Child Sex Abuse Charges Reinstated Against Philadelphia Priest

Child Sex Abuse Charges Reinstated Against Philadelphia Priest

Reporting Mark Abrams         October 2, 2012 2:25 PM

From the link:

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Felony sex assault charges have been reinstated against a suspended Roman Catholic priest who is alleged to have molested an altar boy at a Bridesburg parish in 1997.

Acting on a plea for review from the district attorney’s office, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge Paula Patrick today overturned a lower magistrate’s decision to throw out three felony sex assault charges against Andrew McCormick, 56.

Municipal Court judge Karen Simmons had dismissed those charges in August after McCormick’s attorney, William Brennan, argued during a preliminary hearing that the alleged facts didn’t justify the charges

But prosecutor Sean O’Neill says the charges for the alleged incident inside McCormick’s bedroom in St. John Cantius Church rectory with the boy did meet the legal standard for felonies.

“The defendant forced the child, when he was approximately nine years old, to engage in a sexual activity, obviously without his consent,” O’Neill says.

The alleged victim came forward with the allegations last December.

McCormick, who was named in a 2011 Philadelphia grand jury report on clerical sex abuse, was suspended from priestly ministry by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  He remains free on bail pending an October 23rd court arraignment hearing.


About victimsofrapebythercc

The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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  1. I do not find this surprising. When I was 10yrs old, Father “Andy” as he told us to call him, used to invite me and my 3 other friends inside the house thing that they all lived in. 2 females, 1male. He offered us sodas and snacks all the time and then money…between $5 and $20 on several occasions. Then he tried getting us to join the church, he said if we did he would give us more surprises. It turned out to be necklaces. He then offered to talk to us..kind of like a counseling session. I remember having a convo about one of us taking a shower..I can’t rember who it was or where the convo even went but it stuck with me all these years. He never physically tried anything with us but I think he was trying to get to that point with trying to gain our trust by the “counseling” snacks, soda and cash. I just didn’t have a clue when we were that young!! As we got a little older we stopped hanging around the church so I guess that’s why he didn’t try to do anything to us he was still in the process of getting one of us up to his room. Sick man.

  2. I do not believe you. Three kids, hanging around a rectory, accepting gifts from a grown man, a priest of a religion to which you do not belong. None of the three tell his or her parents about the gifts, conversations or attempts to convert you. You seriously expect us to believe that?

    I attended Mass many times where Fr. McCormick celebrated. His sermons were among the clearest explanations of the Gospel I have ever witnessed. I shook his hand and spoke with him. I saw how he treated adults and little children, placing a hand on their head as a grandfather would do while talking with their parents.

    He is a meek and gentle man. He is also a soft target. Fat and bald, with a stammer and glasses, he is easy to vilify and cast calumnies against. But, be careful of your words. God is watching you. And some of us Catholics, those who are not so soft, are as well.

    • Really? First off John I could give two shits less if you believe me or A’s comment or not.

      Be careful of my words your God is watching me? Is this the very same God whom while the priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham NH was raping me and I was begging your God and Jesus Christ to make him stop…. Now tell me John, while your God was watching, was he jerking off his god dick or was he having the baby cherubs suck him off…while he got off on the cries of a child who was being raped by one of his priests?

      So the hell what you attended Mass many times where Fr McCormick celebrated mass. Were YOU in the scumbags room when he raped the child? Do you think this piece of human waste, whom should have a bullet put between his eyes for raping children, was going to take these children, strip them all down and rape them on the altar right in front of you pew polishers? Well for all the ways you punk assed pew polishers suck the dicks of these child rapist priests….I can see why you are standing up…or shall I say getting down on your knees and supporting him. Maybe even while you were attending those masses with the pervert priest….you would join him yourself in the sacristy and compare notes on which altar boys had the prettiest mouths and cutest ass so you could both maybe…tag team them???? I mean in my book ONLY a fellow pedophile child rapist stands up and defends another pedophile child rapist…oh I can say this with authority because I spent a five year prison term surrounded by these scumbags…wished the guards would have allowed me to have a razor sharp knife…I would have cut off the shriveled dicks of many of those child rapists if I had a chance….trust me. But hey that is just my opinion of an asshole like you John whom attacks the victims and defends the perverts.

      He is meek and gentle man? He is grandfatherly in patting people on the head? He is kind and gentle to adults and children? He is fat and bald and stammers and wears glasses? Well John, if you go look at the Bishops Accountability List of Rapist Priests in the US…you will see you just described 70% of the priests on that list…which contains over 4,500 names of perverted, disgusting priests in the United States…..and guess what idiot????? Most of them were in fact convicted. So the judge whose opinion I value way above some loser pew polisher like you…..decided he should be recharged. Good. When he is found guilty…cause see I know more about this case than you apparently do…he will be found guilty on the evidence and hopefully which ever prison he goes to upon conviction…he finds himself in a shower full of bubbas with huge dicks and they spend the day turning him into their shower bitch so he can find out what it feels like to be terrorized and raped by someone bigger and stronger than this meek and mild piece of shit.

      You John, if you were in fact in front of me spewing your bullshit…why I would have to bitch slap you…maybe wake your sorry pew polishing and priest knob polishing ass up.

  3. It never fails to astonish me how the roc has created the proper psychological climate so that when an enabler(s) and abuser(s) are exposed the pew warmers ignore the Victims and defend the perp

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