl’s diocese.  That which was told to you
by Ann Rodgers and FoxNews are proven falsehoods.

About victimsofrapebythercc

The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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  1. Mr Patrick A Pontillo, why do you lie to protect Anthony J Cipolla…you know he molested my sons and others. In 1978, I pressed charges against him for child molestation, my son was 8-9 years old, my other son was 12-13. It went on for two years and Cipolla had both of my sons scared of him. He made them swear Oaths on a Bible that they would never tell. If the younger of my two sons hadn’t told me what Cipolla was doing, I may never have known
    anything about it. My older son confessed when he learned of Cipolla’s assaults on his little brother. Both of my sons were emotionally scarred by Fr Anthony J Cipolla, the pedophile priest from St Francis of Assisi Catholic School in the North Side of Pittsburgh 1978.
    Anthony J Cipolla is a liar and a sneek. You Mr Pontillo are an accessory.


  2. This continued assault on the mother and the victims of a clerical pederast must stop Mr Pontillo.
    You have not seen all the documents that were made available to the Vatican’s Signatura for their final decision on the case of the one time “Fr” Anthony Cippola , nor do you deserve or have the right to see them.
    You sir, are just an angry man trying to make a name for yourself on the Internet in the hopes of becoming a recognized writer.
    To appear as a fair and credibly unbiased writer with any intelligence , you should first be employing both spell check and the grammar check tools on your computer.
    Secondly, you should have interviewed all parties involved before you direct your violently charged public hate postings towards persona on one side of these hideous events.
    Thirdly, you should have access to all legal filings before presenting your defense of a known pederast. You have failed on all three counts. A credible blog source would never publish your nonsense without first reading everything you have written available on the web.

    • I am approving you comment but to me? YOU are a typical piece of shit pew polishing bitch who is standing up and defending your damn cult of pedophiles. Oh and bitch? I am the one who does this blog and if YOU do not like the TRUTH about your cult being spoken of? I would advise you to just shut the hell up and go fuck yourself.

      • How did you post my name and comments on this site? What do you hope to gain by starting this web of lies? How dare ‘you’ comment with such hateful and filthy words. You should have your accounts terminated. You are simply a foul mouthed, warped, demented and violent preditor yourself…looking for anyone stupid enough to swallow your nasty fabrications. What a jerk you are. Your family must be so proud!!!!
        Did you take Cipolla home to meet your family? Are you Cipolla’s lover? I’d really like to know, if you are Cipolla or his wife? You defend Cipolla like he’s your heart throb. When it comes to Cipolla, what exactly is throbbing? If it’s not your heart throbbing, then what is??

        I should have realized it was you posting on this site. I don’t pity, sympathise or have empathy for sexual molesters or their cheerleading squad.

      • Well bitch YOU posted a comment and I fucking slapped you silly for it.

        Nasty fabrications? YOU fucking trailer park trash piece of shit sewer cunt. YOU are standing up and defending your cult of Pedophiles? Oh and Cipolla’s lover?

        I am willing to bet you sewer cunt that YOU go visit your neighbors horses and take them up your shit stain ass eh?

        YOU fucking cunt. this blog is all about exposing your cunt pedophile pimps and pedophiles of your Unholy Roman Catholic Cult of Pedophiles and as far as I am concerned? YOU, all of your Pedophile Pimps, all of your Pedophiles and all you Pew polishers who run their mouths like YOU DO? Should be fucking put to death. Just like that Saint Peter Damian said way back in 1049:

        “Listen, you do-nothing superiors of clerics and priests. Listen, and even though you feel sure of yourselves, tremble at the thought that you are partners in the guilt of others; those, I mean, who wink at the sins of their subjects that need correction and who by ill-considered silence allow them license to sin. Listen, I say, and be shrewd enough to understand that all of you alike are deserving of death, that is, not only those who do such things, but also they who approve those who practice them.”

      • Here is another thing, you nasty sewer cunt. When I told my sperm donor priests raped me? He punched me in the mouth and called me a liar. When I tried to commit suicide two or so weeks later? Again he punched me in the mouth, called me a liar and then was a piece of shit scumbag and did not have the fucking balls to throw me out of the house, so he waited til he went to Honduras to get his second wife and had my shit stain older brother do his dirty work for him.

        I disowned my fucking shit stain blood family a long time ago you fucking degenerate, sewer cunt.

      • That is a horrible story, to be raped and then have your own father treat you so badly when you were a victim. That is the worst betrayal when your family won’t believe you. If this tale is true, it’s no wonder you are so angry that you strike out verbally like you do. What option do you really have? Nothing can ruin a life faster than an engorged penis in the hands of a sick pederast. I’m so sorry to hear what you went through…it must have been pure hell.

      • Oh and you piggy cow cunt, I own this site. This is my blog. So you got one of two choices, shut the fuck up and go away? Or continue to run your well used outhouse piehole and continued to get slammed by me.

  3. Patrick Anthony Pontillo

    I’ve repeatedly been the victim of copyright infringement to the point of finding the entirety of two of my sites pirated and placed on another website. I found a lengthy article of mine on Google for Kids in its entirety, mainly because I wrote it simplistically enough for a 12 year old to understand. I’ve had some of my church corruption articles copied and pasted onto a couple sites of those emotionally disturbed, and I found that my Febreze article was also posted on another site in its entirety without my consent or even knowledge.

    Well, one of the disturbed individuals who was marred by the clergy abuse scandal stole a long overture article of mine about Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington DC. This one individual calls himself: rape-victims-of-the-Catholic-Church, as if he speaks for all. Even at that, most clergy abuse casualties were not rape victims. They were seduced. They were corrupted by those who should have sought their sanctity.

    None the less, the disturbed individual who stole my overture to Wuerl’s corruption told me that he wanted to burn down every Catholic Church in existence. I told him that I didn’t want him to copy and paste my works, and to only post the link(s) to it. But no. He had to rob me.

    Next, he used the WordPress robot in a way that caused suspicion of me. The robot stated “Posts about (Fill in the name of the topic) written by (fill in the name of the WordPress blogger.) Well, the mentally disturbed individual used my entire name and his fraudulently misrepresented name of rape-victims-of-the-rcc (roman catholic church) in the WordPress robot. It made it sound as if a bunch of rape victims were writing about what I did to them.

    Of course, when you would open the link (which is now blocked by WordPress), you would see only my Cardinal Wuerl overture, and not even an introduction of the article. There were NO posts written about me. There were no rape victims writing about me. There was only a thief who stole my Donald Wuerl overture article and posted it on his site. There were no rape victims writing about me. There was only me writing about Cardinal Donald Wuerl.

    The bottom line is this: At present, as of 2014, I have THREE SECURITY CLEARANCES, including the FBI Clearance. The Jpeg certificates of them came in handy when I discovered what the mentally ill individual named Frank LaFerriere did to my intellectual property and name.

    I had people pay me an unfriendly visit, on account of the evidence I gathered against Wuerl and his former personal secretary. I risked my safety for what was right and a this is the thanks I get from clergy abuse casualties. I must tell you that they are a very ungrateful lot who seem not to have the phrase, “Thank you” in their vocabulary. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and money trying to help any of them. Trying to help them did more harm than good. It was a waste of time.

    • Really you fucking bitch? Basically I reposted your shit because it was good you fucking bitch. I even thanked you numerous times for it. YOU freak show. Ok asshole, now I will remove it, because your shit does not belong on my blog.

      • Well you got that right Frank, Pontillo is a freak show. Defending a pedophile he knows nothing about. Big damn deal he has security clearances….So did the Orlando mass murderer !

      • Frank do yourself a favor and award this idiot with the introduction he whines for……check him out and google “Pontillo Father of Lies”!
        Read how he attacks a woman and her her two children who were molested by the sicko “Fr” Cipolla .How she did go to the police and did file a complaint and how the Diocese pressured her into cancelling it, promising to make sure Cipolla would never have access to children again……enter Pontillo ,his friend. Now years later, this idiot claims he “fact checked” the mother whose boys were molested. despite being told about evidence to the contrary, Pontillo continues to defend Cipolla.

      • Consider it done Marie. He will be the next one up after I blog about Bishop Cunningham blaming victims for their own rapes.

    • Hey Pat why don’t YOU be a man instead of a punk bitch you are and come and meet me somewhere. Just make sure your will is written out and you have kissed goodbye to your inbred, outhouse dwelling family before you do.

  4. I find it pathetic how you are attacking this woman, the mother of two victims of a so called “priest”, in favor of an alleged blog writer who has no clue because he is a friend of the pedophile in question . It was Bishop Leonard and his attorney henchmen before the creep Wuerl who intimidated the poor woman into not pressing charges against slimy Cipolla .
    She thought they would do the right thing and not until the eighties when another young man showed up with his lawyer did the Diocese get rid of the perp…well sort of,, because people like Pontillo have been championing his cause every since.Despite being laicized Cipolla has been even on EWTN and running around ever since looking to “befriend” the youth!
    You sir and Pontillo are the pew polishers, but I doubt if it is a pew you are polishing..Seems to me it is the pedophile’s instrument of abuse and torture you are helping to polish.!

  5. How is it that you are not going after Pontillo who clearly is annoyed that you post his articles on your accusing you of copyright infringement ?
    The man has been defending a pedophile priest for years now.
    How horrible do you think this pedophile priests acts were for the Pope to actually laicize him?
    His victims were many. Two little boys ,one of whom was learning disabled who now as grown men still show the signs of trauma. Patrick Anthony Pontillo aka Atlantic American attacks their elderly mother online almost daily. Then their is Tim Bendig who was raped continually by “Fr” Cipolla for years until at eighteen he was courageous enough to sue and go after the Diocese. Another victim was too afraid to go public. Cipolla coupled his attacks on children with vile “Oath” taking and threats against their parent’s very lives.
    Above the mother of the two boys tries to get you to listen but still you stand firm with the story Pontillo concocted in defense of a pedophile priest he has been taken in by.
    You present yourself as a defender of the abused. I am beginning to wonder if you are cut from the same clothe as the pedophiles themselves.
    If you wee honest you would look up this women’s blogs and read her side of the story.
    Like you , both she and her boys have never found justice in this world !
    The ex priest in question STILL has access to children.

  6. Thanks Frank, I am not the mother of the victims , just a friend who knows the true story.
    D is the mother and Pat Pontillo is a friend of the chester the molester’s aka “Fr”Anthony Cipolla who after 38 years is trying t discredit both her and her sons and another victim who by that time knew to hire a lawyer and go after the bastard in court. The Diocese settled with him out of court so Cipolla, although laicized,, never got put on a sex offender registry.
    Cute huh? Now he can try to play the victim and hang around other little boys unfettered with Pontillo’s lies backing him up all over the Internet !!

    • I cannot stand scum like this.

      I come to find that Pontillo is a friend of one of my best buddies Mike Ference. Mike is a damn great guy, but I am sure he does not know this about Pat.

      Well in a day and a half? Mike will know and then Mike will deal with that low life piece of shit, trust me.

      Mike will expose him too.

      • Whoa!!!!! 🌋!!!!!

        On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 10:25 PM, rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch wrote:

        > victimsofrapebythercc commented: “I cannot stand scum like this. I come to > find that Pontillo is a friend of one of my best buddies Mike Ference. Mike > is a damn great guy, but I am sure he does not know this about Pat. Well in > a day and a half? Mike will know and then Mike will deal wi” >

      • Yeah Mike Ference is one of the most incredible fighter I know of. His son Adam was almost murdered by the cult of pedophiles for standing up to them.

        Mike as well as I hate scum like this.

      • Mary has also told me that Mr Ference is a sincere and decent man. I lost a son, who was run down and killed by a speeding truck driven by a woman with a suspended license. When something happens to your child…you never get past it. It hurts deep..forever. My two sons who were raped by Cipolla have suffered mental anguish for 38 years. If I had been a man in 1978, I’d have beat him within an inch of his life…or worse. He and Pontillo
        today are spreading lies and making claims that are totally untrue…to further Cipolla’s dream to return to the mainstream. Cipolla had a clique of young boys…and when we moved to the North Side, Cipolla latched onto my oldest son first… When Cipolla caused
        my son to want to move away and live in Florida with my parents…I still had no idea what was going on. He didn’t confide in me because he was ashamed. Then Cipolla set his sights on my younger son…who was 8 at the time.

        Thank you for your concern…I honestly thought no one cared…until I met Mary and now you.

  7. Frank i just read this pack of contradictions in the blog post by the pederast apologist Pontillo.
    Scroll down to the bottom where he mentions speaking with you on the phone and then explain to me why he wrote a nasty PUBLIC condemnation of you above for posting his articles that he obviously KNEW you were going to post for him here on your site since you had conversed with him which he admits here and thanked him as you stated?
    This is the same thing he does to victims of Cipolla’s abuse. He labels them all as liars..

  8. Another point to ponder.
    He has a blog all about his asthma and chemical sensitivities complete with his lab and Physician’s findings, yet on his site above he states he spends time eating lunch in some park and even sleeps overnight there.
    How is it someone with life threatening asthma would risk his health and sleep outside in a public park ? He claims he is employed and is not destitute.
    In fact, the so called security clearances he posts in an effort to bolster his credibility are required of every employee for a ‘Home Advisor’ approved small construction and home repair contractor. BIG dang DEAL!

    I might also point out that the Orlando terrorist was also reported to have security clearances.as a low waged security guard.
    SO, Does a security clearance impress anyone that this is an honest well meaning person ?
    Personally, i would NOT take ANYTHING Pontillo advises as fact, Not even how my flower bed should be graded.

  9. Do I sound annoyed? You bet I am !

    Pontillo posts his picture holding a blueprint on his blogs as if to impress. Muscle shirts seem to be his favorite attire. Impressed?
    In the meantime, he identifies a 70 yr old mother defending her sons and herself against a known clerical abuser as “liars” calling her a “hag”! Impressed ?
    Takes a real man to do this kind of thing!
    Pontillo posts all these colleges he has attended minus any successful completion of a degree in anything. Impressed?
    Anyone who is favorably impressed by any of his writing should be tad more scrupulous.

  10. This is an interesting article and Cipolla is mentioned. Too bad so many were sucked in by him because he appeared to be so orthodox just as described by this blog author.

  11. READ……and learn

    Pontillo has no idea of what he speaks regarding the Law,in sexual abuse cases, especially those of minors .They are very tricky and different from other criminal cases.I
    If a victim or child guardian does not press on with the charges in the criminal complaint, rarely will an abuser be brought to court.

  12. Pontillo continues his game of smoke and mirrors to harangue the victims of a credibly deemed pedophile. Why does Cipolla continue to go back to Rome allegedly to appeal his laicization when there is NO appeal process for a Papal decreed defrocking ?
    Without access to the Diocesan files on Cipolla , Pontillo has NO grounds to defend his diatribes
    it appears that Pontillo has no idea that due diligence involves READING for a credible investigative project. A genuine investigative reporter attempts to speak directly to ALL involved and requests copies of any retained documentation, rather than just launching a libelous blog attack on the victims to garner “hits’ to his website.

    Really? Read the article posted in the above com box VERY CAREFULLY and slowly Mr Pontillo so that you may digest retain and understand it’s contents.
    Now what do you suppose was in Cipolla’s files to make the Vatican take action against your buddy that is limited to ONLY the gravest cases?
    Since you do not have ALL the facts you allege to have checked ,is it really right to be twisting this noose around in the court of public opinion, especially when you are defaming a family that was already seriously injured? Perhaps you should allow the defrocked perp to express the story he is whispering in your ears in his own words ? Allow him to tell readers how he is going about his alleged continued appeal now. How does he support himself?
    Is HE still looking for work tutoring children?

    Last we read he was living off an elderly couple and defying his order of suspension.
    “In 1994 Cipolla concelebrated a nationally televised Mass on EWTN, and in 1995 he led a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Bosnia. Since 1998, Lengwin said, he was discovered serving as a chaplain on a Catholic cruise, leading pilgrimages to Spain and Venezuela, saying Mass at a parish in St. Louis and giving a retreat in Detroit.
    “Last year, after a woman became outraged that he was living with her elderly parents in Warren, Ohio, a top official of the Youngstown diocese asked the couple to send him away. Bishop Thomas Tobin of Youngstown was an auxiliary bishop in Pittsburgh at the time of Cipolla’s Vatican appeals”

    “Pope orders priest accused of child molestation and disobeying orders defrocked”

    Nota Bene : the LAST SENTENCE below, all which can be found on the USCCB’s own website.

    Does the CDF ever ask the Pope to impose a penalty?
    Yes, in a very small subset of cases, where
    the guilt of the cleric is beyond doubt.This might occur, for instance, when the priest himself has confessed to this or been found guilty of the crime in a civil court of law.

    In the gravest cases, the CDF may request that the Pope dismiss the
    cleric “ex officio;” that is, without a first holding a trial or conducting another type of formal
    legal process.In such cases, the Pope himself issues a decree dismissing the priest or deacon from the clerical state.There is no appeal of this decision by the
    “There’s more. Till the next time.”
    Not from me , Pontillo, but just maybe from someone else 🙂 You just keep digging those trenches !

    • It’s no darn wonder you are my Hero Mary. I know Pontillo and Cipolla get the breath knocked out of them when they read your posts. I’ll bet it takes them time to get it back too…and then they post more lies. He brags about Randy in his posts. He must believe that she is agreeing with him.

      My AC just quit….it was time, but oh Dear Heavens is it hot. The heat index is 105, although it’s only 96 degrees. My COPD is causing breathing problems for me. I’d say I hate getting old but when you look at the alternative…I embrace it. I want to live long enough to stop Cipolla and Pontillo…if possible. It will cost close to $6,000 to get another new AC Unit and have it installed correctly. So glad they take payments. …di

      On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 2:56 PM, rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch wrote:

      > Marie commented: “Pontillo continues his game of smoke and mirrors to > harangue the victims of a credibly deemed pedophile. Why does Cipolla > continue to go back to Rome allegedly to appeal his laicization when there > is NO appeal process for a Papal decreed defrocking ? Wit” >

  13. Threats to keep silent on the truth

    The Bully wants to shut everyone up who knows the truth about his pedophile friend!.

    “This takes the phrase, “Silence is golden,” to a new level. This is because
    you remaining silent will save you a lot of gold. Keep in mind that, if you
    join forces with Diane Thompson and you are “a recoverable entity,” expect
    to have served upon your person a summons to appear in court”
    from Patrick Pontillo on 7/24/2016


    • Whatta JERK!!!!!!!

      On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 7:56 AM, rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch wrote:

      > Threats to keep silent on the truth commented: “The Bully wants to shut > everyone up who knows the truth about his pedophile friend!. “This takes > the phrase, “Silence is golden,” to a new level. This is because you > remaining silent will save you a lot of gold. Keep in mind that, if you > join forc” >

  14. Cipolla has died today .God is his judge .
    There will be justice for his victims here on earth because the truth will at least be made public, despite how Pontillo tries to spin his lies.

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