Nightmares and why you should never tell a priest rape victim they are going to hell

One of the most evil things you can ever say to a victim/survivor of priest sexual abuse is telling them that because they no longer believe in God or Jesus Christ that they are going to burn in hell. To me this is evil because it reminds me exactly of what the perverted priest at St Thomas More parish in Durham NH said to me that night he spent raping my body and torturing my heart, mind and soul. See he told me again and again that if I told anyone I would burn in hell for all eternity. So can you understand why you should NEVER tell a priest rape victim/survivor that because they no longer believe in your God or Jesus Christ that they will end up in hell?

See for almost 38 years now I have had to deal with some of the most horrifying nightmares you can imagine.

First they started out where I would see the whole world destroying itself. I would see myself driving over the Spaulding Turnpike’s bridge at Hilton Park and all of a sudden the bridge would collapse. The river was boiling and roiling. It was blood red. Then the earth caught fire and I would then see the whole world literally explode into a billion pieces.

Then the nightmares changed. I think they started changing right after I told my buddy John in school about what happened to me. They would start by my taking a trip to hell. In these nightmares, they were as real as you can ever imagine. I can feel the heat, the flames, I can smell the smoke and sulphur. I can hear the cries and screams of the damned. Then the priest who raped me and a group of priests, popes and bishops would start to gang rape me. I can feel it all in the nightmares. I can feel them inside of me, tearing me apart. I can taste them, I can feel them violating me in all kinds of horrifying ways. The priests etc would then be replaced with the very demons of hell. I cannot even begin to describe what this is like. Imagine your worst nightmare, then multiply it by 1,000,000. Imagine what it would be like for you to be violently and viciously gang raped.

Think about the worst beating you ever got in your life, or the worse pain, yes, even the pain of childbirth. The pain suffered there is nothing compared to the pain we victims/survivors go through.

So before you tell a person who no longer believes in your God or Jesus Christ that they are going to hell, walk a few miles in their shoes before you make such a judgement. You may never know what kind of nightmares that person is suffering from.


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The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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  1. Noel Linton Allen

    Title of my book is “Robbed and raped by My Two Fathers”
    By: Noel Linton Allen

    This book is a MUST READ for anybody who has ever been sexually abused. It recounts how little Noel’s body was violated by a Roman Catholic priest; and clearly shows how you can get MONETARY COMPENSATION (just like the author) even if your encounter took place 10, 20, 30, 40, or over 50 years ago. The author is also willing to help you write your story.

    The author’s talent was put on display by the New York Daily News in an article entitled AMERICA

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  2. I am very heartened to see what Kevin Annett is doing with the ITCCS (go to
    from the website: On July 11, Pope Francis formally and publicly incited criminal behaviour among all Roman Catholics by prohibiting the reporting of child abuse within his church, and threatening excommunication against those who speak about such abuse.

    By his action, the Bishop of Rome, Jorge Bergoglio, faces arrest and indictment as the head of a Criminal Organization, under terms of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Criminal Organizations (2000).

    “Pope Francis is telling every Catholic in the world to break the laws of their own country and give aid and comfort to child rapists. That’s not simply a grossly immoral act but a war crime, since he’s attacking the laws and sovereignty of other nations, and threatening the safety of their people” commented George Dufort, the Belgian-based Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice, which successfully prosecuted former Pope Benedict and other Vatican officials last February.

    In response to Bergoglio’s statement, the ITCCS has today released the following plan of action to its affiliates in twenty one countries, including Italy:

    1. The ITCCS Central Office has applied for a Bench Warrant from the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice, for the immediate arrest of Jorge Bergoglio and his associates on a charge of high treason, war crimes and a criminal conspiracy against humanity and the Law of Nations. Jorge Bergoglio and his associates are to be immediately detained and brought to public trial for these crimes, under the auspices and authority of the Law of Nations and The International Common Law Court of Justice.

    2. On Sunday, August 4, 2013, a Global Proclamation will be issued, declaring the Roman Catholic Church to be a Transnational Criminal Organization under the law, and ordering its active disestablishment, including by seizing its funds and property, and arresting its officers and clergy: actions authorized against criminal bodies by the aforementioned United Nations Convention.

    3. Members and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church are hereby ordered to refrain from funding or participating in the Church of Rome, on pain of arrest as associates of a Criminal Organization. The public is encouraged to assist in the seizure of Roman Catholic church wealth and property in accordance with international law.

    This Statement is issued in twelve languages and will be enacted in twenty one countries, including in Italy and at the Vatican as part of the International Convergence and Reclamation planned for September 20-22, 2013 in Genoa and Rome.

    Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels

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