Natures Healing Touch Part I

Natures Healing Touch Part I

Out of Darkness Comes Light

I remember the first time I ran away from home. I grabbed my fishing pole so I could have the ability to get food for myself and shushed my sister and left. I went and hung around the Cocheco River down on Sixth and Whittier Street bridges and spent my time fishing. Not that I was having much luck though seeing that we were in spring run off and the water was moving too fast to just sink a line in. About two hours after I started fishing I hear my name called out and I look across to the other bank and there was my father telling me to stay right there he would be right over. The biggest thing that sticks out in my memory about this is that my father loved and cared about me and whenever I get into trouble or need to just get away from the world I run to Mother Nature.

Willand Pond, Somersworth NH

My parents instilled a love of nature in me. We were a rather large family and our family budget better handled trips to the Kanc, Northwood Lake or Lost River. We would spend a week or two at Northwood Lake in the summer time. A lot of times we would go to local ponds like Willand Pond in Somersworth or Barbados Pond in Madbury to fish. I loved hiking and camping. Then right around 32, when my life really started falling apart, I headed into the Great North Woods of New Hampshire and spent my time in the mountains of the White Mountain National Forest.

Mt Adams and Mt Monroe, Northern Presidentials, White Mountains NH

To me, the ability to just strap on a backpack with everything I would need and go take a walk on a mountain trail, visit incredible deep forests brings a calm on me that is hard to describe to most. About five seconds after entering a trailhead and being surrounded by nature you can actually see a change in me. Especially when I have not been in the woods for a while. A childlike behavior overcomes me and I am happy visiting my friends again. I have found myself walking up to huge glorious trees, centuries old and just hugging them, becoming part of them. I can see in my minds eye the history this tree has seen.

Ancient Forest

About victimsofrapebythercc

The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them." (no. 2356) Note that rape is "an intrinsically evil act," meaning that it is evil at its very root, nothing justifies it, and it is objectively a mortal sin. An evil act was done against me, a crime, by a priest at St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH. An evil and a crime I will no longer keep silent about. Those who perpetrate crimes against children, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, should all be punished for their crimes against children. Anything less would be criminal.

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